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Menace to Society


Samantha Rosado sat on the courtroom room bench and stared disdainfully into space as she listened to the State of South Carolina's District Attorney ramble on about her pending charges of prostitution and reckless endangerment. The twenty six year old child of a crack whore and a bad one night stand, Samantha had been through this scene a dozen times already and she knew it was probably only a matter of time before the judge let her off with time served. Although she'd been through the court system time and time again, her stunning good looks and ability to 'play' innocent had kept her out of doing anything more than a few months at a time in prison so she wasn't too concerned about her sentence. She figured she'd shown this particular judge enough leg and batted eyes to keep her out yet again, and she thought nothing of it when the DA began pleading with 'his honor' to finally put an end to all this and teach this young lady a lesson she'd never forget. Samantha played with her long brown hair and thought about what she was going to do as soon as all of this was over when the judge suddenly halted the DA from going any further and addressed her directly.

“Would you please rise, Ms. Rosado?” he asked abruptly. Samantha pushed herself away from the desk in front of her and slouched lazily before him. “Do you think you can STAND?” the judge asked sternly obviously becoming annoyed at her nonchalant attitude and lack of respect. Samantha sighed loudly and said, “Yes, your honor,” with more than a little sarcasm in her voice. She pulled her loose-fitting tube top up to fully cover her tremendously firm breasts and stood up straight. “Ms. Rosado, after hearing the District Attorney's testimony and going over your case history thoroughly, I feel it is this courts duty to sentence you to a mandatory stay of no less than one year at the state's new experimental Life Behavioral Institute in order that you may someday become less of a threat to yourself and others.”

Samantha was shocked by his verdict and went ballistic right in the middle of the courtroom. “Are you fuckin' kiddin' me?” she spat as she shoved her public defender's shoulder and scowled at the DA. “MS. ROSADO!” the judge hollered. “WHAT?” she spat back. “You will approach the bench at ONCE!” She pushed the table away angrily and made her way to the bench. “What are you gonna give me MORE time?” she sneered as she approached and stood before him. She looked at the stack of paperwork on the judge's desk briefly and had time to see him furiously scribble out the words 'light sentence' and replace them with, 'MENACE TO SOCIETY', TEN BELTS. “Belts?” she thought as the judge finished writing and motioned for the guard. “Bailiff, take her away,” he huffed, and she was led out of the courtroom and down the hall. As the door closed behind her, she thought she heard the judge saying something about wanting to be there the day they roll her out and she swallowed hard, thinking about the possible implications of this statement.


Samantha was led to a waiting limo outside and stood looking befuddled for a moment before being nudged by the guard to enter the vehicle. “What the fuck is this?” she asked as she cautiously bent down and viewed the car's luxurious interior. “Welcome to the institute,” the guard chuckled as he gently prodded her inside, closed the door behind her and went around to the driver's side. Samantha sat back on the soft cushions and began to slowly rub her hands in wide circles over the soft leather. She'd never been in a limo before and she was fascinated by every little detail of the experience. Coming from such a broken home she'd spent the majority of her life in abusive foster homes and living the life of a gypsy on the mean streets of New Orleans before making a run for South Carolina. There was no time to even THINK about rides in limousines or the feel of real leather seating or even the smells of such niceties, and a small smile began to creep onto her face. Throughout the ride, Samantha was like a kid in a candy store. Playing with all the buttons, admiring herself in the mirrors, and smiling gleefully. She looked up at the rearview mirror to find the guard smiling back at her and her smile abruptly faded. “What the fuck are YOU looking at?” she yelled as she removed her shoe and thew at the window dividing the two of them. “Oh my,” the guard chortled, “You're gonna make one FINE specimen there sweetie, yes indeed.” He shook his head and turned his gaze back to the road while Samantha remained in the back seat fighting back tears and clenching her fists. She'd be damned if she was going to let this fucker know she was embarrassed at being caught in a moment of 'innocence,' and she bit her lip in attempt to gather her inner strength and refrain from bawling.

She was still stinging from embarrassment when she gazed up and saw that they were now approaching the institute, so she sat straight up and tried to get a better look at the place. As they passed through the front gate, she looked around and was amazed at how clean and inviting the place looked. 'This is prison?” she mouthed silently as the car slowly rolled to a halt. The place looked more like Disneyland to Samantha and her curiosity was peaked. The door opened and Samantha's eyes were met by a husky looking gentleman wearing glasses and carrying a clipboard. “Greetings to you Samantha!” the gentleman said as he offered his hand and gave her a warm smile. “My name is David and I'm the administrator here.” Samantha took his hand and pulled herself out of the car. “You mean you're the warden, right?” she asked sarcastically. David chuckled softly and glanced quickly at the paperwork on his clipboard before looking back at her. “You could call me that if you choose.” He chuckled again, “I HAVE been called worse.” “It says here that you've been a bit of a naughty little girl Samantha. Ten Belts? Oh My!” he said as he began to walk her toward the gleaming white entranceway. “I hope you're not planning on making your stay with us an unpleasant one.” He scrunched his nose up and pointed a finger at her jokingly. “I DO so hate when that happens.”

