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A Lab Experiment gone Right
by Deryk Shane

My Name is Jason Marcus, I've been engaged for 8 months to a beautiful girl I met during at the end of college. Christy was the waiter at the restaurant I ate at when I didn't have time to cook, but didn't like take out. I talked to her a while. She was sweet. She was 5'2" and about 130 pounds. Her measurements, then, were 34-29-35. She would be very petite if it weren't for a thin layer of fat. But, I liked it. She had always tried to get rid of it since high school.

After of couple of months of seeing each other, we decided to live together, half the rent. She gained a few pounds by the time I started to work for a large pharmaceuticals company. We moved, still unmarried, to a large condo on my higher earnings. After I got advanced three times, I met Ted, a biology and science major. We started working together to form a virus which would defeat the cold virus. bold work, but if it succeeded, we'd be multimillionaires.

Christy, on the other hand, had crept up to 142 after 14 months of being engaged. We married on our 15th month anniversary of engagement. She was happy. We bought a large house in the suburbs.

A couple months later, midway through our research, we had an idea. Along with that, came an idea for a formula that would cause anyone with estrogen(women) for their metabolism rate to drop and become hungry every waking hour. Ted and I continued our work when the company, seeing our breakthrough, let us have an assistant. Her name was Becky Asher. She was petite, about 5'1" and 100 pounds, no sign of breasts or butt. Her lab coat hung straight down off her shoulders.

A couple of weeks later, we privately had a discussion about Becky.

"I wish we'd got a girl with some fat on her." Ted said sourly.

"You like that look?" Testing the waters before I said anything.

"What? Fat women?"


"Yeah, they're great, I love that big voluptuous look." shaking his body to get the image out of his head, "They're irresistible."

"Why don't you have a girl friend, there's a lot of plump and fat girls out there?"

"All of 'em want to lose weight. I can't stand it." Altering the subject, "I'm 34 and don't have even have a girl and you're 26 and have a wife."

Trying to not get in an argument, "How do you like Becky so far?"

"Oh," he said, getting some equipment ready, "She's great to talk to, but, has no curves. If you cut her hair and lost the makeup, she could easily pass for a weak guy."

"You can't be choosy."

"I'm not." Putting his hands up in protest, "but..." relaxing, "forget it."

"Would you go out with Becky if she we're fatter?"

"Maybe, but, I don't know about going out with someone you work with."

"Well," coaxing.

"I wouldn't want to feed her, then have us break up, then feeling guilty for feeding her."

"Well, this could change things." I walked over and brought him a small note pad with some scrawlings on it. "What if you could get her fat before you date her. Here, read this, I might have the answer for Becky."

"Uh." He none-the-less takes it and starts reading, "Wow, you think we can do that?"

"Why not, we're allowed to work on whatever we want." I said with a mischievous grin.

We agree. Quietly working on it between working on the cold virus. After two months, we had our first test run. We decided on Rita, the woman who keeps track of all the lab equipment and substances we use for tax reasons or something. She always had a 120lb body and a generous butt. It was Thursday and she had to double check the inventory of everything used for the week. I called her into the lab to ask her some trivial question. Meanwhile, Ted snuck into her office and put one drop in her coffee.

Rita was admitted to the hospital that night, under severe starvation. Me and Ted went to see her and they had her on a high calorie feeding tube. Her body wasn't getting any food, it was being sent straight to her hips thighs and stomach. Her stomach was enormously filled with food. She ate everything she had in her fridge and cupboards. She was starved. The only time her body let her have food, is if her body was in the middle of digesting it. I felt terrible.

Ted saw a cute nurse standing by Rita's door. He went up to her outside the room. The nurse was about 5'7", 180 pounds, with a beautiful round H1 body. Her green hospital uni held snuggly by her hips.

"So, what are they gonna do for her?" Ted asked her, leaning up against the wall.

"Well," putting her hands on her hips, "I'd don't know, I've never seen a woman with such a round body have starvation."

"Unless," Ted jumped in, "Her body wasn't letting her use the food she ate."

I stood in Rita's room as Ted talked to the nurse. It was obvious to anyone, he like her. I looked back at Rita, Her stomach had the girth of a 6 month pregnant woman, only full of food. Ted came back into the room and said, "I've got a date."

"Good for you." Pointing to Rita, "So, Guess we have to rethink some of it."

"Yeah," thinking, "But she will fill out nicely. How long does the virus last, a week, a month, a year."

