Weight Room Title Bar

By Big Belly Lover

For the most part, this is a true story. I added some things though that I only wished would've happened. The weight gain doesn't happen until later in the story, so keep reading!

It was one year ago last night that I met the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I was bored out of my mind at a friend's New Year's Eve party when all of a sudden she walked in. I didn't notice her at first, since I was on the other side of the room. But she made her way across the room and sat down next to me on the couch.

"Hi, my name's Laura," she said, as she turned to greet me. We talked about this and that, how we knew everyone at the party, and midnight came very quickly. Just before the end of the party, I asked her if she'd like to get some punch. She agreed, and I helped her up. It was then that I noticed how big she was. She had very large breasts, but they lost out to a belly that stretched the limits of her sweater. My pulse began to race.

We made it to the punch bowl, and I asked her for her phone number. She gladly gave it to me, and we decided to see each other the next day.

We drove around for about an hour, talking and finding out just how much we had in common. We liked a lot of the same stuff, and we were really hitting it off. We drove by a small park, and I decided we could have some fun here. It was about 11:00 PM, so there was no one around at all. We got out and immediately squeezed each other tightly, since it must've been about 10 below zero.

"So, Laura. How long has it been since you've gone out with somebody?"

"To tell you the truth, I never have. I'm from a very small town, and, well, I'm not exactly perfect as you can see," she said as she prodded her swollen midsection. "Guys go for the skinny model types."

I nodded, knowing all my friends had girlfriends half the size of Laura. I saw a picnic table, leisurely made my way to it and sat down. I pulled Laura towards me and gestured for her to sit on my lap. She protested at first, embarrassed of her weight. But gradually she rested on my knee. She was even heavier than I had thought, as I could feel my leg groan under the strain. The picnic table was in serious danger of tipping over, too, so we decided to get up after about ten seconds. I then had an idea. Myself not being slim, weighing about 250 pounds, I figured she must weigh around the same as I do. There was a teeter-totter across the park, and we slowly walked to it. Again, she was very hesitant to get on, since she knew how much she weighed and seemed slightly embarrassed. I assured her I didn't care, and we got on. An instant later, I was three feet off the air, and she was on the ground. My experiment worked, I knew she weighed more than 250 now. But how much more was the question. We stayed at the park for about an hour more, then left. I dropped her off at her house and told her my parents would be out of town that weekend and asked her if she'd like to come over and watch a movie or something. She enthusiastically agreed, and I kissed my new girlfriend goodnight.

The days dragged on until Saturday, but eventually the weekend came around. Laura came over; we flicked on the TV and settled into the couch. It wasn't long before we were making out. I removed her shirt and realized her large stomach was actually tucked into her jeans. This was all pretty new to me, since the largest girl I had ever gone out with before this was about 160 pounds, and only had a 32-inch waist. I began to "untuck" her stomach, only to have Laura pull away from me.

"What's the matter?" I asked, knowing what I had done.

"Well, I dunno. Don't you think I need to lose weight? I mean look at me!" She unzipped her pants part way and let her belly do the rest. The lower half of her belly must've been twice as big as the top, as her lap began to disappear. She was so soft; she could cram herself into a pair of jeans and make it appear she wasn't as big as she was. I guess a lot of girls must do this, so I'll just shut up.

Anyways, I told her I thought she was beautiful, and it didn't matter how much she weighed. But she wouldn't quit, so I told her, alright, I'd help her lose weight if she really wanted to. All I really had in mind, though, was getting to weigh her and measure her. I guided her over to my scale, and she squeamishly protested. I began to wonder if it would hold her, since it said it had a weight limit of 280 (it was a cheap scale, ok!) She slowly got on, and the numbers spun around.

"274," I said, trying to hide my excitement. But I didn't hide it well enough.

"You like the fact that I'm a huge lard ass, don't you!" she said, sounding more intrigued than disgusted.

"Well, I must admit, I've never felt like I feel when I hold you. It's hard to explain, really." I tried to cover my tracks, but to no avail.

"Well, we'll just see how much you like my fat then," she grinned deviantly. She tore off her clothes and stood in front of me totally naked. "Measure me, see how fat I am!"

I grabbed the tape measure and did as I was told. "54.56.54," I reported, nervous of her reaction. She grinned at me, then ran upstairs to my kitchen. I heard the refrigerator door open, and my curiosity made me rush upstairs. She had a carton of whole milk I hadn't even opened yet tipped upside down, milk dribbling down her face. Laura pulled the carton from her mouth and gasped for air. She downed the whole carton in seconds. It was then that I asked her what she was doing.