He led her to a large sterile looking door, took a step forward, and opened it for her. “I've got some work to be catching up on, but I'll leave you in some pretty capable hands and I'll check up on you from time to time to see how you're getting acquainted.” With that, he gently coaxed her inside with the palm of his hand and closed the door behind him. Samantha looked around and was impressed the 'feel' of this 'institution'. “Man, this aint like no jail I'VE ever seen before,” she said to herself as her eyes wandered around the room. It looked more like a combination of a doctor's office and a luxury hotel to her and she wasn't quite sure what to make of the place. 'David' seemed like a nice enough guy she thought, but there was definitely something 'wrong' about this whole situation. Her train of thought was broken by the appearance of a tall heavyset woman with almost a pig-like snout and a huge friendly smile. Samantha glanced at her nametag and laughed. “Bertha, well THAT figures,” she said as the woman casually approached her. “That's me sweetie pie,” the woman responded cheerfully. “Now we've just a couple of 'formalities' to get out of the way before I let you begin to settle in here.” She handed Samantha a set of clothing that was the standard institute uniform and asked her if she'd be so kind as to go into the dressing room and get changed before they went any further.


Samantha changed into the outfit and discarded her old street clothes into the hamper marked 'DISPOSAL.' Like everything else so far, the prison outfit was unlike anything she'd ever encountered in any of her previous incarcerations. It was a pale pink one-piece jumpsuit that seemed to hug her form a little too generously and she had to admit she liked the way it felt. She ran her hands over her taut little body to get a better feel for it. The jumpsuit was made of some kind of stretchy material and from what she could see, it was VERY stylish for 'prison garb.' She wished she could get a better look at herself in the outfit, but there didn't seem to be any mirrors in the dressing room or ANYWHERE for that fact. “That's odd,” she thought to herself as she emerged from the dressing room and modeled for Bertha. “Well, how do I look?” she voiced as she sashayed back and forth wiggling her hips and shaking her ass. Bertha laughed at loud at the sight of her. “C'mere kiddo, we've still gotta fit you with the most important part.” She stepped away for a moment and returned carrying a flimsy looking black belt that appeared to be about five inches wide and made out of some cheap-ass looking plastic material. “Oh, you've GOT to be kidding me,” Samantha moaned. “Do I HAVE to?…That thing REEKS of 1971.” Bertha mockingly scowled at her and reached around her waist to help her put it on. “I'm afraid the belt's the key my sweet.” She said as she pulled it snug and stepped back to admire her handiwork. As much as she hated to admit it, the belt DID set off the jumpsuit nicely and Samantha felt a small smile begin grow on her face once again. She was so busy delighting in her new look that she didn't notice Bertha step out of the room.

When she DID look up, she saw Bertha holding a large hypodermic needle that was obviously meant for her and she freaked. “WHOA! HOLD ON THERE!” She shouted as she began to back herself into the corner. “NO FUCKIN' WAY!” She glanced around hastily for a means of escape or something to defend herself with and saw neither. “W-What's up with this?” she stammered in an attempt to stall for time. “I-I ain't never had to get no shot before to get into prison!” Bertha continued advancing with a piteous look in her eyes. “Listen Sam, the shots are a mandatory part of…” “SHOTS???! Samantha turned to run, but before she had a chance to react she was grabbed from behind by two more portly female guards and held down tight as Bertha pricked her right butt cheek with the long syringe. Within seconds her struggles became nothing more than feeble spasms as Samantha felt a warm soft glow wash over her and her body went limp. She vaguely sensed her ass being pierced a number of other times before she drifted off, but she couldn't be sure if it was real or only a dark and twisted dream.


Samantha awoke in a strange bed feeling lethargic and frightened. “Whaaa?” “Welcome back to the world of the living.” She heard a cheery voice come from somewhere in the room. She sluggishly opened her eyes and looked off into space toward where she believed the voice had come from. “Over here silly. BOY, you ARE out it.” Samantha turned her head and saw a young girl sitting on a bed and snapping her fingers at her. “Thaaat's it. Wake up! Wake up!” Samantha shook her head vigorously in an attempt to clear the cobwebs and took another look at the stranger before her. She noticed that the girl was wearing a pink prison jumpsuit and her first thought was that she'd look pretty hot if she lost a little weight. “W-W-Who are you?…W-Where am I? She uttered groggily. “Okay, slow down a minute,” the girl replied. “The name's Candye and you are in OUR room.” She reached over to give Samantha a hand sitting up and let go all at once when she saw her wince with pain. “Oh shit. I see you've gotten your 'Institute Welcome Cocktail,'” she said in a sympathetic tone. Samantha's ass cheeks were on fire and she began to rub them gently as she tried shaking a few more cobwebs loose. “It's no use,” Candye affirmed. “You're never gonna shake all of 'em. All part of your 'welcome' gift package.” Samantha continued rubbing her swollen ass cheeks tenderly. “What the fuck have they done to me?” She asked. “First things first,” Candye responded. “You gotta name?” “My name's Sam…Sorry 'bout that. Now maybe ya think you can tell me just what the fuck I've gotten myself into NOW?”

Samantha's choice of words caused Candye to laugh out loud and grab her jiggling belly. “You mean you don't know?” Samantha shook her head. “Well my friend, you've just received more injections than a lottery winning junkie!” This caused Candye to again erupt with laughter until she saw the concern on Sam's face. “I'm sorry, but if I don't laugh I'll cry.” “What have they done to us?” Samantha asked frightfully. “Well, no one's REALLY sure what we've been given, but there are a lot of rumors.” “LIKE?” Sam prodded. “Okay, like, for starters, you've just been given an appetite stimulant that's so strong and experimental it's illegal.” Samantha stared straight ahead, intently hanging on every word Candye had to say. “And that fuzzy feeling in your head? You're so doped up you're about as helpless as sheep heading for slaughter.” “Should I go on? Try this one on…Your metabolism's just been turned to absolute zero too, hon.”

