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You Couldn't Have Mentioned This Earlier?
[Based on a true story]
by SlamJackson

This being my first attempt at writing anything longer then a grocery list, I decided to make it unique. Please let me know what you think. I apologize in advanced for anything that might require an apology. Keep in mind this is my first time short story writing! Enjoy.

< - - 9/20/1999 22:24:32 Galvatron Enters the Chat - - >

Galvatron> Andrea where are you?

Galvatron> HELLO?

Galvatron> you said you'd be here!!!!

< - - 9/20/1999 22:28:02 |nerodancer| Enters the Chat - - >

|nerodancer|> Hey simon-baby!

Galvatron> THERE you are!!

|nerodancer|> HERE I am :) sorry I was late, Christa JUST left how was your day?

Galvatron> not bad your money came through and I got the plane ticket and everything is ready to go!!!

|nerodancer|> COOL!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for you to get here!

Galvatron> I can't wait to GET there :)

|nerodancer|> so what else did you do today?

Galvatron> well while I was waiting for you, someone sent me a link to a really weird online game

|nerodancer|> oh??? What was it?

Galvatron> it's called Feedee

|nerodancer|> ok how is it?

Galvatron> it's weird! The object of the game is to feed your girlfriend and make her gain weight!

|nerodancer|> hehehehe cool!

Galvatron> yeah you pick from a list of girls all different shapes and sizes and feed them fattening food and they just get fatter and fatter! But you have to watch your budget cause you only have a certain amount of cash and if your food supply runs out she leaves cause she WANTS to get fat! Isn't that twisted?!

|nerodancer|> that's really cool!!!!!!!!

Galvatron> here check it out at http://wcic.cioe.com/~yoda/feedee.cgi

|nerodancer|> ok

Galvatron> are you there yet?

|nerodancer|> yup

Galvatron> are you playing?

|nerodancer|> yup

Galvatron> isn't it weird? Who comes up with a concept like that?!

|nerodancer|> hehehe, I don't know!

Galvatron> its weird though that game is strangely addictive I've been playing while we've been chatting who did you pick? :)

|nerodancer|> I took Rosa

Galvatron> try Amy when you're done with Rosa She puts on weight like crazy!!

|nerodancer|> ok cool!!

Galvatron> there's something so erotic about this game hehehe

|nerodancer|> yeah

Galvatron> no like I really mean it!! It's weird!

|nerodancer|> ok I know what you mean!

Galvatron> well how are you doing at it?

|nerodancer|> I just lost!!!!!

Galvatron> what was your score?

|nerodancer|> I was on Week 80, 315 lbs with measurements of 64-50-56 but I ran out of money

Galvatron> hey that's not bad! :)

|nerodancer|> yeah since she started at 122 lbs 42-31-34

Galvatron> hehehehe, so you LIKE fattening people up? :)

|nerodancer|> you bet I do! :)

Galvatron> heheheheh really?

|nerodancer|> yeah!

Galvatron> serious?

|nerodancer|> sure!

Galvatron> you're saying you really like to fatten people up?

|nerodancer|> yeah why not? :)

Galvatron> hehehe, you're kidding!

|nerodancer|> I never kid! :)

Galvatron> so you're telling me the truth then!?

|nerodancer|> yes sir Simon my dear!! :)

Galvatron> crazy! Why?

|nerodancer|> no big reason so what time are you gonna be here tomorrow?!

Galvatron> I'll tell ya if you answer my question :)

|nerodancer|> what question? :)

Galvatron> grrrrr

|nerodancer|> :)

Galvatron> why do you like to fatten people up?

|nerodancer|> I think today's society is so hung up on being skinny that fat people basically end up starving themselves to fit in.

Galvatron> So if everyone was fat, the world would be a better place? :)

|nerodancer|> I think so!

Galvatron> really? I had no idea you felt that way!

|nerodancer|> that's okay baby :)

Galvatron> so why are you so thin? I mean you're REALLY thin!

|nerodancer|> I have trouble gaining weight, my metabolism is really strong or something. Plus I spend so much time on other people, I forget about myself.

Galvatron> ?????

|nerodancer|> what?

Galvatron> spend so much time doing WHAT on other people?

|nerodancer|> fattening them up my dear!