"Well, I've dieted my entire life. I barely eat anything and starve myself, and I'm still more than twice the size of girls who eat more than I do. It's genetics, or something. My parents both weigh about 400 pounds. But, now that you like me fat, I'm gonna get as fat as you want me to be!"

She threw a pizza in the oven and started munching on cookies in the cupboard. I sat down on a chair and watched in awe as she ate an entire container of Oreos. She walked over to me and kissed me. She began to pull off my shirt and pants and sat on my knee. I tried to stop her but it was too late. I knew the chair I was sitting on was pretty old, and it gave way under our combined weight. We fell to the floor and I ended up with Laura landing squarely on my stomach. She knocked the wind right out of me, and it took me a couple minutes to gain my composure.

"Sorry, guess I wasn't thinking," she apologized, pulling me off the floor. Her belly was divided into two parts, even standing up, and it hung down past her crotch, covering everything.

"Don't apologize, Laura. It wasn't your fault the chair broke; it was just old. If you want to be fat, then by all means, get as fat as you want. I will be behind you every step of the way." She hugged me, and I hugged her back. I even went so far as to try to pick her up in the process, only to fail.

"You don't learn, do ya," she teased. She pulled me into my bedroom, threw me onto the bed and ripped my clothes off. I pulled her on me and realized we might have a small problem. My waist, being about 50 inches, combined with hers, made a pretty good blockade. That's when we heard the oven buzzer.

"Pizza's done!" she exclaimed and hoisted her bulk off me. "I can breathe again!" I thought to myself, but must've uttered under my breath, because Laura retorted "Shut up, you aren't exactly light yourself, fat boy," as she pressed into my soft stomach. We finished the pizza in minutes and began a feast that would last the whole day long. Between the two of us, we devoured a 10-pound turkey that didn't get used for Christmas. By the end, I was so stuffed I could barely breathe. But Laura kept going, finishing off a pan of leftover lasagna and making short waste of a whole pot of macaroni and cheese.

"Must've acquired her appetite from her parents, too," I thought, making sure not to think out loud this time. I could tell she was just about done though, because she was breathing very heavy, and her belly looked exceptionally big. It was no longer divided and looked a lot like she was giving birth to twins. I put the dishes we dirtied in the sink and realized we must've eaten enough food for a family of eight! She stumbled to her feet and came around behind me. Her stomach was huge and pressed heavily against mine. I continued to wash the dishes as Laura struggled to stay on her feet. She took hold of the counter and braced herself against it. She then turned sideways and let her full belly rest on the wood counter, which happened to be the perfect height. It creaked under the weight, and she sighed as the weight was lifted off her.

"Time to measure me again!!" she said, like a kid opening a Christmas present. I helped her to the scale and it spun around and around. The needle finally got stuck at around 285 and just stayed there. "I broke the scale? I really am a fat ass!" she grinned, knowing I was loving every minute of it. I measured her waist again, only to find that the 60-inch tape measure was too short! I estimated about a two-inch gap, so her new waist was 62 inches! She sighed and again pulled me to the bedroom. She climbed on top of me again, and this time I really did have trouble breathing. I guess it was a combination of all the food I ate, and the fact that she had enough food in her massive gut to feed a small army. Either way, I had to roll her over. I sighed a breath of relief, and Laura dozed off into a deep sleep. I knew the food she ate would slowly layer her body overnight, so I nuzzled close to her, looking forward to another day of gorging.

My parents were coming home about 5:00 on Sunday, so we had to abbreviate our feast for fear of my parents coming home and catching us.

We woke about 9, and I made Laura a huge omelet with about 10 eggs, a whole bunch of sausage and bacon, and a half-pound of cheddar cheese. She said she was very full after the omelet and was feeling pretty full from Saturday still. We decided to wait until Sunday night, and we could go into town and eat someplace. She began to put on her jeans and began to curse.

"Stupid belly. I can't even get these pants buttoned, let alone zipped!"

She was right, the button and the hole were inches from closing. I assured her it would be ok, and we could go shopping too. I gave her the biggest pair of sweatpants I owned, and she stretched them around her big butt. The waistband was a tight fit, but she got it over her newly expanded belly.

We stopped and got her new clothes. She said she has to shop at stores for big men, because her belly is kind of out of proportion to the rest of her. We found a pair of 50-inch waist pants, one size bigger than the pair she owned. She came out and told me to get the next size up, so I obliged. These fit, so we left with a couple pairs of 52-inch waisted pants for my fat beauty. She then decided she was hungry for Chinese food, and I knew a pretty good Chinese buffet in town.

