Weight Room Title Bar

The Making of A BBW
By The Observer

Here's a pleasant Observer tale, somewhat embellished from its original narrator who insists it's basically true:

It was near 1:00 a.m. and Senior Paul Crandell quietly slipped into his pajamas, not desiring to disturb his sophomore roommate, Jim Knight.

"Don't worry," said Jim. "I'm still awake; I just wished I had your luck."

"What do you mean?" replied Paul, fully suspecting Jim was talking about his developing relationship with Carolyn Walker.

"She's full figured and proud of it - every chubby gal I try and date is trying to diet. She's a rare exception."

"Today, yes, but it wasn't always that way. Would you like some pointers?"

"What do you mean?"

"I like larger women - you know that, but size acceptance doesn't come naturally for most women. It has to be cultivated. Carolyn thinks of me liking her, not me liking larger women. And because she feels liked she doesn't feel she has to play games about watching her weight. Get the difference?"

Jim thought about the previous week at the beach. Carolyn had devoured several hot dogs, a couple of malt liquors and four pieces of fried chicken in the course of the afternoon. And more than once he had seen her indulge in fritters or éclairs from the commons pastry bar. The tightening effect on her wardrobe was becoming increasingly noticeable; Jim estimated her to easily be near 190 lbs, perhaps approaching 200. But when Paul had offered to share a German chocolate cake a few evenings before, she was one of those who had not just one but two generous pieces.

"She sure isn't shy with her appetite, that's for sure."

"But that's now. You didn't know her three years ago."

"What made the change?"

"I knew she enjoyed eating heartily then - and once or twice a month would have a big dinner or let herself order pizza in. But mostly she tried to keep herself in check so as not to be more than a size 12. So I made a point of dating her every 3-4 weeks and showing her a good time. Then one evening I made sure we were both hungry and talked about having dessert before even ordering the main course - I had her committed. After that dessert became something easy for her to give herself permission to do."

"And then you mixed in food more regularly?"

"Right. In the commons I would volunteer to get her things and on occasion add something on my own initiative. It was all subliminal, but after a few months she was almost expecting it, even making suggestions."

"Didn't she worry about gaining weight?"

"At first she didn't seem to even notice, and when she did it didn't seem that much, about ten lbs in eight months. I professed ignorance but told her that must be what was making her look so much healthier and alive. After that her appetite seemed to pick up noticeably - like I had given her permission to be herself."

"What about her friends? Haven't they said anything?"

"A few. I call them 'jealous.' But I defused that option early on by making community gifts to her dorm - if I drop off a dozen donuts for the six girls I know Carolyn will probably eat 2-3, but so will most of the others. But what you need to do is find someone for yourself, someone you could like even if they never gained an ounce."

Jim thought immediately of Tracy Schiller - perky, intelligent, with long black hair, and breasts and hips that seemed too large for her relatively small waist.

She would look fabtastic with another 70-90 lbs in the right places - but dare he think seriously that she could . . .

The next afternoon Jim took care to observe Tracy at the campus food court. She pondered the entrees then took a veal marsala with cheese, salad and diet soda. Not exactly starvation rations but her student pass would have entitled her to whipped potatoes, veggies and dessert. She obviously was keeping herself in some kind of check.

The next two days were the same - a moderate meal, but not rabbit food either. But then on Friday came a surprise. Instead of an entree she made herself a generous banana split, replete with whipped cream and cherries. And she ate it with a gusto and enjoyment that was absent earlier in the week. Jim knew that he had to get to know her better.

It took some effort, but two weeks later he managed to be at a pizza and beer bash at Tracy's dorm. She had a few large glasses along with several pieces of pizza before he started kidding around and hitting it off with her. He locked up a date with her for the next weekend.

Mindful of Paul's advice, he kept the emphasis off of food. He even included another couple, as the group enjoyed the spectacle of a traveling ice show that was in town. It was the other couple who suggested stopping at the Dairy Queen on the way home, where he and Tracy had a burger and ice cream blizzard.

Jim knew Tracy's schedule, and timed his lunches to be with her 1-2 times a week. He would deliberately not get a dessert for himself then offer to get them each one. And Tracy graciously accepted. As Paul had predicted, Tracy began to blossom, along with some unexpected help from her roommate Julie.

Julie had a part time job in a local bakery, and surplus items were either given away or went home with the help. Julie began supplying her roommates with a regular supply of bear claws, éclairs, fritters and tortes - even an occasional cake. All the girls, of course, began sharing these goodies with their friends -including Tracy with Jim - as well as having 4-5 a week themselves. Within six months Tracy began outgrowing her blouse and slacks and started fussing about this fact to Jim. He reassured her with the utmost of sincerity and became even more attentive. Tracy changed her wardrobe and accepted the changes in her body. Even so, it was a surprise even to her to find that after a year she had gained thirty-two pounds.

Jim feigned shock at the news and agreed to help her if "she thought she needed to do something drastic." And for three weeks she did, but then began to resume the eating patterns which had become her way of life. At the end of two years another twenty-six pounds graced her body and Jim thought he had one of the loveliest girls in the world as his sweetheart. They are getting married this June, and I have it on reliable authority the wedding dress will be a size 20.