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Linda's Luxury
by Emerald

Part One

She sat back, relaxed, and placing her hands on either side of her belly, jiggled it gently. It was so lush, so big, and growing more so. Never before had she allowed herself the luxury of indulging her love of eating, but since meeting Jim, that had changed. After only a couple of dates, she knew they were spiritually connected. As a lifelong chubby at a current 200 pounds and 22 years old, Linda's self-image had been waning. Suddenly, here was a fellow who left no doubt in her mind that he loved her size, and in fact, would admire her just as fervently were she even bigger. That thought, when he revealed it to her gently one night after a large dinner, left her awash with a feeling of euphoria she had seldom known. Was it possible, she wondered, that I can explore these thoughts of fantasy that I've suppressed for so long? Ever since childhood she'd been fascinated with fat people. Fat bellies, in particular. The fact that her own was stubbornly protrusive, was both appealing and frustrating, given that for much of her youth and adult years, she went along with the typical social view that a fat body was not attractive. Secretly, she'd push it out, willing it to become larger. In public, she'd suck it in, and try to conceal it.

When they were together, her most favorite cuddling was when Jim would reach around behind her and fondle her belly. He'd utter a soft, low moan of pleasure, and whisper, "Oh, babe, I sure do love that..." He would lay her back and playfully knead her bountiful belly, watching it flow from side to side. "Imagine how wonderful that would feel if it was bigger, my Sweet!" he would croon, and she'd nearly suck in her breath at the thought, and note the erotic throb low within her in response to her imaginings.

It was a wordless pact they had, that her joyful gaining would continue and evolve. They dined out frequently, almost daily... he always encouraged her to have an appetizer and a dessert, and she would choose both healthy and generous items... with a frequent selection on the particularly fattening side. Never having been turned on by fried foods, she now often chose the most fattening with wanton pleasure... fried cheese sticks, and french fries with cheese, became a frequent supplement. Desserts almost always had whipped cream on them. A thirsty moment in the car always mandated a quick turn into a drive-thru for a large shake. Sometimes, she mused, on Jim's days off, it seemed she was eating all day long. He was never forceful, never insistent... instead it was almost a team effort whereby she knew he contemplated the effect of all the food on her, and she, like him, celebrated it's tangible results. Within a month, she'd gained 10 pounds and it seemed, an inch everywhere.

As the pounds mounted, most of them were manifesting themselves around her middle. Jim was in heaven. Hardly a quiet moment on the couch could go by without his reaching over to rub her belly. That usually led to his asking her to lie on top of him, letting him feel her weight, and the bulge of her belly on each side, above his own. Eyes closed, mouth open slightly in a sigh, he'd run his hands up and down her sides. Then breaking into a smile, he'd fix her with a glad stare and kiss her, and tell her how much he adored her. "This is like heaven," she'd tell him, "You love me and now we're both getting me to grow fat!" "Does it feel good to you?" he would ask, and she'd reply, "My darling Jim, I feel like I am living a fantasy! I've always loved to eat, have always dreamt of an enormous belly, and that you love me this way just puts me on top of the world!" "Well, I'd rather you be on top of ME!" He'd exclaim, laughing, and he'd squeeze her firmly.

Linda and Jim's wedding, 8 months and 75 pounds later, took place at a stately, old, stone church in a panoramic country setting. Jean and Bill, their best friends, were their attendants, and it was at the rose garden at Jean's home that the photos were taken after the wedding. Jeffrey, a professional photographer and good friend of Jim's, carefully posed each shot. In the warmth of the afternoon's light, Linda looked ravishing, he thought. For a big woman, she was self-assured, and certainly comfortable about her size. She had chosen a simple sleeveless rayon dress in a very pale peach color... long and flowing, low-cut and fitted at the bust and it showed off the softened curves of her torso. Jeffrey smiled. Seated on a garden bench beneath a rose arbor, her auburn hair piled up with a few stray curls, Linda looked just like an image out of a romantic painting. Jeffrey's artistic eye took over. "Reubens, eat your heart out" he thought... and coaxed Linda to turn slightly so the low sunlight cast itself along one side of her form, creating a glow, he hoped, to enhance her aura of sensuality.