Samantha looked up at her quizzically. “But that would mean…” “That everything you eat turns right to fat!” Candye finished. “Very good! Give the young lady a cigar!” “But why?” asked Samantha as the pieces slowly began to fall into place. “To make you FAT,” Carrie said emphatically. “Why do you think we're here Sam? What do you think this is all about anyway? Do you think you're here because you've been a GOOD LITTLE GIRL???” She suddenly burst into tears and Sam rushed to her side and put her arm around her. “It's okay,” she cooed softly, trying to calm her down a little. “It's going to be okay.” “It's not fucking okay Sam! It's never going to be okay again!!!!!!” Candye cried. “I'm sorry. I know this is a lot to try and swallow in your present condition. God, I don't even REMEMBER my first night.” She looked down and began to quietly sob all over again. “I guess you'll figure it all out soon enough though.” Samantha looked at her curiously. “Think about the fact that there's no mirrors in this place,” Candye said through her tears. “No mirrors, No scales, No contact with the outside world, and No memories of your former self….The only thing that matters now are these fucking belts!” Samantha looked a little confused. “Belts?” “Belts, Belts… The Fucking Belts, Sam!” cried Candye as she motioned dramatically toward the wide black belt encircling her waist. Samantha looked closer and noticed that the belt around Candye's waist was so tight that it looked ready to burst. “I don't get it,” she said quizzically. “What do these cheap ass belts have to do with anything?” Candye sighed loudly and began to explain it all to Sam. “The belts are EVERYTHING here, Sam.” That's how they keep track of your 'development.'” “These 'cheap ass belts,' as you like to call them, are actually the most technologically advanced piece of equipment in this place!” Sam only stared blankly at her. “They MEASURE you Sam!…That very belt that you're wearing has been especially designed for your size and build, and was fabricated to break ONLY when you add a hundred pounds onto your physique.” Sam now began to look at her new friend as if she had lost her mind. “Go ahead, TRY to take it off!” Candye bellowed. Samantha reached down and tried to find a latch to remove the belt and suddenly realized there was none. “See? It NEVER comes off till you gain!” “They have to drug you just to undress and shower you three times a week. You just wake up and, 'piff', you're clean and fresh as a daisy.” “Shit, you're not even allowed to mingle with the general population till you pop your first one!” Samantha looked once again at Candye's straining belt and began to feel very afraid.

Candye noticed her staring and said, “How much do you think I weigh?” “I dunno,” replied Samantha. “C'mon, How much do you THINK I weigh?” Samantha looked closer and guessed, “Two hundred…Maybe two ten.” Candye grabbed her by the shoulders and looked her right in the eyes, “SHIT! That's what I thought! She said as she wiped away a fresh tear from her eye. Sam…I only weighed one hundred pounds when I got here.” Samantha patted her on the back in an attempt to console her and Candye continued. “That was only a month ago!” she wailed, and broke into uncontrollable sobs once again as Samantha sat helplessly and watched her weep loudly.

When Candye had composed herself a little, she went on to explain the institute's generous 'reward' system for good girls and how all the food she was about to eat is drugged to also make her insatiably horney on top of everything else. “Their whole point is to stuff like piggies until we're fattened in submission.” After a couple of moments, everything Candye had just explained began to slowly sink in to her drug hazed mind and Samantha's eyes grew wide as she recalled the words, 'ten belts' written on her paper work. Ten belts? That would mean she'd have to gain over one thousand pounds! ONE THOUSAND POUNDS??? The notion of this was a bit too overwhelming for her and she began to feel woozy. Candye noticed her swaying and began to speak rapidly. “Oh Shit! I forgot about the time release stuff. SAM! Don't forget what I've told you. REMEMBER! THEY'RE ERASING YOUR MEMORY! YOU MUST REMEMBER! SAM! SAM? SAM?”

Candye's words began to fade as Samantha felt a warm glow emanate from somewhere deep within her. She'd wanted to hear everything Candye had to say, but the warmth was simply too irresistible and she passively fell into a deep restful sleep.


Samantha awoke feeling as if she'd been hit by a truck. She opened her eyes and looked around her luxurious accommodations, not quite sure how she'd gotten there or how long she'd been asleep. She seemed to be in a private room which suit her just fine and as she began to regain consciousness she realized she was absolutely famished. Before she had a chance to even fully awaken, there was a gentle knock on the door and David appeared before her. “Good morning Samantha,” he said spiritedly. “I hope you slept well. Hungry?” Samantha scratched her head briefly trying to grab hold of a fleeting memory of something that had happened last night, but the thought of food was too irresistible to her groaning belly and she slowly rose from the bed to take his hand.

David was talking a mile a minute as they made their way toward her individual dining room but Samantha barely heard a word he was saying. She felt a little loopy and couldn't get over just how fuckin' HUNGRY she was. The familiar smell that seemed to permeate this place began to dawn on her as she walked, and she realized it was the scent of all her favorite foods. The air seemed to be thick with the fragrance of butter and larder and she found she couldn't WAIT to eat. “Uh, I'm sorry, are we almost there?” she interrupted, “I'm fuckin' STARVING!” David's grin widened upon hearing this, and he said, “Of course you are my dear, here we are.” He opened a door and Samantha walked in to the most lavish spread she had ever seen. The fact that she was supposed to be in prison never entered her mind as she gawked at the giant sized dining table that was so overburdened with food that it was actually bowing in the middle. “I'm not expected to eat ALL of that am I?” she asked. David's grin widened a little more. “Of course not my dear. You just eat as much as you want and we'll come for you when you're finished. Enjoy yourself!”

