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The Story of My Good & Plenty
By Thump

He had worked off and on since he was 16 at The Pearl, a soiled dove of an old movie theater that boasted only one screen and a lot of ambience that included trench-coated gentlemen and blue-haired old women who slept with their bearded chins on their drooping chests. He had seen hundreds of movies, served 1,000 of rude and cranky customers whose main wish seemed to be just to piss him off and peeled bubble gum from the bottom of his boots a dozen disgusting times.

He was now 21 and a budding musician with a band called Gods of Thunder. He made musical love to his bass guitar as often as he could. How he loved to hug it to his tall, muscular frame, close his brown eyes, feel the vibrations sing against his wash-board stomach and bubble up inside as the power of the song surged through him. The music was great and the crowds at the local hang-outs and bars thought his group was really hot...but the money was not. And that is why he was leaning on the counter amongst the greasy fake butter that smeared like yellow blood upon the elbows of his well-worn and often washed brown uniform. It was Monday afternoon, and it was always a quiet matinee with plenty of time for him to write his music and tap his long, tapered fingers against the glass counting out rhythms.

He heard an "aheeehem!!!" DAMN Skippy, he thought to himself as he turned around to serve the rude customer that had drawn him out of his musical cloud.

"Excuse me, " she said in a soft whisper. "May I please have a box of Good & Plenty?"

He just stood there, grounded and amazed by the movie queen that stood before him. She was petite, dark headed with a whisper of curls that tickled her soft chin that doubled when she spoke. Her skin was a pale with a dusting of sweet little freckles that laughed across her snub nose...and her mouth, full and ripe. He imagined gathering her to him and kissing that mouth until she gasped. Her plump hands nervously fingering the purse that she gathered to her chest that boasted two luscious mounds of joy that were framed by a stomach that extended out further than her surely pink nipples as it belled out like a blossoming flower. Her pink sweater tightly buttoned across the swell of it just exposing a hint of flesh that seemed to beg to escape. He felt as if that tiny bit of skin was calling out to him...he could almost taste her navel as his tongue would dart in and out of it as she called out...


"Carl?" He wondered how she knew his name.

"Excuse me, Carl?" she said as she pointed at his nametag. "Are you all right?"

All he could manage was a nod of his head.

"May I please have a box of Good & Plenty?"

He managed to squeak out a "yes" and wondered when his voice had changed back to puberty as it squeaked and cracked.

He took the box out of the glass case and slid it across the counter top and thought to himself...I can touch her hand when she pays for it!

She laid the exact amount on the counter, smiled and turned and headed toward the double doors to the movie. He was presented with a wonderful view of her soft, round bottom that was as wide as her hips and jiggled and swayed as she walked. He leaned across the counter trying to get a better view and almost dumped himself onto the floor.

OMG, he thought to himself...Easy boy...What goes in has to come out. He loved big woman, and that is one reason when the music "groupies" clung to him and pressed their thin bodies against him he turned away in boredom. He wanted that softness, that generous roundness, the sweet femininity that lingered and curled around a BBW like rose perfume. Fate. It was Fate that brought his "Good & Plenty" to him in this run down theater, and he was going to make the most of it.

He nervously watched the clock the rest of the afternoon, hoping for one more glimpse of her before she left. He had wanted to slip in during the movie to see her, but his asshole of a manager made him clean the urinals and scrub the sinks. He had cleaned them both like a housemaid on ritalin so he would not miss her.

The hands of the clock finally reached 5:30, and he could hear the hummm of the crowd as they prepared to leave. He propped open the doors and waited, his hands deep in his pockets trying to keep himself under control. The first group came out and then the next...and then the next. Each time he craned his neck, trying to spot her. Finally everyone was gone and he just stood there wondering how he could of missed her.

"Carl!!" shouted his manager. "Get to work picking up the trash in the theater."

Silently he gave his manager every cuss word he could..."Damn Skippy," he said out loud as he picked up his broom and dustpan.

The credits were still rolling and the theater still darkened. He started at the front and began picking up the litter that everyone had left.

"Can't these people read!!" he thought to himself as he dumped trash into the "Please dispose of your trash here."

He continued muttering and bending down to pick up the remains of candy bar wrappers, popcorn boxes and drink cups. As he was bending down he heard someone say, "Here you go." Quickly, he stood up in surprise, and his head bumped into something soft.