Jim could barely keep his eyes and hands off of her. He was nearly bursting with happiness. He could barely believe that it was true... he had found the woman of his dreams. She was large, loving and getting even more gorgeous each day. Watching her blossom in size, like the blooming of a flower, filled him with an energy and love that intensified every day. He thought back to their first intimate feeding session. It began over a quiet dinner at Linda's house, he'd watched her carefully, feeling out her mood and level of comfort. She had already admitted to feeling more comfortable with her size, and that she loved eating more than she "probably should". "Linda," he began, "I need to tell you about something and I'm not sure where to begin, but I've been really looking forward to telling you about it for awhile now." Having gotten her attention, Linda put down her fork and reached over to hold his hands. Jim tenderly cradled her hands in his left, and lovingly stroked them with his right. He stared at them for a moment and continued... "When I met you, I could not believe how lucky I was," he went on, looking now into her eyes, "If I am to be with a woman for the rest of my life, she would have to be very special." Linda smiled at him, "Jim, you've been telling me how special I am, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it." "Well," he smiled, "it's true. You are everything I admire. You're smart, you have a great sense of humor, I can't get enough of that fabulous smile of yours, and..." he smiled, "I find you very sexy. I have known for longer than I can remember that I prefer women who are large, very plump. Actually, seeing an already plump woman become even larger is the biggest turn-on for me. I have dreamed of being with a partner who would enjoy having me nurture her to become bigger, fatter and more beautiful. But I've doubted that I'd ever find that person." Here, he stopped... to give Linda time to think on what he'd just told her.

Linda had swallowed, and thought carefully about Jim's words. It brought to mind an old daydream she'd have, recurrent from childhood. She'd picture herself invited to a table, by a person sometimes pictured as a relative, her mother, her grandmother... sometimes by a friend. That person would gesture to her to sit down, and smiling, explain that everything on the table was hers alone to enjoy. It was a huge repast, of all her favorite things to eat. In her daydream, she would start eating, and her companion would not eat, but would only assist, filling plates, offering a forkful to her. Encouraging words from her dining partner inspired her, pushed her to continue. Any time she slowed, the mere smile and a forkful more from this person gave Linda the drive to continue. Linda would imagine her stomach being filled to capacity... aching with its effort to accommodate everything she swallowed. She pictured herself gorging beyond her realistic ability, until her belly pushed her away from the table, and she could neither stand nor sit upright. When she'd reach out her arms, her belly was so large she could not reach the front of it. Her mind would whirl with the idea of what she'd accomplished and how good it felt. Her companion would stand close to her, and rub her belly, clearly impressed and enthused. All these image and sensations combined, would bring an incredible feeling of happiness and fulfillment. Linda would come away from the daydream feeling as if it was her true joy in life. Her destiny, she'd feel, was to become larger. But she needed a partner.

Linda's focus returned to Jim. Smiling, she had licked her lips and said, "Jim, I understand what you're saying. I have to admit, I've fantasized about being fed, and getting fatter. Perhaps, unconsciously over time, I have tried to work on that. But I'd rather enjoy it with a partner. I certainly do love being with you. And if you'd like to share your fantasy with me, and see what we can do together about it, I think I'd enjoy that too." The look on Jim's face at that moment, was astounding. It was as if a wave of bliss washed over him. Linda took the initiative, smiling, she bade him "Jim, dear... please feed me, make me fat!" What followed, in both their memory's, was a long, wonderful albeit inexperienced feeding session that sealed their relationship. He had hand-fed her the rest of her dinner, and almost an entire cheesecake afterwards. Feeling her weight against him, cradled in his arms as she ate, nearly brought him to climax by itself. He watched her eating, sometimes with eyes closed she would chew, and moan in happiness. It filled him with tremendous energy and love. "Oh, my love," he whispered, "with each mouthful you will become fatter and more beautiful, you will become softer and filled with sexiness!" She uttered a low, guttural moan, arching her back and pushing her belly upward, outward, then whispered, "PLEASE, dear Jim, fill me up!!!" He ran his right hand slowly and lovingly up and down her torso, feeling the bulge of her belly, the lushness of her apron, the exquisite softness of her skin. To Linda, his touch electrified her. It spurred her to imagine herself much bigger for him to enjoy. If only she could just 'will' it to happen, she would do so. She had felt him become aroused. He'd turned toward her, belly to belly, and the pressure of him against her soft belly sent hungry throbs through her body. The marvelous contrast, hard against soft... was so perfect. She craved him as much as the food... she'd realized. Without him, the other meant nothing. Jim recalled the absolute joy they had found, in the blending of their fantasies. It seemed destined to have happened, as if they were made for each other... One story begun with two separate chapters, coming together finally as it had been meant to be all along. Wistfully, Jim let out a sigh, and smiled. This is a wonderful beginning, he thought. And joined his beloved in the next photo pose.

