The Master & His Slave

By "Rosie"

"Stop snivelling slave, you belong to the Master now, for him to do with you as he sees fit!"

Rosie knelt on the floor, trembling, in front of her captor. What did he mean "Master"? She was so afraid, she'd been kidnapped, blindfolded and brought to this remote destination, and she had no idea by whom, or for what purpose, but she was soon to find out! The man suddenly grabbed hold of her, and roughly pulled her to her feet, her hands were still bound behind her, and he wrists felt sore as the rope cut into her skin. He dragged her into a side room and pushed her down onto the floor, saying "wait here, the Master won't be long". With that, he slammed the door behind him and Rosie heard the key turn in the lock.

She began to sob helplessly, what was to become of her, she thought. Was she to be held for some kind of ransom? To who? She was an orphan; she had no family at all for anyone to demand money from! Oh she was so confused. She looked around the room, there was a very large bed in the centre, draped in dark green and gold silk, with a huge headboard made of iron bars. A similarly large armchair was placed in one corner, a wardrobe in the other and a table with two chairs over by the far wall. There were several lights hanging from all four walls, which lit the room, as she noted that there was no real window, but for a small fanlight, high up on the wall to the left of where she was sitting.

As she pondered her fate, she suddenly heard the key turning in the lock; she spun round in fear! The door slowly opened, and in came the tall ugly man, that had dragged her into the room only minutes before. He came across to her, and with the back of his hand, he hit her round the face, and shouted, "get up slave, get up for the Master, show some respect"! She felt dazed, and her cheek stung from the man's heavy blow, then she heard another voice "Barrett! Not so rough, I don't want her harmed in any way!" The man's voice, although loud, was soft somehow; she blinked to clear the tears from her eyes, and tried to focus in the direction that it was coming from. There, by the door, stood a man of medium height, with thick dark hair. He was rather on the large size, she guessed maybe 250 to 300lbs, he was dressed in a dark blue smoking jacket, with black trousers and shoes, and a pale blue cravat hugged about his neck. He walked towards her, and with a sharp intake of breath, Rosie cowered, but the man spoke gently to her, saying "don't be afraid, I have no intention of harming you", the thug by the door grunted, and quickly the fat man snapped "get out, I donít need you any more, I'll call you if I do, and shut the door on your way out"!

He then turned his attention back to Rosie, and stroked her burning cheek with his plump soft hand, "I'm sorry he did that to you my dear, there wasn't any need" he said "what's your name?"

"Rosie" she choked,

"Well Rosie, lets make you more comfortable shall we" he reached behind her and untied the rope around her wrists. Rosie rubbed them to ease the pain, "oh my!" said the man "your wrists look so sore, we shall have to attend to that straight away, come", he led her to the large bed, and beckoned her to sit, which she did obediently. The man walked over to a large bowl of water, which stood on a table beside the bed; she hadn't noticed it before.

He wrung out a pale cream cloth, and coming back to her, gently attended to her wounds. "Who are you?" Rosie asked, the man looked awkward, as if she had asked him a difficult question, Rosie persisted "please, who are you, what do you want of me, and why have you brought me here?" The man walked back over to the water bowl, and replaced the cloth, he slowly turned to look at Rosie, and she could feel his eyes searching hers. "My name is Max, I've been a lonely man Rosie, for many years, my weight you see", and he patted his large belly as if to confirm the statement. "Women don't find me attractive, they never have, and I have grown shy and withdrawn over time, I haven't ventured out of this house in the last 4 years, and in that time, my weight has continued to grow"

"But how can I help you?" Rosie asked, puzzled by the man's words. He looked awkward again, as if what he had to say, was sticking in his throat.

"You'll forgive me, but you are to be my slave, I an angry because your fair sex has shunned me and rejected me, all because of my weight, so now, I intend to have my revenge!"

Rosie, suddenly felt afraid again, the man's gentle voice and soft manner had changed, and been replaced by a cold frigid anger, that terrified her.

She didn't dare ask what he meant by 'revenge', instead, she said nothing.

"What size are you?" the man snapped

"Size?" Rosie asked

"Yes girl, size, clothes, dresses, that sort of thing?"

"Why?" asked Rosie

"Don't dare question me girl, you are the slave here, and I am your Master, I do the asking, not you!"

