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Growing Into Manhood
By Geepster

Part One

I heard a low whisper waiting for my third period cooking class to begin.

"Pssst! Hey Doughboy! Lift your shirt and let's see those rolls!"

The whole class erupted with muffled laughter.

I must have been out of my mind to let my mother talk me into this. Here I am, the only guy in class, surrounded by 29 giggling High School girls. And if that weren't bad enough, the fact that I'm a fat guy makes me the butt of all their jokes. Most of these twits wouldn't dare make fun of me individually, but look what happens when you get them in a mob.

"Shouldn't you be in the Diet and Nutrition class, tubbo?"

"Why don't you shut your face," I growled.

I don't know how much more of this crap I can take before I grab the teacher's spatula and start slapping these skanks. Just then the teacher walked in.

"Good morning, class! My name is Miss Godwin. Welcome to Beginning Cooking. By the end of this semester you will all know enough about basic food preparation to provide appetizing and nutritional meals for yourselves and your future families. Let's begin by getting acquainted. Ah, I see we have a gentleman in our midst. Why don't you start by telling us your name and why you signed up for this class?"

Gee. What a surprise. I get to go first.

"My name is David Gleason. The reason I signed up for this class is that my Mom works late a lot and she wanted me to be able to feed myself."

"That should have been the least of her worries," someone whispered.

Another round of giggles.

"That's enough of that, girls! Well, David, we're so glad you decided to join us. Who knows? You may become a great chef one day."

"Yeah, like Shit-Boy-Ar-Dee," someone behind me blurted.

That was the last straw. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I turned around and yelled.

"How would you like a ravioli stuffed up your ass, you skinny bitch!"

Miss Godwin looked horrified. She quickly filled out a detention slip and gave it to me.

"I will not tolerate language like that, young man! Take this note to the Principal's office right away. I will call and let him know you're coming.

Oh well. Maybe this was for the best. They won't have David the fatboy to kick around anymore. As I walked out of class, feeling sorry for myself, I felt a tug at my shirt. It was Beverly Freeman, my friend Richard's pudgy older sister.

"David, I need to talk with you. Meet me at lunch."

Oh great. I was hoping to keep this quiet. She'll tell her mother and then her mother will tell my mother. I'm screwed. But maybe not. She was smiling like she was happy about something.

"OK, Bev. I'll see you there."

After some serious finger-wagging from the Principle and a half hour in detention hall I was free. Today's cafeteria special was creamed chipped beef on toast. Most of the kids called it shit on a shingle, but I liked it. I even liked the spinach, which most called stewed frogs. Everybody complained how the school cafeteria food sucked, but that was a lie. Those food service ladies worked hard to keep the crybabies happy. I always made it a point to compliment them on their meals and they rewarded me with generous serving portions.

I walked around with my loaded tray until I spotted Bev sitting by herself at an empty table. She was a nice looking plump Jewish girl. Her pep club jacket and pleated skirt both hid her big gut and showed off her nice legs at the same time.

"Hello, Bev! Thanks for the lunch invite!"

"Gosh David, they really piled it high on your plate. I hope you're hungry."

"Oh yeah. I love this stuff. I might even go for seconds. So, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

"My brother Richard has told me all about your situation. How your parents divorced and how your Mother is always having to stay late at work. You're left alone to do everything for yourself basically."

"Yeah, that's true. But I do OK."

"I'm sure you do. But I have a proposal that will help the both of us."

"What is it?"

"Well, my dream has always been to become a professional chef in one of those fancy restaurants. That's why I'm taking the cooking class. My mother is a tightwad and won't let me in her kitchen or touch any of the family food. If you would let me have access to your kitchen and food, I could cook dinner for you every night. This way I get the practice I need and you get a good hot meal. You'd even have leftovers for your Mom. What do you think?"

"HHHmmmm. This is weird. There's got to be a catch somewhere. This is too good to be true. What do I have to do for all this?"

"Only two things. During the time we're together in your house you have to promise to do everything I say and eat everything I cook for you. Is it a deal?"

