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A Lucky Meeting
by Mairibeth

Jiminy lay in bed as usual. He was a waiting the time when Mairi was to return from school. Mairi had left America to be his brother Magnus' nurse. Magnus was a very sickly person. But apparently, when she came, Jiminy had needed her more. Jiminy was very disabled; he weighed well over 900 pounds. And was near suicide when Mairi came.

But as he says, "She saved my life." Obviously, seeing Jiminy's condition, he wasn't liked very much. He was constantly being tormented and commented on. He didn't have anything to live for until she came. Understand this concept...not being able to live without another human being by your side. That was Jiminy's dilemma.

Their meeting was a very peculiar one indeed. Jiminy was lying in bed, all the lights were off, except for a dimly lit candle by his bedside. He had just finished a book he was reading, so he had nothing to do. And it was during these times that he would ponder over his existence and what good it would do to keep himself alive. In the middle of his thoughts, his brother Magnus walked in - with much difficulty, I might add. He wasn't exactly thin himself, and his corpulent gut jiggled a bit in front of him when he walked. Magnus went up to Jiminy's bedside and lowered himself down on the side of the bed, as Jiminy looked on in curiosity. Magnus began, "You won't believe what has happened! A girl has come to stay with us. Apparently Squall [a friend of theirs] asked her to come and look after me. But, as you know, I hate being looked after. And so I wanted her leave. But she didn't want to leave! Thank God. We need some company, don't we, Jiminy?"

Jiminy nodded in response as Magnus continued, "She has decided to stay as a guest. And requested that she could meet everyone during dinner tonight. And so basically, I am asking if you, maybe just this once, could actually come downstairs and sit with us. I am not asking you to eat anything, but it would be a nice gesture if you were to come."

Jiminy looked up at him with his big honey glazed eyes and asked in a whisper, "How am I supposed to even get myself down there?" He had his hands resting on his huge gut in front of him, and, after he said that, he looked down at himself. Magnus paused and looked over his shoulder for a minute, then he leaned in closer to Jiminy and said, "Well, I would help you of course....I-I-I would...um...help you get into a wheelchair. We have to have one somewhere."

Jiminy asked again, "But what about the girl...what would she think if she were to see me?" Jiminy hadn't had much human contact in years. And so his shyness and cautiousness seamed normal.

Magnus thought about that. A long pause followed, then he said, "She is a very nice girl. She treated me with much respect. And I am sure she shall do the same for you."

Jiminy nodded slowly and replied, "I might come down, it depends on my mood during dinner time.... And.... wait. What am I supposed to wear? You know very well, I have no presentable clothes that fit me!"

Jiminy was deeply concerned about this. And Magnus could tell, so he said, "I can ask the tailor to quickly make up a suit for you. He can do it in no time! And he wouldn't dare refuse!"

Magnus lifted his eyebrows and stuck up his chin. And he got a grin out of Jiminy. Jiminy said, "If you find me a wheelchair, and some clothes to wear...then I'll go."

Magnus smiled and nodded as he said, "I knew you would."

Then he walked out of the room, and slowly closed the door behind him. Jiminy then just remembered that he had nothing to do, and that he had forgot to ask Magnus for another book. Jiminy sighed and said to himself, "Well, I suppose I can manage to get one myself."

With all the effort he could manage, he pulled the blanket off of himself. He was completely naked and even ashamed of himself, although he couldn't see over his belly, anyway. So, even though he wasn't going to leave the room, he wrapped the blanket around himself. Which made it even more complicated to move over to the other side of the room to retrieve a book. He moved as fast as his body could. He had moved half way across the room and was already out of breath from the tremendous effort of carrying himself. He then plopped himself down in a chair in order to catch his breath.

He usually made this trip to get some books, and since it was so complicated, he needed a rest in between. He sat there for nearly ten minutes, with constant labored breathing. He was about to get up to complete his journey, when all of a sudden the door to his bedroom opened. He sat perfectly still. He thought that maybe if the person who came in didn't think he was here, then they would leave. After all, he was in the shadows so the person wouldn't be able to see him. The person stuck their head in and said in a quiet and curious voice, "Hello? Is anyone in here?"

Jiminy realized it was a girl. And the only girl in the house was the new one that Magnus was talking about. He then became more nervous, because when the girl realized that there was no one in the room, she went right on in. She went over to the bed and noticed that the top blanket was missing. And so she took the candle and shown it around the room, until the beam of light lay on Jiminy, exposing him to her view. Upon seeing him, she almost dropped the candle in alarm. Jiminy had his head bowed, and looked up at her with eyes of fright. Her mouth opened as she said in a rushed tone, "I am so sorry, I was exploring the house, and I didn't think there was anyone in here."

