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Lab Rat

Author's note: Okay. This is my second story now. The first one kind of got away from me, so I'm gonna try and lighten the mood! As always, any feedback you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Andy Wharton was affectionately known as a mad scientist by most of his colleagues at the lab where he had worked for the past twenty years, and with good reason. Since early childhood, Andy had been fascinated with the idea of turning thin beautiful girls into big fat pigs. As he grew older, his fascination became an obsession and Andy had pretty much dedicated his entire adult life to the pursuit of turning his fantasies into reality. He excelled in science while at school, and after graduation, had taken a job at a genetic engineering lab with the hope of finding the key to his dreams. He was a boy genius so the top brass at the company allowed him free reign of the laboratories off-hours, as long as he continued to come up with a profit making idea every once in a great while. This Andy could do without blinking an eye.

He'd spent twenty years cranking out useless genetic crap that made the company a fortune, and he spent almost every waking moment in the lab working on his 'pet project.' He was in his early thirties when he finally stumbled across the secret that would change his life, but by then his obsession had driven him stark raving mad. He had gotten his hands on a mutated strand of DNA that a colleague had discovered during a trip to the Amazon Rain Forest, and after years of tweaking and manipulating it, Andy thought the little serum he had produced was ready for testing. He'd spent so many hours pouring through sleazy magazines and online fetish sites, that he had no desire to test this stuff on animals first. He needed a WOMAN! And the prettier the better! As luck would have it, just as he was rolling all this through his twisted little mind, his assistant Laura popped her head in to tell him she was leaving for the evening.

As much as Andy was a mad scientist, Laura had fit the role of lab assistant to a tee. She had a body to die for, but she also always wore her long brown hair up and had the whole 'librarian with glasses look' working for her too. Most of the other guys at the lab hadn't known this, but Laura had quite a wild streak running through her tight little body. Andy was probably the only one who noticed that Laura rarely wore more than her panties under her long white lab coat, and it was one of the reasons he'd insisted on having her work exclusively with him all these years. He knew that somewhere inside her lay a sexual dynamo and he greatly enjoyed the tension that had been there between the two of them. Laura had felt it too all these years, so she thought nothing of it when Andy asked her to stay a little while and lock the door behind her.

She did as he asked, then came over to the table where he was working. "What's up Andy?" she asked coyly "Is everything okay?" Andy looked up at her and smiled. "Oh, things are BETTER than okay princess," he said. "Come on over here, I've got something I want to share with you." She came around to his side of the table and, returning his mock flirtations, said, "Sure thing Doctor. What is it?" Andy motioned for her to come a little closer, so she came up beside him and gingerly put her arm over his shoulder. Andy felt a raging hard-on building in his pants as he thought about what was about to transpire, and when she had gotten close enough for him to smell her sweet perfume, he pricked her in the ass with the little syringe he'd been concealing.

"Oowww!, What was THAT for?" Laura shouted as she pulled away and began to rub her ass cheek. "I'm sorry,” said Andy. "I must have slipped." Laura shot him a dirty look then began to squirm a little as the drug took affect. Her anger quickly turned to fear as she felt her insides begin to churn and change, and she looked to Andy anxiously. "Andy…What's going on?…I feel funny!" There was a loud groaning sound coming out of her stomach and when she looked down, she saw her lab coat begin to bulge slightly as if her belly was expanding. "ANDY???" she grabbed her belly and looked over to the good doctor for some form of explanation. Andy was in heaven. IT WORKED!!! He was getting so hot watching Laura begin to fatten up that he was unconsciously rubbing his balls as she swelled. "It-It's okay Laura," he stammered. "I promise…It won't hurt that much." She was too shocked to respond as she felt the fatness begin to invade every part of her body. Her legs grew thick and heavy and her arms began to develop folds of flabby blubber as she stood and watched in a state of shock. "ANDY!!!…MAKE IT STOP!!!" she cried as she watched her growing paunch begin to push the fabric of her lab coat further and further out, straining the seams and causing the buttons to gap widely.

