Weight Room Title Bar

By Kindchin  

Nobody was home but Elly and her friend Jimy from CT. “So are you going to take me on my graduation present buying spree?” she teased. “You did promise to take me to the mall.”

“That I did,” replied her friend. “And I meant it, too.”

“Awww, you don't have to. You just making the trip up is a present enough. You know how much I enjoy your visits. We all enjoy your visits.”

“Me too,” Jimy agreed, “but a promise is a promise. I want to take you shopping. You deserve a nice big present for your graduation. I know things are big tight in the Shire, that's why I want to treat you. Don't worry about cost. I want you to splurge.”

The big girl stood back and looked at her friend. Arms folded, she studied his facial expressions. He's being sincere. He really wants to take me to the mall, she deduced. A curious fantasy she thought. Here's a guy that wants a woman to go to the mall and buy expensive things, all on his dime. Elly suppressed a giggle. Too bad this trait isn't more common. It would make a lot of gals happy. Biting her lip, “Ok, Daddy Warbucks, you're on. Full outfit?”

“Full ensemble. And don't worry about the cost. Well, don't go crazy. I'll take care of it. And, don't mention this to anybody though. No need to ruffle any feathers.”

Elly nodded. That last statement was probably in regards to her husband. She was sure Arthur would appreciate the clothes and all, but would probably make a fuss over who and how much was spent.

As she nodded her head and started to smile at the thought of buying things that she couldn't afford to at the moment. Jimy elaborated on the shopping. “Like I said, you graduated college. That's a big deal. I want to buy something that will help you in landing a job, an outfit that will give you confidence and make you feel sexy. You're a professional now. I want you to look the part.”

Elly nodded again. She already knew that. But Jimy always enjoy explaining things like that, and Elly never got bored hearing him praise her. One of the many things she liked about her friend is his attitude towards women. He appreciated the BBW form and took joy in women being smarter and stronger than him. For the most part this was an exaggeration of the truth, but it's an exotic role-play that Jimy never got bored of. And considering it made Elly the center of attention, she was more than happy to feed Jimy's fantasy.

Both knew that this shopping trip was a chapter in his feminine dominance fetish. They stood there smiling at each other. Jimy smiled at Elly's beauty. He felt so good to be in the company of a beautiful woman who enjoyed having him around. As good of a person she is it was very difficult for him to look past her beauty. She had all the right curves and was just the size that made Jimy very excitable. Meanwhile, Elly smiled back at her friend, so glad that she had a person like Jimy to chat with and hang around with when the time permitted it. His attraction to her was not one-sided. She found him handsome and a nice person, too. On many occasions, Elly carefully explained that she (and most women) enjoyed an equal partnership in a relationship, and that his being dominated would be a turn off if you had to deal with it 24/7.

Luckily, both knew this, and Elly knew this trip to the mall was just a fantasy he wanted act out. Knowing how much Jimy was going to enjoy it and how appealing it was to her on several levels Elly was more than willing to play along this female show of power. Elly crossed her arms under her more than ample bosom and took on an air of superiority. Her large breasts became even more pronounced, and her tone of voice left little doubt who was in charge of the conversation.

“Well, if that's what you want,” her voice trailed off. She smiled an evil grin and winked to let him know the game's afoot. “It's about time you realized this. I did indeed graduate, and do I ever deserve a gift worthy of that accomplishment. You're going to take me to the mall, in your car of course, and your going to buy anything I want to make me look great for my job.”

She walked over to Jimy and stood menacingly in front of him. While he was seated on a low chair her bountiful figure took up all his vision. His heartbeat stirred at Elly's role, and his manhood swelled to life. As she spoke her natural scent complimented with her perfume surrounded the outmatch male. “You are going to buy me what I deserve, yes?”

Jimy nodded dumbly in agreement, “Oh God, yes. Whatever you want.”

“Perfect,” she replied, “it's about time you wised up and realized my power.” Both giggled at this outburst and made a quick dash to the car.

Jimy walked over to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for his friend. As Elly stepped in, Jimy took advantage of his sight angle and admired his friend's backside. Her plump heart-shaped ass was snuggly covered by her faded stretch jeans. She wore a loose fitting pleasant blouse and soft boots. Once inside Jimy closed the door and ran to the drivers seat. The car's engine roared to life and they were quickly on their way to the mall. “So do you know what you want to get?” he asked nervously.

Elly rolled her tongue around her pouty lips and replied, “Of course, I do, silly. I know everything.” This statement elicited more giggles. She knew that her bragging turned Jimy on, and she decided to lay it on thick. “All this schooling has made me so smart. You have no idea how big my IQ is,” she boasted.

