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"Lauren's Magic"
By Ghostly-Spectre

Author's Note: Do not feel that I am in any way trying to say anything about Pagans or Wiccans or Christianity or whatever. The witch in this story was created for fiction only, and has nothing to do with any kind of religion. That said, enjoy.

Lauren led her fiancée into the temple. The dim lights gave the soft pillows strewn everywhere a sullen look. Tom wondered why he had been brought here, but didn't feel surprised his witchcraft practicing wife was yet again trying to awe him in mystery.

First, there had been the bully that was picking on Tom when he was at college: turned into a frog. Then, there was Tom's old car: transformed from a 9 year old import to a brand new sports car right before his eyes. Lauren said that it was very important to only use her powers when it was necessary, but ever since she started dating Tom, she had felt that whatever he wanted was necessary. When Tom asked what the repercussions where to potentially over doing it, she informed him that the worst that could happen is she'd simply have to meditate more often to get magic. She said that he was well worth it.

Lauren wasn't exactly how a witch appeared in Tom's mind. Before he met her, he regarded them as fictional, old, and ugly. Lauren was young, kind, and very real. Her fiery red hair hinted at her passion for life and her passion for him, unmatched by anything, including her magic. Despite the fact that he was fairly muscular and she was rail thin, he felt protected and safe around her. Often, he'd lay his head down on her lap, and she would stroke his face and read him poetry. Sometimes Tom would cook for Lauren, but she never ate much due to her strict diet.

Once, Tom had asked her about why she didn't use magic to zap the calories. She replied that calories, like magic, were energy. Adding magic would only increase the calories of whatever she was eating. It was around this time that Tom let his tongue slip.

“You certainly don't need to keep your weight down for me, honey.”

She scoffed blowing her hair out of her eyes.

“Oh, sure. You can say that and be nice, but you don't really want a fat wife.”

Tom's throat ran dry.

“Um, sure I do!”

He added an element of false gusto to keep up the illusion that he was just being nice, more out of nerves than anything else. This time, Lauren laughed.

“Trust me; there would be nothing I'd like more. I don't like my body this way at all. But…” Lauren stopped as she stared at Tom's serious expression.

“You're not kidding, huh?”

Tom shook his head, and then braced himself for Lauren's wrath. He had told other girlfriends about his size preferences before, with disastrous results.

“Why didn't you tell me this before?” Lauren slid up to him, ineffectively – but provocatively – using her body to press him against the wall. She leaned in and kissed his cheek reassuringly. As he blushed, she wrapped her arms around him and held him close. “You're so sweet.”

Then, as if a light bulb flicked on, her small smile turned into a huge toothy grin. She grabbed a hold of Tom's shirt, and shouted, “Come on, follow me!”

As she slowed her walking to a stop, Tom continued to stare at the shadowy pillows everywhere. “What is this place?”

“I go here to meditate. Sorry if it's kinda dark. It gives it a sexy mood though, huh?”

As he continued to contemplate why he had been brought here, Lauren put her leg around his and pulled, causing him to fall. Tom landed harmlessly on one of the hundreds of pillows strewn about. She fell with him, landing on top of him and pressing her forehead against his. After a few moments of reveling in her dominance, Tom spoke.

“How private is this place?”

She giggled, ruffling Tom's dark, curly hair.

“It's the basement of our regular place! How could you have missed that when I dragged you here!?!”

He shrugged. “It's just so big…”

Lauren smiled. “Don't worry, it's all mine and its private. My magic makes it bigger than it really is.” He didn't understand, but he trusted her and he let his hands reach for her underarms for a dual signal: he trusted her that they were safe, and he wanted to play.

Lauren was happy. They of course, were totally safe and secure from intrusion here. But that wasn't why she had come. Her powers were strongest here. She had recently done some significant spells, but by being here and having Tom as an inspiration, she would have more than enough for what she was planning.

“You really want me to get nice and plump?”

Tom vigorously nodded.


Still not believing it, Lauren arched her back and let out a combined sigh and a moan. This was amazingly erotic to her and almost seemed too good to be true. Lauren started to remove her clothing in a violent, ripping manner. She didn't care that she was ruining her outfits; she was sure she'd never be able to fit in them again.