"Wait a minute! Did I just hear you correctly? In exchange for my dinner, I become your slave? What's with that?"

"Not a slave David, just a willing subject of my food experiment. I don't want to just feed you dinner. I want to help you grow into full-bodied manhood. Once you get on my well-balanced meal program you will be on the road to becoming the big strong hefty hunk you were meant to be. But I need total control to make it work."

"Are you talking about a diet?"

"Growing means gaining not losing. So are you willing? It'll be fun, don't you think?"

With that she took a forkful of creamed chipped beef and toast and popped it into my mouth. She gave me a big smile. I was sunk.

"Sure, Bev. When do we start?"

"Why not tonight? Meet you at five o'clock. Have your bib on. Ha! Ha!"

With that she gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear.

"You'll be the only boy in High School with his own personal feeder. How lucky can you get?"

My face flushed red as she walked away. Her big bottom made the pep club skirt swish from side to side.

This turned out to be my lucky day after all.

Part Two

This was freaking me out. My best friend’s sister, Beverly, was coming over to fix me dinner tonight. She was a High School senior and I was just a lowly freshman. I’m not sure if she was doing this out of pity or if she really needed the cooking practice. All I knew was this was the closest thing to a date I’d ever had. I called my mother to double check her schedule. As usual, she was having dinner with some guy after work and wouldn't be home until nine o'clock.

I spend most of the time before Bev’s arrival cleaning up the place. I wanted to impress her with our tidy home. The doorbell rang just as I was finishing with the vacuum. When I opened the door, I got the shock of my life. There stood Beverly Freeman, dressed in a purple mini-skirt and a skin tight white tank top that jiggled when she moved. She was wearing love beads and shiny white vinyl boots. This was the 70's and girls dressing like hippies wasn't that unusual. But I’d never seen Bev look like this before.

Her normally styled hair was hanging straight down and she wearing granny glasses. All this combined with her plump figure made her look like a teenage Mama Cass. She strolled into the living room cool as can be.

“Nice pad you have here, David. I like the way your Mom has got the Japanese garden thing going on out front too. Mind if I sit down?”

“Go right ahead Bev. I just need to put this vacuum away. Make yourself at home.”

“This place is nice and clean. You’ve worked up quite a sweat getting it ready for me, haven’t you?”

“Oh, it was nothing. But I am pretty sweaty. Maybe I should take a shower.”

“I think that’s a good idea. You run upstairs and get cleaned up and I’ll check out the kitchen.”

“I’ll be right back, Bev!”

“Oh, David. Just one more thing. When you're done with your shower, put on a pair of clean gym shorts and bring the bathroom scale with you, OK?”

"Sure, Bev."

The shower made me relax a bit. But I couldn’t stop think thinking how good Bev looked in those hippie threads. Even being overweight didn’t stop her from being a stone fox in my book. Those big sexy legs and those huge boobs bouncing up and down....MMMM....mmmm. This was so cool. I threw on my gym shorts and a tee shirt, grabbed the bathroom scale, and ran downstairs.

Bev was busy looking in the refrigerator. Cooking books were spread out on the kitchen counter along with her large tote bag. She looked up at me and frowned.

"David! Do you remember my number one rule for you?"

"Uh......to eat all you cooked?"

"No, that’s rule number two. What’s rule number one?”

"Mmmm....to do what you say?"

"That’s right! Now what did I tell you to wear?"

"My gym shorts."

"Correct! So why do you have that tee shirt on?"

"I just assumed....."

"Don't assume anything. If you have a question, just ask me. Now take that shirt off."

"I don't want to. I’m embarrassed."

"Are you saying NO to me? Listen, David. If you can’t follow a simple order, then we’ll have to forget this whole thing. Take that shirt off now or I’m walking out of here!"

I didn’t want her to go. So I reluctantly took it off. I stood there ashamed of the way I looked. I was soft and flabby. My belly stuck out and I had girlish breasts. This was so humiliating. I looked at her face expecting to see disgust, but she just smiled. She put her arm around my shoulders and walked me over to the sliding glass door overlooking the patio.