Elly reached down stroked Jimy's hand as he grasped the shifter. Her soft gentle touch affected him even more than her words. As her delicate yet strong fingers massaged his knuckles, she continued her bravado. “All this knowledge is quite a burden, you know. Because of all my smarts I can't dabble with mundane stuff like paying bills and the like.”

“You can't?” he asked egging her on.

“Of course not, little one,” she explained. “That's where you come in.”

“Really?” he smiled. The term 'little one' was said with affection not contempt. Elly really knew how to push his buttons and she wasn't letting up.

“See, you're taking me to the mall to buy me my graduation gift. Now that I got my degree, my dominance is now official. It's time for me dress the part. I'm going to make you so happy, you buying me my outfit.”

“What are you going to get?” quizzed Jimy.

“Everything,” grinned Elly. “A whole business outfit with shoes to match. Once I have those, I'll take you to the lingerie shops so that I will be properly tailored underneath too.” Jimy bit his lip at the thought of how his friend would look all decked out. “Of course, I'll have to keep a close eye on what sizes I pick out.”

“Why is that?” questioned Jimy full well knowing the answer, but dying to hear it.

Elly let the query hang in the air for a moment. When the car came to a complete stop at a traffic light, Elly leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Because I'm a big girl. A very big powerful girl.”

Jimy closed his eyes briefly, soaking in that statement. Just as he opened them, Elly swirled her tongue in and around his ear. This was too much for Jimy. He had to reach down and had to adjust himself. Satisfied with herself Elly moved back to her seat and watched Jimy drive. After a while she continued on her verbal offensive. “Do you realize just how much powerful I am compared to you?” she asked.

Jimy coughed, “I have an idea, but I'm sure you'll point out all the details. “Oh I will,” she promised. “First of all I'm a woman. So that gives me an unfair advantage over you to begin with. I won't even bother pointing out my looks, but I will remind you of my size advantage.” Jimy couldn't stop grinning. “God I'm so much stronger than you it's not funny. Physically I am so in charge.” Elly held out her hand. “So in charge. But let's not forget the reason for this trip, my graduation.”

“Ah, yes. You're a graduate now,” proclaimed Jimy.

“That's right,” confirmed Elly. “You know that was one of the only things you had over me. But now we're both college grads. We're equals.” Elly giggled at this. “Well, almost. My degree is so much more important. And this is only a step in my ultimate goal. You see,” she purred, “I'll working on my PhD. It's only matter of time before I become a doctor.” Elly reached for the control and adjusted her seat. As she tilted back, she started to rub her belly. “Mmm, so full and big. God, I can feel the power course through my body.” As Jimy drove, he snuck a peek. Elly's top started to rise and some stomach peeked out above her waistband. She caught his envious looks. She voiced his thoughts.

“Big, huh?” Jimy nodded silently. “So much bigger than your boy belly. It really shows who in charge, doesn't it?”

Before Jimy could confirm that assessment they pulled into the plaza. Elly pointed out where to park. It was right in front of the Avenue store. “You'll get me my dress first. Then we'll go get shoes and then the undergarments.” With that they got out of the car and made their way to the store. As they walked to the front doors they went hand in hand. They looked like any other couple. Little did anyone realize the sexual power struggle being played out. Once inside the store Elly quickly went to the look at the skirts. For a long time she had her eye on a short ruffle skirt. After finding her size she chose the black and turned to Jimy, “This is a great start. Now for a blouse.” She headed over to the tops and sought out the white tuxedo panel blouse. Draping it across her torso she proclaimed, “This would look great underneath a matching blazer for the dress.”

She handed Jimy the items and went to pick out the final piece of her outfit. She found herself a short tropical jacket. The black onyx color matched perfectly with the ruffled skirt. She turned to Jimy and winked. She sashayed her way to the changing room. As she walked down the aisle she put a little more emphasis in her stride. This caused her to wiggle her body more than necessary. The effect was not lost on her friend. Jimy walked a couple steps behind soaking up the lovely image in front of him. Arriving at the changing rooms Elly did a little curtsy and took the items she picked out. She ducked into a changing room and minutes later she came back all decked out.

Needless to say, she looked fantastic. They were all the right sizes, and they really complimented her well. The skirt fell a few inches above knee. It showed off a lot of leg. On most women this would come across as a bit much, but the combination of the clothes selection and Elly's body shape it conveyed a sense of confidence and might. Jimy found himself with a dry throat and his voice sounded a bit ragged when spoke. “You look great. You'll really turn heads when you go to work.”

“Don't you know it,” teased Elly. “Wait until you see this with the shoes I got picked out.” Elly did a little more browsing in the store but settled on what she originally picked. They headed to the cash registers and as promised Jimy paid for everything.

