By MaxOut

Norma Jean had been feeling so tired lately. It seemed all she wanted to do was sit on the overstuffed couch and gaze at the tube; not really watching – truth be told she nodded off several times a day, as if there was nothing on that could keep her interest. She supposed she could go down to the mall and see if there were any cute guys there, but after breaking up with Ryan, she just didn't feel that adventurous. So she just sat in the darkened living room, lit only by the dull diffuse light sifting through the drapery and the electric hue emanating from the TV.

What a way to spend a summer, she sighed. Ryan had dumped her right after his graduation, saying that he had to grow up now and devote himself to college. Norma didn't understand why that meant that he had to dump her. Wasn't she good enough for him? I mean lots of guys thought she was cute, even though she was only a junior.

She remembered that first day of summer vacation like it was yesterday; and here it was the middle of August. Everything was right. She was looking forward to seeing Ryan, so she dressed in her short shorts and a tube top which showed off her petite body to perfection: long shapely legs, flat tummy and perky 34B breasts – with her long wavy golden hair and her deep blue-gray eyes, she knew she was a keeper. But Ryan had dumped her anyway. Terrific! She could have gone to Europe for the summer with her parents, but didn't want to go because she wanted to be with Ryan. So now here she was, all alone and nothing on the horizon to interest her.

A couple of times her friends had called, but they just wanted to talk about boys, and she just couldn't hang with that right now. So there she sat, in the dark room day after day; so tired, so tired.

Still, even though she spent most of her time off in some netherworld zone, kind of between the real world and limbo, she managed to maintain the simple things, as if by rote. Seldom moving from the safety of her couch, except for nourishment, she had still managed to keep herself bathed and the house in some semblance of order. Things like making sure the garbage was ready for pick up, and keeping the kitchen clean, were done in a zombie like, dazed state.

She wandered aimlessly to the fridge and looked in: almost empty. Time to call the grocer for another delivery to be charged on her parents' account. She was hungry. She'd been feeling hungry a lot lately. Sometimes it seemed that all she could remember one day to the next was feeling hungry. She opened the pantry. All the canned goods from the beginning of summer were gone. Damn! She scouted the cupboards and found a box of Ritz crackers and a can of chocolate cake frosting. She shrugged and, as she shuffled back to the couch, opened both and began absently dipping crackers into the frosting and shoveling them into her mouth.

Some time later, during Riki Lake, Norma Jean fell asleep, the crackers just crumbs and the can of frosting licked clean with her tongue and fingers. She dreamed that Ryan was with her, the sun was shining and she was happy. They were kissing by Ryan's pool, Ryan looking so handsome and buff, and she . . . she was wearing her hot pink bikini, but it was too small for her. The side straps cut into her flesh and the cups were barely covering her ample bosom. 'This isn't me' Norma thought. But the dream kept going, Ryan whispering words of affection; telling her how sexy she was, how he would never leave her. They kissed deeply and Ryan's hand wandered across her torso, gently rubbing her pillowy stomach, flexing folds of fat between his fingers.

“Mmnn” he sighed. “Baby, you're so beautiful”. He caressed her thick thighs and she could feel herself getting moist. Oh, to be loved by him. To feel his adoring hands all over her plump body. To have him suck on her breasts and be able to feed him her milk. Her nipples ached with just the thought of it. She wanted him so badly. She just loved the way he adored her soft body; the way he nibbled on her flabby abdomen, cupped her ample breasts in his hands and licked her neck and chin. She quivered at the thought.

Ryan then laid back on the chaise lounge and she straddled him, removing his shorts as he pulled down her bikini bottoms, letting her corpulent gut spill out. He grabbed her belly roll and guided her wide bottom on top of him; she so wet that his engorged cock entered her easily. She rode him rhythmically, her breathing getting deeper and deeper; the folds in her belly moving like an accordion. Ryan slipped his hands behind her and unhooked her top, letting her large breasts sway pendulously. In their hugeness it was easy for Ryan to suckle as her breasts hung down into his face. She moaned as Ryan began slapping her thick rear, sending her flab jiggling. She screamed in ecstasy and Ryan bit her nipple as her milk rolled down his cheeks. His fingers sinking into soft hips he began pushing her up and down until, finally he spasmed as she arched her back and he grabbed a handful of her belly's jiggly flab.

She collapsed on top of him, piledriving her chubby body into him, unable to support her bulk any longer.

They lay like that for a time, then Ryan extricated himself from beneath her and they lay side by side, Ryan's fingers caressing her wide, soft hips, all the while whispering how gorgeous she was.

Ryan then reached beside him and brought up a can of frosting. Baked by the hot sun, the dark chocolate was almost liquid

“Time for a feeding. Now be a good girl, won't you, my chubby little cheerleader”.

