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A Fattening Story by Fatty Cathy

Gary looked at the clock by his desk and sighed; only 11:00 AM and already he was starving. Unable to concentrate on his paperwork due to the intense almost painful empty feeling deep in his belly he absentmindedly turned on his computer to check his messages. The brightness of the screen made him think of the new friend he had made on line last night, the gorgeous fatty with the massive obese belly apron that covered her fat knees; what was her name, oh yah, Cathy… Fatty Cathy. Her nickname really turned him on and made him smile despite his hunger.

He was finding his mind wandering again, remembering her joy and unbridled love of food and fat, sooo sexy. Web cams and voice chat were wonderful new inventions, but they could never take the place of the real thing. MMMMMMMMM, thinking of watching her fat cheeks quiver with excitement as she stuffed fried, sugar-crusted, cream-filled doughnuts whole into her greedy wet mouth was giving him a hard-on right here in his not-so-private cubical at his work. Her bloated fat face surrounded by a mass of bright red curls, her hazel eyes alive and shinning with gluttony was so erotic and arousing he moaned softly to himself.

Oh God, what was he doing? This was not good! He had to keep his sexual desires and passions to himself, especially here at work. The thought of a co-worker or his boss walking in on him while he was in a heightened state of arousal sobered him up immediately. Jumping up, Gary grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair and headed for the front door. He stopped and told his friend Jim in the next cubical that he was headed for an early lunch and then escaped from the confines of his office as fast as possible. As the door closed behind him he laughed loudly to himself, “Boy, I'm hungry enough to eat a horse (or two) and the biggest, thickest, richest, creamiest, chocolate cheesecake I can find.”

Pushing opened the doors to his favorite all-you-can eat buffet, Gary anticipated gorging himself on all the wonderful fried greasy calorie laden foods that his wife refused to let him eat. Keeping his weight under two hundred pounds for the sake of his rather passionless marriage was difficult and some days absolutely impossible. For he had long ago realized he was an FA: fat, food and sex were his real passions and they all three worked together, so he was just as aroused by a massively obese gluttonous fat woman shoveling food into her open mouth as he was being fed and watching and feeling his own body get soft and round with layers of fat.

This combination made him an oddity even on Dimensions, the on-line Mecca for FA'S, but Gary had long ago stopped trying to understand his needs. He just knew there were times when he could not deny his needs any longer; he knew from past experience that now was the time he really needed to eat until he had satisfied his gluttonous soul. Gorging alone without a partner to share his gluttony was always a disappointment these days, but better then denying his need to eat and make a real pig of himself. His one past experience with a feeder (a drop dead gorgeous FA) left him no doubt that if he ever truly gave into his passions he would easily weigh 1000 pounds in a few short years of pig heaven.

Moving around through the maze of tables and chairs looking for just the right spot to be able to observe any real gluttonous fatties eating their hearts out he decided the closer to the food the better. His desire to find a real hefty looker with about 500 to 600 pounds of meat on her bones kept him looking around longer then usual. Finally, he settled on a table that had a direct view of the front door the food and the back hallway where the restrooms were located.

Grabbing a plate he got in to the buffet line and savored the smells of gastronomical delights. Piling a plate high with fat and calories was so emotionally satisfying it was hard to just choose enough for one plate full. Six large pieces of greasy fried chicken and a mountain of mashed potatoes and gravy swimming in real butter, fruit salad made with sour cream and whipped cream dressing mmmmmmmmmmm. A half dozen biscuits with lots more creamy butter and raspberry jelly, to round out this plateful of long anticipated, forbidden pleasures. Knowing he would be back for several more platefuls as well as dessert, he reluctantly moved away from the food line, back to his strategically placed table to begin an assault on the cuisine in front of him.

Once seated, Gary lost no time diving into his cholesterol-laden feast, savoring all the taste sensations that he had been denying himself for too long. Looking up with his mouth full of rich creamy mashed potatoes he saw a huge fat undulating butt in a pair of bright pink stretch pants move seductively past his table, She had to have weighed 550 maybe even 600 pounds of gorgeous fat all poured into a pair of bright pink stretch pants that showed off every pound of quaking flesh. He realized he was starting to dribble melted butter out of his astonished hungry mouth, and quickly put a napkin up to his lips.