"From what I figure, a year."

I drove home to my house on a beautiful autumn evening. Christy was sitting on the couch, snacking. She drove me insane, she was filling out little by little. I asked if I could feed her once, but she said she felt too uncomfortable. So I never pushed it. She was easily past 145 and working on 150. She had a great feminine look. Her widening rear made it impossible to zip up her favorite jeans. She never wanted to buy the clothes of the next size up because then she'd have to admit to herself that she gained weight. Recently she just wore a pair sweats and one of my T-shirts. Her love of food, as I could see, was getting the best of her. I thought she looked so cute, her 5'2" frame held weight most on her backside, and because her stomach was still pretty small, she didn't "see" that she was gaining weight.

The next day, Ted miraculously found out the problem with Viru-fat, as we named it. We decided to test it tomorrow...

The next day I got to work early at 6. I walked in and saw our experimentee sitting at her front desk, Marcy McCay. She was a cute girl, about 120 and about 5'4", although you couldn't tell because she never stood up. She had small chest. Her light red hair in a ponytail. She gave me a smile and I responded. She was a health freak though, working out 5 days a week after work at 3pm. She never was friendly, snobby at best. But, she did acquire a taste for the new frozen cappuccino from Sheetz. Everyday for the past week you could see one on her desk in the morning and after lunch. I tried imagining what she'd look like even after only 30 pounds.

I met Ted at the lab. He was holding an eye-dropper full of the deep brown liquid.

"Okay, you distract, I'll give her a couple drops." Ted said to me.

"Then, we go back like nothing ever happened."


Meanwhile, Christy woke up after I had gone and decided to come to my office and entice me to take the day off to go clothe shopping. She finally admitted to herself she was bigger than she thought she was.

Me and Ted pulled it off, we were back at our lab. My heart was pumping so fast from nervousness, and I didn't know why. But it did feel good to know what was coming to her.

We got the lab ready for cold virus research. Becky doesn't get in until 8. So we decided to start without her.

Christy walked through the door and saw the large, black desk. Marcy was quick at work, juggling 2 computers, one hooked up to the experimentation labs' computers, and one for financing. She rolled around on her chair, not touching her experimentation. She had her head piece on, talking in a very soothing tone. Probably her boyfriend, Christy thought.

Christy walked up and leaned against the desk. Bending slightly, Her heavy jacket pulled up, showing off her rear in her now tight sweat pants. Christy, felt a little embarrassed and pulled her jacket back down.

"Can I help you?" Marcy asked over the phone.

"Yeah, Is-"

"Just one moment." Putting her figure up for silence as she finished her phone conversation. "Okay, what do you need?"

"Is Jason Marcus at work right now?"

"Yep, but he's in a secured lab, do want him paged?"

"No, just tell when he stops for lunch to come home."

"No problem."

Out of the corner of her eye, Christy saw the unmistakable cup used for frozen cappuccinos.

Marcy, seeing her look at it, said, "Do you want it? I haven't touched it yet."

"Sure," Christy said as Marcy handed it to her. Christy started sucking it down.

Halfway home, Christy finished it, and started to feel hungry. Indulging in her hex, she went through McDonald's. She was just gonna order a couple of apple muffins. But when she saw all the items, her hunger overtook her and she bought a couple sausage biscuits meals with hashbrowns. She sat in her parked car, gulping down the food. She didn't know where this hunger was coming from, but she was just so hungry. After finishing that. She pulled out of the parking lot, still a little hungry. Before she knew it, she pulled right back around and order the same thing again.

Her stomach felt like it was bursting in my borrowed T-shirt. She still felt hungry when she pulled into the driveway. She jumped out of the car and ran inside, nearly breaking the key off in the door. She opened the fridge and looked for something to eat. She found a pie she bought for dinner that night. She carefully cut a piece. 'Now I'm only gonna have one.' she thought. Before she knew it, 3 pieces disappeared, and was working on four. 'The pie only has 6 pieces, might as well not leave two pieces.' And she walked into the living room, sat down, and watched TV.

With 15 minutes, the pie was gone. She rubbed her sore belly. Sticking out 2 inches more than usual. She still felt hungry. She walked into the kitchen. Looking around, she found a frozen pizza. She put it in the oven. She looked through the cupboards. She found two 10-pack of twix bars she bought. She normally had one after dinner, but felt hungry and justified it with, 'I can eat a few while my pizza's cooking.'