David said good-bye and closed the door behind him as Samantha made a beeline for the large overstuffed chair next to the tremendous table. She sat down and began immediately stuffing her face as fast as she could to try to assuage the hunger within her. She felt so famished that she didn't take notice of the fact that there were no eating utensils set for her as she proceeded to cram handful after handful of fattening edibles into her eager mouth. “Mmmmm…They have EVERYTHING!” she thought to herself as she gulped down a handful of eggs benedict swimming in hollandaise sauce and covered with a thick slab of Canadian bacon. Indeed the table was chock full of every imaginable breakfast item she could think of and then some. She devoured a thick stack of well-buttered pancakes in seconds and quickly moved on to a huge bowl of whipped cream with a few strawberries thrown in for color. When she got thirsty, she looked around and saw three gigantic pitchers of heavy cream awaiting her. None of them saw the end of the meal.

After a half-hour of gleeful gormandizing, Samantha began to slow down when her stomach began to feel full. At forty-five minutes it became hard to continue eating but she couldn't seem to stop, and when an hour had passed, Samantha was so glutted she felt as if she were about to explode. She sat back in severe discomfort and surveyed what was left on the table. “Oooohhh…what have I done?” she thought as she absent-mindedly began to rub her aching belly. “How could I have eaten so much?” She suddenly felt nauseous and was about to vomit when the door abruptly opened behind her and two pleasant looking fat women walked in. “Hi Samantha,” said the smaller of the two. She was about five feet tall and Samantha estimated her weight to be about three hundred pounds. “I'm Sonya,” she exclaimed merrily. Samantha was too stuffed to speak and only looked at the two sheepishly. She noticed they were both wearing pink jumpsuits, which meant they must have be some kind of trustees or something. “And I'm Gail,” chimed the other. “I'm glad to see you're almost finished here.” “Almost???” Samantha thought to herself with panic in her eyes. She felt that if she even LOOKED at what was left on the table she'd burst on the spot. “Let's help you finish up so we can get you back to your room, okay?” Sonya exclaimed as she approached her carrying a half-melted five-gallon container of ice cream. Samantha tried to protest but it was futile. As soon as Sonya began packing the creamy ice cream into her mouth, Samantha had no choice but to sit back and allow the two fat women to hand feed her for another thirty minutes. When every last scrap on the table was finished, Samantha was in so much pain that she was near tears. She did not want to finish her meal but felt compelled to do so. “Okay, sweetie, you ready?” Sonya said as she motioned for Gail to give her a hand trying to get Samantha to her feet. They placed her arms around their shoulders and began to lift, and Samantha was rocked by such a massive bolt of pain that she almost blacked out. She felt like a cooked, stuffed sausage ready to burst out of her casing as they gingerly got her to her feet and slowly began walking her back to her room.

She was still incapable of speech at the moment and she had a hard time distinguishing which was groaning louder, her or her stomach. Samantha felt a peculiar dampness and looked down to see her jumpsuit was ruined with great globs of smeared, mushy bits of food.

The three of them methodically made their way down the long corridor which led to her room, and at the halfway point Sonya gestured to Gail that she needed a moment to rest. “I'm not used to all this exercise,” she huffed as they cautiously lowered Samantha down onto a bench in the middle of the hall. “I hear ya,” puffed Gail as she too released her grip. “I need a drink. Care to join me?” Samantha watched as the two fat women waddled over to what appeared to be a water fountain on the other side of the hall, and almost giggled when she saw heavy cream spew forth from the fountain's spigot as Gail attempted to bend over and gulp it down. She watched in sheer fascination as the two of them took turns slurping large mouthfuls of the thick, white fluid, until something unusual caught her eye. Samantha glanced to her left and spied a wide-open doorway leading to the outside less than three feet from the bench on which she was seated. She looked closer and saw that there were no fences or gates to be seen, and something deep in the back of her mind yelled for her to RUN. She attempted to get up but quickly realized she was too full to bursting to even sit up straight without assistance. “Unnngh!” She gathered up all her strength, but was stranded by her own unabashed gluttony so she timidly surrendered to the press of gravity and sat back sluggishly.

Sonya and Gail finished drinking and waddled back to the bench. “THAT hit the spot!” Sonya exclaimed as a huge belch escaped her. They picked Samantha back up and painstakingly maneuvered her back to her 'cell.' Once inside the confines of her room, they placed her on her bed and delicately began massaging her throbbing paunch with their pudgy little fingers. “This'll make ya feel better baby,” Sonya whispered as Samantha closed her eyes and allowed herself to be taken away by the wonderful feeling embracing her. The pain slowly melted away and she soon found herself falling into a deep and restful sleep.

Lunch pretty much went the same way with Sam stuffing herself to bursting, and dinner followed. After that first full day, she fell in a routine as she found herself unwittingly sucked into the program. Day in and day out Samantha would glut herself uncontrollably to the point where she couldn't move and then return to her room for her massage. By the end of two weeks she was filling out nicely and Sonya and Gail were constantly telling her how great she looked and how good she was doing. She barely noticed the belt around her waist was beginning to tighten and pinch at her midsection a little more every day and she really began to enjoy her daily routine of eating and sleeping.