Galvatron> so wait a sec, you're serious? You ACTUALLY fatten people up in real life?

|nerodancer|> well, isn't that what I said? :)

Galvatron> yeah but this is something you do? Why did you never tell before?

|nerodancer|> I guess it never came up.

Galvatron> My god, and on those days we were TRYING to find a topic of conversation, you couldn't have thrown in, "well I like to make people fat" or something like that!? :)

|nerodancer|> oh hon, I hope you're not offended.

Galvatron> no, I'm not offended, it's just weird!

|nerodancer|> why?

Galvatron> just how I came to discover this a friend sends me a game that's all about fattening your girlfriend up, then I tell you about it, and find out it's a pass-time of yours! :) kind of odd you have to agree.

|nerodancer|> I guess I see what you mean :) so WHAT time are you coming!?!? :)

Galvatron> around 11:00 tomorrow morning your time! It's going to be cool meeting you for the first time and. Wait a sec.

|nerodancer|> what is it babe?

Galvatron> you say you enjoy fattening people up?

|nerodancer|> I believe that's what I said, yes :)

Galvatron> who are these people?

|nerodancer| friends!

Galvatron> do they know you're fattening them up on purpose?

|nerodancer|> some do. :)

Galvatron> how much weight have these "friends" gained while under your. control? :)

|nerodancer|> under my control? :) let me see Brendan's gained about 60 lbs, Corrine only about 30, Alex has also put on about 60 lbs, and Christa has actually put on 100 lbs or so since I met her. I can't remember everyone else's weight.

Galvatron> holy shit! Is that for real!?

|nerodancer|> yeah. :)

Galvatron> Christa's fat because of you?

|nerodancer|> YES!! :)

Galvatron> well that brings me to my next question

|nerodancer|> go ahead babe.

Galvatron> okay, you think of me as a friend right? Maybe even more then JUST a friend?

|nerodancer|> *giggles* yes!!!

Galvatron> okay so basically I'm wondering what's going to happen when I come to visit you.

|nerodancer|> I'll show you my bed-room! :)

Galvatron> ha! That's a good start, but do understand what I'm getting at?

|nerodancer|> why, whatever do you mean baby?! :)

Galvatron> you're a demon!! :)

|nerodancer|> you're wondering if I have plans to "fatten you up"? :)

Galvatron> I'm curious that's all. :)

|nerodancer|> I think you could stand to gain some weight.

Galvatron> I could?

|nerodancer|> yeah, I like big guys :)

Galvatron> how big?

|nerodancer|> doesn't really matter.

Galvatron> you want me to be a big guy?

|nerodancer|> I think you'd make a WOUNDERFUL big guy!

Galvatron> I don't know what to say.

|nerodancer|> oh I'm sorry babe, what's the matter?

Galvatron> well, nothing really, but it's like I'm meeting you for the first time or something. I had no idea you felt this way or you wanted these things. They just seem like elements of your life that you'd bring up from time to time say, oh, over the past 2 years.

|nerodancer|> oh are you mad?? :(

Galvatron> no I guess not, I think I just feel a bit left out is all.

|nerodancer|> oh Simon you're not, you know more about me then anybody, that's why I can't wait to meet you for the first time!!!! It'll be great!

Galvatron> yeah, it will be, but YOU wanna get me fat! :)

|nerodancer|> I can't deny I think you'd look better.

Galvatron> I'd look better fat?

|nerodancer|> actually, I know for SURE you would. :)

Galvatron> how's that?

|nerodancer|> well, you know how Christa's a graphic artist?

Galvatron> . Yes?

|nerodancer|> okay, um, do you know the program called Goo?

Galvatron> not really, I'm scared though :)

|nerodancer|> :) don't worry. Goo allows you to like stretch and pull images. It basically turns pictures into "goo" and you can squish them around.

Galvatron> and what does that have to do with me? :)

|nerodancer|> well, you know that picture of yourself you sent a while ago the one where you're sitting on your back porch and no shirt on?

Galvatron> uh huh

|nerodancer|> well, Christa and I basically played with it.

Galvatron> what did you do?

|nerodancer|> want me to send it to you?

Galvatron> um, ok :)

|nerodancer|> okay just a sec.