Rosie could feel the tears welling up again, and she swallowed deeply, determined not to cry, well at least not in front of her new 'Master'

"Well?" the man snapped again, "what dress size are you?"

"A size 14" Rosie stammered

"Sir! When you address me from now on, you will address me as Sir! Do you understand?" he glared at her with intense rage flashing across his face.

"Yes Sir" she cried, and the tears began to fall, uncontrollably from her eyes, she looked at him, as if pleading to be let go, but he turned his gaze away from hers. "I don't like skinny girls, I don't like them at all! But not to worry, we'll soon have you fattened up nicely my girl!"

Rosie gasped with horror, what? Had she heard him correctly? Was he really going to try and fatten her up, so that she lost her lovely figure, that she'd worked so hard to maintain? No, NO! She wouldn't let him, anything but that! Max watched her intently, he could sense her thoughts, and quickly added "you are not being asked, I am telling you, I will fatten you up, one way or another, I WILL fatten you up!" he put his face down to hers in a threatening manner, to reinforce his words.

"I won't do it!" said Rosie, "do you hear me, I won't let you, you can't force me to eat anything, I shall starve instead!" The man let out a loud cruel laugh, "won't eh? We'll see. We'll see!" he shouted as he stormed off out of the room and locked the door behind him. Rosie had no idea what time it was, she could just make out the dark sky, through the small fan light window; so she knew it must be early evening. She was starving, but she was also determined that she wouldn't eat anything that Max, her master gave her to eat. She curled up on the big soft bed, and went to sleep.

When she woke, Rosie's arms felt strangely taught, and they ached, she went to rub the sleep out of her eyes, but then realised that she couldn't move her arms! She opened her eyes and to her horror realised, that whilst she had been sleeping, someone had come into the room and chained her wrists to the headboard! She was now well and truly a prisoner, a captive, what could she do now? She pulled at the braiding, but it wouldn't give an inch, terror suddenly struck her, had her new Master REALLY meant what he'd said the night before? Oh, she prayed he hadn't, but her prayers went unanswered, for soon enough, in came Max, followed by the thug, who in turn pushed a large trolley, laden with food. "Thankyou Barrett, you may leave, I shan't need any help with this!" he gestured the man to leave, and then, as if thinking allowed, he added "no, this I am going to enjoy!" He came over to Rosie, and said "good morning, feeling more amenable today, or do you still insist that you won't allow me to fatten you up willingly?" Rosie starred at him, she was lost for words, what could she say? What could she do? She hung her head with sadness. "Behaving like a spoilt little brat, won't work with me girl, let me show you something". Max moved over to the large wardrobe in the corner, he opened one of the thick oak doors and reached inside. Rosie craned her neck, but she couldn't see what he was doing. He returned with a garment on a hanger, a large red dress, with white around the collar. Max held it up, it was huge! My God she thought to herself, I could make at least two, maybe even three dresses out of that one to fit me! "Do you see this?" he thrust it in her direction, she turned away, Max continued, "this will be yours one day, and it will fit you like a glove, it may even become alittle tight on you!" Rosie noticed what she thought was a large swelling beginning to take shape in her Master's trousers, Max noticed the direction of her gaze, and quickly altered his position. Rosie turned her attention back to the 'dress', if you could call it that, it was more like a tent! "You can't make me eat, I just won't!"

"But my dear, you don't have any choice, because if you don't eat the food I offer to you willingly, then I'll just force it down your throat, mouthful after mouthful!" he sneered triumphantly, like I told you yesterday, "I WILL fatten you up!" Rosie gazed at all the fat, rich greasy food, which was stacked up on the trolley, she felt sick, and she hadn't even eaten anything yet. Max got up from the bed, his own weight causing him some difficulty in doing so, he began placing a selection of different foodstuffs on a large plate, bacon, sausage, fried egg etc. When he could barely fit any more food on the plate, he came back over and sat down beside her on the bed, then, as Rosie watched, he cut the food into 'bite sized' pieces. The reality of her situation slowly washed over her, as she finally battled to come to terms with the fact that this was really happening. Either she willingly ate what was about to be offered to her, or her Master, really WAS going to force feed it to her, against her will. What else could she do?