Not wanting to be too obvious, he tried not to look at her immense belly and saw where it folded down on to her massive pink encased thighs. She was stuffed into a white tee shirt that probably fit about 100 pounds ago and left at least four inches of her midriff fat rolls showing and hugged all the sexy globs of fat across her back and sides. Oh God, she was delectable, and the thought that she was here to gorge herself and grow even fatter gave him an instant hard on. He grew faint with desire as he heard her panting and wheezing as she struggled to waddle her bulk across the room. She reached out and grabbed a chair back for support to help her in her quest to find a table. Turning sideways, she caught sight of his staring at her and the lust in his eyes.

All Gary could see was the most sexually arousing belly he had ever seen in real life. Huge and massively obese, it quivered to escape the confines of its pink fabric prison. Gasping for air, her corpulently fat cumbersome arms could barely support her weight as she rested her bulk on the chair. Shoulder length dark blond hair outlined a beautiful round, fat, full face with multiple chins flowing down to her tremendously large breasts that were falling out of her bra and over stretched tee.

Looking into Gary's lust-filled eyes, she breathlessly stated, “Would you like to help a lady get a little something to eat? All this exercise is making me hungry.” Right then he knew this was going to be no ordinary lunch.

All too aware of the growing bulge in his pants, Gary quickly moved over to his fantasy woman and offered her his arm to lean on so she could waddle over to his table. Pulling out a chair, he immediately realized the standard size chair would never hold up to the massive proportions of this statuesque beauty. Signaling the waiter he asked for a wider and more substantial chair to accommodate the immense size and weight of his lunch companion. Shortly, the waiter returned with a large double-size bench, which had very sturdy legs and was a perfect fit for the corpulent goddess.

By now, Gary was having a hard time walking due to his erection that was threatening to bust through his zipper. After sitting his fellow glutton down, he immediately introduced himself and watched her fat cheeks burst into a smile that made all her chins quiver. In the throaty, sexy, breathlessness caused by massive obesity she said, “Hi Gary, my name is Cathy (a pause to gasp for breath) and my friends call me Fatty.” Oh oh, this was getting to hot to handle, thought Gary, and he hoped he did not cum right there on the spot.

Trying not to look at her massive breasts and upper arms that were bulging with fat for fear of embarrassing himself, Gary picked up a plate and said, “What's your pleasure, Fatty?” Shivers immediately went up and down his spine causing him to take in a quick breath before he passed out from pure sensual overload. “MMMMMMMMMM just in case you hadn't noticed I'll eat anything handy,” came the sexy, gasping, whisper. “Pile the plate high with whatever looks good.”

Slowly (and painfully) Gary moved around the table that was full of high-calorie high-fat food, heaping the large white plastic plate with greasy fried chicken, creamy mashed potatoes swimming in butter and gravy, corn on the cob drenched in more butter and Jell-O salad mixed with fruit and whipped cream. Coming around the end of the table was the potato and pasta salads full of mayonnaise and sour cream, and green salads with the reach creamy high calories dressings. Side dishes of avocado slices, olives, seasoned croutons, and all kinds of grated and shredded cheeses were along side huge baskets of hot breads of all kinds. The condiments included mayonnaise, sour cream, whipped cream and nuts of all kind and then a huge bowl of butter slabs, and honey with jam packets for the breads.

Unable to make up his mind Gary grabbed a second plate and started filling it up with salads and breads, quickly moving around the rest of the main table. Carefully balancing the overfilled plates he deposited them in front of the hungry salivating porker, who was anxiously waiting for her food. A muffled “Thank you” could be heard from the already eating glutton who was making small mewing noises of pleasure as huge mouthfuls of food were being consumed.