One might wonder, what relatives would think if they knew the fantasies of the newlyweds. Linda and Jim were blessed with each having a loving family. Both sides had their heavies, and both simply wanted this happy young couple to survive and endure. At the reception, none took notice save the couple themselves, when the feeding of the cake to each other seemed to be on the extra-loving side, and a tad longer than the norm.

The honeymoon was celebrated quietly at a resort where the cuisine was both delicious and abundant. Sequestered in their honeymoon suite, they explored the joy of Linda's appetite. Jim had scouted it out, discovering that the head chef was a ponderous 400-pounder who seemed quite enthused to think that the couple was choosing his establishment because of his cuisine. When Jim told him it was their "hobby" to "try everything on the menu," the fellow had smiled almost knowingly. 10 day's worth of dining via his kitchen would leave lasting results. Linda and Jim made an almost daily trip to the kitchen to "compliment" the chef. It was hard to see who enjoyed it more... his seeing the tangible results on one of his clientele, or Linda and Jim's reaction to his pleasure. Near the end, she was near bursting out of her clothes. Eating nearly non-stop, they didn't know how much she'd gained, but it was clear that she'd put on a lot. It didn't matter at all to them if her clothes were too tight upon returning home. Strolling about the resort, and enjoying the pool, she was magnificent, Jim thought. She exuded sensuality, and had the appetite to go with it. More than one male guest would stare, mouth agape, as Linda disrobed down to her two-piece suit, to enter the pool. She was more woman than one man should be blessed to have, Jim playfully thought, and he dove in to wrap himself around her, imagining the arousal of the FA onlookers.

As the weeks went on, Linda rejoiced with her growth... a daily weigh-in became a ritual they both looked forward to. Two pounds this week, 4 pounds the next, then another two, became typical. Certainly the scale was frustratingly unresponsive at times, whereupon they would look sideways at each other, and decide a trip out for pizza was in order. Pizza was something Linda excelled in putting away. They never ate it at the restaurant. They always got two pizzas; one for her, half for him, and half for a snack for Linda thru the next morning. Seated on the couch, they'd eat and watch TV. She'd gradually put herself into an easy pace, not stopping until the last piece or two was done. Then Jim would lean her over next to him, and rub her belly... he'd whisper how great it looked, how gorgeous she was, and lift a remaining slice to her lips. Eyes shut, she would oblige, not out of hunger but of love... love for the ritual that joined them together. "That's marvelous, my sweet woman," he'd croon, "Every bite is making you grow, making you more lush, more big and soft!" His words, coupled with the fullness of her belly, inspired a wave of sensual hunger within her. She marveled at its intensity... the more filled she became with nourishment, the more ravenous she became sensually. What a glorious combination, she thought, that one enhances the other. It seemed that the fatter she became, now a bountiful 327 lbs., the more sensual she felt. It was as if her ever-increasing bulk intensified the aura of her feminine sexuality. Any admiring touch from Jim, sent a wonderful ripple of physical joy through her. The longer he touched her, adored her ever-growing rolls, the more hungry she became to share herself with him sexually. In concert they moved, from filling her belly, to touching and admiring its beauty, to joining with each other in the supreme bliss of sexual partnership. Almost as one being, they rejoiced in the temple of her body... in a like-minded juncture conjuring up the same vision for both, that of her becoming ever larger, ever more opulent and beautiful.

Part Two

Linda & Jim's one year anniversary was a celebration marked not only for their 1st year of marriage, but also by her passing the 400 pound threshold. Linda's moderate 5'5" frame bore the weight beautifully. Her breasts were not terribly large but prominent on their own, perched proudly upon her exceptionally protrusive belly. Her belly was her pride and joy. She had long before passed the point at which she was often mistaken for being pregnant. Here was a physical trophy! The ultimate representation of a generous feminine form, almost obscene in its size! Protruding out beyond her breasts, it cascaded downward and flowed into an enormous apron in front of her thighs. When she walked, each leg hefted her apron, as if gleefully drawing attention to its presence. Linda would wear stretchy pants at home for Jim's benefit, as he adored seeing how well-packed the poor garment was. Linda thought this fascination with tight clothing on her was quite humorous. She often indulged his fascination, putting on a bra and blouse that were far too small, the blouse, gaping at the buttons, and even popping open when she'd sit down, (much to Jim's glee.) The tight pants she had kept, she'd wear with a sports bra on occasion, just for the entertainment of seeing Jim get aroused when she'd appear. A few pairs of old pants were sacrificed to this cause. Linda would carefully loosen the stitching slightly in the front seam of a pair of slacks and upon sitting down in them, the seam would give way with a ripping sound, pouring her massive belly onto her lap. The look on Jim's face was priceless. She made it a tradition never to dispose of a pair of pants without first allowing themselves this playful illusion. In public, she usually wore a dress or tights with a loose blouse or shirt. Even with moderate concealment, her belly was very obvious.