He grabbed for the person he had almost knocked over and when he did...he felt the rush of it...he looked up and in the weak light of the credits still being run he saw that it was her...his Good & Plenty.

"I am so so so sorry," he stammered.

"That is okay...my mistake..." she smiled at him.

His hands were still on her soft, fleshy arms, and they were standing very close together. Her round stomach bumping him at his belt.

"You can let go of me now...I am okay."

He quickly released her and felt himself blush all the way from the top of his head to his booted feet...OMG, he never blushed!!

"I am...I am sorrry."

"I think you already said that," as she dumped some of the trash she had in her hands. He watched fascinated as candy, hamburger and French fry sack and Twinkie wrappers slowly danced into the trash can.

He looked down at her, and his mouth dropped as he noticed that her stomach was at least doubled the size it had been when she came in. The buttons were at least 3 inches apart now, and the last two buttons above her pants were open. Exposing soft, sweet flesh that seemed to say..."Touch me!!"

Quickly she attempted to pull her pink sweater down, but instead it just molded her pouty stomach even more.

She smiled, added her hand to the small of her back and arched it...raising her tummy like Venus from the froth of the sea. She turned and smiled and slowly walked carefully up the aisle.

He stood there...mouth opened...brain dead...but other parts of him very much alive.

OMG she was huge!! Where did she get that food?? He looked again at the trash she had thrown away and was amazed at how much there was. She must of brought it in her purse.

The idea that she had been sitting there in the dark and eating and licking her fingers and rubbing her own growing stomach just blew him away.

Weak kneed his sat down in a chair and imagined himself sitting next to her...handing her each morsel...watching her eat and her stomach growing...the buttons stretching and threatening to pop and then ping!! as a button rolled down to the front of the theater...ping!! another one...

"I AM NOT PAYING YOU TO SIT DOWN!!" his manager yelled. After he had jumped up with surely a huge boner after that encounter, he finished cleaning up the theater and plotted his next move.

It was Monday again and almost time for the matinee. He had combed his curly, dark hair that threatened to leave its part, shaved as close as he could although the shadow was already beginning to creep up on his cheeks and chin and sprinkled some cologne on him.

"God!! I feel like some teen-ager!" and he did...palms clammy, his heart beating at an intense pace, and every time he heard the "whoosh" of the front door he would turn to see who it was.

It was 2:45 and no Good & Plenty...maybe she would not return...maybe he had freaked her so badly by his stuttering and stammering she would be afraid to come back...maybe...GOD!! There she was.

She came in dressed in a tight paisley yellow dress that molded itself to her figure like the peel on a banana. Her stomach rippled with its fullness and showed enough rolls of flesh even from a distance he could count them...one, two, three...and it had buttons. Tiny little pearl buttons that started at the low collar of her dress and all the way down to the hem of the skirt that caressed her fat knees. She was a vision...an absolute vision. Across her shoulder she carried her large purse that seemed to dig into her soft shoulder as she walked across the lobby and...

"Hello, Carl."

"Hi!" he croaked.

"May I have a box of Good & Plenty??"

He nodded silently and dug into the counter and pulled out the box setting it before her. She handed him a $10.00 and stretched out her plump upturned hand for change. He gulped as he counted it out...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...touching her hand each time and shuddering inside at the softness of it. How he wanted to take that hand and bury his mouth into it...how he wanted to slip each sweet fat digit into his mouth...


He blinked and looked up at her.

"Thank you."

You are welcome," he murmured as he watched her sway her hips and walk into the theater. As she came to the door...she turned and looked at him and smiled. OMG!! he thought. She had looked at HIM!! Nobody else but HIM!! Quickly he shouted at his buddy to take over, and he walked quickly into the darkened theater.

His eyes took a while to become accustomed to the darkness as he looked for her. There she was on near the back. He slid in the aisle opposite and one up so he would be able to get a good view of her. Her thick silhouette outlined by the flickering previews. He saw that she had her purse opened before her and was digging into it.

She pulled out a hamburger and quickly sunk her teeth into it. He felt himself harden immediately, and for the next two-and-a-half hours he watched her eat and eat and eat. He was amazed by her capacity as she gulped several soft drinks and ate candy, cookies, hamburgers and chips.

