Weight Room Title Bar

The Last Meal
By David Sladky

As someone once said: be careful what you wish or you just may get it. This was the place that Lucy found herself in. At 32, she had finally given into her desires; she had spent most of her life trying to please someone, be it her Mother, Boyfriends or the jerk of a husband she had for 5 years. She had always gone out of her way to keep slim and trim; at 5 foot seven she kept her weight around 120 to 140 pounds, working out like an aerobics instructor. She was well toned and kept a washboard stomach. This was the same “perfect body” that kept her from having the kids she wanted, so her body wouldn't drive her husband away - so much for that, as she found him in bed with her best friend James. That was a shocker, but that's life in sunny California. On her 32nd birthday she swore she'd do what she had dreamed of: getting fat. Now that may not seem like a goal, but to Lucy it was a dream. She could remember as a child stuffing pillows into her dresses to look huge or watching her aunts swelling up with babies and fat when she was in grade school. The lust for a round body would pop up every so often - like when she was in college and one of her roommates got pregnant in their senior year. She could remember almost trembling as she helped put baby oil on her friend's big belly.

In her 32nd year she was able to investigate the subject of fat; things like feeders and gainers were discovered and explored, and with this came a small amount of weight. She was around 155 pounds when she first tried to inflate herself. Never being an enema person or even wanting to deal with anal play at all, she found out about using large amounts of water to inflate the belly. After getting used to the sensations (as well as the cramps), she was able to fill herself up with a gallon of water at a time, the upside being able to sit for a time and cradle her huge belly, the down side was expelling the water which could take an hour or more and be very uncomfortable. After a visit to a few local fetish shops, she found out about air pumping. Her first pump was literally a bicycle pump pushed into her rear end: it sounded strange, but she wanted to know if she like the feeling or not. She found the air was more controllable and caused much less cramping, and aside from not wanting to be around anyone when she was doing it, getting rid of the excess air was much easier.

Looking in the mirror one day brought her up to speed on her growth; at 175, the biggest she had ever been to date, she found her belly round and sagging and her breasts swelled to fill her c cups. She enjoyed the changes in her life and her body; working from home lent itself well to her need to feed and “pump up” when she needed to. Not being a social animal anyway, there wasn't anyone to really miss her. Her job dictated that she needed a computer to file her work in a fast and timely manner; she never liked computers and left “the box” sitting on her front room over the weekend, more interested in gorging then setting up that infernal machine. It wasn't too long or painful to set it up (on her kitchen table) and connected to the wild and woolly Internet. She sat, ate and surfed, looking up even more information about the lifestyle she read about. She didn't think of herself as a Feedee – Gainer, maybe - Body Inflation, totally. She saw pictures of 500+ woman that turned her on to no end. To be that big and huge: what a life!

Walking into her supermarket, she had caught the glimpse of a tall male figure from the corner of her eye. She smiled; this was a cat and mouse game she learned when she was “in shape.” Having a man sizing her up at this weight (very close to 200) was very flattering. She figured she'd have fun with her admirer, making a sharp turn she doubled back to come up behind him; he seemed to be distracted by the fact that she vanished into thin air. “Excuse me,” she said in a happy mood. “Could you help me?” He wheeled about and wiped the look of shock off of his face “almost” in time. Lucy liked what she saw; he had to be over 6 feet tall and a very strong build. Dark hair and a pail complexion would have made him the perfect choice for the Goth crowd. “I am looking for the whipped cream,” she said with a smile and her best sultry look. “Can you tell me when it is?” “Yes madam,” he said in a deep voice and a small smile. “It's right over here.” Lucy was glad she had on her shorts and tank top today - nothing better then to give the guy a show. After some small talk she was sure that he was not only interested in her, but most likely an FA (Fat Admirer). In true fashion, he offered to take her out to dinner; she accepted and had a date that night.

A buffet! She almost felt a drop of drool form at the corner of her mouth; for some reason, James made her feel ravenous. Not wanting to make a total pig of herself on a first date she had one and a half plates of food. While he was still on his first plate, he looked at her. “I'm sure you not full yet? You haven't eaten a thing yet.” Those words set her off; she was glad she hadn't set her chair on fire for all the heat she was producing. “Would you like me to get you more?” he asked ever so gently. “Maybe a little bit,” she said with a smile, little did she know all of that pumping had expanded her digestive track to immense proportions. She ate for what seemed like hours, filling her endless belly until it pressed into the table. Helping her out to the parking lot, he saw her swollen and glazed look. “Are you going to make it home all right?” he asked with genuine concern in his voice. Lucy felt like a balloon ready to pop - or in this case to be popped. Rubbing her belly she looked up and said, “I'm not sure, I feel almost too full to move; think you could follow me home to see that I am okay?” To say James jumped at the idea is like saying Lucy sort of liked eating.

