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Learning New Things
By Caffieneaddict6

***Author's Note***
this is my first story, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can reach me at caffieneaddict6@yahoo.com. I've got some more ideas, and hopefully I'll get better with practice.

"No no no," Dana said. "This can't be happening to me." Dana had been living at college for six months now; and ever since then she had started noticing certain things about her roommate.

Dana's roommate, Alice, had long blond hair and a pale complexion. She dressed rather dark and listened to weird, indie music. When she had shown up at the dorm room she shared with Dana six months ago, she had been slim. But two months in, she had started to put on weight.

At first Dana hadn't noticed; so what if her roommate was getting fat? But as the weeks went by, little things had started to catch her attention. The way Alice's stomach peeked out under her shirts, the way the seat of her pants was a little tighter than it had been a week ago. And Dana found herself more interested in these things than she should've been.

At the moment, Alice sat sideways on a recliner in their room. She had headphones on, and was reading a music magazine. The angle she was leaning at caused her stomach to bulge out, squeezed between the bottom of her shirt and the top of her pants.

Dana, a tall girl with an average build, blue eyes and brown hair was standing over her desk on the other side of the room from Alice. She had stopped to grab a homework assignment from her desk when she glanced over and saw Alice; and Alice's stomach. She had only meant to grab the paper and go, but she found herself spellbound by Alice's white belly. The way it sat there, protruding out; expanding and contracting with her breathing. Dana just stood and stared, and she found herself getting-

"No. Not that," Dana told herself. "I'm going to take a cold shower!" she said, a bit too loudly. She rushed off to the bathroom, her homework assignment forgotten. Alice didn't even notice over her music, but Dana spent the whole shower worried that Alice knew why she had run off like that.

Two days later, Alice came home from a restaurant. She had worn a button up shirt that night. Before she had left Dana hadn't been able to keep her eyes off of Alice's shirt. The shirt had been seductively tight when Alice had first gotten to college; but now it was a second skin. The buttons visibly strained, and it looked like they might burst off with the slightest provocation.

Dana found herself imagining Alice at the restaurant; eating large quantities of food: noodles, potatoes, and a nice juicy steak. Dana imagined Alice taking one bite too many, and the shirt would just explode from Alice's marshmallowy tummy.

"Are you okay?" Alice asked.

"Yeah," Dana said, shaking her head to clear it of her thoughts.

"Well, I'll be back later, don't wait up," Alice said, winking. She smiled and bid Dana goodbye. Dana dazedly returned the farewell.

Later, when Alice returned from the restaurant, Dana couldn't control herself any longer. Alice returned from the restaurant with her shirt buttons in her purse; it had exploded off her during dinner. When Alice had walked sheepishly in the door Dana had stood with her mouth hanging open. Alice blushed and muttered something in explanation; but Dana wasn't paying any attention.

Dana just stared, and she was forced to admit, that the feeling she was feeling; the feelings she had been having when Alice had started to expand; the whole time she had been getting... aroused.

Dana couldn't handle it, she ran out the door past a shocked Alice and went for a drive. By the time she got home, Alice was asleep.

When Dana awoke the next morning, Alice had gone to class, but she had left a note for Dana telling her that she wanted to talk. Dana was still numb from shock. She skipped her class later that day and went to the mall.

She stumbled around the mall in a daze, trying to figure out if she should tell Alice how she felt. She still couldn't believe it herself. But then, fate intervened. Dana was at a clothing store at the mall, she had picked out some clothes she had barely looked at, and was waiting to use the fitting rooms; both of which were occupied.

Suddenly, one of the doors was bumped open from the inside. It was occupied by another college girl, who was standing shocked and naked except for a pair of panties inside. The few men in the store gawked shamelessly; their mouths dropping open and their eyes widening. The girl had large breasts and a trim body; the kind of girl you see on the cover of magazines. Dana stared at this practically-naked woman in front of her and felt... nothing.

The poor girl slammed the fitting room door shut quickly, and the other customers went back to their business with a few snickers or remarks. But Dana's face lit up in a smile. She threw her clothes back onto the rack and ran out of the store. But once she got out of the store, her smile fell and she stopped in her tracks. What did this mean?