He could see that she was slowing down as she had her hand on her stomach and was rubbing and caressing it. She had also slid down deeper into her seat as her tummy spread out further onto her lap.

He looked up as the audience applauded at the end of the movie. He noticed that she quickly began putting her trash into her purse and dusted off the debris from her gorgeous and swollen stomach.

He sat there and waited until everyone left.

She didn't know he was still in there as she pulled herself up with obvious difficulty and leaned forwarded and cupped her stomach that now rose over her thighs. Suddenly she laughed and held a hand over her navel as he heard a ping!! and a roll followed by another ping!! and a roll.

She looked over at him.

"Did you enjoy the show?"

"I had already seen the movie," he gulped.

"I didn't mean the movie...I meant...the show," as she pointed to her stomach and smiled.

She turned and gathered her now empty purse as her soft skin bubbled out of the holes of the missing buttons like toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. His eyes were glued to that spot, and his fingers fairly itched with the ache and need to caress and taste...

"I will see you next Monday...Carl."

GOD!! She had caught him acting like a nervous teen-ager again.

"You will?" he stammered.

"Yes, and this time...sit next to me."

He gulped and silently nodded his head. She lumbered up the aisle with her proud belly swollen and heavy as he stared at her swaying backside. She stopped at the top of the aisle and turned...

"Bring food next time," she smiled and with deliberate intention splayed her palms across her stomach and caressed it. She then turned showing her glorious profile as the lights came up and she went out the door.

It had been a long week...everything had made him edgy. He was as tight and wound up as a cheap watch from Wal-Mart and any minute he was going to blow!! All he could do was fantasize about her and think about her and dream about her. Each night he played their last encounter over and over again in his mind. He went to the grocery store and tried to map out what he would bring for his first feeding with her. Finally deciding on the third trip what to purchase. He wanted this first time to be incredible...for him and for his Good & Plenty.

Finally it was Monday, and he had managed to beg the day off from one of his buddies. Nervously he paced back and forth and back and forth. Shoulders scrunched, hands buried deep in his pockets as he looked at the clock for the 1000th time!!! He had put his treats behind a seat near the door so he could grab them before they sat down. He had also made a deal with his buddy if he could get him free tickets at their next performance he would continue to provide him with supplies if he ran out. The stage was set...and only the star was late.

The crowd began to come in slowly as he bobbed up and down trying to get a look see at the door. He looked up at the clock when he turned for another nervous look at the front door it swung open to reveal his lady...his erotic dream...his Good & Plenty.

She smiled and waved at him as she hoisted her bag onto her shoulder. He quickly walked over to her...

"Let me take that," indicating her heavy bag. "You look wonderful," and she did.

Her white dress accented her large soft body, caressing it like vanilla ice cream melting down a plump finger. The lace at the collar playfully teased her cleavage and the lace at the bottom barely covered her knees. The material clung to her sweet rolls and molded itself lovingly to her stomach. The row of rosebud buttons waiting all in a row just begging to blossom. He felt himself harden, and he felt lightheaded with the rapture of it all.

"We'd better go," as she took his arm and brushed her round breast against his arm.

He visibly shuddered and she smiled.

He escorted her to the back of the theater, picking up his belongings as she sunk into the chair. He noticed it was a pretty tight fit and when she sat down, her belly bubbled up and reached her breasts as they seemed to rest upon that soft bed of flesh.

"I want you to feed me," she whispered to him. "I want you to feed me continually," she whispered again as her rose perfume wafted against his nose.

She turned to him and reached her chin out and opened her mouth as she closed her eyes. The light of the movie flickering against her pale skin as he slowly unwrapped a Payday candy bar. She looked like a goddess of Greece frozen in alabaster as her sweet little mouth waited for her first offering from him. Hesitantly he moved the candy towards her mouth as she leaned in closer to him. He touched it to her mouth as her tongue reached out to claim it. She took his hand and held it as she rubbed the candy against the pad of her bottom lip. A little sigh escaped from her opened mouth as he felt the tremors of excitement ignite. He pushed the candy bar closer into her warm mouth as her teeth took it and bit into it all the while she still held his hand. The next sigh was from him as she continued to bit into the candy bar and with his help devoured it. He fell back into his seat stunned with the power of that first taste as she leaned forward and added her own mouth to his. Claiming it with such sweet gentleness as her tongue dipped into his mouth. His tongue joined hers as did his hands against the slope of her jaw as he pressed himself in deeper and deeper thrilling at the little mews and sighs that escaped from the back of her throat.