Jiminy paused, and awaited an insult that would usually come. But it didn't, so he nodded a response, hoping she would leave him alone. She then sat on the side of the bed closest to him and said, "You must be Jiminy. Magnus has told me so much about you."

Jiminy didn't want to talk, because if he did, she would hear the nervousness in his voice. And he did have an abnormally deep voice for a boy of 18 years. But he responded, "Yes, but I don't know your name."

She smiled politely and said, "My name is Mairi."

Jiminy was able to see her face clearly in the candle light. She was beautiful. She had long, bouncy, black hair. It seamed to glow almost blue with the light shining off it. He couldn't see the color of her eyes from where he was seated, but they had a friendly look to them.

A couple seconds of silence followed, and then Mairi asked, "What are you doing out of bed? Magnus has told me that you never leave your bed, and that you are quiet incapable of doing so."

Jiminy felt insulted as he responded, "I needed to get a book from the bookshelf. And I obviously needed to get out of bed to reach it."

Mairi got up off the bed and walked up towards him. He felt an extreme sensation of panic as she got closer to him. And then she walked right past him to the bookshelf and said, "Which books do you want?"

Jiminy looked surprised, he raised his eyebrows, and stuttered, "Uh...um...a-a-any one. It d-d-doesn't mat-t-ter."

Mairi selected two books from the shelf, as she said, "Ah, these books are great; when I read them, I loved them." She looked back at Jiminy, sympathetically, and said, "Do you need help getting back into bed?"

Jiminy answered quickly without thinking, "No."

She walked over to his bed and put the books by his bedside, as she said, "Well, I'll be going now. See you during dinner." She gave him a little wave as she walked out the door.

Jiminy sighed, he didn't know what he was feeling, but it was so exciting, and he couldn't wait until dinner. He rose from his chair, and wrapped the blanket even tighter around his huge body, and then he waddled back into his bed. He lay there, looking at the ceiling, and thinking about Mairi for the next three hours before dinner.

Jiminy was awoken out of his day dream by Magnus who came in with a suit, all black, made by the tailor, for Jiminy. Jiminy smiled upon seeing it. And Magnus said, "Isn't it great? If it wasn't too big for me, I would certainly wear it."

Magus then helped Jiminy get himself into some underwear and the clothes. It took them nearly an hour. Jiminy then got into the wheelchair that was presented to him, then Magnus rolled him down the hall so that he could look in the mirror. Jiminy hadn't looked in the mirror for a while now. Considering he was so ashamed of himself, he couldn't even bare the sight. Jiminy looked in the mirror and felt a surge of tears coming on. Magnus could tell that Jiminy was about to start bawling, so he closed the door to the bathroom. And gave Jiminy a tissue.

After the stream of tears was over, Jiminy composed himself, and then took a comb and straightened out his long black mane of hair. His bangs fell well over his eyes, but Jiminy parted them, and he looked presentable. He put on some makeup that he had used when he was younger (and thin.) Although he didn't put it on too heavily, so that no one would notice he was wearing it. He came out looking exactly how he would have looked two years before. He was a bit gothic looking. Although he was a funny sight, dressed in all black, a natural pale white complexion and a mass of bulging fat. He was certainly proud of himself.

He went downstairs with Magnus, and he noticed that everyone was seated at the dinner table already. There were two empty seats, one next to Mairi at the head of the table and one near the end. Jiminy laid eyes on Mairi. She had most of her hair tied back behind her head, but a big long strand of it lay over one of her eyes and down to her chin, perfectly outlining her face. He had wanted to sit near her, and be with her all night, but knew that he wasn't wanted so he made his way to the other seat at the end of the table. But then Mairi spoke up and said, much to Jiminy's surprise, "Jiminy, come and sit next to me."

Mairi could tell that Jiminy was very surprised at this, and so she gave him a smile. Jiminy blushed, and sat at the head of the table next to Mairi. Jiminy's brothers all had an eye on Mairi as well. And they were utterly surprised and jealous that Mairi would want to sit next to him. The original six Leonhart boys are as followed, Magnus, Jiminy, Dominick, Frederyck, Emmitt, and Phineas. Emmitt and Magnus were well alike. They both had an overweight build to them, and they were usually happy with themselves. Frederyck was extremely attractive and so he usually had many women after him, which really made his ego expand. Dominick and Phineas were basically gone. Dominick had died on stage during a performance (he had a wonderful voice.) And Phineas just sort of left - no one has heard from him in years and so they just consider him out of their lives.

