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Another Memorable Midnight
By Thump

He felt her against him in the night. Her pale softness glowing like a new moon against the dark blue sheets. She was tucked against him, her belly filling in the sway of his back and resting contentedly on his bottom. He sighed deeply with such peaceful satisfaction to feel her familiar weight sleeping beside him. Its warmth like a warm, heavy quilt and its heaviness a sweet reminder of its beauty. He closed his eyes and let out another sigh just thinking of her and how she had blossomed like a summer rose with their shared careful nurturing. The bed that they laid in now had seen many nights of lovemaking and feeding times and then lovemaking again. He loved to touch her belly after she had filled herself to nearly bursting. Her amazing belly swollen with the food that he so lovingly put into her sensual mouth. Her teeth nibbling upon his fingers hungrily as her cool, small hands lingered upon her own filling belly.

Her soft gasps of discomfort as the skin across her belly stretched and pulled begged him to caress it until it became soft like butter between his fingers. She moaned against him and slid her hand down his arm. He shivered and tried to go back to sleep, but the draw of her called out to him. Carefully, he moved away from her as she slipped onto his pillow with a smile on her face.

He smiled back, “She must think she's sleeping on my belly!”

He stood beside the bed and silently perused his eyes across her. Taking in each curve, each roll, each pocket of fat as it bubbled against her wide thighs. They had added 25lbs to her small frame and her belly was now the centerpiece of her. It spread out across the sheet like spilt milk and he unknowingly licked his lips at the memory of how it tasted when he rolled it in his mouth. Imagining 30 more pounds of her and reaching their goal of a 62 inch waist lift him dizzy with desire for her.

“Baby?” she said groggily, “Everything all right?”

He watched her belly roll and sway across her hips and thighs as she rolled over onto her back. Her plump breasts bobbing against her high belly the nipples pink and soft as rose petals. He smiled at her and she smiled back. He knew that look and waited eagerly for the next smile. As she watched him she ran her palms down her body and then gathered her flowing belly into her hands. It popped up like a folded biscuit and her navel deepened. She smiled again. She opened up her thighs and let it pool between her legs as he audibly groaned.

“That's enough!” he growled playfully

She smiled again as she struggled to sit up. He reached for her and helped her get out of bed. She leaned heavily against him her belly kissing his groin electrifying him with her lush femininity.

“You did that on purpose!” he gasped.

She smiled again.

He took that sweet smile against his hard mouth and kissed her. His tongue sliding inside her mouth as she fenced back with her own. She tasted like the chocolate ice cream he had fed her before going to bed. She was delicious and his mouth buried itself deeper and deeper into hers.

She clung to him and felt her knees giving out as he scooped her up harder against him. Balancing her against his hip, he caressed and stroked her hot flesh.

“Now,” he muttered.

When he felt her head nod in response, he tore his mouth away from hers. She moaned out loud with the loss of it.

“Soon,” he whispered back to her.

He released his grasp of her and she stumbled against him. The new heaviness from that days rich indulgences surprised her equilibrium. Her belly shooting forward as she grabbed for his support.

"Hmmm..guess I added a few more pounds?" she said with a wicked grin.

"I would say just a few!" as he playfully patted it lovingly.

"Maybe we need to add some more?" she replied with a dreamy look in her eyes.

He shivered in anticipation and moved her carefully to the deeply cushioned chair in the corner of the bedroom. Their “special” chair for her. She plopped down heavily as her huge potbelly thrust out before her. He quickly fell to his knees and buried his face into her belly. Letting the softness of it nearly suffocate him. His fingers sunk into its doughiness as his tongue entered the deep cave of her navel. Her head fell back as his fingers and mouth made love to her belly. Slipping his fingers beneath her belly and hardening at the thrill when his fingers disappeared beneath the fat dropping of it. He lifted it and let it fall. Lifted it and let it fall. Relishing in the sound of it slapping against her thighs.

She wiggled beneath his fingers as she lifted her belly and let him run his tongue beneath the soft shelf of it above her fat pubis. The taste of her tingling against his tongue as his hands stroked and gently eased her fat flesh between his fingertips.

“Feed me,” she moaned hoarsely as she felt the first roll of orgasms gallop across her

He rose from the floor and looked down at her with pride. Her face flushed, her dark hair a cloud around her shoulders, her pink nipples swollen and hard and her round belly now in her hands as she massaged and kneaded it. It glistened with new fat and beckoned him to see it swell and grow.

“Don't go anywhere without me!” he said with humor.

She popped open a brown eye and smiled back at him.

He went into the kitchen and gathered up food of all kinds. Twinkies, a key lime pie that he had made, two 12' subway ham sandwiches, a container of Tapioca pudding, cold Kentucky Fried Chicken leftovers and a big bottle of cold Coke. It didn't look like enough for her incredible and growing appetite. So he turned on the oven and quickly threw in a large Canadian bacon and Italian sausage pizza and a frozen loaf of garlic bread. He piled it all on a kitchen cart and headed for their bedroom.

It was going to be another memorable midnight, and he couldn't wait to get started.