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You're Never Too Old to Learn
By Bill

Liz sat and stared at the pile of bills on her kitchen table and reflected glumly on her situation. Her marriage of twenty-five years to her high school sweetheart was over - because she was fat. At 200lbs, he didn't find her attractive anymore. Worse, six months after her husband moved out for a younger, thinner woman, she still had no job and no prospects, and, with little else to do but eat, she'd put on another 20lbs. She absentmindedly stuffed another whole Twinkie into her mouth as the tears began to well up again.

The phone rang and aroused her from her stupor momentarily. “Mom?” Gina's voice said, “Are you still sitting at home alone?” It had been a few weeks since she'd spoken to her 19-year-old daughter Gina, the youngest of three girls. “I'm coming over this morning, and we're going to have a talk,” Gina said sternly. Liz almost smiled. It reminded her of the many times only a few years ago when she'd spoken to Gina like that after her daughter stayed out too late. Funny to hear it in reverse. But then she couldn't figure Gina these days. She'd moved out a year ago and gave only vague hints as to what she did with her time. Liz had also become a bit concerned that Gina, always chubby, had gained a large amount of weight. But with Gina, it was different - she didn't seem self-conscious at all. If anything, she seemed to enjoy the experience of growing - almost luxuriating in it, Liz thought.

“This can't go on, Mom,” Gina lectured, “You have to quit feeling sorry for yourself and face facts. He's gone and he's a jerk. Forget about it.” Liz knew she was right, but it still painful to hear. “You have got up and Get on with life.” Struggling to accept the truth in those words, Liz couldn't help but be struck by Gina's appearance. She was even heavier, Liz thought, but striking. Gina's thick, brown hair was upswept, styled, and highlighted as she'd never seen before. The carefully structured 'do crowned her full, round face, adding several apparent inches to her height. Her makeup was heavy, but immaculately done, with dark eyelashes and bright red lips like the movie stars of old. She wore a tight leopard print wrap around shirt that exposed nearly a foot of Gina's ample cleavage. Her black capri pants seemed to have been painted on, and she perched atop black stiletto pumps with 4-inch heels, which made her large, but firm butt extend seemingly a foot behind her. Diamonds dripped from her neck, earlobes, and wrists. A perfectly matched jacket and bag had been thrown on the couch behind her as she turned to face her mother. Hands tipped with exotically long red nails balanced on her broad hips.

“But Gina, honey, I'm a housewife. It's all I've ever done,” Liz was almost pleading. “Mom! Wake up - you have assets - use them!” Gina replied, exasperated. “What? What can I do?” Liz was almost crying again. “Mom,” Gina answered, more calmly this time, “Use your feminine wiles of course!”

Liz frowned, “How am I supposed to do that? Your father left me because I gained so much weight. I can't attract a man anymore.” “That's where you're wrong, mom, there are lots of men out there who will find you attractive,” Gina replied and then hesitated before saying quietly, “What do you think I do now, mom? “W - What do you mean?” Liz stammered. “Listen, mom - I realized several years ago I was never going to be skinny. Once I accepted that, I found there are men out there who like large ladies.” Gina continued, carefully, pausing between her words. “In fact, there are men out there who like large ladies enough to pay for them. How do you think I can afford these clothes and this jewelry?” Liz sat back, stunned, as Gina continued. “And I realized that the demand for my services increased as I got bigger” “You mean - ” Liz couldn't finish. “Yes, mom - you're looking at the highest priced 280lb hooker in town. And you can do it too.” A full five minutes went by silently. Then Liz spoke, slowly nodding her head, “Gina, you're right, I can do it too.”

The next few months were a whirlwind at Liz's house. Gina moved back home, and immediately began entertaining gentlemen clients. Liz was stunned to see the variety of well-heeled business and professional men attracted by Gina's abundant charms - and she became even more resolved to duplicate her daughter's success. Eating and drinking became near constant activities in the busy house, punctuated by trips to the hair/makeup stylist and upscale plus-size shop Gina had discovered. Liz began entertaining her own guests as her dress size and self-confidence increased. Within six months, Liz grew past 250lbs, while Gina broke the 300lb mark. Shopping trips became more frequent to keep up with the girls' growing figures. Their income rose as they realized they could double their fees without hurting demand. And meals at Liz and Gina's turned into 5-star, multi-course events; every one washed down with expensive champagne.

On a rare quiet evening Liz and Gina sat with after dinner drinks and cigarettes, contemplating their next venture. Liz gently rubbed her very full stomach and reflected on what it had brought her. She was now perhaps even more striking in appearance than Gina - many of her extra pounds having deposited themselves in her breasts. Her already impressive 36C cup had blossomed into a 50DD. Her bosom extended 10 inches over the table edge in front of her when she pulled up close enough to eat. “We may want to consider moving to a more exclusive address, honey,” Liz mused, as a loud belch erupted from her over-loaded belly. “Ooh, that feels better,” she murmured, and shifted in her seat. “Yeah, I know - but the prices are so expensive downtown,” answered Gina, similarly stuffed and uncomfortable. “We'd need to increase our revenues to cover that.” The minutes passed, quietly. “I know a way to do that!” replied Liz with a mischievous grin, as she heaved herself back up to the table to face the cheesecake neither of them wanted to touch moments earlier. “Race you to 400?” Gina giggled, also positioning herself within reach of the 4-inch thick slab of calories. “You're on,” Liz quickly replied.