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Madeline and Aggie:
A Long Term Fattening Friendship

By ~Jim~

One day when ten out of the twelve girls at the boarding school went to their homes, and two decided to stay behind:

Madeline and Aggie were best friends, and they looked like little sticks. Madeline was wearing a pink t-shirt, blue jeans, a belt, and red canvas sneakers. Aggie was wearing a baby blue t-shirt, blue jeans, belt, and blue canvas sneakers. Madeline came up with a tremendous idea. “Aggie, I have got an idea,” Madeline informed her friend, “Why don't we blow up like extra large balloons?” Aggie was ecstatic about her big idea to get fatter by eating extremely fattening foods.

Madeline weighed 92 pounds, Aggie 98 pounds. Madeline called the pizza place, and she ordered 10 extra large pizzas, with sausage and pepperoni on top, and 4 2-liter bottles of coke.

Shortly after, the pizza arrived, and Madeline helped the deliveryman bring the boxes to the room, and Aggie took five boxes, and Madeline promptly paid the man. “All right, Aggie, let us have our giant banquet!” shouted Madeline. Immediately, Madeline didn't waste no time; she ripped the box open, then she took out four slices, stacked them up, and took big bites. Aggie stacked all eight slices and took gigantic bites, washing them down with Coke each after two bites.

After the girls finished the pizzas, their stomachs were full, and Aggie lightly patted her belly and said, “Jeez, I have not eaten this much in my whole life.” Madeline could not believe that she had eaten a whole lot in her life, and her face was smeared with pizza sauce.

For supper, they each got two buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken, four humungous sides of mashed potatoes drenched with gravy, cole slaw, and macaroni and cheese, with biscuits drenched with butter, for them to drink was a humongous chocolate milk shake.

Madeline just finished the first bucket, and Aggie was enjoying herself from the temptations of the 11 herbs and spices while she devoured bite after bite. “Madeline, this is the biggest supper that I have ever eaten, and I bet that you are enjoying it.” Aggie said. After they've finished eating, Madeline leaned back in her chair, and she let out a humongous belch, and she patted on Aggie's full tummy gently, and Madeline said to Aggie, “This is the best supper that we both ever eaten, and we are so stuffed.”

Suddenly, Madeline felt changes in herself; she went to check herself, and her jeans started to feel tight, and she loosened her belt, and her belly was swelling with all the food that she ate. Then, Aggie checked herself, and her jeans were getting tight around her legs, and her belt was getting tight on her waist. Unfortunately, Aggie couldn't loosen her belt, and she groaned and cried out, “Ohhh! Madeline, help me loosen my belt!” Immediately, Madeline rushed to her; she struggled to get the belt loose, and she finally put it in the third hole. Also, Aggie looked down, and her stomach had jutted out like a basketball. After they checked themselves in their room, they had a big dessert waiting in the dining room, a humongous slice of blueberry cheesecake.

Apparently, they started eating and Madeline imagined - while Aggie was eating and watching - that her body was getting bigger by the minute while she was eating forkful after forkful. Then, Aggie caught Madeline staring at her body, and Aggie also did the same thing. Then, Madeline put up her middle finger at her and laughed, but Aggie gave it back.

After they have finished their desserts, they went to their room. The girls were so full, and they slipped into their nightgowns; they kissed each other good night and slept together. They just couldn't for another day to pig out a whole lot more.

The next day came; they went into the bathroom; Madeline stepped on the scale first, and she weighed 136 pounds, and she smiled. Aggie stepped on also; she weighed 146 pounds; they looked at each other and laughed.

After they washed, they went back into their room to get dressed. Madeline put on a pair of jeans - and they seemed tight on her legs - and tried to button them around her newly bloated pot belly, and she sucked it in and buttoned and put the belt around it and put it in the last hole. Madeline said to Aggie, “If we get fatter, we have to get ourselves bigger clothes, and this is a lot of fun.” Aggie replied, “I think that will be good, and we can't walk around naked and seeing our big rolls of fat.” Then, they took each other's hand to the dining room.

Their breakfast was a humongous banquet consistin of 6 fried eggs, 6 sausages links, 5 strips of bacon, 5 biscuits, and gigantic stack of pancakes with maple syrup. What to drink with their meals was a large glass of whole milk.

After they finished breakfast, they went back into their room and checked themselves again to see if they have grown more. Madeline went up first, and her belly started to hang over her waistline, and her pants seemed tighter like a rubber tube, and she thought to herself, 'I am doing great, and I will keep it up.' Madeline was feeling happy that she was blowing up like a balloon. Then, Aggie looked at her basketball-jutted tummy, and it got larger; her clothes looked extremely tight on her. Aggie thought to herself, 'I better call Jim to order us larger clothes because we are getting too fat.'

Immediately, Madeline contacted me to get them bigger clothes because they were getting too fat. The next day, I drove over to the house and picked the girls up, and I drove them to the nearest big and tall store, especially for men and women.