Andy couldn't believe it was really working. He thought he was gonna cum in his pants as he reached over to touch her swelling tummy. "I'm sorry," he said again as the first of her buttons popped off and rolled across the floor to where he stood. "I couldn't HELP myself!" Her arms were slowly being pushed upwards by her widening hips and she began to turn to run. "NO, PLEASE!" Andy shouted. "It won't do you any good!" She turned back to look at him and Andy noticed that her glasses were now being pushed off her nose by her swollen cheeks. "There's nobody here!" Andy shouted excitedly. "And besides, you'll be too fat to make it through the door by the time you reach it." As he finished speaking, the rest of her buttons popped off in rapid succession as if to emphasize his point. "WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?" she wailed as she stood there in her tightly stretched panties and torn lab coat. "I'M BLOWING UP LIKE A BALLOON!!!" Her humongous belly was now growing so large that it began to fold into distinct rolls of jiggling blubber and her legs were being run over with flab and cellulite. Her ass was growing so wide that she was beginning to fill the space between the lab tables as she continued to pack on the pounds.

Andy could barely contain himself any longer. "Don't worry Laura!" He almost shrieked." It'll be okay." She must have weighed close to four hundred pounds by now and she was still expanding and growing fatter by the minute. "Just wait one more minute. The next stage should have kicked in by now!" Laura wasn't quite sure what he was rambling about, but as he spoke she began to feel a little warm between her legs. As Andy continued rambling, the warmth began to spread and Laura's love box began to burn with passion. In the course of a few minutes, Laura went from being terrified to being extremely and unbelievably hot and horny.

She felt as if she needed to have Andy inside her and she needed it NOW! Although it didn't make a lick of sense considering her present predicament, Sarah could not resist the burning desire building up within her. She looked to Andy with lust in her fat brimmed eyes and began to lick her fat lips. Andy was about ready to explode at the sight of this beautiful ball of blubber coming on to him and he whipped his member out. He couldn't believe his potion was actually working as he watched his swelling assistant slowly waddle toward him rubbing her crotch for all it was worth. She was getting so big now that she was having a hard time walking, but she was determined to get her man. Laura looked more like a circus fat lady than a librarian at this point, as she shuffled her massive bulk across the floor in slow methodical steps. Andy watched in awe as she seemingly grew fatter and fatter with every step and it suddenly dawned on him that he might have a BIG problem on his hands.

She was oozing fat and sweating profusely as she approached, and Andy began fearing for the worse, but he was frozen in his tracks by the sight of this massive mamma. When she finally reached him, she grabbed his cock hard and began to fall forward. She could no longer hold up the weight of her distended belly and the two of them tumbled to the floor with an awful 'THUD!' Andy saw stars as the breath was pushed out of him in a flash of fat and he thought he may have heard a rib or two crack. His face was buried in her monstrous cleavage, and as she wriggled her bloated frame around in an effort to right herself, her titanic tits mashed themselves into his face to the point that Andy almost lost consciousness.

She rolled herself off to the side, and after catching his breath, Andy rolled over himself to get a look at what he had created. She was the fattest woman he had ever seen and Andy decided he had to have her. She struggled to spread her blubber laden legs open for him and Andy slid his cock into her with ease. He began to ride her like a Harley on a bad day, and she responded by moaning loudly and flailing her arms around like a woman possessed. She began grunting like a pig as Andy poked her forcefully. Harder and faster he pumped, his slick cock sliding back and forth, over and over again until the two of them developed such a rhythm that Andy felt as if he were body surfing on an ocean of fatty blubber. Laura's massive body shook and quivered under him, and as Andy realized his great obsession was being fulfilled beyond his wildest dreams, he began riding her even harder.

Laura was building rapidly toward a sensational climax and Andy, sensing this, passed the point of no return with a wail. In a 'FLASH,' the two of them roared into the greatest orgasmic experience of their lives. Andy blasted her full of cum and Laura's pussy was spewing her love juice freely over the two of them. When all was said and done, Andy rolled off, closed his eyes, and began to doze into a blissful sleep. He was disturbed only moments later by Laura's cries for help. "ANDY, WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW???" Andy rolled over and opened his eyes. "Oh SHIT!" he hollered as he saw Laura begin to swell again. "MAKE IT STOP ANDY!!!" she wailed as her skin began to grow taut under the strain of all her excess blubber and the floorboards began to creak from the weight. "OhShitOhShitOhShitOhShit!!" was the only thing running through Andy's mind as he watched his 'former' assistant grow beyond anything that could be considered human. He turned and slowly began to walk away shaking his head as he realized he had no idea just how big she was going to get. "Maybe I SHOULD have tested that stuff first," he thought to himself as he opened the door and slid out into the night.