They all sat around the huge table in the massive dining room. The room had a 20-foot high ceiling, and had touches and chandeliers as the source of lighting. All the servants stood by the doorways of the room - one in the rear, the front and the two side doors. It was a very peaceful setting. Emmitt was sitting next to Jiminy as they awaited the arrival of their food. Jiminy was looking down at himself, and he had his massive belly resting in his hands, almost cradling it. When he had first gained weight, this was a very embarrassing position to sit in for him, he was always paranoid of being stared at, but he had gotten over it. No one really bothered staring; not many people were unkind toward him anymore, except Frederyck. But Frederyck was unkind toward anyone he felt he was better than.

The food had arrived, and Jiminy's eyes widened as about five platters of chicken, beef, potatoes, carrots and stuffing arrived. Jiminy tried to keep himself from drooling; he hadn't seen this much food in years. He usually took his meals alone in his bedroom. And so he was only served a plate full. The plates were set in front of him, and then passed around the table as his brothers took what they wanted. Mairi had finished putting food on her plate as she passed it to Jiminy. He had promised himself not to seem like a pig in front of Mairi. And so he only took a tiny bit of everything. He hoped that he would be able to get more after dinner when she wasn't there. He started to nibble at his food, and then he noticed that Mairi was staring at him, he slowly looked over at her and she smiled at him as she said quietly, as so his brothers wouldn't hear, "You certainly aren't eating as much as I expected you to."

Jiminy blushed and said, "Well, I don't usually eat too much."

Then Mairi put her hand on his bulging gut underneath the table and said in a truly seductive voice, "It certainly doesn't look like you don't."

Jiminy was completely surprised at her touching him. But he certainly enjoyed it. She started to rub her hand up and down his belly, and she started the knead it with her fingers. Jiminy was in pure heaven, this was the closest he had ever been to a girl before. And she wasn't disgusted by him as he thought she would be. While Mairi was rubbing his belly she whispered, "Why don't I just put some more food on your plate? Hmm?"

Jiminy nodded, he didn't know what else to do. He didn't want her to stop, but it sure seemed as if she wanted him to eat, and so he wanted to follow her wishes. She began to pile food on his plate. Tons of food. He didn't know what to think.

She actually wants me to eat! I get to eat as much as I want without embarrassing myself! Jiminy's brothers apparently noticed her piling food on his plate, and by now they were all staring. Jiminy turned red with embarrassment, but Mairi didn't. She just continued to put food on his plate, and when she was done. She sighed and smiled back at all of them. They didn't really want to ask any questions and so they all continued to eat their food in silence.

In nearly ten minutes, Jiminy had finished all the food on his plate, and he asked Mairi if she could get him some more, considering as he was too big to lean over and get the platters for himself. She gladly did, and started pilling up his plate again. By now all of his brothers had finished, and when they saw that Jiminy was getting seconds, they all decided to leave the table and go get some drinks. And so now Mairi and Jiminy were alone.

Jiminy continued to wolf down his food. And Mairi enjoyed every last second of watching him gorging himself. Jiminy had only a couple bites left on his plate when he started to slow down, and he leaned back in his chair and sighed. His belly was in wide view, since his shirt only went down to his belly button. Mairi was still sitting next to him, and he caught her staring at his stomach, so he quickly sat up again, and became self conscious. Mairi then said to him, "You only have a couple bites left; why don't you finish them?"

Jiminy looked at her in embarrassment, he didn't know whether she was serious, or whether she was just mocking him. But he responded, "I honestly can't; I am so incredibly full right now."

Then Mairi put some beef on the end of the fork and said, "What if I help you?"

Jiminy didn't know what to say, but then he opened his mouth as she gingerly placed the fork there. He chewed and swallowed. She continued to do this until he had finished. Then from the other room she heard Magnus calling her. She heard his footsteps coming into the dinning room, and she quickly leaned over Jiminy's bulging rolls of fat to give him a kiss. And then she stood up and walked to the door. Jiminy was extremely turned on by this time. He wanted to stay with her the whole night. But he knew it wasn't possible. Magnus came into the room and asked if Mairi would like to have a drink with them. Mairi nodded as she walked towards the bar. Magnus went to help Jiminy back upstairs.

Jiminy was still in shock, and he was debating whether to tell Magnus about what happened. But he decided to keep quiet. Magnus rolled Jiminy's wheelchair next to his bed. Then he pulled aside the sheets, and helped Jiminy get into bed. He tucked Jiminy in and then said that he would be downstairs - and that he would have Mairi come and check on him later. Upon hearing Mairi's name, Jiminy quickly looked up at Magnus. Magnus noticed this and asked, "Why? Don't you like her?"

Jiminy quickly said, "Oh, of course I like her. But why her?"

Magnus smiled and said, "Well, you two were certainly hitting it off at dinner. And it seamed that you liked her very much, with the way you were looking at her and all. So I just thought maybe you would like it if she came up."

Jiminy nodded. And then Magnus walked out of the room and closed the door.