Weight Room Title Bar

Kristina and Maria
By Marissa

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All her childhood, she had been stuffing pillows up her shirt with her cousin and pretending they were fat ladies. When they got older, the two cousins moved in together and got an idea: they would actually do what they used to do as kids. They would gain weight - not too much as they wanted to stay normal. So they started taking turns helping the other eat nonstop. Kristina loved this, so did Maria. But Maria would trick Kristina into making her turn longer, so soon Maria weighed 410 lbs when Kristina only weighed 245 lbs.

One day, the two girls went out to a bar. There, they met some guys. One was named Andrew, and Maria fell in love... Kristina met a guy named Danny; Kristina wasn't sure about Danny but decided to get his phone number, anyway.

Soon Maria and Kristina started dating. Kristina was never really sure about Danny, but when he proposed she weighed 340lbs and thought since she was so big there might never be anyone else - so she eloped that night. Over the course of a year, they both gained a little weight. Kristina was 380 and Danny was 360, so together they went on a diet. In the end, Kristina was 180 and Danny 210 (while Maria, by the way, had made her way to 570). They were happy and had a baby. On the day of their baby's birth, Andrew proposed to Maria. Maria accepted, and they planned to be married in ten months.

Since Kristina had moved out when she married Danny, Maria was alone, so Kristen would drop by every afternoon and keep her company. A little while after the birth, Kristina took ill and no one went to see Maria every day. When Kristina got better, she went to Maria's house to visit. Once she got there, she saw Maria now weighed 640 lbs, but, thankfully, she could still walk with help. Kristina knew this was what Maria wanted, so they both agreed to get Maria even fatter.

A couple months flew by, with Kristina feeding Maria more than she could stuff down and then some. Then came the big day: Maria's wedding. When Andy finally saw her, he got giddy. He looked at his massive woman and knew he would be happy. By now, Maria weighed almost 700 lbs and could not get down her stairs by herself, so they used a special machine to get her down that way. Next came the problem of the wedding dress... Maria was so huge she couldn't dress herself, so all twelve bridesmaids had to pull the dress down over her belly. When they finally got it down, it popped back up. Finally, after a lot of struggle, it stayed down. Andy couldn't believe his wonderful wife, and after waddling down the aisle and being hoisted upstairs by the machines, Maria and Andy had the most amazing sex ever of their lives.

The next morning, Maria was lowered down the stairs by the machines once more, and Andy helped her waddle to the one couch that she could easily sit on. Andy made her a huge breakfast, where the food alone weighed three lbs a plate.

Maria was still hungry after eating the whole thing. It was Saturday, so Andy didn't have to work and Kristina wasn't coming over. (She'd only come over now when Andy was at work.) Andy had to run out to buy some things, and Maria wanted to come. "Andy, dearest, I don't want to be here all alone, but I am too big to fit in our seats - what will we do?" Maria asked. Andy took the back-seats out of his utility van and helped Maria squeeze through the door. She sat in the back of the van while Andy did everything, but then at the big ladies clothing store Maria asked to go in.

She was much too big to walk on her own, but she made it there with Andy's help. She bought a whole new wardrobe that day. Next day, Maria decided to eat all day nonstop. She did. She did the same thing every day over the next three weeks.

And then one day she woke up and was lowered down the stairs to the point where Andy would help her up at the bottom. But he couldn't. She was too heavy. Kristina came over, and with her help, she could get up. But then Maria started eating again. She would not stop from 8:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night. After five months of this, Maria woke up and then was lowered down the stairs. She checked her weight: 1230 lbs! Andy couldn't believe it. By now, his wife couldn't walk on her own. She was wheeled to the couch. But when she got there, it collapsed.

But this was okay because she was getting too big for it, anyway…