As her bra came off, Lauren felt glad that it would be the last time she would have to lament the size of her small breasts and her thin, bony body. Tom felt himself getting aroused by her unexplained, unorthodox clothing removal. While he had always thought Lauren would look much better if she gained weight, her body in its present condition was still beautiful and sexy to him.

When she was naked (except for her underwear), she started to sing and make small gestures with her hands. Tom could feel the energy in the room respond to her call, and he felt in awe of the power she had. Eventually, she took out her purse and pulled out a single, tiny donut. The magic, which was now actually visible, seemed to fly around before vanishing. Lauren's body was glistening with sweat and her breaths were deep and ragged as she finished. She used a small spell to restore her previous level of dryness, but not before Tom kissed her and gently felt her body for a few minutes.

“Now, feed it to me.”

Tom had an idea what was going to happen. He placed the small donut in Lauren's mouth, where she quickly chewed it and swallowed it down. She licked her lips and smiled, holding her flat stomach. She had felt the magic within her click, the spell was complete.

Tom was quickly taking off his clothes when it began. Lauren felt a warm sensation come over her as her skin tingled. As Tom's nude form rose, he saw her small breasts began to grow.

Tom brought his mouth to one of her nipples, eager to repay the amazing gift he was getting. He gently swirled as his hands wrapped around her slowly growing bosom. Lauren sighed as she felt her warm body tingle and her breasts grow.

Just as Tom pulled his mouth away from Lauren's breast, her stomach began to grow. He saw it swell outwards, as if she were taking a deep breath. Tom leaned in close, his gaze transfixed.

Slowly, Lauren's round tummy grew into a small pot belly. As it grew, Tom noticed the rest of her body was growing, too. Her narrow chin was rounding right before his eyes; her breasts had continued to grow and formed a delicious looking cleavage.

Lauren's hips grew wider and rounder; her legs became large and thick. As her hips grow, her underwear strained, then finally snapped. Her arms and shoulders rounded out from their previous skeleton-like state, and Tom felt his system being fried with a ridiculous overdose of lust. Meanwhile, it was all Lauren could to not to tremble from the experience of her body becoming what she had always wanted it to be.

Tom reached out his hands behind her to test how much her bottom had grown. He was rewarded by a soft and large booty to sink his hands into. Lauren giggled as he did this, enjoying his touch. She wasn't done expanding; her waistline was still steadily growing. Her pot belly became large, a dome of soft, smooth fat on her chubby form. Her belly button deepened her tummy continued to grow. Tom couldn't help but caress the wonderful softness of it as it rested on her thighs, which were now touching.

“You're soo beautiful, Lauren!”

Tom leaned forward in an attempt to hug her. The result was that his manhood pressed against her large tummy as he tried to move forward. Lauren giggled, and as she did Tom noticed she had a cute double chin.

Lauren felt the hard tug of her now heavy breasts on her small back. As if to answer that feeling, her shoulders started to widen as Tom found a way to hug her. He could feel his fiancé's back widening to accommodate her breasts. Her round shoulders continued to broaden, until her shoulders were even wider than his were. She was now much heavier than he was, compared to her earlier weight of 50 pounds lighter than him.

He felt her wonderful plump body press down on him. Her round face pressed against his as she tried to mount him. As she succeeded, he wrapped his arms around her body, which felt warm and soft. He didn't know if it was his imagination, but she seemed to be still growing.

Her beautiful, large belly pressed against his own toned abs as she made love to him. The both started to gasp with each breath, and as Lauren's thick thighs wrapped around him, he felt himself climax, screaming out her name. Lauren loudly moaned, feeling a pure glow encompass her. She cuddled with him, and he reveled in her wonderful softness.

He gave her large breasts a parting squeeze and whispered, “I love you,” before letting his mind start to drift to sleep. But before sleep claimed him, he bolted upright, aware of a single, alarming fact.

“Lauren! We forgot to use protection.”

She frowned. “Ah well, that was so amazing, it was worth it.”

“But what if we…you know…made a baby?”

“I thought you said you wanted to have kids right after we got married.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I do. I mean, I really would love to raise a family with you.” Lauren's eyes teared. “Is that ok with you?”

He was so sweet, Lauren thought. She hugged him as tight as she could. “There is nothing any man can say that's as wonderful as that, Tom.”

He squeezed one of her love handles and kissed her on the cheek. “Thanks, for everything, Lauren.”

As he curled up and slept, laying his head down on her, Lauren whispered:

“No, thank you.”

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