Sure, she had felt nothing for the girl in the store, but she couldn't deny those feelings she'd been having for Alice. So what did that mean? In another daze, she walked to the mall, until she found herself at the food court. She ordered something at a restaurant without thinking, and sat down to eat. As she sat and thought about her strange feelings, she was startled out of her reverie by a voice:

"Dana? Is that you?" She looked up to see an old classmate from high school.

"Hi Jim!" she said with a smile. Dana had had English class with Jim senior year, and even though they had never hung out; they had talked during class. Now he stood before her, and she noticed that he had changed. In high school Jim had played football, and had been in perfect shape. All the other girls had melted over him; but not Dana. Dana had always found him cute, with his short brown hair and intense eyes; but she had never really found him attractive. But that had changed.

The Jim that stood before her now held a food-court tray packed with fast food, and his intense eyes now peered out of a puffy, double-chinned face. A little pot-belly even hung over the waist of his jeans. "Wow, Jim, you look great!" Dana spouted out before she even realized what she was saying.

"Yeah right," Jim said, sitting down across from her. "You mean I look like a fat-ass."

"No," Dana countered, "I really mean it." The two made small talk for a while, and then the subject of Jim's football playing came up.

"Well," Jim started, through a mouthful of burger. "I was able to get a scholarship, like I'd hoped."

"That's great!" Dana replied.

"But it turns out I wasn't big enough for college ball." Jim told her. "They said I needed to put on weight to be what they were looking for." Jim took an exceptionally large bite of his burger. After he swallowed he continued: "So I've just been stuffing my face and getting fatter and fatter; blowing up like a damn balloon." He said, "It's been a real strain with Sandy."

"So you two are still together?" Dana asked.

"Oh yeah, in fact-," Jim continued, but Dana couldn't pay attention. Jim's words kept echoing through her mind: 'getting fatter and fatter; blowing up like a damn balloon.' Dana couldn't help but stare at how much he was eating; and hear those words echo in her head. And she had to admit that what she was feeling now was definitely arousal; and it was a lot stronger than what she'd felt staring at Alice.

When Dana got home that afternoon, Alice was sitting in their dorm waiting for her. "Hey," she said, looking concerned.

"Hi," Dana responded.

"We need to talk," Alice told her. Dana sat down in a chair, and Alice turned hers to face Dana.

"Look, uh," Alice started, "I've noticed you're acting kinda weird around me lately, and I think I know why." Alice looked down at the floor.

Dana's eyes widened. "Oh, no no!" Dana started, but Alice cut her off.

"No, let me say this," she said. "I think you're worried about how fat I'm getting," Alice said bluntly. Dana just sat, wondering what she was going to say. "Well, I want you to know that I know. I'm actually, uh," Alice smiled, "I'm actually kinda doing it on purpose."

This took Dana by surprise. "What are you saying?" Dana asked.

"Well, see, a month after I got here I met this guy, named Julian," Alice explained. "He's really sweet, and we've been dating ever since. But, uh, a month after we met, he confessed to me that he liked 'bigger girls' as he put it. And he wanted me to get fatter." Dana looked shocked. She had discovered so much in one day. Not only was she not gay, but she liked fat people; and now she found she wasn't alone! Alice mistook her shocked expression. "I know, I know, but I have to admit, I kinda like it." Alice grinned again, more openly. "It's nice to be able to let myself go, and he just finds me more and more sexy the fatter I get." She put her hands on her stomach and closed her eyes. "He treats me like a queen..." she said dreamily.

Dana sat, contemplating. She would have to talk to Julian; see if he could help her find out more about herself. She realized Alice was staring at her questioningly. "Well, uh, as long as you're happy," Dana said, trying not to sound too distracted. The two hugged, and then decided to find out what was on TV.

Two weeks later, Alice was even fatter, and Dana was even more confused. She desperately wanted to meet Julian and talk to him, but Alice hadn't offered, and Dana didn't want to ask directly. At first Alice had tried to convince Dana how great it was to get fat. Dana had gone along with it at first, even gaining a few pounds herself; but she found that getting fat herself just didn't do it for her, so she gave up. She also found that her interest in Alice stopped at her weight.