Gary had to quickly grab a chair to hold on to while he tried to control his sexual impulse to start feeding her right there in the buffet. Going to the bar that held the drinks he filled up two large containers of cola and got two large glasses and set them on the table in front of Fatty who never even got her nose out of her rapidly disappearing food. Hearing all the gasping grunting slurping and moaning coming from the full wet mouth was driving Gary to distraction. Suddenly, he realized how hungry he actually was and that his stomach was “talking to him.” Going back to the table Gary swiftly filled up his own plate again to overflowing with chicken, ribs pasta dishes and salads along with hot crusty French bread and butter. On returning to his table with his gorgeous dining companion, he found she had eaten her way through a mountain of food already and was ready for more. Her full moist lips were covered with a greasy film from the rich fried foods she had just wolfed down. Looking up in to Gary's lustful eyes she handed him her empty plates and in a delicate dainty breathless whisper Cathy said, “Can you fill me up, please?”

Hardly believing his eyes or his ears, he was sure she winked at him. This time he filled a whole plate with sweet rich greasy barbecued ribs and two more ears of corn; the second plate he covered with crusty hot bread and lots and lots of butter and jam. Coming back it was obvious fatty's upper belly was starting to bloat up with food, her stomach now pushing her fat heavy breasts to the side as it ballooned outward. Again a quick mumbled “Thank you,“ coming from a full mouth, which only added to the eroticism so heavy in the air.

Gary sat down and quickly began to eat; all too aware of the gluttonous noises coming from the fat piggy sitting across from him. God, she was sexy, and the noises of pure ecstasy coming from her were driving him wild. Soon, he was chewing and swallowing without thinking, just to get food into his mouth, trying to drown out the images of gluttony and sex that were coming into his mind. Looking over, he saw the table was being squished between her massive upper belly and her lower belly that had no place to go as it ballooned outward with huge quantities of food. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM that huge fat butt that was hanging over each side of the double wide bench was so seductive, he had to keep his mind from wandering, “Gary get control of yourself LOL,” suddenly a huge burppppp sounded and then another, soon a whole chorus of gluttonous burps and then even farts were breaking the air. Oh my, for the first time in his life Gary found his fat fantasy life and his real world life slipping in and out of each other and threatening to collide in a huge explosive climax.

Plate after greasy food glutted plate was bolted down by the two food obsessed diners, until the table was covered with food stained dishes piled in leaning stacks as a monument to greed and pure glorious gluttony. Gary suddenly realized his stomach was stretched out tight and really hurting, bloated up from huge quantities of greasy fattening food. Sweat was forming on his brow and running down his face from the pain that was beginning to spread across his food-packed abdomen. Looking down at the table covered with the evidence of his uncontrolled appetite and lust for the growing corpulent beauty who was still gorging her self and showed no signs of slowing down, Gary wondered if he would ever be able to look at another piece of fried chicken again.

Moaning softly in pain- he stood up and slowly tried to gain his equilibrium, while watching in awe as his fellow porker kept wolfing down enormous quantities of food. Mumbling through a mouth packed with food “mmmore mmmmmgrunt gaspmmmmmmpleasegasp gruntmmmmmmm” Fatty looked directly into Gary's eyes and winked. “What's the matter skinny, full already?” came the throaty challenge. Knowing full well he had reached his limit, he turned and waddled over to the food-laden table and began to fill up yet another plate for the fatty eagerly waiting for the next round of fattening vittles. By now Gary's eyes were glazed, and he was beginning to burp uncontrollably as he moved around the table. Looking over to the dessert table, he gazed longingly at the cakes and pies of all kinds, each one calling his name, begging to be eaten. When he returned to his bloated seductress, she was gulping down the last of a fifth pitcher of cola and loudly belching between each swallow. A plate piled high with rich creamy goodies was placed in front of Fatty, who began to salivate at the smell and sight of so many sweet calories. Banana cream pie, coconut cream pie, lemon pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie and chocolate cream pie all mixed with four different kinds of cake and the highlight of the meal, chocolate raspberry swirl cheesecake (two pieces of the creamy delight were on the plate despite a request to take no more then one piece of each type of desert).

