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Lisa's Phat Experiment
By FlyGuy263

Lisa Rollins was an average 25 year-old. She worked as a nurse for a Plastic Surgeon. She was the head nurse and sometimes had to stay after work late. She hated her slim body! So one day she was walking to get a drink when she spotted that the surgery room door was left open. The liposuction machine was in there. Lisa went inside.

When she opened the tube to empty it out, she had an idea. She got some rubber gloves. She tied a needle around one then sucked some of the fat into the glove. She filled up about 30 or so gloves. When she was done working, she brought the gloves home.

Then next day, she got a call from her doctor saying that Lisa would be able to come in for an appointment. Lisa was a skinny girl weighing around 110. Her doctor wanted to run some tests and see if they could get Lisa on a weight gain plan. So she went in to the doctors.

When she got there, she waited for about 30 minutes. After a while she was called. In the doctor's room, Dr. Rose was waiting.

"Hi, Lisa, how are you?" she asked.

"Oh I'm fine," Lisa answered.

Dr. Rose went over the typical doctor's routine. She then took several blood tests and ran Lisa through a machine called "Fat Hormonal Receiver. Once that was over, Dr. Rose was finished.

The next day, Lisa received a call from Dr. Rose. She put Lisa on a special diet so that she would gain weight. Dr. Rose was concerned since Lisa was only 110 and didn't want her to become anorexic. Lisa had to go to a weight gain specialist every month.

The first visit went smoothly. She had to gain 10 pounds before coming back the next month. She had to follow a 3000-calorie a day diet. The plan was to gain around a half a pound to a pound in two or three days. Lisa's eating would have to increase!

The first two weeks didn't go so well. Lisa had some problems eating because she was so full all of the time. She only gained two pounds in the first week. She wasn't too happy, for the doctor would increase the amount of weight Lisa had to gain five pounds more for every pound Lisa was short each month.

When she went to the doctor's the next month, she weighed 118 pounds. Only seven pounds shy of the goal. But for the next month, she had to gain 50 pounds. She didn't think she could do it. But she suddenly had an idea. She went to her closet and pulled out the rubber gloves full of fat. She injected half a glove into each breast, then one glove into her stomach, then two into each butt cheek, then one more in her stomach, another half into each breast, then half into each thigh. She felt extremely weird. But she liked the way her new fat felt. She now had an easier way to gain weight. She looked into the mirror and was shocked at the sight. She weighed herself and it came out to be 178.

She had gained 60 pounds in three minutes! She was ready to go to her next check-up. She felt relaxed now that she didn't have to cram food down her throat!

The next doctor's appointment, the doctor was impressed. She told Lisa that she was doing great and had to gain 50 more pounds and then she wouldn't have to come anymore! Lisa was having doubts about whether she wanted to weigh this much! She liked her weight right now!

The next day, Lisa decided that she was going to try to gain 25 pounds by herself. She ordered two party pizzas, one sub, and 10 chicken wings. She ate everything, even though she was really full. She washed it down with one liter of Pepsi. She felt gorged and went to the mirror. She was amazed at how much weight she had put on in one feeding. When she weighed herself, she weighed 184. She had gained six pounds. She was happy! Lisa went to bed, and to put herself to sleep, she played with her fat. She loved squeezing her stomach and her tits. She also loved how she could feel her ass jiggle every time she walked. But then she thought of something. Her mother was coming home from a four-month vacation in a week. Her mom was slim like the old Lisa, and would be mad if she saw this new weight Lisa had put on. Lisa decided not to worry, because after all, she was 25! But she had a weird feeling that her mother would find out about the fat injections Lisa had done.

After about three weeks, Lisa had gained 25 pounds on her own. She went to her closet and injected two gloves of fat into her stomach, one into each tit, half of one into each thigh, one into each ass cheek, and one more into her stomach. She went to the scale. She now weighed 238. She had gained 55 pounds since her last doctor's visit. She was pleased!

The doctor was very proud, and Lisa liked her new body! She went on with life very happy!