Weight Room Title Bar

By Biguvguy

Part One

Maribeth Wallace was a fairly active and intelligent girl in high school. She was very active in clubs and was quite popular with her friends. She graduated 28th in a class of 300 and was planning to go to college. She arrived at college a quiet 19-year-old girl, carrying 136 pounds on her 5'4" frame, and was very cute at making friends on campus. Living on campus, she was kept in good supply of food from the fridge her Dad had bought as well as the new microwave oven and a big stockpile of snacks that her parents bought her.

Her roommate at school was Angela Tyler, a cute, sort of chunky, 19-year-old transfer student who was still considered a freshman. Greeting Maribeth, Angela was dressed in her tight cutoff shorts and a tight t-shirt. Angela suggested they go out for some pizza and sample the campus nightlife. At 5'4" she packed 160 pounds of plumpness into a tank top and, judging from her order, she was proud of every pound. Ordering a medium pizza and a pitcher of beer Angela warned Maribeth that she should get used to eating a lot of pizza because the food at the cafeteria really stunk. Surprised that Angela could get beer, Maribeth filled her mug up twice. She figured she should be getting back to settle in so she could study and with that they both left. On the way home Angie stopped at the convenience store to pick up munchies and two 40-oz. bottles of beer to sneak back to the room. Maribeth saw no harm in this since Angela had lots of experience bringing contraband into the dorms. Later that night, the girls finished the beer, ordered Chinese and put a big dent into Maribeth's snack supply.

Maribeth was soon to learn that college life could be very stressful. Coming from a school that wasn't really competitive, Maribeth had things come easy to her before she went to college. Now she was having a hard time keeping up. She stayed up later and later drinking lots of Cokes and eating lots of candy bars to keep her energy up. Angie got them a 48-count box of Snickers regularly so they'd be well supplied. Angie also encouraged Maribeth to join her for breakfast and lunch everyday.

About a month later Angela come home drunk. She stumbled into the room with a large pizza and a two-liter Pepsi. Needing a break anyway, Maribeth checked the clock and, at two am the two of them polished off the pizza. By 3 am both girls were snoozing away with their pants unsnapped, as their bellies extended. That Friday, Angela was able to persuade Maribeth to go out with her and her friends.

After a substantial dinner in the cafeteria, the girls headed off to the bar. Angie came back with a pitcher of beer and two mugs. About 20 minutes later, Angie ordered them some chicken wings. Dumping the last of the first pitcher of beer into Maribeth's mug, Angie then got up to get more beer. It was then that Maribeth noticed how fat Angie was getting. She looked to be at least 10 pounds heavier now as her jeans pulled tightly around Angie's ample hips. Pouring their fourth beer each, Maribeth commented on Angie's growing pot belly.

"Yeah, I guess all this beer and pizza and those candy bars are starting to work their magic on me," Angie said, rubbing her distended belly for full effect.

"Looks like you've been eating good, too, lately, Maribeth," Angie said as she caught Maribeth loading up on the last of the wings. Maribeth knew she too was putting on weight when she'd tried to pull on her favorite jeans that night. She couldn't pull them up and was forced to wear a pair of her largest jeans, which were tight around her waist, causing a sexy roll of fat that was growing with each beer and wing consumed.

"Angie, I don't know what to do! I got on the scale this morning, and it read 151 pounds. I've gained 13 pounds in just two months, is this normal?"

"You know, Maribeth, college is not a place to worry about your weight. I've put on 10 pounds since coming back and at 174 pounds I feel pretty sexy. My boyfriend wouldn't be taking me out to eat so much if he didn't like my dangerous curves."

The girls spent the rest of the night drinking beer and eating snacks while sitting at the bar. The next morning at 10:30 Maribeth got up and looked at herself in the mirror. Last night's pig-out didn't do as much damage as she thought, and she decided that she should go out more often.

Angela finally got up and was talking to her boyfriend while Maribeth was showering. On the phone, Bob, Angie's boyfriend wanted to know everything the girls ate last night. As Angela went on describing the evenings happenings, Bob wanted to know if Maribeth would like to go out with his friend, Jeff. Angela said she would arrange everything if the boys would take them to the Buffet House.

Angela and Maribeth went to the cafeteria for a big hearty breakfast. Before Maribeth was able to finish eating, Angie came back with four donuts.

"Maribeth, you have just got to try these," Angie said with her mouth full of donut. She put two on her plate and two on Maribeth's. Although she was pretty full, Maribeth found room in her growing belly for the donuts. (She was really getting used to overeating.) The girls made quick work of the donuts and went back to their room to do some homework.

About an hour later, Angela rips open a big bag of potato chips and starts to nibble. She asks Maribeth about her plans for the night to see if she'd like to go on a double date with her and Bob.

"I don't know, Angie," Maribeth said, "I've really put on some weight here and I don't have anything to wear." Angela suggested that Maribeth just borrow an outfit from her and go out with them. "I hope Jeff likes fat girls." Maribeth said as she reached deep into the bag of chips, pulling herself a big handful to nibble on.