Part way through the 2nd box, she threw them to the floor and grasped the counter. 'I couldn't possibly have eaten this much.' looking down at her stomach. It stuck out nearly 2 1/2 and was real sore from the pain of overeating. She slowly slid down the counter and sat on the linoleum. Right next to her was the box of twix. She cried, tears streaming down her face when she saw her belly again. She picked up the box of twix and started nibbling on one. She sat there for 15 minutes, savoring each bite of the candy bars. The box finished, she heard her timer beep. She jumped up. She wanted to desperately open the oven and eat the pizza, but her sensible side stopped her. She then found a way of justifying it by saying to herself, 'Well, I already was gonna buy some bigger clothes...'

With that, she took the pizza out and sat it on the counter. She cut it into eight pieces. The grease that sat on top of the pizza didn't stop her, she just started eating. The pizza burnt her mouth. She pulled the slice back, inches from her nose. She couldn't keep herself from eating it. But first, she grabbed a gallon of chocolate ice cream out of the freezer. In between bites of pizza, she took a spoonful of ice cream. It didn't taste too good, but she was too hungry to care.

Soon, the pizza and ice cream were gone, and Christy felt tired. She walked into her bedroom and caught a glimpse of her in the mirror. She couldn't believe how big her stomach was. The much rode up two inches revealing a hard packed stomach, full of food. She felt too tired to worry and laid down and fell asleep.

I came home at noon to find her sitting on the kitchen floor,spooning a pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream into her mouth. "What happened?" I said, disbelieving what I saw.

"I went to see you at the office for us to go shopping for a bigger size of clothes, but Marcy said you were in a secured lab. Then on my way-"

"Y-you talked to Marcy. Did she by any chance give you a frozen cappuccino?"

Looking up from the empty ice cream container, she said, "How'd you know?"

I slumped to the floor next to her. I rubbed her thigh, not wanting to tell her, but was very aroused. "Me and Ted put something in that which would cause her to constantly eat, and a slower metabo..li..ism." Christy gave me a horrified look.

"You mean......" dropping her spoon. "I'm gonna get big."

"Yeah," I said as I rubbed her thigh. She rolled onto me and cried. I'd never seen her cry that much. But it ended soon when she felt hungry again. This time she gladly let me feed her...

It has been two weeks since Christy started gaining weight. She is now up to 190. She cried for an hour last night saying, "I can't believe I gained 14 pounds a week, I'll be well over 600 pounds by next year."

I comforted her and said that her body was just adjusting to the metabolism and would speed up as the year went by. I wasn't telling the whole truth, but that's what she wanted to hear, even though I knew she could end up more than 700 lbs.

Ted gave two drops to the nurse he dated. He said she ballooned up quickly. Her hips widened remarkably, along with her rear. She just started hanging around the vending machines all day. Just yesterday, Ted told me, she took 30 dollars to work just for the vending machines 'in case she wanted a snack'. She went well over 20 pounds in 7 days and was too busy eating to notice her body balloon by 160 and well within 170 by Friday's pay check.

After telling him what happened to Christy, I told him I would take my two week vacation. Christy, though, was content to her 'sentence' as hungry for the next year and decided to enjoy it. Especially after I told her that what would happen to her only once, and to not regret it near next Thanksgiving that she didn't enjoy it.

I finally returned to work that Monday. I greeted Ted, and we quickly started working on the Cold virus cure, or Covire, as we called it. Although we were excited about the cure, our conversation quickly turned to when we'd try out Viru-fat again.

"I thought I gave Becky some, but she hasn't gained a pound in a week. She maybe didn't drink it. I also dumped that nurse, too, right when she reached 175."

"Christy's up to 190, last time we checked." Returning to Becky. "Put some in her coffee today."

"I was thinking that, but, what if she turns out not to like being fat."

"Trust me, once they start eating like mad, They'll love to eat. Christy, she was upset at first, but she was already around 140. Becky will think at first she's filling out. Y'know, getting feminine curves, and before she knows it, she's eating like mad, not caring about her weight..."

Becky walked in the room wearing a lab coat. Her hair up in a pony tail. She sat her cup of coffee on the counter outside the door to the secured lab. Becky walked around me, to get something from a shelf. She looked a little fuller in the hips, her lab coat buttons were straining. Becky turned around to see us staring at her butt. "So, you two notice."