Early into her third week, Samantha was being helped back to her room after lunch when her and her 'assistants' turned a corner and accidentally bumped into three obese women in pink jumpsuits. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the short cheery looking one in the middle and something in her mind instantly clicked. The girl easily weighed well over three hundred pounds, and Samantha's jaw dropped as reality began to rush back over her and she remembered her first night here. “Candye?” she shrieked as her mouth fell agape. “My God! What's happened to you?” “I'm sorry, do I know you?” the girl chirped as Sonya shooed them away and quickly began to almost drag Samantha back around the corner. “CANDYE, IT'S ME SAM!” she shouted as she was being taken away. “DON'T YOU REMEMBER???” Before she could say another word, Candye was out of sight and Sonja and Gail were talking fast and telling her that the girl she saw was named Delores or something like that. The damage had already been done though and once they had reached her room, Samantha declined her massage and asked to be left alone. When the trustees left, she fell onto her bed and began to weep uncontrollably. She grabbed a handful of belly flab though the jumpsuit and began to curse herself wretchedly for allowing this to happen. Samantha looked down and saw that her belt was pretty tight now. How much had she gained? She estimated that she must have put on close to sixty extra pounds already and she vowed then and there that the belt she was wearing was NOT going to break if she could help it.

She had to fight the urge to eat like a pig at every setting and she spent every free moment trying to exercise in her room to shed some of the unwanted pounds. She had convinced Sonya and Gail that she was just feeling ill and would resume eating normally as soon as she felt a little better. “I promise,” she'd say over and over as they tried to jam all kinds of fattening goodies into her craw. “I've GOT to lose some of this blubber!” she thought at every waking moment.


After a couple of days of this charade, Samantha was called into David's office. Sonja and Gail walked her there after another meager breakfast and sat her in the big comfortable looking chair in front of his desk. She saw Bertha and another woman standing at his side and she began to feel a little nervous. David sat and stared at her for a long while before speaking, and when he DID finally speak, it was in slow measured tones. “I hear you haven't been feeling too well lately. Care to tell me about it?” Samantha went right into her story of how she was still hungry and this was a temporary thing that would probably pass in a day or so when David suddenly cut her off. “Sam, Sam, Sam. What are we gonna do with you?” He pushed a button on his desk and a huge video screen rolled down from the ceiling. He pushed another button and Samantha's stomach rolled sickly as a videotape of her exercising began to unfold before the four of them. “Have I ever told you how I feel about lairs Samantha?…I HATE liars!” David yelled, and Samantha saw his face begin to turn red. She was about to get up and make a run for it when Bertha and the other guard made a charge for her and tackled her before she had a chance to get up. They pushed her back down into the chair and a metal set of shackles immediately clamped down around her wrists. She looked up in panic and saw David push yet another button as a matching set of shackles thoroughly locked her ankles down tight as well. “I'm afraid we're going to have to teach you some manners, Samantha,” David said with a touch of menace in his voice. “Let me assure you princess, Resistance is Futile!” She began flailing around wildly and Bertha and the other woman grabbed her head and forced her mouth open. “C'mon,” Bertha huffed. “Make me happy I came to work today.”

She reached up and pulled a thick clear tube out the ceiling and brought it to Samantha's mouth as she continued to struggle. Once it was in place, Bertha shoved the tube into her mouth as the other guard strapped some kind of leather contraption around her head to keep it in. Samantha's eyes grew wide with fright as she realized what they had in store for her but she was absolutely helpless to do anything about it. “We're going to leave you alone for a little while now to sit and think about what you've done wrong,” David said as he got up from his chair and gestured for the other women to leave him and Samantha alone for a moment. After they had left, he walked up and began to rub her cheek softly as she wept silently around the tube. “I promise you this,” David whispered furiously in her ear. “You're going to be the fattest woman you've ever imagined by the time you leave this place. Take my word on it Samantha.” He then pushed one last button and turned to leave as Samantha looked up and saw a thick, yellowish-gray liquid begin to flow down the tube toward her lips. “MMMmmmph!!!' She desperately tried to hold back the flow but the pressure built up rapidly, and with a whoosh the strange liquid entered her mouth and began to fill her belly. David smiled as he watched this scene unfold and Samantha wanted to just die from the terror and humiliation she was feeling at having to look at him watching her.

David walked out satisfied, mumbling, “No one makes a fool out of ME!” as Samantha felt herself begin to fill with whatever this mysterious liquid was. In a matter of minutes she felt thick and heavy and her body began to ache from the pressure building up within her. She looked up alternatively between the tube and the video screen showing her exercising, and warm moist tears began to roll down her puffed-out cheeks. Second after second, the liquid kept pouring into her mouth forcing her to swallow continuously and she felt as if she were growing fatter by the minute. She looked down as best she could and saw her body slowly begin to spread and expand in the chair below her. The pressure was intense as she felt the fat begin to accumulate and compress itself more and more as the minutes past. Fatter and fatter she was growing. Fatter and Fatter and Fatter. When would it end? “MMMMPPHH!!!” The pain had become crippling now and Samantha felt as if she were going to explode at any second. More and more. More and More and MORE! Samantha's body was ready to burst and she closed her eyes and braced for the worse when she suddenly heard a loud 'POOF' as the belt she had been wearing burst off her body and fell away to her sides.

