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Lucky Man's Tale
(As edited by The Observer)

[This story was lifted from a Weight Board post and is furnished here as an illustration of how "normal" true FA/BBW relationships can be. It is principally a love story rather than a weight gain tale, but illustrates from real life what hopefully is the ideal of many]

Many of the stories I see here are about massive weight gain over a relatively short time. Let me tell you a different sort of ``success story''.

When I met my partner, eighteen years ago, she weighed about 154lbs. Since she is 5'10'' tall she didn't look particularly fat, nor was I attracted to her because of her size -- she was a big, strong, clever, interesting, active athletic gal of the kind I'd always been attracted to. She played tennis and squash rackets regularly, and had in earlier days been her high-school's high- jump champion.

Early during our first dinner date she revealed that she'd been teased by previous boyfriends about her appetite for food and her weight, and told me that she'd resolved never to put up with such nonsense again. I said that I'd no intention of teasing her, that I was more than comfortable with her size, and that I hadn't yet got any idea about her appetite for food.

Well it turned out that she truly enjoyed eating good food, and had few inhibitions about the amount she ate. Whilst I didn't, at the start of our relationship, know that I could be turned on by watching someone eat, the delight she took in food became more and more erotically exciting to me, and food began to play more and more of a role in our love life.

During the first couple of years of our relationship she gained about forty pounds each year. It wasn't an enormous amount, and I don't think that she took much notice of it, except to buy new clothes from time to time -- she certainly didn't seem to mind her increased size. But for me her increase in size came as a revelation: I realized that I was eagerly anticipating seeing her ``overflow'' her current clothes size, that I was becoming more and more turned on by her flesh, and that I was beginning to have erotic fantasies about her becoming enormous.

There was, however, a problem . I didn't quite know how to tell her what I was thinking and feeling. Nor did I know what she would make of it if I did. After all, she didn't seem to be worried about getting bigger so I thought it would be a little bit patronizing to say ``it's ok'', and a bit dangerous (objectifying?) to positively ask for more. So I just kept quiet, we enjoyed our lives together, and she became larger and larger over the next four years. On our sixth anniversary I told her how much I enjoyed her increase in size, and her response was simply ``It was obvious, but I'm glad you've told me.'' No sudden gluttonous gorgings, no speed-gaining trips -- indeed no spectacular reactions at all.

Today she is still fit and active, has a half-time job in child protection, and nobody she knows (including our doctors) tells her she's too fat. We take our two kids walking down the local river at least once every couple of weeks, and although she gave up rackets when she reached 300lbs, she still plays tennis from time to time. She dresses beautifully, and walks with her head held high. Although I've seen people stare at her in the street and on the beach, I've only ever heard admiring remarks.

I'm happy to admit to being an FA (fat admirer) and I wish you all as much happiness in realizing your fantasies as I've had since realizing what my fantasies were.