Dana found herself going to the food court at the mall a lot. She would ogle fat guys, but they didn't quite do it for her the way Jim had. Thin guys didn't do it for her either; but she found that watching men eat gave her a real thrill. She was still sorting out exactly what this all meant when Alice told her that she wanted Dana to meet Julian. Dana tried not to sound too excited about it.

Alice met Julian at the mall that morning to shop for new clothes (she was literally bursting out of her old ones, much to Dana's amusement) while Dana went to class. Later that night Julian and Alice came back to the dorm for dinner with Dana. All day Dana wondered what Julian would be like. Would he be some big fat guy who wanted Alice to be fat like him? Or would he be like her, a thin person who just liked fat people? Would he be completely obsessed with her weight and nothing else? Would he be wearing a shirt that said "fat is where it's at" or something? Or would he be just a regular guy? The questions ran through Dana's head all day, and as dinnertime came around she found herself so excited she felt like she was going to be dating Julian.

When the key clicked in the lock, Dana sat waiting. She was dressed semi-casual. For some reason she felt like she should dress fancy for Julian, but she had suppressed that. She was wearing a pair of jeans that hadn't been as tight as they were before Alice's attempt to get Dana to gain with her; and Alice's old black button-up shirt, with the buttons sewn back on.

Alice entered the door first, bulging out of her black clothes. For a second Dana got a flash of Alice when she had first entered the dorm, and how big she was now in comparison, and felt a little tingle. Then came Julian, carrying clothing bags. He was very thin and pale, and had curly blond hair down to his shoulders. He was wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt for some band Dana had never heard of. He introduced himself quietly and politely, and made small talk with Dana while Alice went to change into some new clothes.

"These are just buursting off me!" Alice teased at Julian. He looked after her longingly. Dana and Julian talked about where they had gone to high school, where they were from. The whole time other questions fought just behind Dana's mouth. She yearned to ask him: "How did you realize you liked fat people?" and a million other things. But she restrained herself. Alice came back from the other room wearing a slightly larger black outfit, tight jeans and a tighter tube-top.

Julian made dinner with a little help from Alice, and it was mostly civil. There was more small-talk, until Alice gave Dana 'The Signal;' so Dana told them she had to meet some friends, and left.

When she returned, the room was dark, and the table was a mess, with a few more food containers laying empty that hadn't been there when Dana left. The refrigerator door was open, and someone was looking inside it.

"Still hungry huh?" Dana asked amusedly, sitting down at the table. To her surprise, it was Julian who appeared from behind the fridge door, dressed only in boxer shorts. "Oh jeez," he said. "Uh, sorry. I was just thirsty, I was gonna clean that up after I got a drink, Alice's asleep in the bedroom, uh, sorry I'm not dressed." He blurted out surprisedly.

Dana just laughed. "It's ok," she said. "Sit down." Julian sat down across from her, opening a soda.

Dana thought for a minute, then decided now was as good a time as any. "So," she started. "How did you find out you liked fat people?" she blurted out. Julian leaned back, surprised. Dana was afraid she had offended him, but then he started to chuckle.

"Well, uh," Julian started. "I don't know, really. It happened gradually. I stumbled across some stuff on the Internet, a few different web pages. At first it was just, uh," he glanced at Dana nervously; worried he might offend her, "girls with big butts. Then it was girls with big breasts, then bellies, then girls with big everything. Slowly thin girls just started looking less and less attractive to me. And I liked bigger and bigger girls."

Dana listened intently, when it was apparent he was finished, she asked something else: "So what are people who like fat people called?" she asked.

"Well, uh," Julian started. He was obviously not used to discussing it. "I guess, that would be 'FA' or 'Fat Admirer'. Girls who like fat guys are 'FFAs', or 'Female Fat Admirers'." Dana nodded contemplatively.

"Do you tell everybody?" she asked him.

Julian laughed a little. "Well I don't go around wearing t-shirts that say 'fat is where it's at' or anything," he said. Dana blushed a little, embarrassed that he had accidentally skewered her own thoughts so closely. "When I'm with my friends I think of it as 'don't ask don't tell.' They'll say how attractive some thin girl is and I just smile and nod; they say how disgusting a fat girl is, I smile and nod. But a few friends know."

They sat in silence for a moment, Julian sipping his soda. Then he got an odd look on his face. "Say, uh, I hope this isn't too personal;" he began. Dana blushed again, realizing she hadn't even asked him that before she started.