Norma Jean obeyed by opening her mouth wide as he spooned in mouthful after mouthful, rubbing her round belly, as it jiggled beneath his fingers.

“Tastes good, doesn't it Norma?” Ryan quizzed as he smeared some of the frosting across her cheeks and then down between her cleavage; taking the opportunity then to lick the sticky goo off of her.

“Just what I like, a little desert after sex. You like it too don't you baby?” he teased her by putting another spoonful to her mouth and then pulling it away. “Want more baby? Want Ryan to give you some more?”

Norma moaned a deep gurgling moan, almost as if she was strangling. She didn't know which she wanted more, the frosting or Ryan's hands caressing her all over. Reduced to a primordial state she was beyond speech. All she could do was reach for the spoon.

“Greedy girl” Ryan chided. “But I like it. I really love the way you need me. You DO need me don't you baby?”

Norma nodded as she watched Ryan took two fingers and dug out a large glob of frosting.

“Come and get it baby. Make me proud” as he held the fingers above her head.

Norma strained upwards; her back arched her body quivering, sending ripples across her gelatinous torso, her heavy breasts swaying.

Ryan let her lick his fingers and then began sucking on her breast, tonguing her erect nipples, his other hand reaching around her and grabbing a handful of her plump rear. Norma sighed and then Ryan pushed her backwards and entered her again, his thick cock filling her to the core of her being. He lay on top of her, slowly, tantalizing her with his long even thrusts. He kept going, slowly, slowly, whispering “I can go all day baby. You turn me on so much since you've become a real woman. You were just a skinny little girl before, but now you've come to your senses and have filled out nicely. I bet you've gained at least fifty pounds this summer haven't you? And it's all so soft and silky. You're all woman now baby, and you're all mine. I love every inch of you”.

As he continued to rock atop her, Norma heard a voice from somewhere far away. She realized it was her own voice and it was telling her 'but it's not me! It's not me. I'm not the woman he wants me to be, and I've lost him forever'.

She awoke with a start, feeling disoriented, with her hand on her breast, gently massaging her hard nipple. She groaned and then put her hand down her too tight panties and pleasured herself, her breath deepening as she rode wave after wave of joy, until she could continue no longer, sated, her heart pounding furiously in her chest. She laid back into the sofa, unable to move, and drifted off again into limbo, where she felt nothing, and dreamed nothing.

She returned to the real world feeling weak and washed out. The only thought was that she was famished. She reached over to the side table for the phone and ordered two large combination pizzas and two liter bottles of Pepsi, and then fell back into the recesses of the couch. She noticed vaguely that the sun had set, the dark room lit only by the TV.

Her eyes already adjusted to the dimness she realized that she had better make an effort to look presentable for the delivery person. She tried to rise from the sofa three or four times before she was finally able to haul herself up. She waddled off to the bathroom to get her hairbrush, on autopilot, an automaton going from single purpose to single purpose. She found her brush and then turned towards the mirror to give her hair a few cursory strokes when the reflection looking back at her jolted her back to the here and now.

She gazed at her pudgy face, her cheeks puffy, her eyes dull and dead. She looked down at the satin robe she was wearing, recalling that Ryan had given it to her shortly after they had first met. It was stretched tightly across her bosom, pressing the impressive glands down towards her belly.

She had outgrown her robe. The sash trying vainly to bring the two sides together, her white, flabby belly peeking out between the gap and hanging down over her panties. Her wide hips and rear stretching the lower portion of the robe to bursting. 'It wasn't a dream' she told herself vaguely. Then she shook her head. No, Ryan was gone. She had lost him for good, and now she was herself totally lost. She brought her fingers down, sinking them into her absorbent, round belly, watching the rolls of fat ripple in her mirrored reflection. She felt lightheaded and suddenly very tired. She sluggishly went into her room and fought with a pair of drawstring sweats until she finally got them past her wide ass and over her swollen hips, the drawstring band cutting into her soft flesh and poofing out her lower abdomen; distending it even further than it's already chubby state. She borrowed one of her dad's sweatshirts, barely getting it past her ponderous breasts, and then waddled back to the couch, dragging the over fifty pounds of dead weight lard she'd gained this lost summer along with her.

She sunk back into the sofa as it groaned under her girth. She stared off at the TV, not really watching at all. Her only thought was that she hoped the pizza delivery would get her soon, because the too small sweats were making her uncomfortable. She longed only to remove them, lay naked on the couch, her swollen round body melting into it's softness as she consumed the two pizzas, washed it down with the gallons of soda, and then fell back into blissful sleep; finding the only place where there was no pain.

The end