Taking what Lucy thought of as her catch home would be her undoing. James helped her inside and out of her clothes, in a blur of over stuffiness Lucy found herself being brought from one mind-blowing orgasm to another. James seemed to be able to just touch her and send electric shocks through her mind and body. The next day, Lucy woke to the smell of breakfast. And he can cook? she thought to herself as she walked out of her bedroom. The dream wasn't over; not needing to impress anyone, Lucy had let the place get into a very “lived in” look. She woke to find the place dusted, mopped, vacuumed, and, if she wasn't sure, waxed! “Hello, love,” he said with a smile as he kissed her and handed her a glass of fresh orange juice. “You're a fast worker, in more ways then one!” “Just doing my job, love,” he said as he got the pancakes and bacon ready. “I have to get to work but you should find enough to eat, I'll see you later.” And with a kiss he was out the door. All Lucy could do was drink her juice and stare.

James had moved in. She wasn't sure when it happened, but she saw him in the morning, ate the food he left for breakfast and lunch, then in the evening he fed her till she passed out. She couldn't remember the last time she'd pumped up or seen her reflection in the mirror. Walking into the bathroom she looked at herself - she was, in a word, HUGE! The scale showed the damage, almost 250 pounds! She had ballooned up and didn't know how or how long; checking the dates on her calendar, she noted with shock her birthday had passed weeks ago; she was 33 and 250 pounds. She wasn't sure if she liked the idea that much or not; James' stuffing was swelling her up like a balloon. She sat on the toilet and was amazed to see her belly hit her lap. When did that happen? she thought. This was getting ahead of herself; she wanted to be big, huge even. But this was gaining very, very fast. The thought of becoming immobile flashed into her mind; she didn't want that. She had to slow James down before she popped like a balloon!

That night over dinner she talked to him about it. “James I love what you do for me and how you take care of me, but I'm getting so fat so fast. I wont be able to move soon if we keep up this rate.” “I am here for you, love, whatever makes you happy. Do you want to go on a diet?” “NO!” Lucy said louder then she meant to. “No problem, Hon, I'll love you at any size. I just want what makes you happy,” James said as he held her hand. The next day James didn't cook as much for breakfast and didn't cook for lunch. Lucy found herself eating all day anyway; her hunger wasn't abated until James came home and cooked.

34th birthday, it was well over a year that Lucy and James had started their relationship, and it showed. Lucy was tipping the scales at over 400 pounds - almost 150 pounds in one year. Her fears were coming back as her escalating weight continued to blow her up bigger each day. Walking was becoming a chore she didn't want to do but forced herself to do to stop from becoming bedridden. Fat dripped off of her as her whole body grew fat. From her face to her toes, her whole body was expanding with fat; her life was devoted to being fattened and made love to. Not a bad life, but where would it end? James' relentless feedings were going for longer periods; some weekends all she could do is lay back and watch her belly swelling up with more and more food. The only problem was she was in control of the situation, and couldn't stop; her hunger was out of control and James was only following her orders. With a sigh, she decided to tell James she was going onto a diet before she grew too big to move. It had been weeks since she had left her bed. James brought in her food for the evening; as he got it ready, she asked him to sit down. “James, this has been all good and fun, but I am getting too big too fast; I won't be able to move soon and we need to work on getting my weight down.” “I don't think so love,” James said as she looked puzzled at him. “You wanted to be big, huge even. You can't have one without the other - why stop now when you know this is what you want???” Lucy didn't know what to say. “But I won't be able to move.” “You knew that when we started,” James said flatly “This isn't something you stop after all of our work; it needs to be completed.” Lucy didn't like the sound of that. “James, I need to lose weight. If that means losing you, too, then I'm sorry.” James didn't seem angry, but left her alone that night.

The next day her belly growled, she got up to find that James hadn't cooked this morning. No problem: she had cooked before and could again. After a time, she made some eggs and toast, a very sensible meal. After eating it, she sat and tried to watch TV, but it was almost no use. Her belly was soo empty; it begged to be filled to the brim, packed full to busting with food. She wanted - no, needed - to be glutted, inflated, filled, packed - any adjective that involved having something put inside her ran through her mind. She was lost and knew it; by the time James came home from work Lucy was in tears. “Feed me!” she sobbed, “I don't care if I explode! I need to be filled up till I burst!

Time didn't mean anything anymore. All there was, was one long, never ending meal. Lucy wasn't sure how big she was till they took her to the hospital and set her up in one of the harness scales. 972 pounds. Immobile was one thing; she had passed that and then some. The doctors told her she needed to lose weight or she'd die in a few years. Her breathing was labored and her weight was growing out of control; she was literally gaining an average of a pound a day at this point. After the paramedics brought her back to her steel bed and left, James came in and held her bloated hand. “James, cook for me. Cook the biggest and best meal ever - and don't stop until I can't eat another bite.” James kissed her and went off to cook his greatest meal ever. Tears welled up in Lucy's eyes as she sighed, “I got what I wanted, to be inflated like a balloon, now all that is left is the POP…………..”