The machine immediately shut down and the video screen automatically rolled itself back up into its place in the ceiling. Bertha came back into the room and removed the shackles from her wrists and elbows. Samantha was in too much pain to fight and lay there helplessly. Before she did anything else, Bertha took out a new, loose-fitting belt and placed it around Samantha's waist. She then injected her with triple the normal dose of appetite stimulants and tranquilizers and called off to someone waiting outside the doorway to “Come and get her.” Samantha was taken by stretcher back to her room to recover and sniveled all the way in pain and despair.

Things went a little differently for Samantha after that day. Although she was still aware of what was happening to her, she was helpless to stop it. The appetite stimulants were too strong and she was not about to be strapped back into that chair if she could help it. She went back to her routine of stuffing herself silly three times a day, only now her intake was increased threefold, and by the time a month had passed she was already being fitted with another belt. Now that her mind was a little clearer, she began to notice all the things she had previously taken for granted about the institute. The place ALWAYS smelled of the best food imaginable, and all the pictures on the walls were renderings of tremendously fat women in various degrees of undress. Even the televisions and video screens exclusively showed fat women having the time of their lives. Nothing mattered to Samantha now except her next meal and in short time, she was even allowed to mingle with the other inmates.

One night Samantha awoke in the middle of the night to see a tall slender young woman sleeping in a bed which had at sometime in the evening been placed in her room. Samantha realized it must have been the girl's first night in and was tempted to wake her up and bring her up to speed the way Candye had once done for her. She was about to nudge her when something caught her attention. The girl, although extremely attractive, was wearing glasses! “Now how did they miss that?” Samantha asked out loud as she struggled to raise her bulk off the bed and get to her feet without making too much noise. She gingerly removed the girl's glasses with her chubby fingers and held them up to the light. Samantha had not seen a reflection of herself in weeks, and when she caught a glimpse of her new physique in the lens of the spectacles, she nearly shrieked. She had developed a dangling double chin and her once prominent cheekbones were now swollen puffy jowls that spread out and merged with her chest. “Oh My God!” she moaned despondently. “Look at me! I'm a fucking BLIMP!” She let the glasses slip through her fat fingers and collapsed onto her bed in a heaping mass of flesh. Although she'd known she was getting big, seeing it firsthand like that was a little too much for her to handle and she buried her pudgy face in her hands and began blubbering like a baby. She began exploring her body through the jumpsuit and was horrified at how soft and mushy she felt. Her hands eventually made their way to her waist and she was mortified when she realized the belt she was currently wearing was now snug and tight around her expansive midsection. “That's the THIRD one,” she thought morosely as she realized that probably put her over four hundred pounds now. She began to weep even harder and, in due time, fell into a restless and fitful sleep.


Samantha woke up the next day feeling miserable and dejected. These bastards wanted her to reach one thousand pounds and she was already almost halfway there. She slowly rolled herself out of bed and made a conscious decision that she HAD to do something to change this before it was too late. She no longer needed to be supervised during her meals as she was now allowed to eat with the rest of the girls, and as she made her way toward the Central Dining Room an idea popped into her head. She was walking down the hall from her room and she suddenly remembered the open door she had seen her first day at the institute. She approached the door slowly and looked around to see if anyone was watching, then gently pushed to see if there was a chance it would really open.

Much to her delight the door swung wide open and she had to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight that washed over her pale overnourished body. Not wasting a second, Samantha squeezed through the door and began running as fast as she could toward the unprotected open road before her. She was sweating profusely as she ran, and she really thought she was going to make it. She felt an icy chill run down her back when she heard someone coming up behind her and she realized the jig was up. “Sam, Sam, Sam. What are we going to DO with you?” It was David! She turned her head to see David leisurely walking beside her and she realized suddenly that her 'running,' was nothing more than a slow, shuffling waddle. She never really had a chance. Bertha, of course, was following right behind him and she reached over and tried to grab Samantha and reign her in. Samantha tried to resist with all her strength but quickly realized it was useless. She was too full of fat and blubber to put up much of a fight and was subdued within seconds. Where once she had been known for her ability to kick a little ass, she was now lucky to be able to lift her legs off the ground. Two more guards appeared out of nowhere, and Samantha was once again slowly and methodically led to David's office.


Samantha was strapped into the chair again, only now it was a bit more uncomfortable due to her augmented physique, and she had to be squeezed into place by two husky looking women before the tube was placed in her mouth. Samantha knew what was coming next and she swore she was going to take it without crying this time. She looked up to see David smiling at her and she wished more than anything for the opportunity to spit in this fucker's face. “I have a little surprise for you this time Sam,” David grinned. He pushed a button on his desk, and the entire wall directly behind him began to rise. Samantha took one look at what was behind the wall and her vow not to cry vanished immediately. It was Candye and she was sitting in a chair identical to hers, only she was about three times bigger than Samantha had remembered. “Do you think that door was SUPPOSED to be left unlocked?” David glared at her. “Seems your little friend here had some plans of her own for you that didn't include the rest of us.” Samantha looked over to Candye and saw her eyes grow wide with fright as she attempted to shake her head 'no'. “Oh my God!” Samantha thought. “She's so fucking big NOW, she'll never be able to take this.”

