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Getting Together With Maxi
By Ass Attacker

Author's Note: I originally posted this in Dove's bbwsoulmates2 group and was overwhelmed with the response I received. I was told by BBWinWP that I should post it in as many BBW groups as possible. It's just the story of how I got together with Maxi. Apparently some of the so-called FA's need to realize there's more to being with a BBW than just great sex.


I finally got around to reading "In Praise of a Fat Wife." I've seen it posted in other groups and it was such a long posting, I never read it. (That whole short attention span thing and all)

It's a special day when a man realizes he's an FA. I've been one since the day I was born. Always knew it - never denied it. Also never dated 'till I was 19 because of it. The skinny girls didn't like me and the chubby chicks didn't think I was serious. I finally did meet someone - a beautiful older woman with a little plumpness to her. She was the only woman ever to show any interest in me so I fell fast and hard. We were together for about 16 years. Went through all kinds of ups and downs - family tragedies, financial disasters, moving to NC, starting our own band, - there were good and bad. When we were married - five years after we met - she had gone from 165 pounds up to 265 - and looked more beautiful than the day we met. She never believed that. She didn't care that I liked her as she was. She claimed it was the cause of her back pain and later her diabetes.

We had a long string of bad luck a few years ago - starting with the death of her father to a disastrous adventure with a business we had started. After we lost the business - she changed. She went into depression - I retreated into my job to try and earn as much as I could - sometimes working 80-hour weeks. She started losing weight - not from dieting - from loss of appetite. If I didn't cook every night - she would not eat. I started getting worried. She was losing too much - too fast. I started thinking she had cancer or something and didn't know it. I pleaded with her to do something - see a doctor and find out; or, at least, get an anti-depressant. She did, finally. The doctor put her on Paxil. It improved her mood a little and completely took away her libido. Now my mood went to bad.

I kept hoping my wife would come back to me. Her attitude had changed so much - I didn't know who she was. I kept pleading with her not to lose too much and to get a different anti-depressant. She didn't hear me. All she could think of was how skinny she was going to be. She dropped 120 pounds in a year's time. The weight loss had drastic effects on her body and her looks. She was 52 at the time and looked 32 before the weight loss began. After she lost it - she looked 60. The weight loss did nothing for the pains in her back or her diabetes for that matter. As a matter of fact, that got worse. Now I was getting depressed.

Once again I tried a career change - tried to earn more and improve myself. Not really a career change - I was still driving a truck - only it was my truck and my business. Things were going ok - I guess I shouldn't have been on the road as it only made things worse. We grew further apart. I had feelings that she may have had someone else. She seemed insistent on me starting this business. Get me out of the way - she can have some fun. My heart said she'd never do that - my mind said "You were the other man when you met her, stupid!" Yes - she was married when we met. Please don't judge me or her on that unless you know the story - he was a lazy bastard that wouldn't get a job and was on his way out anyway.

I found myself getting more and more depressed. I started coming back to FL to see my parents and friends. Things started getting worse for me when she didn't care if I came home on weekends when I couldn't get a load back towards NC. She would ask if it was ok for her to go out dancing, so she didn't have to sit at home alone. I knew the manager of the club and knew he would take care of her for me. I had no problem with that. When she started asking if it was ok if she went out dancing with David - I knew I was on the way out the door. I started going out to dinners and lunches with groups of my old friends. One day I realized it was just me and one friend - a friend I met two weeks after I met my wife. One of my closest friends. Maxi.

I don't know how this happened. We were standing on Pompano Pier after dinner one night and a voice in my head said, "Hey ASSHOLE - you're on a date!" I had a mild panic attack at that time. I didn't know what to do. Here I am....an FA.... married for 11 years to a woman who didn't want to be fat anymore....and apparently didn't want to be with me anymore. I looked over at Maxi .....her gorgeous face.....her beautiful hair....her luscious pear shaped body......her wonderful and slightly warped personality ......and Cupid found the key to Pandora's box where I had put my feelings for Maxi 16 years prior and opened it up. I didn't do anything right then - I tried to remain calm and not do anything to screw it up - being the suave and sophisticated dater that I am (rriiiiiiigghhtt). I knew I had to be with her....to have her.....for the rest of my life.

Later that evening, we were back at my buddy's house where I had been staying. I had given his fiancÚ her back and neck massage and was working on Maxi when they went to bed. I was wrestling with those feelings in my heart and my head. Common sense was taking a severe beating. Maybe I was reading her wrong; but, as I was rubbing her neck - she kept leaning back further and further as if she wanted me to go further down her chest. That voice in my head went "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THINKING??!!" Something grabbed whatever was saying these things and beat it to a bloody pulp. No - I didn't grab for her boobies......I'm not your ordinary pig of a male. Nothing in the world could have stopped me.....not a team of Clydesdales, a six-engine modified pulling tractor, a Longnose Peterbilt with a 600 hp Cat motor.....or common sense.....from leaning forward and gently kissing her on the neck. I froze.

"Now what the fuck did I do that for?" said the voice... only this time it came from my mouth.

"Maybe I should get up?" said Maxi.

"Yup," said the voice.

"Maybe I should go home."

"I think that would be a good idea!" We hugged and said good night.

The next day - we had plans for the four of us to go to the Ren Fair. It was too crowded, so we went back to the house to BBQ. As our friends were getting things ready - the two of us sat in the living room talking about the events of the previous evening. I couldn't tell her my true feelings. She kept pushing me.

I didn't know if I should tell her or not. I was already losing my wife - I couldn't handle losing the only other woman in my life I ever cared for. Especially not one as beautiful and with such a mind blowing BBW shape.

She kept pushing me.

(This was crazy - I can't do this - why am I feeling this way?)

She kept pushing me.

"I can't!" (Why am I scared shitless?)

She kept pushing me.

(Why are my palms so damn sweaty? Oh no - you're not going to do what I think you're going to do!)

She pushed me too far. "Tell me what you're thinking. I want to know the truth."

And Jack Daniels stepped up and beat the rest of my common sense to death (NNOOOOOO!!!)"Alright...fine! I honestly, truly believe that I love you."

*total silence*

"WOW! I wasn't expecting that!"

*pregnant pause*

"I'm sorry" I said "but, you wanted the truth."

*another pregnant pause*

"WOW! I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything, just hug me."

We've been together since then. I've never been happier. I finally have my Goddess - the gorgeous BBW that I thought I could never have. All the things in the story "In Praise of a Fat Wife" are correct. The feel of her thighs, the softness of her belly, her reaction to my touch, and most important - the way she feels just holding her in my arms.

That's better than any sex imaginable.