Weight Room Title Bar

By Slappy

Part One:
The Spell

“Mmmm! This is good, how did you make this, Jenny?” said Lexi. Lexi was pretty, blonde, but very thin. She had no curves whatsoever. Her roommate Jenny was similar, only taller and had brown hair. (They were “partners” so to speak.)

“My own secret recipe,” teased Jenny. Actually it was. Jenny and Lexi both were near anorexia, eating nothing but salads. But today Jenny bought the spices she used to make the fat-free dressing her mother taught her how to make from a small Asian man at the supermarket.

“Whoever consumes this will be happy for the rest of their life,” he had said. Both of them were willing to try it, so they bought it.

“Whoa… what was that?” said Lexi in a nervous tone. She had felt a strange, but pleasant, twinge in her flat stomach.

“Hey, I felt the same thing,” said Jenny.

They both started to feel increasingly hungry. Before they knew it, both of their meager meals were gone. Lexi ran to the fridge and took out the package of chips ahoy cookies that she bought, but didn't dare to eat. She started to munch. When she was halfway through the bag Jenny snatched them away from her.

“Hey, let me have some of those!” she said; “besides, I don't want you getting fat.” Jenny then ate the other half in under three minutes.

“God, I feel so very hungry!” screamed Lexi, as she ran to the fridge and took out a gallon of milk. She didn't bother pouring glasses; she just opened it and drank from the bottle. Glug, glug, glug - down it all went into her stomach. Jenny noticed the bulge forming in her stomach and was strangely turned on.

“Hey, we have those microwave pizzas in the freezer don't we?” asked Jenny. Lexi was ten steps ahead and was already putting them in the oven.

“What do we eat while they cook? It says a half hour!” said Lexi rubbing her slightly distended belly. Jenny didn't answer, she just ran to the pantry driven by insane hunger and started working her way through a can of Pringles.

They continued eating for the half hour; it was amazing to them how much junk food they bought, but never wanted to eat for fear of gaining weight.

Ding Ding Ding! sounded the oven timer.

“OOO, the pizzas!” said Lexi excitedly. She took the 16-slice pizzas out of the oven and started eating one of the seven without even cutting it. Her already protruding stomach was expanding with every bite. As she started on her second, she noticed Jenny was already on her third. And looked A LOT hungrier than Lexi… Gurgle. . . Jenny blushed and said, “Sorry, I just feel so damn hungry!” as she finished off her third pizza. Lexi was still on her second.

“Humph, I'll show her,” thought Lexi jealously as she began to eat faster. Soon all of the pizzas were gone. Lexi, eating one less than her partner, felt quite full, although Jenny was ordering Chinese food and still eating strong. After awhile they both felt VERY full; they fell asleep holding each other's bloated stomachs. Lexi had noticed Jenny was able to eat more than her during that odd period of time, and felt strangely jealous.

Part Two:
The Challenge

So, here we are again: two months later, the two girls' eating “problem” had reoccurred every day for the past two months, and they were both turned on by each other's gain. Lexi had become increasingly jealous of Jenny's ability to eat more than she. It had caused them to break up and even become enemies. She was now single, but still had many friends.

They all hung out at the local café; it was large, and similar to a cafeteria. Lexi had packed on 30 pounds, mostly on her now very round ass. Her and her best friend Natalie (a tall blonde about 120 pounds in her mid-20's just like Lexi) sat down together, Natalie had just a sandwich and a cup of coffee, but Lexi's eating “obsession” had her order four slices of pizza, a large Coke, and a piece of chocolate cake for dessert. When she had polished that off, she leaned back in her seat and belched loudly. Natalie had grown used to this, and just started talking about designer clothing that she couldn't afford. That's when Jenny came and sat down across from Lexi. She had gained 45 pounds, mainly in her thighs and hips. She knew of Lexi's jealousy of her gorging abilities, and found it amusing to tease her using that “skill.”

“How's this for a start?” said Jenny smoothly. With her, she had two large trays stacked with all sorts of fattening items such as hamburgers and hotdogs and pizza, etc. She quickly devoured all of this and stared at Lexi teasingly.

“Burp! O, excuse me, Lexi, you are just gonna let me out-eat you like that?” coaxed Jenny. Lexi knew she couldn't eat more, but her competitive nature got the best of her.

“Fine! Bring on the food, Natalie!” said Lexi boldly.