Linda's whole physical image focused on her belly. It was her identity. They both took enjoyment from seeing the incredulous looks on the faces of passersby. In restaurants, there was little hiding her bulk. Seated, the widest span of Linda's belly measured 88 inches. There was seldom a dining excursion that didn't include some gawking glances from other patrons. It was the surreptitious looks of sheer admiration from the rare fat-admirer that Jim and Linda both enjoyed. Occasionally Jim couldn't resist a stealthy wink in the direction of a clearly impressed male looker. As her size increased, however, they more often would phone their dinner order in to a local restaurant, and Jim would pick it up or have it delivered. In this manner, Linda could relax more easily, and as a result, maximize her appetite. And push it to the limit she did! Dinner often began at the table, around 5:30 and at a steady pace, last until 7 p.m. It was common for her to eat 3 or 4 typical entrees, preceded by appetizers, and accompanied by side dishes of all sorts... extra baked potatoes loaded with butter and sour cream, pasta dishes with various sauces, or saut=E9ed vegetables drenched in butter or oil. To Jim, seeing that his sweetheart was filled to capacity was as much his occupation in life as was his career. He had to assure them both that she was stuffed to capacity, or it would be a failure he vowed never to make. After the main course, they would take a break. Linda would heave her bulk up from her chair and ponderously make her way to the couch. Once situated there, Jim set about clearing the table, and preparing dessert.

Dessert was a delight for Linda, an intimate closure to the day. Jim appeared with a tray laden with several desserts. A twice-weekly trip to various bakeries, filling the trunk of the car, assured a ready menu of cakes, pies, pastries, and cookies. Devouring what Jim offered was, a challenge at times. It was with a practiced concentration, however, that Linda managed regardless of Jim's generous portions. Any discomfort she'd begin to feel, was gently soothed with a slowing of the pace, and by rubbing her belly. Jim's loving touch, as always, did more than soothe her digestion... it aided in stimulating her physically and as her sensual hunger mounted, it inspired her appetite. Jim found he could often double her dessert intake by arousing her further. He teased her, stroking her in intimate places. With a hastened breath, Linda often began begging Jim to fill her, in a manner beyond food. Panting with desire, she would gulp each mouthful of cake he gave her, swallowing eagerly, her eyes begging for more. With a near-whimper, she pleaded to him, "Jim, fill me up! Make - me - FAT!" And he would gladly comply. To Linda, feeling him enter her was the ultimate gesture of fulfillment. It was the feeding of his very being unto her. They savored this moment... focusing on the wonderful sensations; Jim exploring her capacity, her warmth, her softness... and Linda absorbing his strength, his nurturing, his intensity. Their souls mingled together in climax. With a love so intense that they would often sob with pleasure, they believed at that moment they had to be the luckiest people on earth to have found each other. Anyone unable to share their rare perspective, would be unable to feel the interdependency they held for each other. It was a partnership so exquisite that surely, they thought, it was a gift from some supreme being.

At 500 lbs, Linda and Jim reveled in the accomplishment. She was moderately hampered in mobility, but Jim happily assisted her. Over the years their pace became slower, but every other day, they made a short trek in the car, to a nearby park. Here they had a distance of wooded walking path often to themselves. Rain or shine, they ambled its length, turned, and repeated the distance to the car. It was Linda's intent to remain healthy despite her overindulgence. To an outsider, such an image of gluttony would be incredible, and even horrifying. But this was their chosen, happy lifestyle. Strolling magnificently along, her beautiful bulk swaying with each step, Jim viewed her in admiration. Nurtured to her fullest potential, filled with sensuality and love, Linda epitomized, to Jim, the image of the ultimate woman. To Linda, it was a life of luxury and love she had once only dreamed about. The weight of so many pounds, she bore with pride, and it thrilled her to feel each new one. Lovingly, she stroked that portion of her belly within reach, smiling at the passion that ran hot within her. What bliss, she contemplated... what bliss...

