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When Love is Thin...
By Solo

Part I

I knew things were getting stale between the two of us. It just wasn't working out. I hate that in a relationship. When you date a girl for a few years and then it just ends.

I had to avoid it. I needed something to gain my interest again. Something, more.

Funny thing is our relationship started to molt into something new. Or rather she was the one changing. Little by little. She weighed in at 117 at one point of our dating career. That was fine. She had a slim build, B-cup breasts, I'd say she was 34-26-36. She had hips. Funny thing is I thought I was a breast guy until I saw those hips swaying all the time. They drove me nuts!

Needless to say I enjoyed her body. My favorite position being her on top of me. This was the best. I could lay down and have her ride me forever. Also a bonus was having the ability to grab her ass and tits whenever I liked. It was great, until it stopped.

I don't know why but sometimes a girl just shuts down on you. They stop fucking. And nothing kills a relationship more than the chick not putting out.

Sorry, guys and gals, but it is the truth. We all know it.

I realized after a while of dating and no screwing that I had to do something.

Actually I noticed a few other things, too. When we showered she would lean over to shave and I would see a few more rolls forming at her sides. When she turned around it seemed she had a few lines on her ass. Not red stretch marks but white lines diagonally across her cheeks. Hmmm. Was her ass getting bigger? Now that I thought about it, I noticed she was a little heavier when I'd picked her up the other day. Curious.

Things got worse for us before they got better. Two months rolled by, and if I was a girl my cherry would have healed back. It sucked. Actually it didn't. That was a problem. She started talking about how she was gaining weight. I denied it completely. I said, "No ... really, I think you're the hottest thing around." Things like that.

Really I meant it. I loved her a lot, even with the noticed gain.

Then I broke it off. Yup, I had not had sex in forever, and we were falling apart. She was then up to 135. Hey, that's almost 20 lbs! On a 5'4" frame it shows, too. Her ass was huge now. Her breasts were struggling with her C-cup bras, and she no longer could fit pants over her new hips. Her belly formed a little pot, but not much at all. More hour-glass shaped, and it looked damn good. If only she believed me when I told her.

We remained good friends despite the break-up. Hell, that's all we were before, anyway! She seemed to be gaining more and more during this time. I had begun to date a little. But never found real success. She on the other hand dated one guy 2x and then shut herself in. She started to sit a lot more and give up her activities. She would rarely move at work. Just sit, have a Coke and smile.

This took its toll. We hung out about 2x a month and I got to really see change. She gained another 12 lbs. and it was really showing. 147 total weight! Her ass was getting so big I estimated about 42" across. And rounded as well. Her belly started to poke out like a 4 month preggo rather than a saggy sack. Not too big but taut. And her breasts were D-cup at least. When she walked around a slight jiggle began to occur. You could see her breasts sway and bounce with each step. And from behind, what a behind! It looked like 2 small kittens fighting in a sack. One ass cheek would bounce into the other and then swing away and jiggle. Then the other, and repeat. Oh my, it was great. That was in sweat pants of course because her other pants still didn't fit.

We began to watch a movie and she was leaning against me. I'm not sure if she meant to or was it her new fat finding me out. Her plush hip rubbed my side, and I started getting excited. I had to stop; we were just friends now!

It was getting late after the movie, and she told me to stay at her place on the couch. I made a comment about how I used to sleep on the bed and she said, "OK, I'll take the couch" Not what I had in mind.

Then we slept.

I have to admit, I am a bit of a snorer. I mean, I can wake up the neighbors. I have been to all the doctors and I have no apnea, but it's bad nonetheless. Early the next morning she comes into the room and jumps on top of me: "STOP SNORING!" I woke up after sleeping hard, and we began to wrestle. She was pretty tough and now that she weighed in about 147 she was harder to flip about. But as a true guy I let her win (plus she punches you when she is losing!)

She got on top of me and had my arms pinned above my head. I was on my back, and she was sitting directly on top of my crotch. Hmmm, familiar position.

My little friend couldn't resist.

That's when things changed for the good. She looked directly down at our private areas combined and said, "I thought I was the only excited one."

And I said, "Are you kidding me..."

Then she just leaned down and kissed me. Mouths open, still pinned, hips gyrating.

This was the best sex I had ever had.

Right away, she began to take off my shirt.

"Have you lost some weight?"

"Well, yeah, I thought I had to start impressing girls again."

"Well, I have seemed to put it on so I hope you don't hate it."

"Did you notice my hard on?"

With that I began to take off her shirt. Damn, those breasts were big. They were fantastic. The position she was in had them slightly resting on her newly developed potbelly. She had fantastic nipples, too. Little pointy ones on the end of an inflated pair of breasts. I rubbed my hands down her face, through her fleshy arms and down to her handfuls, they made a nice 6+ inches of cleavage without much pushing together. So soft and flexible. They didn't droop too much either. Must have been the new fat, still taut. I moved down her sides and felt the small rolls to the love handles, which I gave a little squeeze. They were a little chilly and I wanted them warmer.

"That's not the biggest part yet."

"You are not fat, I love it, really."

I slipped my pants off as she undid hers. It was as if I could see part of her ass from the front. She had such big hips now. I put my palms on them and pulled her closer. My finders ran through her flesh on her ass like PlayDough. I felt it squeeze into my fingers. Did she have an ass bone? Impossible to find.

"Take me, I miss you so much in me."

I pulled her in.

Of course it was tight at first, but once I made it through the barricade it was smooth sailing. HOT - my dick was on fire. She was so damn warm. It felt so damn good. Watching her bounce up and down was a show in itself. I would hold onto that big fat ass as she pounced on my dick like Tigger. All the while staring at those tits smacking on another over and over. Oh my, it was awesome.