Natalie came back with two enormous trays of food. The two girls looked hungrily at the piles of fattening things on them.

“Each tray has 20 hamburgers, ten slices of pizza, three doughnuts, and a two liter bottle of Coke on them,” said Natalie. When she set the trays down, both the girls dove in on them; in no time both trays were devoured. As Lexi guzzled the Coke, she felt her stomach tightening against her pants and heard a faint pop as a button flew off her button fly jeans. The same happened to Jenny only moments later. As Natalie went back to get more food, both girls held their distended guts lovingly. She came back with 20 gallons of chocolate chip ice cream. “Ten for each of you,” she said in a professional tone. Jenny finished them quickly and hungrily, but Lexi felt full and ate slowly. She could feel each bite make her stomach bulge out even more.

“Is that the best you can do?” teased Jenny, as she started on her last gallon;, Lexi was still on her sixth. As they both finished that dish, Lexi felt so full she thought she would explode, but still kept eating, Jenny kept going as if she haddent eaten a thing in weeks. A faint gurgle could be heard from Jenny. “I'm still so hungry…” she coaxed Natalie as she went to get more food. Both girls' stomachs rested on their thighs so round and full of food. Natalie couldn't bring food back fast enough for the two girls; they ate too quickly. “Come on skinny,” Jenny teased Lexi, “You're eating so slow! You look full.” Lexi wasn't listening; she had passed out into her plate of fries.

Part Three:
A Sexy New Friend

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Natalie asked Lexi. Three months had passed since Jenny had eaten Lexi under the table.

“Yeah,” Lexi reassured Natalie, “Eating is SO great, but it pisses me off that Jenny could eat so much more than me and still be so hungry!”

“What was that?” The two girls heard from a table behind them. “You want to be able to eat MORE THAN JENNY!? Never gonna happen, unless you want my help.”

“We don't need YOUR help, Melanie,” snapped Lexi without even looking back. With that Melanie got up, walked over, sat next to them, and put her hand on Lexi's now very thick thigh.

“Hmm, big and thick, but still firm, just the way I like'em!” coaxed Melanie. Melanie was a complete lesbian, a very beautiful girl, 5'8, long brown hair, toned athletic legs, a round large butt, and D-cup breasts. She rubbed back and forth on Lexi's enlarging figure and purred.

“How could you actually help me eat more than her?” said Lexi with a strange new eagerness. She would do anything to achieve her near impossible goal.

“I know what gave both of you such GREAT appetites. There's a man down at the super market selling spices that will make you happy; all they do is make you eat and eat,” teased Melanie, “Simply eat more of those spices, and you will be able to beat Jenny in this intriguing game.”

“What makes this so interesting to you, Melanie?” said Natalie in an angry tone. As she said that, Lexi got up to go get another plate of fries and two more slices off pizza when Melanie got up with her, put her hands on her rounding ass, and kissed her. Lexi pulled away right then. “Oh, I see…” said Natalie in a disappointed tone.

“Whew, that felt good. You act offended, but I can see you clearly enjoyed that,” Melanie coaxed Lexi. “I went and got some more of those strange spices for myself, there is enough for two. I would love to have both of you over for dinner tonight!” said Melanie cheerily.

“What do we got to lose?” Lexi asked her friend. Natalie shrugged.

“Great!” cheered Melanie and put a slip of paper with her address on the table, and ran off. Lexi watched her leave; her eyes fixed on Melanie's ass, as she shimmied it, watching all the guys turn their heads.

They arrived at Melanie's apartment at 6 p.m. Both girls were amazed at all the food that was laid out for them. The first thing Melanie said when they walked in was, “Chips and dip any one?” and all three girls dug in.

“Lets eat the REAL dinner shall we?” said Lexi, as she heaped some delicious smelling spaghetti onto her plate. “Mmm, did you put that spice in?” Lexi asked her host.

“Oh, if you did, I don't want any. I don't wanna eat and grow like that,” said Natalie politely, as she nibbled on some garlic bread.

“Don't you worry about that. I didn't put it in the food; it's in the wine, so just don't drink it if you don't want to.” They both just nodded and kept eating. Melanie poured some of the fine red wine into glasses for herself and Lexi. As soon as both girls took one sip of it, they felt the effects. Melanie dove right into the huge platter of different Italian dishes she had made, and ate like there was no tomorrow. Lexi soon did the same.

