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Makin' Bacon
By Olive Moore

I like to wear a skintight dress so that my flesh falls out in all the right spots. When my nipples get hard, it stretches the fabric on my favorite red dress enough to make it rather see-through. If I am really into dancing, the dress becomes more and more of a mini and I love to pull at the fabric and make it cover my thighs a bit more sometimes, a bit less at others. People are often amazed that I obviously love my own 280 lb. body, even though there is so much of me. I don't really understand what they expect.

Last Saturday night, I met a man in the little butcher shop at the corner. I was buying a big quantity of bacon for a feeding frenzy that I just 'had' to indulge myself in. He asked if I was expecting to feed a crowd for breakfast. I said "a crowd of one - me." He said that sounded good and would love to watch me make and eat that much bacon.

It was about 6:00 in the evening and we were awfully close to where I live, so I invited him to come with me right then and there. This isn't like me, but he had such a lovely smile, and I really felt so devilish. As we walked together, he told me a bit about himself. He had just moved here to the New York city village from Houston, where he had been working on a big plan for a large electronics company. Immersed in the project, he hadn't been with a woman for nearly 11 months. Now, he had just moved here and was going through a bit of culture shock.

"I didn't really notice how wrapped up I was in my work, until I had a bit of time off," he said. "Now I look at you, and am having a hard time remembering to breathe."

I laughed a deep laugh, noticing the flesh on my neck giggle a bit because of the way he was looking at it.

We got to my place and I poured him a drink in the kitchen and put some bacon into a pan on the stove. He sat with the instruction to get comfortable while I ran upstairs, peeling my clothes off, grabbing my favorite tight red lycra dress. I stood for a moment in my bedroom, looking at this tiny thing and my huge body and wondered how I could manage to pull any part of this on to me. It was a bit tighter than the last time I wore it, I noticed. I guess I have been eating a few more of the pink cupcakes that I love so much. Maybe it is the cream puffs or the little custard tarts. It could be the extra serving of spaghetti that I like to indulge in when the weather gets a bit colder. It was pretty cold out a lot lately.

Now that I think of it, it could be anything. I like the process of squeezing myself into the dress. I like how it makes my body kind of shine and glow. I threw a diaphanous black shirt over my dress and took my chestnut hair out of the pony tale it had been in. Maybe it is too messy, but I wanted to see if the man in my kitchen is a figment of my imagination, so I didn't bother to fix it up at all. The man named Roy is so attractive. The almost transparent shirt was a measure of modesty that I thought I might need.

Only a few seconds had passed and my transformation was complete. I wasn't sure of what to expect for the evening but I was ready for almost anything.

I bounded down the stairs and saw the immediate impact of my presence on Roy's body.

This is hard (in more ways than one)! When I see that I have caused an erection, it is like a magnet for me. I can almost never resist a hard cock. I feel that it is mine.

Sometimes when I go to the dance club near here, and am dancing, and I see a man's hard-on, I feel possessive and want to hold it. I often wish it were alright to go there and caress it, hold it, stroke it. I often fantasize about going over to the stranger in the bar, the man with the erect penis, without saying a word, unzipping his fly, bending over and putting the penis into my mouth or between my breasts.

I wasn't in the bar now, I was here in my kitchen with the most wonderful looking man. He was wearing a denim shirt with snaps that go down to his waist and (this is where my eyes were focused) his pants were kind of loose in general, but straining the fabric at this moment.

"Hello, that was fast!" he said with a grin. "You look amazing" This is the best kind of attention my nipples can ask for and they got harder and harder. Better still, was the charge I got from him noticing my undulating form. I was sort of running to him from the living room and my body was bouncing around a lot.

He gulped, and tried to calm his penis with his hands as he stood to greet me. We were now in the living room and I looked down.

"Please, let me take care of that," I said, removing his hand from his crotch. I went into the other room and turned on some music. This started my movements. I was dancing immediately and he came closer to me.

With one quick movement I got his shirt unbuttoned, or unsnapped or whatever…and he had his hands on my waist. We were dancing around and I put my leg between his. My thighs are enormous and very sensitive. The heat from his member made my swoon. We were moving to the rhythmic grooves, completely in sync, working together. My pussy was getting wetter and hotter, and my breasts were inching their way out of the too-tight dress.

In a second, he was naked and his cock was standing to greet me. He turned me around so that it was poking into my very ample quivering belly. I was still hungry. The promise of bacon, the smell of it mixed with the smell of his desire was intoxicating. This moment was everything. He asked me to dance for him. Without thinking, I pushed him on to the couch and got into grinding my body making each pound of flesh move to its own beat. He was stroking his cock which made me feel jealous. I couldn't help it, I ran into the kitchen and turned the meat off and popped a cream puff into my mouth. It tasted great, so I hungrily put two more in and went into the living room again. Without bending my knees, I bent over and put his cock right into my mouth. It was all so sweet. I gave him the best blow job he would ever had in his life. I am normally good, but this time, I was better. He was playing with my breasts, which by this point had completely escaped from their red prison. My tongue was tracing the vein on Roy's shaft and the underside of the tip. I was so hungry for cock and he loved my greedy sucking and licking. The sweetness that remained in my lips from the cream puffs was mixed with his cum when it finally exploded. Some landed on my breasts where I rubbed it in.

He looked so happy and I let him rest a moment while I grabbed the plate of cream puffs and brought them in to the living room again. He instructed me to keep my energy up, he wanted to watch me eat the dessert. I put my tongue into one of them, still moving around dancing. I was feeling really good as I put one, then another of the creamy nuggets into my ever hungry mouth.

At this point, I looked at his cock and couldn't believe my good fortune. It was hard again! He came up behind me and I bent over a bit again. He had his hands on my very huge ass. I was still dancing and he matched his movements to mine. In a second, he filled me up from behind. I thought it would go through my body and into my mouth again. It felt so good, my whole body was shaking. The confidence of his member to find exactly the right way to get me, to hit every spot en-route was surprising. I didn't know much about this Roy fellow but knew what I needed to know. He told me that this was his ultimate fantasy.

It was pretty wonderful. I am hoping to run into him again soon. If not him, then someone else who will appreciate me the way I am. After he left, I went to the dance club that night. I need to find anyone that will react to my movements in that outfit, the way Roy did.