When they were in the store; Madeline picked out 4 shirts, 4 pairs of jeans, 3 tank tops, belt, 3 bras (when her breasts got bigger), 4 panties, 6 pairs of socks, 2 dresses, 1 pair of denim shoes and 2 pairs of sneakers. Aggie picked out; 2 flannel shirts, 3 t-shirts, 4 pairs of jeans, belt, 3 pairs of socks, 4 bras, 4 panties, 2 dressed, 1 pair of denim shoes, and 2 pairs of sneakers. The girls were done; I paid Madeline first, and I used my credit card, and I did the same to Aggie to pay for her new clothes.

After we've left the Big and Tall store, I took them to lunch at Wendy's. Madeline ordered 6 Triple Cheeseburgers, Biggie Fries, and a biggie Coke. Aggie got the same serving as her, and I ate normal. I cannot believe that the girls loved to eat so much. Especially, the girls appreciated me getting them new clothes and treating them to lunch. As we finished lunch, I gave them my phone number or my pager number just in case if they need anything.

For supper, the two had two thick steaks, two baked potatoes, string beans, for dessert a big slice of 3-layered vanilla cake.

The next morning, they checked themselves and Madeline was up to 244 lbs., and Aggie was also up to 255 lbs. Aggie asked Madeline, “How do you feel now?”, and Madeline was about to ask the same question, “I feel great, and I want to continue.” Then they waddled to the dining room, and they had another calorie high banquet. Now, it was not difficult for them to eat all the food, and after they had finished breakfast, they went back into their room, and they wanted to paint their toenails. Madeline tried to reach them, but she couldn't because her swollen belly was preventing her, and Aggie lifted her leg and started painting them, and Madeline did the same thing to her. While their toenails were drying, and the girls were playing cards, and they had a radio in the room, and it was a double cassette with a CD player. Then, the phone rang, and Aggie answered the phone. I called to ask the girls that they wanted to go to the mall after lunch, and she agreed.

When lunch was served, they had 4 bun length hot dogs, huge stack of crinkles, big bowl of baked beans and a big glass of milk.

After lunch was over, I called them again, and they were ready. I picked them up, dropped them off at the mall, and I gave them each $65. The first store they got to was CVS to get 8 big bags of M&M's. Then, they waddled to the music store and got their selections.

After they have finished shopping, I dropped them back at their home. Shortly after, they had a very large supper and a big dessert. Finally, the girls went to their room to listen to their new music. They each ripped open their big bags of M&M's, grabbing handful after handful, and after it was over, they went to bed.

Morning came; they went in to check themselves. Madeline inflated to 301 pounds, and she couldn't believe that she was improving her goal to inflate, and Aggie was up to a portly 310 pounds. When they got so big, they could barely hug, and they couldn't bend all the way.

After they finished breakfast, they went back to their room and played Rummy 500, and they were eating their second bag of M&M's. When lunch came, they had 4 sausage sandwiches, a big serve of French fries, and a large strawberry milk shake.

After lunch, they went upstairs to their room and played more Rummy 500, and Madeline called to ask me, “Could you get us four cheesecakes with cherry?” then I answered her, “Sure, I will do that."

Later, I gave her the cheesecakes and two forks, and she rushed upstairs to Aggie, and I left. Suddenly, the two tore open the boxes and started stuffing themselves. Madeline, imagining when Aggie was putting the tempting dessert in her mouth and watching her body getting fatter every minute and watching the buttons on her shirt pop off, and Aggie caught her, and they looked at each other and laughed. “If you keep eating like this, you are gonna get fatter,” Aggie stated at Madeline, but Madeline didn't care. She really enjoyed getting bigger to the limit.

Now, after they finished eating the cheesecake, Madeline kissed Aggie's chunky cheek, and Aggie kissed her back, and they took a nap. Madeline, using Aggie's ballooned tummy as a pillow, and Aggie was rubbing her head.

After they finished dinner, Madeline came up with something that they never had in their lives, a boyfriend. Madeline informed Aggie at the dinner table, “I have an idea; we can go to the mall after the dinner, and we can find ourselves a boyfriend.” Then Aggie's newly bloated face lit up, and she thought it was a good idea for us to get one. Aggie replied, “Most of the guys aren't going to like me in this shape.” Madeline waddled to her and put her arms around her, and she said to her, “Don't worry, they will like you.”

As they entered the mall, they wobbled together, and they found two boys sitting, and they liked them immediately. Then the girls' faces lit up, and it didn't really matter for the boys to like them when they were like two gigantic beach balls, and a month later the guys loved them.

Madeline's weight was up to 422 pounds, and she was still growing, and Aggie was up to 425 pounds. The couples walked, and suddenly a male toddler was fondling with Madeline's soft mountainous tummy, and Aggie wanted that too, and they loved it when they get their tummies played with.

The boy asked Madeline that he wanted to marry her, and Madeline agreed, and the other wanted to do the same thing to Aggie, and they planned a double wedding, and they are now married, and the girls are very joyful.

They have a duplex home, so they can have dinners together, and hired a maid to clean the home, and feed the animals. They have 3 labs, and 4 Persians, and each husband had to dress his wife because they are too large. The two are up to the 500 pound mark (Madeline 527 lbs., Aggie 535 lbs), and they use their mountainous bellies as a pillow while cuddling on the couch, and they kiss their tummies while cuddling all covered up on the couch, and they enjoy being playful.

Finally, Madeline and Aggie lived a long and joyful fattening life, and since being friends for several months, they are newly married to generous gentlemen.