Fortunate to have Jim's good income, Linda decided to quit work. Jim planned carefully to arrange for them to travel, to keep active and prevent Linda from becoming bored. Cruises were a pleasurable, ideal diversion. At least once a year, sometimes twice, they'd set off for a different location. They enjoyed the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Hawaii, and Alaska, among their favorites. Each allowed them to enjoy wonderful scenery, sometimes small side-trips, shopping, and, of course, good food and lots of it. Each trip seemed like a mini-honeymoon to them, romantic, indulgent, intimate. They met amazing and diverse people. More than a few times they encountered couples who clearly shared the same perspective, many of whom they continued corresponding with, and who provided an exchange of places to visit other times during the year.

Late one night, dining at a buffet on a Hawaiian cruise, they met Grace and Lou from California. Grace, a blonde 600 lb-er, an abundant knock-out, became fast friends with Linda. The two made quite a pair, appearing daily to swim with their admiring hubbies in tow. Their good humor endeared them to the ship's personnel, and they seldom lacked for a cool drink or tasty snack. To Jim and Lou, seeing their beauties so happy, left them feeling well satisfied. The two often quietly chatted about their relationships, their enjoyment of their wives' size and what they did to maintain them. Even the women would chatter on about their lives, including fashion, recipes, and the things their hubbies did to make them happy. It seemed to them, their feeder husbands were exemplary. They viewed other couples, non-feeders who never seemed to share the level of intimacy, or nurturing, that they did, as unfortunate not to ever know their pleasure. Basking in the sun by the pool, Linda and Grace contemplated how lucky they were, and smiled, knowing what to anticipate. Tummies rumbling in a duet of hunger pangs, they'd waddle over to collect their hubbies and head for a buffet. Arms wrapped around their wives' generous form, the guys looked forward to watching the fun, (and enjoying the results.) They made a boisterous group at their dining table... smiling, laughing, sampling food with happy abandon. They complimented the galley staff so generously that occasionally a specially prepared tray would 'mysteriously' appear at their table, presented with the remark, "Compliments of the Head Chef." Little did they know the Chef, himself was a life-long FA, having chosen a career which made the odds of his seeing a lot of fat women vastly in his favor!

Day after night, through-out the cruise, Jim and Lou did turns as Chief Lackey. Barely a single item on a buffet was ignored. The ladies tried everything. When they hit on a favorite, one of the fellows beat a hasty path back to the buffet, to fill two plates exclusively of that item. They both sat amazed watching the incredible capacity of these women. After eating awhile, they'd sigh, relax, and lean back in their chairs... hands gently patting their distended abdomens. Lou was especially discreet, but intent... sliding his chair right next to Grace's, he'd turn so it wouldn't be so obvious what he was doing. Over the next 15 or 20 minutes he'd lovingly rub her belly, below the level of the table, mostly unseen to others. Grace smiled, looking into his enamored face she whispered, "I'm so fat, aren't I?" And then she giggled. Lou couldn't help but crack a big grin. "Baby, stick with me... you ain't seen nothin' yet!" This made them all laugh. Had there been a contest, Grace would have won the "Biggest on the Boat" prize. Yet nothing fazed her. She was a happy soul, totally immersed in her lifestyle. Jim and Linda were so glad to have met her, and Lou. They heard of fun ideas the other couple had used over the years, to boost her gaining. Exchanging ideas along the way, inspired their enthusiasm. Bidding the other couple goodnight, they slowly ambled along the rail of the ship... stopping for a quiet moment of thought. What a wonderful purpose these cruises served, Linda and Jim decided. Later, in bed, they both admired her massive belly. Every gentle stroke over its silky, grand expanse sparked a fire of passion in the couple. In perfectly matched intensity, they embraced each other, feeding upon each other's love, in an unexplainable give and take. This heightened passion did not necessarily translate to frenzied or hurried sex. Her bulk made that impossible anyway. Instead, theirs was a slow, relaxed passion, that lasted quite a long time... she was a lot to enjoy, and it took time. For Jim, with practice, he knew every curve, every fold, every erotic spot she had, and he took care not to miss any opportunity to turn her passion up a notch. He knew she'd reciprocate, as much as her appetite could make her selfish, here she never was. She returned his kiss for a kiss, and usually took his breath away expressing her love for him with that with which she was most talented: her mouth. He could not find the words, his expression had to suffice, to let her know what it did for him. And he was grateful. It empowered him. It enhanced him. It left him feeling that he was a better man. "I love you," they whispered in unison, just before drifting off to sleep.

By Emerald
c/o Broadesque@aol.com

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