Weight Room Title Bar

By OhCanadaGirl

On a cold January night, I was walking down the street and I noticed a large man standing at the bus stop. I was going in the same direction, and since I always liked chubby men, I decided to wait there too.

I was too nervous to look at him right away but did notice he was very cute - dark hair and blue eyes. As we stood there both knowing the bus would be another 30 minutes, I glanced at him. He had a pained expression on his face and I noticed he had his hand on his tummy. Gosh, I didn't know how chubby he really was. He had to have been about 350 to 400 pounds and was only about 5'9.

He was holding his belly and moaned out loud for a split second. When his eye caught me looking at his large tummy, he turned away, ashamed of his girth. I waited for a short moment, and then came up next to him. I said that he could turn around.

He started to cry and said, "I am very disgusting and I am too fat for anyone to see." I was touched by his humility, though turned on by the fact that he was so sweet. I dried his tears and he looked me in the eye. He said, "You are very pretty. I don't know why you are being so nice to me."

I slowly put my hand on his tummy and said, "Do you have a stomach ache?"

He quickly brushed my hand away and replied, "Yes. I do," adding that he was embarrassed by a pretty girl touching him there. I took his face in my hands and his soft pudgy cheeks trembled with surprise. I kissed his soft cheeks and then lightly on his lips.

I then asked him if he had anyplace to be right now and he told me he didn't. So finally the bus came and I took him to my house. By then I found out his name was Lucas and he was a student at the university. I told him my name was Sara and we clicked emotionally as well as intellectually.

When we got to my apartment, he said his belly was still hurting and would I mind if he lay down for an hour or so. I told him yes and gave him a large t-shirt to wear and a pair of shorts of mine and he went into a light sleep on my bed. The blinds were drawn and the room very quiet when I came to wake him an hour later. He was still snoring very quietly when I crawled into bed behind him. He was lying on his side with his knees somewhat drawn up to his tummy. When I noticed the way he was sleeping, on his side, I got very turned on.

I had always loved fat men, especially those with bulging bellies, and this guy took the cake, so to speak. I snuggled up behind him as he continued to sleep, and I lifted the covers so as to see his beautiful body. I couldn't believe my eyes. My old shorts that I gave him were very very tight and the t-shirt was too small, so his bulging tummy was quite noticeable. He was hair-free and had the soft tummy I dreamed of, not the hard beer-belly of the men I had been with.

I slid my hand under his abdomen and tried to loosen the shorts a bit so it wouldn't hurt his tummy. He still remained asleep. I was really turned on at that point, and I started to slowly caress every inch of his huge stomach. I guess his waist must have been 42 inches and his tummy alone 70 inches! He had a lot of stretch marks, and with my finger, I outlined them like rivers flowing to the ocean. I was in heaven.

I stopped to breathe, as I had forgotten to do it in awhile, and Lucas quickly grabbed his tummy and let out a cry. I was worried I had embarrassed him, but he woke up and said that it was the worst tummy ache he ever had. He curled up until his tummy was a mound of 3 or 4 rolls of fat. And since I kept my hand on his tummy while he curled up, it was caught in the rolls. I gently moved my hand up and down and he groaned out in what I thought was pleasure.

He said that he had been looking for a girl who didn't call him fatty or lardbutt, and couldn't believe that I actually didn't mind his ample body. He said, "I am so scared that my tummy is so fat and grotesque that no one will ever make love to me."

I replied by saying, "Lucas, I love your fat tummy rolls. In fact, they turn me on more than anything about your body."

He quickly covered his belly with the bedsheets, and I held him tight and with a handful of fat belly roll, started jiggling his tummy which rolled like waves. I was caressing his tummy again and again, only stopping to kiss its softness once and awhile. This time I asked him to stop holding his tummy muscles in so I could feel and see just how much of a fat tummy he really had.

His stomach was so fat that it took up nearly half of the king sized bed I owned. I massaged his massive bloated tummy and he moaned and groaned saying, "Sara, I want you to kiss my fat tummy!"

I licked my lips and started licking and kissing his rolls, as my juices started running freely. He eventually admitted that he made up the story about the tummy ache as a ploy to get me to rub his belly. I told him that it was alright, that I was dying to touch his tummy the minute I saw it. I begged him on bended knee if he would kneel on all fours and let me see his large bulging belly fall to the floor in soft rolls. I was always looking for a man with a soft enough belly to do this, and he was it!

He was embarrassed at first, but he did it! I beheld his soft tummy rolls falling away from his body as he watched me touch myself. My own tummy is quite large and what a sight it was to see my tummy rolling up and down as I touched myself and his tummy heaving with sexual excitement. He then asked me to do the same. I was wearing my size 12 bikini bottoms (I am a size 28) and my soft fat abdomen fell in rolls into his large awaiting hands. He moaned his pleasure and started rubbing my tummy in circular motions. He then started rubbing my private parts quite vigorously, and my tummy was undulating up and down, like the ocean tide, making me feel turned on even by my own tummy.

I then threw him off me and started rubbing his tummy from behind as he kneeled with his back towards me. I could feel that his belly, especially his soft under belly was so huge that the t-shirt I gave him was tearing at the seams. I rubbed my juices onto his heaving jiggling belly while he masturbated himself, though it was hard for him as his stomach kept getting in the way! We both came and I fell on top of him, exhausted.

He turned around to lie on his back, and I rubbed my private parts all over his jiggling tummy. My juices were all over his massive heap of stomach. He cried in my arms and said, "I will always love your chubby body too, Sara - especially your jelly belly."

I returned the compliment by asking him, "Lucas, are you hungry yet???" as he licked his lips and patted his tum to show his agreement.