"No, of course not," she mumbled.

"But, uh, why are you so interested?" he asked her.

"Well, uh," Dana struggled for a second, and decided to just be honest. "I think I might be an, um, 'FFA' was it?" Julian stared at her for a second then threw his head back and laughed out loud. Then Alice made a noise from the other room.

"Oops," Julian said, covering his mouth. "But the irony is delicious. Say, uh," he looked around the dorm room; spotting a computer, "Do you have a piece of paper?" Dana grabbed a post-it note and pen from beside the phone and handed it to him. "Try checking out these sites," Julian said, writing down some web-addresses on the post-it note. "I should get back to Alice." The two cleaned up hurriedly, and then Julian retreated back to the bedroom. Dana lay on the couch, with the sheets and pillow Alice had considerately left out for her. But she found she couldn't sleep and jumped up to check out some of the web pages Julian had written down for her.

Two months later, Dana knew all about her newfound desires. She was an FFA, and a feeder at that. She and Julian had talked about it some more and had even become friends. The two were both feeders, and both didn't want to be fat themselves, they just liked fat partners. They got along well, and often Dana, Alice and Julian would hang out together; with Dana politely looking away when Julian would occasionally feed Alice the occasional pizza slice or bite of steak.

Alice had continued to expand. Now that Dana was part of their group and "in on it," so to speak, it seemed Alice was blowing up twice as fast. The clothes she and Julian had bought that fateful day were now as tight as her original clothing had been; and she had gone from chubby to borderline fat.

Dana, on the other hand, was eager to "get started." Now that she knew what she wanted, she was ready to go find it. On the Internet sites she found that the "community" was veritably overflowing with male feedees who were looking for female feeders. Finding one her age in her town with similar interests was challenging; but not nearly as challenging as finding one who was still slim. But then one day she found one by the name of Holden; and after some online chats they set a date to meet.

That night Alice and Julian sat on the couch, watching television while Dana primped for her date. Dana wore a black miniskirt, and high heels, and Alice's old button-up shirt [for the nice memories attached to it]. She put her hair up and put on tasteful makeup. She walked into the main room. "How do I look?" she asked the two.

"Skinny," came Julian's joking reply.

"I have to agree," came Alice's response through a mouthful of chips.

"Come on, seriously," Dana said, smiling.

"You look nice," Julian said.

"Yeah," Alice agreed, heaving herself off the couch with some effort. She walked up and put her hands on Dana's shoulders. "You look lovely," she told Dana, brushing some of her bangs from her face. "Now good luck," Alice told her, giving her a joking pat on the butt as she walked out.

Dana met her date at an all-you-can-eat buffet, which they both agreed was appropriate. Dana arrived early and got a table, ordering a small meal for herself and the buffet for her date. She was pretty early, and after a small debate with herself, she got up and loaded up three plates with as much stuff as she could get. They had talked about what foods he liked and didn't; so she knew he would be pleasantly surprised.

He arrived a little early as well, and she waved him to the table. Holden had shaggy brown hair, and was a little bigger than average. He was dressed in formal slacks and a white button-up shirt. Seeing this got Dana a little hot right away. She stood up to meet him, and after a moment of awkwardness, they hugged. Then they sat down.

"Starting me off early, I see," Holden said.

"Well if you're going to get as big as I want you to, we've gotta start as soon as possible," Dana said, a little surprised at her own straightforwardness.

They talked for a while, and after the initial awkwardness gave way, they talked as easily as they had over the Internet. It was a nice first date, and she made sure he put away a very large meal. Afterwards they walked out to the parking lot.

"Oh God, I'm sooo full." he said teasingly, putting his hands on his stomach. She stared down at it, noting the tightness of the shirt over his straining belly. The buttons were tight, and almost straining, but they were still on. Dana found herself more than a little disappointed.

She reached over and put her hands on his stomach, leaning in close to his face. "But not nearly full enough," she said. "You're going to be my blimp," she told him, once again shocked at her own fervor. "And I'm going to make sure you get very, very big." His eyes were as wide as her own probably were, and she was aroused like she'd never been before. She leaned in further and kissed him and he made it open-mouthed. Then, on an impulse, she blew into his mouth.