Up and down, in and out the large serving spoon that she was using kept bringing the calories to her swollen wet mouth. Fatty's cheeks turned red, and her breathing got very very loud, as she kept cramming her mouth with food. Soon she was making whimpering sounds between gasping for breath as the sweet calorie rich mouthfuls slid past her food swollen lips into her wet hungry mouth. The sounds were getting louder to Gary's tuned in ears, slurp, slurp, gasp slurp, snort snort gasp burpppppppppppp burpppppppppp then a mewing as she began to huff and gasp for air. He shivered with sexual anticipation as he realized she was continuing to cram food into her abused and tired mouth despite her shortness of breath. Mmmmm slurp grunt slurp gasp and then He knew he was in hog heaven as she began to whimper softly, “Oink Oink” to herself as if she was the only person in the room. Sweat was pouring down her face and she looked so bloated and gorged he was afraid she would not be able to waddle away from the table.

Slowly Gary began to count the tossed aside plates that Fatty had emptied and was shocked to find 18 plates on her side of the table whose contents had gone directly in to her enormous food-swollen belly. Then, much to his astonishment, she picked up the plate that had held the sweets and began to lick every crumb and smear of food off with her sexy wet tongue. Oh my, this was more then Gary could handle on a stuffed and gorged stomach. Somewhere between the oinks, the burps and the gasping for air he had cum everywhere in his white cotton boxers. Oblivious to everything and everyone in the room, Fatty continued to pig out and when her plate was licked clean she started to clean all the other 18 plates with her sexy tongue.

Not caring if anyone saw his very damp trousers, Gary jumped up and waddled over to the desert table and emptied a whole chocolate cake onto a plate and then picked up a complete cheesecake and brought it over to his gluttonous goddess, who snatched it from him and buried her face in the sweet thick rich cheesecake while moaning and oinking to her self. Standing next to the table with his mouth open in wonderment that any human being could consume so much food at one sitting, Gary realized he had cum again, and he was sticky and wet all down his chubby thighs.

The sexual energy in the room was so intense that if it were not for the very real fear of being arrested Gary would have taken her right there on the table with all empty dishes in front of all the patrons at the buffet. A smile crossed his lips as he knew they would have ended up on the floor in a mountain of fat rolls as the table would have collapsed under their combined weights of at least 900 gluttonous pounds. The moaning and grunting subsided with a few last oinks between very audible wheezes and gasps for air, as Fatty brought her chocolate frosting-covered face away from the plate and the cake was gone to be turned into more poundage on her already immense body. Her massive chest, face, belly and, yes, even her hair was covered in food drippings as a testimony to her love of food and that only added to her sexual appeal in Gary's lust-filled eyes.

Two young guys dressed in the red vests and black pants of the buffet servers suddenly appeared at the table with a very wide reinforced wheel chair and offered to assist Fatty into it, obviously having done this many times before. One on each arm to assist; the food-smeared overfed beauty managed to struggle to her feet and into her much needed ride to her car. By this time, Gary was feeling very conspicuous and embarrassed so he followed Fatty and her two young assistants out to the parking lot. The chair was wheeled right up to a huge bright pink 1958 Cadillac convertible with gigantic tailfins and lots of bright shiny chrome. Gary waddled over to open the driver's side door and found the bench seat as far back as it would go with a custom tilted steering wheel; looking down he saw wooden blocks attached to both the gas and break pedal to give a lot more belly room.

With much difficulty and adjusting of her massive belly apron Fatty managed to squeeze into the driver's side and spread out to cover most of the very large front seat with her colossal hips and thighs. The car started to sink down on the driver's side under the added weight of the gorgeous sexy driver. After the fellows with the chair had left, Gary went over to say goodbye, and came up to Fatty, still trying to believe any of this had ever really happened. She leaned over toward him and said, “Thanks for the fun (pausing to burp and gasp for air); we must do this again some time.” Before Gary could say anything, she put the car in reverse and drove off, listing to the side due to her extreme weight.

Sitting in his car, Gary let his heart rate return to normal and looked at his clothes covered in food and cum. He picked up his cell phone and called his boss and told him that while he was on his lunch break he “came down with something“ and needed to take the rest of the day off. Looking at his watch, he saw he had plenty of time to go home and take a quick shower throw his clothes in the washer and recover from his lunch break before his wife got home from work.

If you have enjoyed this story, please let me know (feel free to let me know if you hated it LOL). You may reach me at: fattycathy@hotmail.com.