On the way to Nordstrom's, they passed a Friendly's ice cream shop. Elly looked in the windowed and cooed, “Oh, we have to stop there on the way home. I'm thinking of having a little dessert later on. My treat.” Once they arrived at Nordstrom's they made their way to the shoe department. “There's so much I want to try on,” Elly said. “You better make yourself comfortable.”

Jimy picked out a nice comfortable chair and for the next half hour Elly tried on a bunch of shoes she thought would look good with her new outfit. Finally, she settled on a black leather clog. The shoe was made stylish by its 4½-inch heel and a wide buckle strap. “This is perfect. It will go with so many things. And look.” Elly proceeded to step out her casuals and into the new clogs. “Ta-da. I'm instantly taller.” Lowering her voice she added, “And so much more in charge.” She winked. He smiled.

Next up was a stop at Lane Bryant. All of Elly's intimate apparel was purchased here. From the white silk stockings to the lace garter belt to the sheer wear low-rise thong Elly completed the look. Jimy felt very embarrassed here and she took great pleasure at watching him squirm in such an estrogen ladened store. “What's the matter,” she teased, “overwhelmed at the all the pure feminine power here?” Jimy avoided the question but was turned on no matter where he looked. Once the undergarments were paid for the couple walked the mall.

After an afternoon of window-shopping they stopped at the food court. “All this shopping is making me hungry.” Elly said, digging into the fast food. The meal was cheap and fast, but filling. Afterwards they made their way to the car. One final stop was made at Friendly's. Elly kept her word and purchased an icy treat for herself. During the ride back to her house Elly thanked her friend for the gifts. It was a lot more than she expected but knew how much he wanted to spoil her. Once Jimy assured her it was fine she shifted back into her BBW empress mode. “I can't wait to get back and model this for you. You'll be so impressed you'll be eating out of my hand.”

“Will I now?” questioned Jimy.

“You will,” she promised, “or something along those lines.” Elly laughed at her own mirth, and Jimy was left to try to figure out what she meant.

Once back at the house, Elly put the ice cream away and scampered upstairs to change. Jimy took a seat on the couch and waited for her unveiling. It felt like forever, but finally he heard the new boots descend the wooden staircase. When Elly came into view, she was stunning. Jimy's vision was right in line with her ruffled skirt. The fit was a tad snug but that worked perfectly highlighting her shapely thighs. The white silk stockings contrasted nicely with the dress and highlighted her new shoes. Taking in the sight, Jimy quickly realized that Elly was indeed several inches taller in her new footwear. It was if the woman suddenly grew taller and stronger right before his very eyes.

Looking up at her lovely face she couldn't be cuter. Her shorter styled hair outlined her face and showed more bounce and curve. But the real bounces and curves were under her blouse and jacket. As business-like as they were they couldn't conceal her XXL sized pleasure chest. Jimy let out a low whistle and muttered, “Wow.”

Elly shook with glee at how good she looked. “Come here you,” she commanded and Jimy got up and walked over to her. She reached out with a manicured hand and walked her forefinger and index finger up Jimy's chest. “You really know how to spoil a girl,” she sing sang to him.

As he was drawn in closer, he replied, “And I know how to take care of a woman, too.”

Elly placed her hands on his shoulders and proclaimed, “Yes you do. Yes you do.” And with that, she pushed down. Jimy didn't put up much a resistance and soon found himself on his knees. Due to the positioning of the couple, Jimy found himself face to crotch. Elly reached down and started to hike up her dress. Once she exposed her self both knew that she was sans thong. She pulled it out of a blazer pocket. “I won't be needing this…at least not right now.” Soon afterwards, she walked bowlegged towards her friend and planted herself on his face. Her womanly lips parted and Jimy's tongue soon found its way inside her. Elly rapped her hands around his head and started grind herself into him. Her dress dropped down and became a sex shroud around his head. Thrusting her ample hips back and forth, Elly rode Jimy's face to climax.

Jimy found himself wrapping his arms around Elly's ass for support. Thus pinned, he just rode out her orgasm. Elly's scream of rapture and her scolding drowned his muffled moans out. The harder she rode him the stricter she got, yelling out, “I'm going to fuck you so hard, and you're going to have to take it. I'm in charge here, buster, and don't you ever forget it!”

Finally, all the tension that was building up reached a crescendo and suddenly her passage was flooded with joy. Jimy was sprayed. He lapped up most he could and then eventually collapsed on the carpet. Elly readjusted herself and started to circle around him. It felt so good, and what added to the satisfaction was Jimy hadn't had his.