It was very hard for Dana to go home alone that night, but she managed. The months passed, and the college that Dana, Alice and Julian went to let out for the summer. Holden went to a different one in town, but his let out a week later. Dana and Holden continued to see each other regularly, and had gone home together on the second date. Alice was expanding to new heights, making her a certified fat girl. Holden was coming along nicely as well; it almost seemed as though Dana really was blowing him up like a balloon. Holden had also started to hang out with the group, but wasn't quite a regular yet.

One day, Alice had gone home for a week to visit her family; and Holden was at a class; so when Julian showed up at the girls' dorm room it was just Dana there. The two were friends, so they could just hang out. After a few hours of some mild video-gaming and talk of other things, the talk turned to their significant others.

"So, how are things going between Holden and you?" Julian asked.

"Great," Dana replied. "He's really sweet, and we get along so well."

"That's good," Julian said.

"Yeah," Dana continued, "and it seems like he's just as into this feeding thing as much as me. Sometimes I have to scold him for eating too much without me," she said wistfully. Julian laughed.

"Yeah," he said, "Alice is really starting to dig it too. She was a little nervous about it at first, but she didn't fight me on it and she seems to enjoy it now."

"That's cool," Dana said. "How much is she up to now?" She asked him. Julian chuckled. "Well, at last weigh-in she was up to 174. She was 118 when we started dating," Julian said with a smile.

"Wow," Dana responded.

"Holden's about 160-something now. But he was around 140 when we started, so..." Dana trailed off.

"Say," Julian got a devilish smile on his face. "How'd you like to make a little wager?" he asked her.

"About what?" she said, thinking she might know the answer.

"Well, just a friendly competition, of course," he said, "but let's see who can get their feedee fatter." Julian laughed.

"Oh come on," Dana said, laughing as well. "That's like one of those stupid stories at Dimensions," she said.

"Yeah, I know." Julian laughed, and the conversation moved on.

That night, when Dana went to bed, she had a dream. She and Julian were standing in some kind of stadium, and comically big tire pumps stood in front of each of them. Then from doors on the sides of the arena came Alice and Holden, each wearing button-up shirts. They walked to the center of the arena accompanied by cheers from an audience Dana couldn't see. The two picked up the hoses from the tire-pumps, and stuck them into their mouths.

Julian and Dana shot each other competitive glances, and then some signal was given; and the two starting pumping furiously. Alice and Holden started inflating steadily and quickly, out of proportion to the pumping Julian and Dana were doing. The two inflatees billowed out, their growing limbs stretching into spread-eagle positions; Alice's breasts blowing up like beachballs, and their stomachs becoming like globes. The buttons on the two's shirts flew off like machinegun fire, and they blew up in perfect synchronicity, becoming two big parade balloons floating above the stadium.

Then Holden started to take the lead, and he grew bigger and bigger. Everything else seemed to be forced out of Dana's consciousness by his growing body; until the dream was just Holden the blimp, growing bigger and bigger and bigger.....

The next morning Dana awoke and her sheets were wet. She thought about the dream all day, and then finally she called Julian and asked him if he was serious about that contest idea. He wasn't really; but after a little convincing he agreed.

Dana and Julian talked about it some more, and they agreed that the first to put 50 pounds on their feedee would be the winner. They also agreed, after much arguing, that they would tell Alice and Holden about it; because Julian wouldn't feel right doing this behind Alice's back. And it was agreed that if either Alice or Holden said no, it was all just a fantasy. They agreed to start once Alice got back from seeing her family.

The week ended and Alice returned; and Julian and Dana took Alice and Holden out to an all-you-can-eat buffet to celebrate Alice's return; Holden's summer break, and to break the news to the two. Julian let Dana do it, since she was more gung-ho about it. Holden agreed without a second thought; but Alice hesitated for a moment before agreeing too. She seemed to be a little more into it than Julian himself was.

Alice and Holden found new room in their stomachs that night; and had seemed to take it not only as a competition between Julian and Dana; over who was the better feeder, but amongst the two of them for who was the better feedee. The first week was a blur of good times and lots of food, and the summer was off to a beautiful start.

When Alice's birthday came the next month, Holden was a full-fledged member of their little clique; and the two were neck and neck in the contest. Alice was up to 212, and Holden was right behind her with 204. The group got together and planned a surprise party for Alice....