Candye was indeed massive in stature now as she sat and watched the thick, creamy fluid begin its slow descent from the ceiling. Her arms were nothing more than an afterthought buried under rolls of blubber and held up at a ninety-degree angle by the rise of her blobular belly. It was Candye's belly itself that caused Samantha to shudder. There was no need for shackles because Candye was totally incapable of movement. Her colossal belly spread out in every direction and dwarfed every other part of her anatomy. Her head appeared small and inconspicuous atop her extensive torso, and her arms and legs stood useless at her sides as she swayed back and forth trying to avoid the oncoming fluidic solution. Samantha couldn't believe they had actually been able to fit such a gigantic waist with a belt but sure enough, there it was straining against the fabric of her overburdened jumpsuit.

“Now I've got TWO of you to teach a lesson to,” David proceeded. “I'm in a bit of a hurry today so I'll make this quick.” He pointed at the ceiling and continued. “The tanks above your heads are specifically designed to rupture the belts you are both currently wearing. It's fairly obvious that Candye is not up to our little challenge, so in my infinite kindness I've only filled one tank and split it between the two of you.” He looked directly at Samantha and smiled. “The only way your friend is making it out of here in one piece is for you to finish the tank before she does. Think you can handle that?” She heard a hiss and looked up to see the fluid now oozing toward her mouth as well. David stepped out and Samantha's eyes affixed themselves to the massive belt encircling Candye's waist. It was already pinching into her sides and Samantha realized she didn't have much time so she began sucking as hard as she could in an attempt to draw the flow away from her friend.

In only a matter of minutes, Samantha began to feel uncomfortably swollen as the liquid began to fill her, but she was determined to continue sucking until the tank was empty. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on her efforts but it was getting harder by the second. Her body was groaning as it painfully spread outwards and Samantha wasn't sure how long she could go on as the pressure increased. She opened her eyes to check on Candye, and she knew immediately her friend was probably not going to make it. Candye's body appeared to be straining against the pressure building up inside it and her flesh was showing signs of growing taut beneath her now translucent jumpsuit. Tears began to roll down Samantha's bloated cheeks as she heard an obscene groan escape to pretend none of this was really happening but it was no use. The Candye's pressure filled balloon of a body, and she redoubled her efforts on the tube. The groaning and gurgling grew increasingly louder and louder as Candye's head slowly began to disappear behind her gargantuan torso. She was completely round now and had thoroughly outgrown the chair as she continued to swell and expand. Samantha could not bear to witness the imminent departure of her friend, so she closed her eyes tight to shield her from this atrocity. The only sounds in the room now were the steady rush of the thick fluid and the protesting groans of Candye's inflated carcass. All at once the sickly groaning ceased, and Samantha dared to open her eyes. Candye's body was trembling violently behind the strain of containment as reached the breaking point and Samantha heard a muffled scream coming from somewhere behind the giant orb that was once her pudgy little friend. She had to end this now so she closed her eyes and clenched her teeth down hard on her tube, and prayed this would happen quickly. The moment the flow was directed to Candye, Samantha heard 'snapping' and 'cracking,' as Candye's bones were broken like twigs under the crush of pressure and she bit down as hard as she could. The room was filled with a high pitched whine that grew louder and louder and LOUDER until “ KASPLOOSH!!!” Samantha felt the imminent explosion and was bathed in warm mellifluous liquid as Candye erupted, but she refused to open her eyes. She only sat crying and continued to be filled, and when she dimly heard the sound of her belt bursting, she was so far gone that she barely took notice.


Samantha was never quite the same after that day in the chair. Some part of her mind was gone forever and she became meek and sullen, allowing herself to be led around like a round puppy and fed continuously. She eventually had to be moved into a larger room as she outgrew her confines and it was THIS move that changed her life forever. As she was being transferred to her new accommodations by David and his staff, she passed through an unfamiliar corridor and came upon a large window. She felt drawn toward it and what she saw within caused her mouth to fall open.

She gazed in and saw a gymnasium -sized room filled to bursting with obscenely fat women engaging in every kind of sex act under the sun with extremely handsome men. She had not seen actual FLESH in ages, and the sight of it triggered something deep within her. She vaguely recalled hearing something about drugged food and horniness, but it was all very obscure at the moment. She looked in David's direction and began licking her lips. “W-What's-this?” she queried eagerly. David explained to her how although the Institute was supposed to be secret, word had gotten out and now thanks to the wonders of the internet, admirers of large women from around the world came to see the girls and spend some time getting to know them. He went on, saying that MANY of the guys had fallen in love and once the girls had finished their sentences, they'd be waiting for them to sweep them off their feet and pamper them the rest of their lives. “It wasn't planned that way, but it works out mutually beneficial, don't you think?” He looked into the room and continued. “It really gave the girls incentive to behave and have something to look forward to, and so far has worked out one hundred percent!”

Samantha looked back in at the sea of sweaty flesh and unconsciously began to rub her crotch into the wall fervently. She would have used her hands, but she had not been able to reach that area for quite some time now. She looked at David pleadingly and huffed, “W-w-w-ant-some-of-that.” This caused David to laugh out loud. “Oh Sam, you're too funny. That's a reward only good little girls get to imbibe in and after your escapades here, I'd say you'd have to prove to me that you're serious about your 'rehabilitation' before we could even think about that.” He looked at her and rubbed his chin. “Hmmm…Let's see…Let's say…another belt perhaps?” Samantha looked back to the orgy and thought about his proposition for a moment. She then turned back to him and nodded an enthusiastic 'yes,' causing David to laugh once again. “Let's get started then, shall we?”


