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Like Mother, Like Daughter
By Iam Unknown

Alice came home crying. She slammed the front door shut and threw her 110 pound body on the couch. She sobbed loudly. Alice was a very popular girl in her school. She had all the looks and all the luck. She was every guy's focus during studies. And now...here she was...crying.

Her mom, Wanda, walked in, mixing a large bowl of cookie dough. "What's wrong, honey?" Wanda asked. She was thin, too, weighing only 120 pounds. She continued mixing as her daughter explained her agony.

"Josh broke up with me!" Alice shouted and went back to crying.

"That's it!" Wanda shouted. "Honey, I'm sick of you being hurt by guys every other month. I think it's time we remedied that."

"How?" Alice asked, calming down.

"If you were fat, you wouldn't have to worry about guys ever again," her mom said.

"Mom! I told you! I don't want to be fat! It's ugly and gross!"

"But honey, if you would only see the beauty. You would be so beautiful. That's it. We're fattening you up!" Wanda demanded.

"No! Mom!" Alice pleaded.

"Alice! You know better than to disobey. Now march up to your room! I'll be there shortly."

Alice cried some more, but now for a new purpose. She knew there was no way out of it. Her mom was going to fatten her.


Alice was lying on her bed when her mom walked in with a tray of cookies. "Start on that and I'll have more food ready for you later," Wanda said.

"But mom..." Alice began.

"Alice! You will eat that whole tray by the time I return!" Alice stared at her through teary eyes. She then obeyed and proceeded to eat each cookie, one by one. She put them in her mouth and chewed and chewed. They were soooo good. She felt the chocolate chips melt in her mouth and the cookie dough turn to goo. She began eating two at a time. She shoveled them in. She didn't realize how hungry she was.

Alice was lying on her back, rubbing her small tummy when her mom walked in with two pizza boxes. She placed them on a table near the bed, opened a box, picked up a slice, and carried it over to Alice. She fed it to Alice, and Alice was willing to oblige. She had become so hungry.

"There you go, Alice. Eat it all, baby," her mom urged on soothingly. "No more boys will bother you." Alice didn't say anything, but tears streamed down the sides of her cheeks. "I know it's bad now, but you'll learn to love it. I even put appetite enhancers in your food, so you'll be eating a lot more now." Alice sobbed at this new information, but continued to chew and swallow. She ate and ate like there was no tomorrow. She got fatter and fatter with each tray. She cried and cried. She never moved from the bed except to use the bathroom. Her mom brought all of her food to her. She fed her every hour of everyday for months. Alice's weight went up. 150, 200, 250. Her bed sunk and creaked underneath her weight. She continued to grow and even after doing it for so long, she cried and cried. She chewed and swallowed.

There were times when Alice would refuse to eat. At these moments, Wanda showed her pictures of super models from magazines. "Alice, you will never look like this again. There is no way back. You might as well embrace it." Alice would cry and continue to eat, knowing her mother was right. The excessive junk food caused an excessive gas problem. As she ate, Alice farted. The flatulence resonated throughout the house and the whole neighborhood felt it. She couldn't stand the smell of her farts, but her mom didn't seem to mind. She thought it was "cute."

The day Alice reached 500 pounds was joyous for Wanda. She called a boy she knew Alice liked over for a visit. The boy knew that Alice hadn't been to school for a while and decided to go to see what was going on. Wanda told Alice that she invited Alex over to behold the amazing beauty of Alice's new form. Alice screamed and pleaded no just as the doorbell rang.

Wanda opened the door to see Alex smiling. "Hi, Ms. Alice's mom," Alex joked.

"Come in, have a seat. I'll call Alice," Wanda said, graciously. "Alice! You have a visitor!"

Shortly afterwards, there was a low rumble. Then another. Then another. The chandelier swung from left to right. The dining sets rattled in the kitchen. Something big was coming. Something...huge! A 500-pound Alice soon stood before an amazed Alex. Most of her fat was in her stomach. The rest went to everything below her waist, especially her butt. She was wearing a straining bra and panties that were completely hidden in fat. She farted loudly and began to cry.

"Now, honey, ask him what you were going to ask him..." Wanda said with a smile.

Reluctantly and sobbing, she looked at Alex and managed to say: "Feed me."