"See that little statue in your Mom's Japanese garden?"


"Do you know who that is?"

"Buddha, I think."

"That’s right. It’s Buddha. Look at his fat belly. Notice his smiling face. He's a happy dude isn’t he? They say if you rub his belly, it brings good luck."

Bev’s right hand came up and started to rub my stomach.

"Is rubbing your belly going to bring me good luck, David?"

I froze. The touch of her hand was sending electricity throughout my body.

"I hope so, Bev."

"Me too. Now bend over and grab your ankles, David."

Without thinking I did as she asked. Bev went over to her tote bag and took out a small red ping pong paddle. She came back and pressed it against my buttocks. With lightning speed, Bev pulled the paddle back and gave me a short, hard, spank.

"That was just a reminder. The next time I ask you to do something, I expect it to be done quickly and without argument. Understood?"


"Good. Now get up on the scale and let's see how much you weigh."

Beverly took a notebook from her tote bag and made a record of my current weight of 190 pounds. Height at 5' 6". With a cloth tape she measured my waist, chest, neck, arms, and thighs. Next she took out a Polaroid camera.

"Now for the body shots. Stand up straight. Shoulders against the wall. And please, do not suck in your gut."

“Bev, why are you doing all this?”

“Oh David, you really don’t know do you? I’m sorry. It looks like I’m going to have to spell it all out and hope you don’t freak out on me. Here it is, simple and sweet - I want to fatten you up. I want to turn you into my sexy Buddha boy. I like to keep records because I get off measuring how much you grow for me. You’re going to love it.”

Holy shit! I stood there like a lightning bolt had just fried my brain. This was one heavy trip Bev was laying on me and it was blowing my mind. All my life people have bugged me about losing weight. My fat body has always been a constant source of pain and humiliation. Why in hell would I want to gain weight?

“Hold up, Bev. I don’t know about this. I mean, is this some kind of joke? I just wanted a hot meal from a hot chick. I don’t think I like the idea of getting fatter.”

Bev just stood there with her hands on her hips staring at me. Suddenly, she pushed me back on the couch and got this weird look on her face.

“Well, how do you like this idea?”

Bev pulled up the front of her tank top and let her heavy breasts plop out on top of her tanned belly. She lifted up one of her massive mammaries and started to lick the erect nipple.

“Makes you hungry, doesn’t it? Being my obedient fat boy has its rewards.”

She then turned her back to me and pulled her top down.

“Don’t expect to see these puppies again until you have proven yourself worthy. Now bring me my paddle and lay yourself across my lap.”

There was no point in further resistance. Bev had my number. I did what I was told. My only worry was Bev seeing my hard-on and getting mad. She didn’t mention it. But she did pull down my shorts and press that paddle against my bare bottom.

“I want you to remember this day, David. This will be your first step on a journey into total fat ecstasy. Now repeat these words after me - I will obey my feeder...”

“I will obey my feeder.”

SMACK! That little paddle could really sting.

“I will eat everything my feeder gives me.”

I repeated the phrase and SMACK! Another painful spank.

“Just one more, David, and we can get started. I love my feeder and want to get fatter and sexier for her everyday. Now you say it.”

Oh man. Could I really say this and be honest? I wasn’t sure. But I did know one thing. This was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. I repeated those words and gritted my teeth for the final paddle smack. But it never came. Instead Bev started to massage my poor aching butt cheeks.

“You took it like a man, David. I’m proud of you. And you said the words that I’ve longed to hear.”

She turned me over and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips.

“Don’t worry about a thing, baby. You and I will make a great team. I’m feeling some intense vibes here.”

She pulled up my shorts and continued with her picture-taking. Bev snapped me from every possible angle. In the Polaroids she took lying on the floor, all you could see was my wide angle gut and a tiny head. We had a good laugh about those. Bev put her notebook back in the tote bag and turned her attention to the kitchen.