Samantha entered the final phase of her treatment with zeal. She was no longer able to feed herself and David was forced to keep assistants available around the clock to keep up with her. She was determined to pop her belt, and actually ASKED to be put in the 'chair' from time to time to help her meet her goal. She didn't have to wait very long. When she wasn't 'formally' being fed, she could usually be found in her room snacking on large bowls of 'fortified' pudding and ice cream through a large transparent tube that had been especially outfitted in her room. She reached her objective less than three days after first witnessing the orgy. She was enjoying breakfast and demanded more food long after her assistants felt it was safe. She looked close to bursting and they had warned her against it but she was adamant. They were stuffing her for close to an hour when she suddenly closed her eyes tight and “POOF,” another belt bit the dust and she smiled contentedly at having reached another milestone and knowing what was coming next.

David congratulated her on her accomplishment and the next day she was allowed to enter the orgy room for the first time. She was led inside and stood around feeling a bit timid until a slender young man approached her and took her by the hand. He introduced himself as Bruce and told her she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Samantha blushed, and the two of them spent the next several hours getting to know one another. By the end of their conversation, Samantha was in love and knew she had to have this man inside her. She asked Bruce to kiss her and she began to burn as he bent over and stuck his tongue in her fat little mouth and began to explore. He walked behind her and began to unzip her pink jumpsuit and Samantha began to quiver in anticipation. As her outfit fell away, Samantha was rocked by a monstrous orgasm and she began to moan and wail uncontrollably as she stood there helplessly and shook like a mountain of jello. Bruce proceeded to kiss and fondle every square inch of her massive frame and Samantha was brought to tears by the sheer ecstasy of the situation. He gingerly lifted each and every fold and roll and licked them gingerly, sending wave upon wave unbelievable climax through her swollen carcass. He tried to help her onto the bed, but she fell heavily and clumsily on top of him with a loud “Ooomph!” As she landed, she felt the full crush of her weight bearing down on him and she immediately began scrambling to right herself and release the burden on her flattened lover. Her arms and legs flailed uselessly at her sides as she attempted to lift her bulk off the floor. Bruce managed to extricate himself, and once he was standing again, Samantha realized her stomach had grown so large now that her face was only inches from his crotch as she lay there helplessly. She looked to him and licked her lips at the thought of what was behind those jeans of his, so Bruce took out his member and 'fed' it to her. Samantha took to it as if it were made of gold and began sucking hard and fast as she flapped her arms at his sides. In no time at all Bruce blew his load and she slurped up every last ounce of his love-juice fervently. Bruce then helped roll her over onto her back and began to make mad and passionate love to her. By the time he finally entered her, she almost passed out from the feel of him inside her as she experienced climax after climax after climax. She was incapable of movement now and she began to wriggle her stubby infinitesimal fingers wildly to express her pleasure. By the time they were finished, Samantha was a mess. Totally awash in their warm fluids and sweating profusely, she felt like a dirty little piggy as she closed her eyes contentedly and drifted off to sleep.


When Bruce and Samantha had finished consummating their newfound love for one another, he bent over and whispered in her ear that he'd be waiting for her when she finished her 'development' and that he wished he could be there to help her. That was all Samantha needed to hear. All she ever wanted was to be loved, and now that was being given the opportunity, she was not about to let it pass her by. She became an eating machine, spending every waking moment consuming and digesting and consuming some more. She began to go through her next few belts in record time and showed no signs of slowing down. She burst through numbers seven eight and nine with a little help from David's staff, and was rewarded each time with an extended visit by her betrothed. Reaching the magical tenth belt proved to be a bit of a struggle as she was now over nine hundred pounds and totally awash in fat and blubber. Her daily intake of food was incredible but she was having a hard time putting on any more weight so she decided to have one last go around in the 'chair' before she left the institute for good. She was sucking away contentedly as crowd of well wishers looked on when it happened. The machine was set to 'high' and as big as she was, she was having a hard time keeping up with gelatinous feeding mixture being pumped into her. As had happened each and every time she sat in the chair; the pressure of being stuffed so thoroughly became extremely intense and she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to complete the act. She was just about to give up when all at once, her tenth belt loudly and abruptly 'POPPED', and her massive belly surged forward nearly pinning David to the floor. A huge cheer arose and a massive Roman-style celebration followed that lasted for days.

When the celebration finally ended, she was rolled out to be reunited with her mate with the use of specially constructed dolly. Samantha was quite a sight to behold now. She had been dressed in a new set of clothes that had been tailor made for her expanded size and was designed after the outfit she was wearing when she first arrived on the institute's doorstep. Her entire body appeared to be a sea of movement as she slowly lumbered down the driveway quivering and jiggling with every step. Little Samantha Rosado had now become such an enormous mass of fleshy womanhood that even with the help of the dolly, every step she took had become a cumbersome effort. Bruce met her at the gate and ran to greet her. After a long and sensual kiss, he stepped back and noticed something was a little different about her demeanor. “Are you feeling okay my love?” he asked with concern. She looked away briefly, then said, “I'm not sure how to tell you this.” He took her by the hand and said, “You can tell me anything. Don't be afraid. What is it?” “Well," she asserted bashfully,” I think I may be……………..PREGNANT!” Bruce grabbed her up in his arms and shouted, “That's wonderful,” as they fell into a long and sensual kiss. Samantha closed her eyes happily and didn't notice the big white limo slithering through the front gate with the institute's next 'guest' aboard.