“I'm so glad I made all this food, and there is more coming out of the oven!” said Melanie orgasmicly. Natalie only had one small plate of the food Melanie had prepared before the two others gobbled it all down in their lust for food. Right after they finished the food on the table, the oven chimed and Melanie took eight pizzas out of the oven and started eat one whole just was Lexi and Jenny had done that first night. It didn't take long before all of that was gone. Lexi's stomach gurgled, and she blushed.

“I guess I've still got a lot of room!” she said happily as she started on the ice cream Melanie had brought out. After three gallons, Melanie stopped and sat there rubbing her bulging gut and moaning with pleasure. Lexi kept on eating, polished off six gallons of the ice cream, and was in Melanie's pantry guzzling soda, chips, and cookies, anything she could get her hands on. Finally she stopped and sat down on the coach. It was three in the morning; Natalie had fallen asleep, but Melanie was still awake.

“UHG!” Melanie groaned as she lifter her stuffed belly and waddled over and sat right next to Lexi. “I can almost feel myself filling out already; my bra feels tight all of a sudden!” she coaxed Lexi sexually. Lexi felt herself getting wet and rubbed her hand against the others bloated gut.

“Is your tummy full?” she teased. “You have a perfect figure, why do you wanna ruin it by gaining so much weight?” she asked Melanie.

“I just want to fill out my butt and my tits some more; it wears off after a couple months unless you continue to consume it like you have,” Melanie said. Lexi rolled over and put her head down into the coach and fell asleep. Melanie soon also lied down, using Lexi enormous butt as a pillow, and fell asleep. Lexi awoke at 11 a.m. Since it was a weekend, it didn't matter when they were up. She felt a slight draft on her lower body and looked back. Over the course of the night, her pants had ripped off under the pressure of her growing butt. Her panties were rolled up forming more of a thong. She nudged Melanie off her expanding rear, and stood up. She slowly walked over to Melanie's bathroom scale and weighed herself. 155.

“Whoa! That's a lot!” Lexi said surprised. She put the scale back, tried to adjust her shirt so it wasn't so confining on her now DD size bust.

“I like where you put your weight,” teased Melanie from behind her. Lexi turned, and felt herself getting wet when she saw Melanie. Her thighs were thicker and her breasts had to be at least an E but still were so perky and didn't droop an inch. Her pants were stretch to the limit and looked like they were just going to rip right off over her growing hips. A potbelly was clear where her once defined abs were. “I'm gonna go make us a nice big fattening pancake breakfast! I feel like I could eat a horse!” Melanie said cheerfully. As she turned, Lexi had to grab the towel rack so she didn't keel over from the sight of Melanie's behind, it had to stick out a foot behind her, but still looked firm. It was so round that Lexi felt almost drawn to it. She finally regained her composer and went out into the kitchen to talk to Natalie (who felt the same thing when looking at Melanie's gorgeous rump). Soon it was ready, and they dug in. Lexi had 12 pancakes, 4 sausages, and 6 slices of French toast and kept eating, Melanie followed suit.

“So, what are you going to do for clothes, Lexi?” asked Natalie.

“You can borrow some of Jenny's; they're big enough for you,” said Melanie.

“Wait, she lives here, with you?!” said Lexi angrily.

“Yeah, well we ARE roommates, and I guess she is my girlfriend. You knew that right?” said Melanie.

“Whatever, as long as I have something to wear. What are you guys gonna do today?” said Lexi casually around bites of a pop tart.

“I don't know; I guess I'm gonna shop for a new wardrobe to accommodate my new booty,” Melanie muttered, as she stood up, carried her dish to the sink, and shook her ass (making both of the other two shake at the sight of it).

“I got nothing to do all day long, does any one want to see a movie?” Natalie said in a bored tone, “And what about Jenny, wouldn't she be mad to see you acting like this to us? She does hate us.”

“I guess I could see a movie, but Nat's right. What if she finds out?” Lexi asked.

“Don't worry about it, I'm gonna dump her anyways and kick her out. They are showing that new romance down at that new theater on 19th street,” Melanie said. “Lexi, you look like those panties are tight on you. You can go grab some clothes from Jenny's closet; her pants should be a few sizes bigger.” Melanie felt herself getting wet at the thought of both her and Lexi gaining weight. “But that will change soon, won't it?” Melanie said, softly patting Lexi's now rounder stomach. Lexi got up and went into Jenny's bedroom, and emerged minutes later with a pair of formfitting but not too tight button fly jeans and a short T-shirt.