“That felt great,” she proclaimed. “I just love these new clothes. Don't I look hot?” she asked rhetorically. “But I'm going upstairs. I want to change into something more comfortable. Please be a darling and wait by the stairs.” Jimy got up and obeyed. From his vantage point he saw her enter the bedroom and heard her rustling around getting changed. Without looking back, she yelled down, “Go to the 'fridge and get my ice cream and a spoon, then come up.” Jimy hustled into the kitchen and got what Elly requested. He jumped up the stairs two steps at a time. He stopped in front of the doorway. He closed his eyes and gave out a long breath. He calmed himself and stepped forward.

Elly had neatly put away her clothes and was lying on the bed. With several pillows she was propped up in a near sitting position. Not much of her body was visible. She was wrapped in an ankle length silk robe tied at the waist. She smiled and whispered, “'Come into my web,' said the spider to the fly.” Like the figurative bug, Jimy quietly entered the chamber.

“You've got far too much clothing on,” Elly commented. “Take off everything but your briefs.” Jimy put down the bowl and quickly fumbled at his clothing. In short order he was nude expect for his underwear. Elly patted the cushions and he sat at the foot of the bed. “I could really go for a treat. I'm so glad you brought up that ice cream. Why don't you be a good little boy and feed me?”

Without even thinking, Jimy moved up the bed and started to scoop the ice cream. Carefully, he lowered the spoon to her pouty lips. Elly stuck her tongue out and licked away like a cat. It took a while for Jimy to get comfortable using the spoon in this manner but he eventually got the hang of it. Elly hummed and purred as she was feed. “Oh, that's so yummy,” she cooed. All the while she was undoing her robe. As the cloth parted, Elly's nakedness became proudly displayed.

Jimy tried to keep his eyes on the task at hand but kept sneaking peeks at Elly's beauty. Elly sampled the ice cream, she rubbed her generous belly and smiled at the scene that was unfolding. She too was sneaking peeks. She couldn't help but notice the significant bulge that was expanding in Jimy's shorts. “It feels so good, you feeding me, making me big and strong. I am strong, right?” she questioned. Jimy nodded and put the empty bowl on the nightstand. In a little girl's voice, she asked, “Stronger than you?”

“Yes, very much stronger.”

“Am I bigger?”

“Very much so.”

In a firmer tone, she asked, “Would you like to join me, plug yourself into my power?”

“May I?” Jimy nearly begged.

Elly smiled. “Become naked,” she commanded. Jimy stood and pulled down his shorts. His fully erect member waved out and pointed at Elly. Elly was now knees bent and wide. She grew wet looking her friend's nakedness and his aching willingness to be with her. “Go on,” she commanded. Jimy hopped on the bed and knelt between her. He rubbed his erection along her opening. Elly closed her eyes and whispered, “Yes.” Slowly, he entered her. She was soft, tight and wet to his approaching hardness. Needless to say, it was enjoyable by both. When Jimy bottomed out inside her, he reached for her waist.

Elly smiled wide and locked eyes. “Tell me everything,” she said, “Confess. I need to hear your praise.” With that, she started to buck her hips urging him on. It didn't take much convincing before Jimy started to hump back.

Once in rhythm Jimy started to admit, “Oh Elly, you are so beautiful. You are quite the woman. You have no idea how much you turn me on.” By his hardness and quaking body, she did. “I love big girls and you are the best. You are so loving and kind. You make a great wife, and you have the power of motherhood.” By this time, Elly was half listening as a string of small orgasms formed deep in her body.

“Tell me more,” she urged.

“You are big and strong. I am so little compared to you.”

“So little,” she repeated.

“Your beauty is only rivaled by your intelligence. You are so smart. You are wise and cunning. I can not compare to you.”

“No one can,” she moaned. Her orgasms were growing nearer.

“You have no idea how it feels be inside you. This is the closest I will ever get to be big and strong.”

“Oh God, yes,” Elly screamed, “more, harder.” Jimy quickened his pace. Elly started to climax.

“If I was yours, you'd rule the roost,” Jimy continued. “You would call all the shots. I would surrender everything to you.”

“Oh baby,” Elly moaned.

“Can I tell you anything?” Jimy asked.

“Anything,” she replied.

Jimy then announced his true surrender, “Elly…I love you.” All Elly could do was scream in joy. As her vaginal muscles clutched onto Jimy, she erupted. As his own climax approached he bent down and they kissed. As pleasure burst out of his loins, Jimy buried his head into the crook her neck, and he delivered all he had to give. A series of orgasms ripped through him and coated her insides. This in turn triggered more pleasure for her. Finally he was spent. Jimy slumped on top of her. He felt light against her mighty frame. Once the waves of pleasure washed away he rolled off to the side. They cuddled under the sheets. Nothing more was said. They just stared at each other and smiled, hugging each other and basking in the warmth of their coupling.

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