Max brought the first forkful up to her mouth, she looked down at it in disgust, she hatted anything covered in fat or grease, and this food was SWIMMING in it! "Come along" Max coaxed, "open wide", Rosie shut her eyes and opened her mouth, Max slid the fatty substance in, it tasted horrible, she just wanted to scream, but what would be the point, she was miles from anywhere, no-one would here her! Instead, she just obediently ate the food, mouthful after mouthful, until she felt so full, she thought she would surely burst! She begged him to stop, crying "my belly aches! Please! No more!" Max slowly lifted up her cotton shirt, and sure enough, her small well shaped, firm tummy, was showing signs of strain. It was tight, like the skin on a snare drum; Rosie winced with pain as Max placed a hand over her belly. He pulled back quickly, but then replaced it, and started to massage the painful swelling in a circular motion, he brought his other hand up, and started to rub the other side too. It still hurt, Rosie felt as though she couldn't breathe! Max continued to massage her belly until it became softer and pliable under his expert hands, then, when he was sure she was ready, he turned his attention back to the uneaten food, and started to feed her again.

All morning, and on into the afternoon, this continued, Max only stopping to rub the ever increasing, ever swelling belly, that by now, Rosie barely recognised to be her own. The 'thug' manservant would come in and remove one trolley, only to replace it with another, just as full as the last. In the evening, when Rosie finally thought Max was going to let her rest, he fetched a large two-quart container filled with some sort of white liquid, to this he attached a long tube. He instructed Rosie to lie down on the bed and relax; so she shifted her position as best she could, and lay down as flat as possible. Max clipped the container to a purpose built bracket on the wall above the bed; he then carefully inserted the end of the tube into Rosie's mouth. She watched, as the thick liquid made it's way slowly down the tube towards her, when it finally reached her mouth, she gagged, it was pure thick whipping cream, yuck! She used her tongue to remove the tube from her mouth, and the thick, cold liquid spilled all over her neck and chest. Max quickly re-inserted the tube, back into Rosie's mouth. He held it there for a few minutes, just until he was sure that she wouldn't try to dispel it again. Then, when he was satisfied that she was actually consuming and swallowing the thick substance, he gently stroked the hair back off her face, and whispered, almost to himself, "you'll get used to it my beauty". Rosie Finally passed out, from the continual, forced overfeeding.

The days passed by and fell into weeks, which in turn became months, each one sharing the same agenda as the last. Max would arrive early in the morning, with the first food trolley of the day, after that, more food trolleys, and yet more. Rosie lost count of all time and the number of meals that she was forced to eat by her Master. In fact, he no longer had to 'force' her to eat anymore, her stomach had become so accustomed to the huge quantities of food that it had been made to swallow day in day out, that it had enlarged accordingly. She now found it relatively easy to eat continuously, until her Master would tell her to stop, indeed, if she didn't eat almost non-stop, she felt hungry, due to the sheer size of her stomach lining. Max would attend to her, ensuring that she always had a plentiful supply of fresh food available to her. He would just sit and watch her eat, for hours and hours, as it gave him the most delectable pleasure. He had lost all his anger towards the female sex, and now felt only affection and admiration for his female 'slave'. Max regularly enjoyed afternoons or evenings on the large bed with Rosie, pleasuring himself in ways that only a man could with an extremely fat woman, and Rosie seemed to get as much pleasure out of these times too. Able to get up from the bed now, albeit with great difficulty, no longer chained to the headboard, she would waddle around the room, munching on various snacks as she did so. Her belly had slowly, but most decisively, enlarged, and filled out, sprawling shamelessly down across her now very fleshy upper thighs. The tops of her upper arms began to hang like Christmas decorations, her beautifully formed double chin, seemed to feign a permanent 'smile', and her breasts, now full and voluptuous, proudly hung down by her side. Max had finally achieved his goal, he had succeeded in fattening Rosie up, beyond his wildest dreams, she was big and very beautiful now, almost 700lbs at the last weigh in, and yet he still continued to feed her, fattening her up even more. He delighted in watching her body change and take shape, all at his own hands, and Rosie let him, always doing as she was told for her 'Master'. The red and white dress? Well, Rosie never did get to wear it, by the time Max suggested she try it on, it was already far too small, in fact nothing in the wardrobe now fit her, she had increased in size beyond all expectations.