"yeah, you look great." Ted replies.

"thanks. I guess I'm finally starting to fill out," she said as she tugged on her lab coat. I rolled my eyes at Ted and he smiled. We both realized the only way she could have done it is she ate low calorie foods and worked out, a lot. "So, you work out a lot?" I asked, wanting to confirm my premonition.

"Yeah, 5 days a week, but I've been feeling kinda bulky recently, so I knocked it up to 6 days a week."

Becky was glowing. She walked around the lab, her butt held snugly in the lab coat. She loved volunteering to bending over to get something from a bottom drawer for us. She told us it was the only time she had a figure like this, and wanted to show it off.

After 2 more weeks of anxious work, it finally got the best of Becky. Ted invited her over for dinner two nights ago. She had put on about 6 pounds, mostly in her now generous rear. She didn't think it was big, but the fullness of it made her want to flaunt it even more.

Ted had cooked a huge meal, more than what Becky thought she could eat. But after trying a little bit of his lasagna, she dug in. She finished half the pan before she knew it. Her belly grew vast stretch marks and stretched her dress to the limits.

Becky ate anything Ted put on her plate. He happily refilled it. She had no idea how she came to be so hungry. But Ted knew. After overindulging a little, her hunger overpowered her workout-high metabolism and caused it to plummet, sending her an overwhelming appetite.

Becky laid back in Ted's bed, full of everything he made her round belly burst through her dress. It stuck out about 8 inches farther than normal. She had eating everything from lasagna and mashed potatos to chocolate mousse and imported New York Cheese Cake. There was no turning back now.

"Christy, I'm home," I called from the doorway. I went into the kitchen to see her downing a two gallon bucket of ice cream. Her appetite grew more with each day, and her worry of overgaining diminished little by little everyday. Christy and me sat down on the couch, as I spooned her ice cream.

By the end of the 2nd month, Christy skyrocketed to 220 lbs. She felt embarrassed for some reason, even though she knew she couldn't help it. She wouldn't let me measure her, which left my mind when she started modeling her huge butt for me in the bathroom. She seductively rubbed her hands up from her knees, around her massive hip and across her majestic rear.

Becky, 6 weeks in, weighed in at 170. That's 60 in the last 4 weeks alone. Just like I said. She felt miserable at first, but the joy of eating cured it then stopped worrying how large she became.

She had started spending all day at his house. Then, all night, and pretty soon, stopped going home since he fed her so well there. While lying on the couch, eating a bag of chips ahoy cookies, Ted came up to her asked if she would let him measure her. She measured in at 32-41-50. She was extremely bottom heavy. She didn't care, "As long as she couldn't see it," she joked again and again to Ted.

By the next week, Ted and I decided to retry giving Marcy Viru-fat. One thing we were glad to notice was, she acquired a weak spot for the vending machines. Her pretty figure filled out in the legs. Now standing up, more and more, to go to the vending machines, you could clearly see a round succulent butt trapped tightly in the rust yellow secretary uniform, dying to get out...

Marcy fought valiantly. Her love of food growing each day, along with her plump body. She worked out now everyday, but was found at the local pizza parlor, polishing off a large pizza with everything. She quickly went up about 10 pounds the second week. Her once slightly loose clothes, filled out. The fabric moaned. Her rear now filled out her chair.

On Wednesday, December 20, my last day of work for the year, I entered the atrium-like entrance to my building. I quickly noticed the plumped up Marcy, snacking on a candy bar. She looked at me with a bright smile. She looked sincere, not her usual costumic smile she normally gave.

As I approached her desk, I saw her round body come into focus over the top of the desk. She had easily gained 15 pounds in the past 8 days. She said goodbye to her headset and gave flirtatious "hi" to me. I leaned up against the counter, unsure of why she was so happy.

"I guess you can see I gained a little weight." Opening another candy bar.

"You look good."

"Oh, stop it." giving a girlish laugh, finishing her candy bar.

"No, you do."

With that she stood up, "Oh, I ran out of candy bars." I mumbled something, but unsure of what I said. Her large hips accenting her ballooning rear. Her belly now stretched to that of a pregnant woman's. She looked at her dress. Her large stomach hung over her waist band, her blouse barely hiding her pinkish stomach. She almost looked comical. She said, "I just have felt so great, not counting calories. I also quit working out," tugging down her ridden up blouse. She turned and walked to the vending machines. Her body swayed in a beautiful motion. I felt suddenly turned on watching her backside stretching her secretary's uniform to the absolute limits.