“I guess I'm gonna have to go without a bra, I couldn't fit into any of hers. Hey, Mel, you got big tits - can I have one of yours?” Lexi said.

“Go ahead, take what you like,” said Melanie. As Lexi walked by, Natalie couldn't help but stare at her ample back side and now rounded thighs.

“Hey, when do you girls want to go to see that flick?” Natalie asked. They decided at a time, just 20 minutes before Jenny got home, so she wouldn't know about Lexi and Natalie…

Part Four:
On the Outs

“Hurry up, it's time to go!” Natalie squeaked. Melanie was sitting on the couch, watching TV, and working her way through three family sized bags of chips. Lexi was in the kitchen, baking a cake.

“Hold on, just let me take this out of the oven, and to it on the table to cool,” Lexi said quickly. Soon they were out the door and on their way to the movies.

“I'll buy you two snacks for it,” Melanie said, she lived modestly but made a good living as a lawyer.

“I hope you have a lot of money for all three of us; me and you are gonna take A LOT of feeding to last two-and-a-half hours,” Lexi joked, “Oh no! I left my cake just sitting on the table, I know Jenny's just gonna get home at eat it!” she said.

“Don't worry, we can just stop at the bakery if we want some dessert,” Melanie reassured her. They arrived at the theater and went straight to the snack bar. “I'll order,” Melanie said. “We'll have four large popcorns, two boxes of those M&Ms and five large Cokes,” Melanie said. The man at the register looked surprised but got it for them anyways.

“That's $20.75,” he said.

“Oh shoot, I left my purse at home,” Melanie said in a sexy tone. She leaned on the table, and rested her E cup (but perky) breasts on the counter, and said, “Could you cover for us, sir?”

“S-S-S-Sure,” he mumbled and got out his wallet. As they walked away, Lexi and Natalie couldn't help but giggle at their new friend's antics.

“Good movie, girls?” Natalie asked.

“Yeah, pass me the rest of your popcorn if you are finished with it,” Lexi whispered back. Natalie obliged and looked to her other side at Melanie.

“You already finished all of your snacks and it's still just starting, you little piggy. I guess I can get you some more, you have been so great to me and Lexi,” Natalie said softly as she grabbed a ten and stood up.

“Thank you, you should get some yourself, skinny,” Melanie joked. Natalie shot her a playfully hurt look and started to make her way through the aisle.

“Get me some Hershey bars while you're up, please,” Lexi said politely. Melanie got up and took Natalie's seat next to Lexi.

“Look how big your tummy is!” Melanie whispered to her in a seductive tone as she rubbed her own bloated gut. Just as she said that, Lexi chugged her last Coke and a faint pop could be heard from her.

“One button down, four more to go,” Lexi joked and shoved a handful of popcorn in her mouth.

“Here you go,” Natalie said as she came back and sat down next to Melanie and handed the other two girls their food. Both of them thanked her and went back to watching the sappy love movie.

It ended and they went back to Melanie's apartment, totally forgetting about Jenny being there. Sure enough, when they walked in, Jenny was sitting at the table finishing the last slice of cake.

“What are those two doing here? Why is that bitch wearing my clothes, and, Melanie, did you put on weight?” Jenny screamed and stood up.

Melanie walked over slowly, put her hand on Jenny's stomach, looked up into her face, and said, “Get out! It's over - go find yourself another girlfriend to ignore.” She kissed her neck and stepped back.

“But MEL!” Jenny whined. That very second she began packing, all the while muttering and complaining.

“I'm not that heartless. You're out, but here's $3000 - that should be enough to get yourself along for awhile. Get a job, and you can just move in with a friend - now get!” Melanie half yelled. As Jenny walked by with her bags, Melanie slapped her ass and kicked her so she stumbled out the door.

Part Five:
Living Together

Two months had passed; the three had become such good friends that Lexi and Natalie moved into Melanie's place.

“You want more, baby?” Melanie asked Lexi as she sat down on her lap and scooped a bite of ice cream into Lexi's hungry mouth.

“That's your 13th gallon!” Natalie joked from the other room.

“Well, excuse me,” Lexi said, “BURP! Oops, sorry!” Lexi blushed and rubbed her gut. “I've had enough, Mel - let's go see what's on TV,” Lexi said.