We arrived at about 5, just in time for the good dinner entrees. Laura thought she better drive, since my parents would probably think something's up if a stranger's car is in the driveway. I could see the petite servers eye both us up as we entered, and Laura began to feel embarrassed once again. I squeezed her hand with confidence though, and we were shown our table. There weren't very many people there that day, I guess it was too cold or something. Our waitress was especially thin, and I could tell she was eying both of our stomachs. As she left, I whispered to Laura, "This is our moment to shine. Don't feel embarrassed about anything. Let's eat like we did last night and put this place out of business!" I joked, knowing that old weight-gain story fable - "We ate so much the restaurant ran out of food" - was simply that - a fable. But I knew we could keep the cooks in the back on their toes!

Laura started in with a vengeance, filling her plate high with chicken and broccoli, and crab and cheese wontons. We must've finished three plates of food each, and I knew I was finished. The waitress came back and was about to give us our fortune cookies. But Sarah was not done. She came back, with her plate piled even higher with egg rolls and chop suey.

"Oh, you eating for two, no?" she smirked, patting Laura's generous paunch. Laura turned red and sat down on the chair. "Actually I'm not," she said. The waitress realized she had made a mistake and apologized to her. She quickly walked to the back, and I could hear her tell the cooks something in Chinese. They immediately peered out of the back, trying not to look too conspicuous. One realized he had been caught peeking and pulled the others back into the kitchen.

"Ok, that does it," Laura said, pissed she was mistaken to be pregnant.

"I'm gonna eat so much they'll have to carry me outta here, then they'll be sorry!" she joked, knowing there was no way anyone working in the restaurant could even pick her up. She finished her plate of food quickly, then returned to the buffet. She finished off the lo mein and took about half the General Zso's chicken that was left. She was almost inhaling her food! She staggered to her feet and made it back up. Time to get plate number six! She filled it with whatever looked good, knowing this would probably be her last trip up. She mixed everything together and piled it as high as she could. Laura pretty much took everything that was up there. "There, that'll teach those cooks! Now they'll have to cook more food and actually work!" She set her plate down on the table, and everything on the table quaked as the plate's weight hit.

"Are you sure you can eat all that? I don't want you getting sick now," I said, knowing after last night, nothing could make her sick.

"Very funny. Just because I'm eating twice as much as you doesn't mean I can't finish it all." And I started to believe her. She finished half the plate no problem, eating it like a pig from a trough. Spoonful after spoonful was shoveled into her mouth. Then she began to get full.

She unbuttoned her new pants for extra room, and her stomach expanded and bumped the table. Just then the waitress came back once again.

"Oh, I see. You competing for sumo wrestling. You win! That is biggest stomach I ever see."

"Why don't you shut up and stop being so rude." Laura got up and accidentally knocked the tiny waitress over with her belly. The waitress fell backwards, and Laura tried to catch her. The extra weight in her belly threw her off balance though, and Laura ended up falling on top of the waitress! Laura's stomach alone must've weighed more then the waitress did, and she cried under Laura's bulk. She tried to get off of the poor woman, but couldn't find the strength. She decided to roll over, as it would be easier than going straight up. Then Laura heard a distinct snap and heard the waitress wince in pain.

"Ohhhh...my ribs, you cracked my ribs you fat girl!!" she cried, then said what were certainly swear words in Chinese.

"I didn't try to, honestly!" Laura pleaded, but the waitress lay there in agony. Laura had to sit, winded by the fall. She felt horrible, yet felt a strange satisfaction knowing she had gotten her revenge. We decided it was time to leave, as the ambulance would be there soon and we had done enough damage as it was. Laura heaved her massive body out of the chair she had been resting in and waddled to her car.

"I am so full, my new pants don't even fit anymore," she giggled. Or was that jiggled. Anyhow, we got in her car, and she realized it wouldn't be too much longer before she had to get a new one. The seat for her Cutlass Ciera was all the way back, yet her belly now touched the steering wheel.

"Can you drive it?" I asked, squeezing my hand between her flabby but food-filled gut, and the steering wheel. "Feels pretty tight."

"Nonsense, I haven't outgrown my car yet," she said. Just then, the button burst off her pants, and her flab lurched forward. It pressed against the horn and let out an annoying sound. She sucked in with all her might, and the horn turned off. "Maybe you should drive," she said smiling at me, knowing this was just the beginning.