“Tonight I have decided to make you a sweet savory stew. This will be just like the high calorie stuff they feed sumo wrestlers in Japan. Sound good?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve starving, Bev.”

“Good. I want you to work up a good appetite helping me peel and cut these vegetables for the pressure cooker. Put this apron on and let’s get started.”

I spent the next hour working side by side with my beautiful new feeder friend. OK, I know this was a weird set-up, but I was having fun. While the stew was steaming away, Bev had me move one of our living room recliners next to the dinning table. She covered it with towels for protection and had me lay down on it. Then she put a big towel around my neck for a bib.

“I’m sorry we BOTH can’t eat this David, but my mother expects me home for our own family dinner. I hope you understand.”

“That’s OK, Bev. I’m just glad you picked me to do this.”

“Ohhhh baby! Is that really true? Are you going to be my happy fat boy?”

She moved around to the head of the recliner and leaned over. That buxom chest of hers totally smothered my face.

“Peek-A-Boo! Can you guess who this is, fatty?”

That was the question. Who was Bev? She sure had me fooled. Who would have guessed she was this sexy, fat-lovin’ hippie chick? But she was also a lot like her Jewish mother with that domineering personality. I wasn’t on any big macho trip so I didn’t mind. As long as I’m having fun, I’ll go along. But I was concerned if I could handle what was coming next.

Part Three

“David, are you ready to tune in, turn on, and flop out?”

“Flop out?”

“Yeah, flop out that belly of yours. You’re wearing those gym shorts like Farmer John. A fat belly needs lots of fresh air and room to grow.”

I lowered my waistband and let it all hang out for her.

“That’s better. Now it’s time for desert!”

“But Bev, I haven’t had the main course yet.”

“I know, baby, but this little treat is going to make the meal, believe me!”

“What is it?”

“Ever heard of Alice B. Toklas brownies?”

“Wasn’t that in a Peter Sellers movie?”

“Yeah, did you see it?”

“No, my mother wouldn’t let me.”

“Well, Mom’s not here now and I’m letting you have one. Open your mouth, David.”

“MMMmmmmm.....this is good. Tastes like a regular brownie, only a little grittier. Is there supposed to be something special about it?”

“You’ll find out in a little while. I used a regular store bought brownie mix with a generous dose of cannabis added. This will help you get started on your journey into growing manhood. Your mind will be able to focus more completely on eating and getting fatter. All the food I put in your mouth will taste delicious and your appetite for it will become stronger and stronger. This euphoric feeling will last only a couple hours. There will be no harmful side effects or telltale smell. Eat another brownie for me, David. A big boy like you needs two.”

She shoved that second brownie into my mouth before I could protest. What was the point? That first doped-up brownie was gone and already working it’s way to my brain. There was no turning back now. Besides, I was hungry and those brownies were good.

“Where did you learn all this stuff, Bev?”

“I had an old boyfriend who was going to be drafted. Nobody wanted to go to Vietnam and get killed, so we tried to figure out ways to dodge it. Some went to Canada, others tried being conscientious objectors or claimed to be gay. Several did things to fail the physical exam like shooting their foot. I read a story in the Free Press about a group of women who were using hash brownies to fatten their boyfriends so they’d get a 4-F. I’ve always dug fat dudes so it sounded like the perfect solution.

“Did it work?”

“His parents noticed his weight gain and freaked out. He told them it was my idea and I wasn’t allowed to see him again. I think he ended up getting a college deferral.”

“So the story had a happy ending.”

“Not for me, man. It was a total bummer! I was really getting into feeding him. That’s when I discovered I was on a hardcore fat trip. Most guys think I spaced out, but I knew I would eventually find another partner. When I saw you in cooking class today, I knew I could make you see things my way. Was I right, David?”

“Yes, Bev.”

“Good boy. And your mother never being home makes it so easy. Just lay back and mellow out now. The food will be ready soon. In the meantime, let’s dig some groovy tunes. You’re going to love this first song.”