I entered the research lab, Ted already at work. We had decided earlier to do just light work today, since we wouldn't be back for 10 days-a perk the company thought we deserved. Becky sat in the back corner. I knew it was her by the cute little face, but her large belly stuck out to her knees, and her hips filled the chair

"What's she doing here?"

"She had to come to work to get paid."

"I thought she quit."

"No, but she will after today, she wanted her holiday bonus."

We both looked back at the immense Becky in an large lab coat, gulping down handfuls of m&m's accompanied by a swig of what appeared to be chocolate milk. She glanced up, saw me, said "hi" and returned to the shrinking number of m&m's.

"How much does she weigh?" I asked, feeling aroused.

"Last night I weighed her in at 204. And, she-just like Christy-didn't want to have herself measured. I don't get it, if she wanted weighed, why not measured." We both turned around to see Becky getting off the chair. She slowly wiggled her behind towards the front of the chair, the pounds she accumulated on her rear held her high on the chair, her feet off the floor by an inch. She finally felt the ground. She reached around with her left hand, twisting to the right to grasp the back of the chair. Doing so, tilted her left cheek off the chair by an inch. She then rocked back and forth. She finally got her hamhock-like left leg across the right, touching the floor. Accomplishing this, she pushed the chair over to her right. Now stand there against the wall, bending over at the waist, freely showing us her expansive derriere.

Ted was going to help her get up, but felt so excited watching her determined efforts, he couldn't take his eyes off his ballooning girlfriend. Becky walked over to us, wiping the chocolate off the corners of her mouth. "You look good, Becky." I remarked.

She patted her distended belly, "Yeah, I've filled out more than I care for, but I'm just always hungry and Ted just feeds me too much." She giggled. We watch as she jiggled out the door, and down the hall.

"Can you believe that was the 2x4 we had 3 months ago?" Ted quizzed as we continued our work.

"No," I sighed, "But she sure is happy."


I returned to home to Christy. She had packed it on until she reached 234 this morning. She ate candy bar after candy bar. She would down anything she could get her hands on. I loved to sit on the couch with her on my lap-although getting painful recently-feeding her. Her favorite thing to eat was twix bars, which I bought in bulk. She waddled out of the kitchen, her tremendous legs rubbing.

Although Christy always had large legs, her thighs didn't rub. But about a month before her tremendous gaining, her soft thighs bulked up enough to rub. That was when Christy admitted to herself that she needed bigger clothes.

She paused by the dining room table, picking up a piece of pie, then continued her wobbling trip to reach me. I loved watching her soft body in motion, so I decided to have her walk to me, admiring each curve and roll quiver. She reached me, along with finishing the pie. "Hi."

"Hello, my sweet." I said, kissing her. Her chin had doubled recently. I thought rather quickly, but I felt it as a turn on when I would feed her and watch it jiggle with each bite.

"I can hardly keep up the food with how hungry I am."

"Oh, you're doing just fine," I said, jokingly.

She laughed, her dimples now plumper than ever, "I can't eat enough to feel hungry like I did before." She opened a twix that was lying on the stand. "I chust wamt do eet awl da dime." her speech slurred by caramel.

"How would you like a maid who could cook for you?" I asked as we sat down on the couch.

"Yeah..." Eating another twix, "But not some little twerp that doesn't know what it's like to be fat."

"Well, what If I got a skinny one, then gave her an 1/8 of a drop of Viru-Fat, just to gain around 200 lbs. by the end of the year?" I remarked laughingly.

"That would work, but I chust wamt do be ved."

"But let's wait until the start of next year." I said, grabbing a couple of twix, and opening them for her.

She had never felt so happy in her life. Her large flowing body, jiggling with each movement, exciting me beyond belief and Christy knew that and took every moment to bring that point across. She discretely bent over in front of me, wore the tightest clothes I bought her, and, of course, letting me feed her until she couldn't stand up.

I had gotten my Christmas present early. Christy said to me that night, "Your gift is you can feed me all you want until you go back to work, ALL you want," She said seductively. With that I left in my truck to the store and returned with the bed full of bulk foods, mostly, frozen pizzas, pastries, danishes, cheesecakes, pies, cakes. I knew that the amount of food I bought was well in excess of what she could possibly eat, but her present to me was not going to waste, but was to hers...

The End