“Fine,” Melanie sighed, and began eating the ice cream herself. “My butt's getting too big for any of my jeans!” she continued and pulled her extremely tight jeans off.

“You're just going to sit there half naked?” Natalie asked.

“Why not? We're all girls here,” Melanie said smartly and lied down her now soft stomach. Lexi sat down next to her, turned on the TV, and started rubbing her belly (which stuck out under her shirt). Melanie looked up at Lexi.

“You look hungry; lie down on yer back. There's still four gallons of ice cream left,” Lexi coaxed. Melanie obliged and held her expanding gut in her hands as Lexi scooped the fattening treat into her mouth. Natalie walked over and felt herself getting very wet at the sight of this. An hour later, they all had fallen asleep, Natalie on the floor, Melanie on her back on the couch and Lexi face down, using Melanie's breasts as a pillow.

Meanwhile, Jenny was with her new girlfriend, Sarah. Sarah was 6 feet tall and was skinny. She worked as a model, and she could support both herself and Jenny. Jenny had put on as much weight as Lexi (who was 185 at this time) and was 190.

“I'll get that bitch, hmm…how could I get Lexi to try to eat more than me again? That would teach her who's better,” Jenny thought. She formulated a simple plan to get Lexi to embarrass herself once again, but first she had to get more of those spices…

Back at Melanie's place, the three girls were just getting up. All of the food they had consumed the night before had been digested.

“I can't get my bra on! Lexi, help me with this,” Melanie whined. They both fought and tugged at the E size bra and finally got it on. “Whew, there we go!” Melanie said. POW! It burst a split second later.

“My belly is so much bigger now!” Lexi said excitedly. “So is yours!” she said and walked over and squeezed the soft flesh in her friend's gut. “I wonder how much bigger Jenny got. Hey, Melanie, let's measure your rack!” she said.

“Get the tape measure. I bet she isn't as fat as we are now!” Melanie squeaked. Natalie got dressed and grabbed the phone.

“Hello, operator? Get me the number for a Jenny Carpent, please…residence…thank you,” she said into the phone. “Hello, is Jenny there? O, thank you, let me speak to her…Hey, Jenny, it's Natalie. Hey, we were wondering how much do you weigh? 190! Whoa, all right, thanks, bye.”

“Oh…I only weigh 185. She's fatter than both of us!” Lexi whined. “Well, I'll show her. Let me call her; I want to challenge her to a little game of mine…”

Part Six:
The Game

“So, what time is this gonna happen?” Natalie asked Lexi. Lexi was cramming Melanie's mouth full of Oreos.

“Six o'clock, Friday,” Lexi replied, “Oops, you little piggy, Melanie, you ate the whole bag!” Lexi went to the cupboard to get a gallon of ice cream.

“I bet you can eat her under the table, Lexi!” Melanie cheered, “MMM, this is so great!” as Lexi spooned another bite into her waiting mouth. It was quiet for a while; after about 20 minutes of feeding her 'friend,' Lexi felt the spoon hit the bottom of the container. She set the empty container down and got up off Melanie's lap.

“Hey, Melanie, do you think that Jenny figured out what gave us these glorious appetites like you did?” Lexi asked.

“Probably not. Besides, if she did we could just buy more,” Melanie said, “Hey, Natalie, can you grab me that industrial size bag of chips?” She walked over to the couch and started munching on the chips.

“You girls wanna order some pizza?” Lexi asked hungrily. “They are selling the meaty supreme at Little Dominos for just five bucks!”

“Hello? Little Dominos? Yeah give us 15 of those meaty Supremes and 4 large orders of bread sticks, the address is…”


“Finally! Alright, let's dig in!” Melanie said excitedly. The delivery boy looked surprised when he saw the three people who ordered it. Lexi took the pizza to the table without paying and started to eat. Melanie went and ate four slices in two minutes. The delivery boy just stood, there waiting for the money.

“Hey, Melanie, this shirt is tight around my chest - help me rip it off,” Melanie said in a sexy tone.

“I can't. Hey, can you help us?” Lexi moaned as she waved a slice of pizza at the delivery boy. The guy almost fainted, but walked over and helped tug at it. Melanie was really too tight in it, but when it was off, she whispered something in the guy's ear, and he left without the money.

“You get out of paying for a lot of things, don't you?” Natalie asked.