I knew the minute Bev dropped that needle on the vinyl, this was going to be a strange scene. The first sounds I heard were of a weird ringing bell and a guy’s echoing voice - “Bong.....See the glazed eyes.......Bong.......Touch the dead skin......Bong........Feel the cold lips.....and know the warmth of the HIP DEAD GODDESS........”

A psychedelic guitar started to play a rhythmic pattern over and over. Then a hauntingly beautiful woman’s voice began to sing. Bev was gyrating her big soft body to the beat. Her heavy braless jugs were swaying back and forth. This was so groovy.

Bev danced over to where I was lying . She looked into my eyes while singing along with the song.

“Kiss my lips for they are very nice.......Kiss my lips and you will turn to ice......... Look at me and I will turn you on.....Don’t try to hink......because your mind is gone...”

Oh man......my head.....I think the grass was starting to kick in. All I could see was Bev’s smiling face. It felt like I was floating on a cloud.

“How are you feeling, baby? Is your mouth getting a little dry?”

“Yes.....can I have a glass of water, please?”

The next thing I remember seeing was this big glass of crystal clear water being pressed to my lips. I can’t describe how good that water tasted. It quenched my thirst and left me feeling totally refreshed. Where did Bev get this water from?

“I bet you’re starting to feel the munches coming on. Is my big boy hungry?”

“I’m starving. Where’s the food?”

“Patience baby! I have your sweet savory stew right here. Now open big for Mama so we can get you all filled up. Close your eyes and concentrate on how delicious this food tastes and how good it makes you feel. Remember that food and sex are connected. Chewing and screwing, baby. Getting full will get you off.”

She was right. Having her feed me like this WAS a turn on. I wasn’t just eating the food, I was lusting after it. Those brownies had turned me into an eating machine. I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I was totally bloated.

“Wow, man! Your belly is really swelling up. Maybe I better rub in some skin softener to avoid stretch marks.”

Bev fed me with one hand and rubbed lotion in with the other. I just closed my eyes and moaned. My mind was in a semi dream state now. This week in ancient history class, we studied Greek mythology. I saw myself as Baccus - the fat god of wine, spending a lazy afternoon on Mount Olympus. I was lying in a field of sweet smelling flowers while the most beautiful goddess of all - Beverly de Milo, was feeding me one grape at a time. She worshiped my huge belly. She told me she couldn’t get enough of it. Every time Goddess Beverly would pop a juicy grape into my mouth, my belly would magically grow bigger. I could see the desire in her eyes and I gave her permission to kiss and caress it. My hand stroked her long soft hair while she loved my godly girth. Even the mighty Hercules did not know bliss like this.

I opened my eyes and saw the real Bev kissing and caressing my belly. My hand was stroking her hair just like in the dream. My stomach was so bloated and tight, it looked like I was ready to give birth.

“I can’t believe you ate the whole thing, David. There’s not a drop left in the pot. And look at the size of your freakin’ gut, man. It’s so far out. Ha! Ha!”

“Oh jeez.....I’m so full. I can hardly breathe.”

“Just relax, David. I have this little bowl of chocolate pudding I’m going to feed to feed you then you can go to bed and sleep.”

“I don’t think I could eat another bite, Bev.”

“What did I say about telling Mama no? You WILL eat every sweet bite of this pudding and like it. But let’s make it interesting. Instead of a spoon, I’m going to use my tongue. All you have to do is keep sucking pudding off my tongue until it’s all gone. Sound fun?”

I almost creamed my pants when Bev stuck out her tongue. It was long and wicked looking like the one Gene Simmons had from Kiss. She lapped up a big glob of pudding from the bowl and thrust it into my mouth. I sucked it clean and she went to get more. I kept doing this over and over until it was all gone. I lay back in my chair exhausted.

“I think we make a good team, David. What do you think?”

“Yeah, you blow my mind and I blow your tongue, it’s great!”

We both laughed at my joke.

I wasn’t sure how this journey with Beverly was going to end. I knew if I stayed with her I would get a lot fatter. But that was cool now. I didn’t care what others thought as long as Bev was happy. Why try to fight your fat karma?