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Magical Chocolates
by Ebony

He knew his fat lover was approaching, he could hear the floor creak as she came closer and closer to the bedroom. She must have added more weight to that 5'2" 420lb frame of hers, the floor had never creaked so loudly.

She entered the room......she was wearing a white, hook-front, lacy bustier, thong panties, thigh-high stockings and 2" pumps. The bustier was barely covering her abundant breasts, they oozed thru the small spaces between each fasten, like little blobs of fat, emerging from a space that had grown to small to contain them.

He knew she was wearing her matching thong, though he couldn't see it, her massive belly hang had all but made it a memory, her belly was enticing, a deep, dark, smooth chocolate bloated belly. However at 75" it was just too small. He needed to feed it, to make it grow, to make it spread, he wanted it to her knees!

He walked over to her and lifted her heavy belly, the fat on her upper thighs spilled over the top edge of the stockings, it was plush, with the softness of a pillow, he struggled to hold her belly up with one hand and massage the thigh fat with the other. He lifted her belly again, this time with both hands and began to nibble and kiss the fat, feeling its warmth, there was something about her fat that was so comforting and inviting.

He laid face down on the king sized bed and begged her to straddle his thighs, he wanted to feel her weight, to see if his 5'6" 140lb body, could hold all of her 420lbs.

She climbed on him, with her warm thighs pressing firmly against his, she took a deep breath and lifted her belly, letting it come to rest upon his buttocks.

I have some chocolates for you," he reached for the oversized box of candy on the nightstand and handed it to her, and asked her, "Do you think you can eat them all?"

"This box is really big, I don't know if I can finish all these, there must be 50 pieces of chocolate here" she said.

"Be a good piggy and eat them all, I know you can do it. Make that belly grow for me." "You know, you always said you weren't fat enough, and I agree, so eat." She smiled and began to eat the chocolates....

She had only consumed 5 of them when she noticed her bustier getting tighter. Maybe it was the way she was sitting. She ate two more. The pressure was building....her breast were growing!

"What kind of candy is this?" she asked. "I think I'm getting fatter with eat bite"!

MMMMMM, he moaned,....."then don't stop, keep stuffing, get fatter, and fatter, and fatter." He knew these were magical chocolates, she would gain 1lb with each one she ate.

The thought of these chocolates making her fatter was so sexy, using the palm of her hand, she shoved more chocolates into her mouth. She began to erotically rock and moan and stuff her face. Making them disappear two by two. "MMMMMMMMM I'm gonna get soooooo fat eating like this.....I'm such a pig."

Just then her bustier and thong ripped!!! A big explosion of soft chocolate flesh was released, spreading halfway his back.

"Ohhhh yess fatty, keep gorging, make it grow, let it spread," he said.

She felt herself getting hotter as her spreading belly approached his shoulders, she never wanted to stop eating. She wanted her belly to keep growing, engulfing her lover's small shoulders, protecting him as if it were a warm fat blanket.

The bed squeaked as she slowly leaned forward, she handed him the empty box. He strained hard to get up, to release himself from her fat, but he couldn't move. It was too heavy. Her fat dominated him, he was so excited, he felt his cock swelling.

"Get up, I can hardly breathe!"

Her belly had grown so much that when she rolled over to her side, it took her belly 5 seconds to stop jiggling.

He helped her up, he wanted her on her hands and knees, to see how fat her belly had grown. It was dragging the bed.

He got on his knees in front of her, he hugged her, straining to reach around her he began to massage her belly gently, telling her what a wonderful fatty she was for finishing the magical chocolates.