"That was nice," she whispered, her own eyes glowing with passion.

"I thought it was, too," as he dug into his bag of goodies and grabbed a wrapped hamburger.

She watched him there in the darkness unwrap it and offer it to her. She hungrily bit into it and after finishing it ate another one. She then thirstily drank from the cup that he offered her, and his eyes were drawn to her stomach that was already beginning to swell. Each little button seemed to be challenging him as the white material stretched across her plump belly.

He continued to feed her as he watched that stomach blossom.

She felt his stare and took his hand and rested it upon her stomach. He felt the heat of that fullness and ached for it to be against him. She took his hand and guided it in a slow massage as she leaned back heavily and sighed.

"Yes, that's the way...hmmmmm that feels so good."

He continued the massage feeling the tightness of her once soft stomach.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded her head and said..."More"

He looked into his empty bag and dug into her empty one. OMG, he thought...she had eaten everything that they had both brought. Quickly he kissed her on her cheek and stumbled out of the darkness into the lobby. He looked up at the clock and saw that they had only 15 minutes more before the movie was over.

He ran behind the concession stand as his buddy stood there and laughed at him. His buddy laughed even harder when he grabbed some food, bumped into the counter and nearly knocked over a customer with a big bucket of popcorn.

She was waiting for him as he slid in next to her and quickly offered her a hot dog and a large drink. She gobbled the hot dog and then took the offered large drink and thirstily drank from it.

He watched in fascination as the buttons parted and stretched as her belly blossomed and grew.

"Ahhhhh...I am done," as she rested her hand upon the shelf of her enlarged stomach.

He leaned over and slowly added his warm fingers into the gap right above her belly button. The button gave way so easily revealing her sweet skin and he felt such a rush of desire to bury his head against her. He unbuttoned several more as his full palm rested inside her dress. He wanted to...

The audience began applauding as the credits began to roll.

"Damn!!" as he quickly tried to button her back but his fingers trembled too much. She looked up and gently brushed his fingers aside as she tried to button herself as well. The buttons refused to cooperate as the audience began to move about and leave. He turned and took his jacket off and laid it across her and hurriedly began picking up the litter and stuffing it into his bag.

Finally everyone was gone, and he wondered what to say to her.

"Thank you," as he offered to help her up from her chair.

She rose and leaned against him as his coat fell to the floor. He embraced her feeling that belly against his own as his mouth flooded hers with his tongue. They kissed hungrily from each other as his hand cupped her full bottom, pressing her into him.

"Carl!! the boss is coming!!"

He turned and gave his buddy the thumbs up for warning him.

"We need to go," he regretfully said.

"I know...but we will meet again. Next Monday."

"By the way my name is..." He stopped her with a finger to her mouth.

"You are Good & Plenty to me."

"I like that and looking at me now I would say Plenty is perfect!!" as she looked down at her swollen and distended belly with pleasure.

He helped her gather her things and kissed her good-bye as she slowly exited the theater. Once more turning to say good-bye, her hand on her magnificent belly that he had helped create.

"Until next week, Carl."

"Until next week," as he took her sweet little hand and pressed it to his mouth.

And there would be several more Mondays and some Tuesdays along the way as well. He now made love to not only his bass guitar but to his own sweet darling.

"Sir, here is your change."

Carl shook himself out of those delicious memories as he took the change from the kid behind the Blockbuster counter. He gathered up the 2 videos and the jumbo size Good & Plenty and walked to his car. He smiled as he placed the items on the seat next to him. His own Good & Plenty was at home...their home.

They had been married for two years now, and she was now 60 glorious pounds heavier. He had never been happier, and every Monday he took off work to go home to be with her. She could no longer fit into a chair at the theater as her hips had spread as well as her tummy. He now owned the theater, and his band performed on week-ends, and during the week he showed old classics and romances. His next project was to take out the old chairs and add new big ones so everyone could sit and enjoy a great movie.

They now watched movies together in their bedroom as he fed her and admired her and touched her. She was his and he was hers...his very own Good & Plenty.