Alice's family came down for her birthday, and finally met Julian. They were only there for a day, and the group's surprise came when Alice got home from dropping her family off at the airport. Alice came into the dorm room wearing a regular outfit, jeans and a black t-shirt that wasn't as tight as what she usually wore.

"Surprise!" The rest of the group yelled, they were all sitting at the table, with a place specially set for Alice. She laughed and sat down. They all wished her happy birthday and gave her presents. A good time was had by all.

"Ok, that was fun," Alice said. "Now where's the food?" she mockingly whined. Then, with a smile, Julian and Dana, who were sitting on either side of her, brought out handcuffs and handcuffed her plump arms to the arms of her chair.

"What's this!?" she said, smiling but surprised.

"Why, it's your real birthday present," said Julian, who was walking to the other room with Holden. While the two were in the other room Dana told her: "Don't worry, you'll love it."

"Ok," Alice said warily. Then Julian and Holden came from the other room carrying a small wedding cake [well, small for a wedding cake, anyway]. They set it on the table in front of Alice. "Oh, wow," she said.

"It's all for you," Julian told her.

"Happy birthday," Holden chimed in.

"You've gotta be kidding," Alice said.

"Nope," Dana told her.

"What's the matter?" Holden joked, "Don't think you can do it?"

Alice stuttered in surprise for a second. "W-well," she finally got out, "not with my hands tied up!" she protested.

"Oh," Julian said, an evil grin crossing his face. "We'll help." Alice grimaced in half-pretend fear.

Over the next few hours, Julian, Dana and Holden took turns "force"-feeding Alice the large cake. After a while Dana got a funnel from the kitchenette and put it in Alice's mouth; but the cake didn't go through so well so they went back to the silverware. Over the course of time the cake got smaller and smaller, and Alice got bigger and bigger. Her stomach bulged out and out and out, and they all found themselves a little aroused by the proceedings.

Alice's stomach was huge, and her face was smeared with cake. Her formerly loose t-shirt was straining against her gigantic stomach, and her belly-button was clearly visible through the fabric. Despite the fun they were having, however, just over three-quarters of the way through the cake Alice's belt snapped off from the size of her stomach, and Julian decreed that four was a crowd.

Holden and Dana went to Holden's and left the two to their own devices. "You know," Dana said, "that cake is going to give Alice quite a lead in the contest..."

"Well," Holden said, sitting in his kitchen, "you'll just have to help me catch up." Dana didn't need to be told twice, she rushed to the kitchen and fed him everything she could get her hands on. His stomach was as tight as a drum by the time they made love amongst empty food wrappers on the kitchen floor....

The contest lasted for another week and a half, when Holden reached 50 first by 2 pounds. Alice graciously conceded defeat, and they went out to dinner at the all-you-can-eat buffet to celebrate Dana and Holden's victory. Sadly, the story ends here for Julian and Alice. Julian liked medium-size BBWs and Alice would eventually level off and spend the rest of her life hovering around 280. They're quite happy together. Dana, however, wanted Holden to get as big as possible. And later that summer, they celebrated her birthday by themselves at the all-you-can-eat buffet where they had their first date.

She told him to wear a button-up shirt.

They met at noon and stayed until the restaurant closed; with Holden eating steadily the whole time. They told the restaurant staff that it was Holden's birthday, so they brought the cake out to him, and he ate all of it. By the time the staff ushered them out at closing, Holden looked like he was pregnant with twins.

The two stood in the empty parking lot together, holding each other and kissing. Dana wrapped her arms as far as she could around her big, handsome man, and he squeezed her tight against his gigantic gut. But much to Dana's frustration, the buttons on Holden's shirt still held on.

"Oh God, I'm sooo full," Holden said, again.

"Not nearly full enough," Dana replied.

"You won't be happy until I explode, will you?" Holden asked, smiling.

"Nope," Dana replied, smiling back. "You're my big balloon boy, and I'm gonna make sure you get bigger, and bigger, and bigger."

The two leaned in close, and Holden said: "Please, blow me up." The two kissed, open mouth again, and Dana blew into his mouth as hard as she could. And the buttons exploded off of his shirt.