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A Visit To McDonalds To Remember
By Mona Clariee

I was on my way home when I was suddenly extremely thirsty. I pulled into the McDonalds' parking lot and decided to go inside to get my soda instead of the drive though since there was a huge line up.

As I opened the doors and walked in; I looked around. Sitting in a far corner in the back of the restaurant, there sat a beautiful girl. She had big brown eyes and pale skin. Her lips were pale pink and her cheeks were rosy. She had long black hair that framed her chubby face nicely and fell right on her shoulders. She was wearing a tight black tank top which her mountainous cleavage poured out of. But what stuck out about this amazingly beautiful girl the most was the fact that she was surrounded by tons of wrappers from Big Macs, super sized French fries, 20-piece chicken nuggets, chicken sandwiches, empty soda cups, empty cups that had once held delicious fattening milk shakes, several sundae cups which had been emptied into her huge belly which was hard and taut from all the food that she had consumed.

I stared at her in amazement. She just sat there, her plump sausage fingers caressing her swollen belly. She looked as if she was in extreme pain due to the fact that she had just consumed more food than most people consume in an entire week.

I went to the counter, ordered my drink and then decided that I would stay here to enjoy my soda while admiring this beautiful piggy. She was gluttony and beauty personified.

I sat at the booth across from her. She still had several Big Macs that she had yet to eat. I sat there and watched as she seductively unwrapped one and shoved more than half of it between her plump lips. She took a huge bite out of it and chewed it and then popped the rest of the sandwich into her mouth as if it were a tiny snack.

Her soft belly was pressed against the table. The table dug into her and her fat belly just let it sink into it and the rest of her poured out onto the table in front of her and sat on her lap - or where her lap would be if there wasn't a huge belly resting there.

I watched in amazement as she finished off the rest of her Big Macs and then chugged a soda. She parted her soft lips and let out a deep rumbling, yet feminine, burp. She leaned back as much as she could and closed her eyes. She looked as if she was in total ecstasy. She then took a deep breath and exhaled all the way and tried to squeeze her fat, swollen body out from the tight booth... but she was stuck. The fat little piggy had eaten so much that her body had become too fat for the booth. She was stuck in it.

Her cheeks flushed cherry red with excitement and she let out a soft giggle. I stood up and walked over to her table and asked her if I could help her. She told me to go to the counter and tell the manager. I did as my piggy commanded me to. The manager called for several of her strongest male employees to come out and try to help pull this fat lard-ass out of her booth. They tugged and pulled on her plump arms and she tried to squeeze out but it was no use. This hog of a girl was stuck, and she wasn't about to budge. She giggled with pleasure and smiled. "I guess I really am a gluttonous little piggy, aren't I?" She said to no one in particular. She moved her thick arm down to her round belly and rubbed it. "My poor li'l belly is under so much pressure... " The men who were helping us before had left to go back to the kitchen to tell their manager that this fat girl was indeed stuck in the booth and not about to budge.

The men returned with a large bucket of lard. The girl's eyes lit up. "OH... another snack!" she said as she licked her lips. One of the guys laughed and said, "No, you fat hog, we're going to use it to try to get you unstuck." The girl began to pout. I got closer to her and ripped off her shirt so that her entire belly was free to be covered in lard. I dipped my hand in the lard and slowly began to massage it around the area of her belly pressed against the table. I could feel how soft and tender her belly was. I caressed her folds and massaged her massive gut. I felt myself begin to grow incredibly hard.

She let out a low, seductive moan as my hands explored her delicious body. Finally she was all greased up and I tried to pull her out of the booth. I tugged and tugged and then suddenly she flew out and landed on top of me. Her weight pinned me to the floor. My stiff cock was pressing against her soft belly. She felt my manhood digging into her belly and she whispered, "So you like your ladies big, I take it?" I just nodded as I gazed into her eyes. I leaned forward to kiss her but before I could, the men grabbed her and all five of them struggled to pull her up from the floor.

I scrambled and stood up. Her huge belly hung down halfway over her luscious thick thighs. She was massive and beautiful. I offered to give my delectable new fat friend a ride home. She said she would love that. I grabbed eight Big Macs for the ride home because after all that work, I knew she was very hungry.