“I guess, let's eat,” Melanie said. They polished off all the pizza and the breadsticks, while sitting on the couch watching a pay-per-view movie.

Finally the big day came. Jenny and Sarah were already at the all-you-can-eat buffet where they arranged it to be.

“Come for another ass kicking, twiggy?” Jenny said boldly. “Sarah, go get the first course!” Sarah left and came back with ten large steaks. Both girls dug in. Lexi and Jenny finished their five steaks at the exact same time. This time Melanie went for the next course; of course, she came back with ice cream and pie, knowing that Lexi had a huge sweet tooth.

“Seven gallons each - start eating,” Melanie said. Lexi finished hers four minutes before Jenny. The eating continued for about half an hour. POP! A button shot off of Lexi's jeans.

“I'm thirsty; we haven't got any drinks after all this food we ate!” Jenny complained.

“Fine, I'll go get some pop then,” Melanie said. As she skipped away, both girls stopped eating for a brief moment to watch her ass sway back and forth. She came back with six two liters of coke. “Hold on let me get some more!” She came back with six more. Lexi grabbed a bottle and started chugging; with each gulp she took, she could feel her already bulging stomach press out even more. Jenny followed suit. BELCH! Halfway through Jenny's third bottle, she belched so loud that everyone in the restaurant looked at her.

“Oops, excuse me! Hey, honey, rub my tummy while I eat?” Jenny said. Sarah obliged. When they were done with the soda, Natalie went for another round of food. They ate and ate for two hours.

“Hey, Mel, could you feed me? My belly is getting too big for me to move around.” Melanie sat on her lap and began to spoon up bites of cake when a large crash sounded throughout the room. Jenny's chair broke, and she just sat there on the floor, too concentrated on stuffing herself to care. The same thing happened to Lexi a minute later. Melanie had to get up off of Lexi's lap because her stomach took up all the room. Both girls sat there on the floor with their enormous guts sitting betwixt their legs on the ground. THUD! Jenny passed out into the cake she was working on.

“OH NO!” Sarah shrieked as she rushed to her girlfriend's aid. “Well, I guess you won…”


A month had passed since Lexi beat Jenny. She was lying in bed, reading and munching on some fruit when Melanie walked in. What a spectacle of beauty Melanie was. Her enormous bust demanded attention; she could barely wrap her arms around it, but her breasts still were as perky as ever. Her butt was massive; it looked as if she had two beach balls down her bursting pants. Her thighs, while amazingly thick, were still semi-toned, and very sexy. Lexi was great, too. Her butt was even bigger, but her breasts were smaller, and she wasn't as tan. Melanie walked over, slowly, and pulled a can of whipped cream out from between her breasts. Lexi threw her book away and slipped a strawberry in her mouth slowly. Melanie was just wearing her panties (I should say thong) and no top. She began spraying whipped cream on her rack as she lied down next to Lexi. Lexi began licking it off and sucking Melanie's tits.

“You like my big breasts, baby?” Melanie coaxed. Lexi nodded her head. “You like my big booty? I certainly love yours!” Melanie said as she squeezed Lexi's thighs.

“Lets make them bigger!” Lexi cheered. Melanie got up and made several trips to the kitchen, eventually getting every food item there.

“Hey! I bet this cooking oil would plump us up real quick!” Melanie cheered. They each grabbed a bottle and started to chug. They went through six bottles each of the stuff. They passed out on the bed, holding each other. Melanie woke up to an amazing sight. Lexi was sitting on the end of the bed drinking cooking oil.

“I heard you say that you wanted that oil to gain weight, so I went to the store last night and bought 600 bottles of the highest calorie oils I could find. Lexi was on her twelfth bottle. She was a lot bigger; she couldn't wrap her arms around her enourmous chest. Her belly was gigantic, and her butt stuck out at least three feet in all directions.

“OH! Lexi, look how fat you are! And just after 12 bottles!” Melanie said as she sank her hands into Lexi's jiggling stomach. They took Lexi to the couch, and she sat up next to Melanie, chugging the oil. Together they took up all the space on the couch that was built for four. Twenty minutes later, both girls had gone through about 30 bottles each. Lexi was no longer drinking them herself; Nichole was sitting on her lap and dumping the liquid into her mouth.

In three days they went through all of it. Melanie and Lexi were huge…just how big? You will just have to guess.