I needed this; I loved having this thickened girl on my lap. I came so quickly it was unbelievable. Having those thick legs on either side of me leading to a juicy ass and huge hooters was too much.

I exploded like the DeathStar.

"I am sorry I was so fast; you just got me so hot."

"That's great baby; I thought I would be too much for you?"

"Too much? Well, I didn't ever think you were unattractive; you look and especially feel great!"

"Really? Wow so I can finally stop dieting... what a relief!"

"Sure this was great" Did she really diet? I didn't think so - why would she be so big if she dieted?

Over the next few weeks, things seemed to be getting better. We were hanging out more and talking more on the phone. That's not the only more...

Part II

Where we last left off I mentioned my break-up with a girl, her gain of about 30 lbs. and our coming (no pun intended) back together. In all it was one of the most joyous experiences of my life. My girlfriend had really been getting bigger, and I a guy who always seemed to be attracted to thin, found myself in awe.

We got back together after our recent romp in the sack. We knew we were still in love and she was just realizing that I didn't mind the padding. Actually I was loving it, I wasn't too sure I would want her to get any bigger than the 147 she had on her but this chunker was kinda nice for now. As we started to date again I heard the words of my family on her new gain. "Wow, _____ has really gained a little, hmmm?" "I never noticed what big hips ______ had, strange."

Things like that are just annoying. She was definitely bigger, I mean her hips grew 6" and her bust had to be a D-cup. She had a tummy, but it wasn't all that big, just round. Her family too had been getting on her case about her weight. "Honey, how do you expect to get married so big?" "Well, sis, I would let you borrow my pants, but I don't think you can, remember when I was the bigger one?"

That was true she was the skinny sister and now becoming the fatter one. She was getting really upset by all this one night and we had a huge talk. "I hate myself now, I hate what I have become. Everyone is calling me fat now."

"No, they aren't they just can tell you are bigger then you were, that's all."

"I know my family and you can't tell me what they think. You family looks at me as if I am a fatty, too."

"Well, you are bigger now; they just need to get used to it - hell, I did"

"You shouldn't have to get used to it, I'm losing the pounds; I am starting a diet."

"I don't think you need to lose it, babe, you look fine."

"Fine? I used to be HOT, remember? That's what you called me..."

"Sorry, now you are DAMN HOT; I think you look great."

"Really? You know even with this fat gaining I have been trying to lose weight; I just can't"

"Listen, just do what you want and have a good time, ok?"

"You won't care if I become a blimp?"

"You just won't become a blimp, that's all. If you gain a few pounds who cares as long as you are happy?"

"I love you, and you'll still find me attractive?"

"Want me to prove it?"

(Insert 70's music here...)

Sorry, but the sex was so much like the first story I didn't want to repeat myself.

We started to enjoy ourselves more now in life and in general, and lived happily ever after...

Just kidding - things were slow at first; she was still trying to cut back and since I wasn't sure about the fat I just let her do what she wanted. I just pushed on the sex thing a lot. But she was feeling uncomfortable. You know what the path leads to.

So I finally told her a few things. "Babe, one thing I really think is sexy is your big ass."

"My big ass? Hey, I thought you'd be nice about this!"

"Sorry, hun, I think that ass is awesome; the bigger it got the longer it holds my gaze. I can't help it."

"No way."

"Yup, and I love the way your tits move around now when you walk, and stairs... Oh God, I think I'll go every time I see you go down stairs"

"Well, what if I lost it all?"

"That'd suck; I guess I could start looking at your sis again."

"What!? You did not!"

"Actually, since you are the bigger one now it seems as if she's letting herself go a bit and looking good."

"Well, she'll never be bigger than me again."

"Bullshit, prove it!"

That night I was sure to encourage her sis to eat and looked at her a lot.

My girl got the point and started to eat more, too. It was like a contest.

I had to tell both girls different things now. My girl that as long as she was bigger and more fun to play with she was better and her sis was told that she'll always be the small one now so relax and live it up!

Two girls - lots of food getting eaten.

My girl gained 5 pounds the first week, 152 now of splendid fatness. Week 2 brought 3 more and by the end of the month she was a 163 pounder!

WHAT A FAT GIRL SHE WAS BECOMING! Really 16 lbs. in a month! Damn! Looking at her was a sight. Her face was rounder, with a small double chin forming, arms were becoming sausage like, twisted at the ends of each joint, devoid of tone. Her belly was rounded to a 5 month preggo status due to the rapid gain with a fold in the middle horizontally. Her belly however was somewhat hidden as her breasts were an E cup! I know huge boobs just staring me down and forming a shelf in front of her. Her butt was tremendous, two round hemispheres of fat were gaining quickly here. Like she was intentionally squishing basketballs when she sat. Thighs met each other a while back and were friends to the knees now when standing. Best part? No clothes fit.

She bought fat clothes finally after 150 and they were tight now! My little 5'4" 117 pounder was now a 163 astounder! Over 1/3 her body gained and growing.

That was nice and all, but when she walked she became a wrecking machine.

Apparently all her fat was not adjusting to her environment. Things were knocked over due to the 44" hips she now sported. I felt bad for her at times, but I really started to get into it. I mean into as well. We had sex all the time. This was really what we both needed. It gave her confidence. When an old friend made a comment she'd ask me to get it the fuck out of her mind. No problem I'll do that for you, ma'am!

She actually began to level off at about 170 so far. Sorry to disappoint all you really fat enthusiasts. But she is a definite chunker now. And I don't mind a bit! We have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. LOL. Perhaps we'll gain ground if she does.