< - - 9/20/1999 23:04:43 File Transfer from |nerodancer| to Galvatron (sexy_simon.avi) - - >

Galvatron> thank god for cable modems :)

|nerodancer|> tell me about it :)

< - - 9/20/1999 23:05:02 File Transfer (sexy_simon.avi) Completed - - >

Galvatron> okay, I'll go look at it, be right back.

|nerodancer|> I'll be here

Galvatron> HOLY HELL!

|nerodancer|> what is it babe? :)

Galvatron> is THAT how big you want me?!!?

|nerodancer|> I think you'd look gorgeous!

Galvatron> you made me HUGE!!!

|nerodancer|> I think you'd look so sexy!

Galvatron> didn't you tell me, I already looked sexy?

|nerodancer|> oh Simon, you're a sexy boy, but I think I can make you even better!

Galvatron> by making me fat?

|nerodancer|> okay, how about this. We'll start you off with a pot-belly, and see how you like it ok? Then as time goes on, we can start adding more.

Galvatron> a pot-belly?!

|nerodancer|> yeah, hold on, what's your waist measurements again?

Galvatron> again? You never asked before.

|nerodancer|> :) well what is it?

Galvatron> 30 inches.

|nerodancer|> I'll buy you some 35 and 40 inch pants.

Galvatron> 35 and 40?!!?

|nerodancer|> yeah sexy boy, you're not leaving until I put at least 20 pounds on you. :)

Galvatron> that's like the weight of a small child!

|nerodancer|> not really :) okay, maybe not 20. but you're defiantly leaving 10 pounds heavier.

Galvatron> um, if you say so.

|nerodancer|> hey babe, I like my man well fed, and that's what you'll be I promise you.

Galvatron> but I hardly eat as it is! :)

|nerodancer|> oh you will :) trust me, I've been doing this for a while.

Galvatron> can't you accept me as I am.

|nerodancer|> sure! But I think you'd like it!

Galvatron> like what?

|nerodancer|> a constant supply of food! You won't have to lift a finger or do anything! You're my guest and I'm going to take precious care of you

Galvatron> like I said. If you say so :)

|nerodancer|> I DO say so!!

Galvatron> how long have you been planning this?

|nerodancer|> planning what?

Galvatron> to fatten me up?

|nerodancer|> ever since I met you :)

Galvatron> and why only bring it up now?

|nerodancer|> well, like I said, some people know I'm fattening them up, others don't. I wanted you to be one of the people I didn't mention it to until you were huge! :)

Galvatron> that's just strange.

|nerodancer|> will you just try?

Galvatron> you mean willingly allow you to feed me mass amounts of fattening food until I gain at least 10 pounds?

|nerodancer|> YEAH! PLEASE try? I KNOW you'll love it! Just letting yourself go. I'll take care of you my darling! You won't need to worry about a thing.

Galvatron> hmmmm, well, I am coming no matter what. We'll see about this fat thing. Hey wait a second!!

|nerodancer|> yes?

Galvatron> what about you?

|nerodancer|> me?

Galvatron> yeah, what about you gaining weight?

|nerodancer|> well, like I said, I've just never had time.

Galvatron> what if I fatten YOU up?

|nerodancer|> me?

Galvatron> yeah, I'll make you a deal you can try and fatten me up if I can try and fatten you up!

|nerodancer|> hmmmm, that sounds like an okay deal to me

Galvatron> it sounds like a great deal! :)

|nerodancer|> alright babe, I'm in I could stand to gain some pounds.

Galvatron> okay, the deal is set! I don't leave until one of US gains at least 10 pounds okay?

|nerodancer|> deal but you better beware, I'm a pro! You're leavin' with a belly on!

Galvatron> we'll just see about that You can start thinking about wearing Christa's hand-me-downs :)

|nerodancer|> yeah right babe!! :) remember I'm a pro you're gonna be my little fat piggy!

Galvatron> yeah you're all talk your pants will start to get tight by day one

|nerodancer|> mmmm, you know what?

Galvatron> what?

|nerodancer|> I hope so :)

Galvatron> really?

|nerodancer|> yeah.

Galvatron> you wanna gain weight?

|nerodancer|> I'd really like to, but I'd really need someone to help me.

Galvatron> well, I can help youduh!

|nerodancer|> you really want to?

Galvatron> sure! I can try!

|nerodancer|> that's really cool babe.

Galvatron> your welcome :)

|nerodancer|> it is sort of a secret fantasy of mine.

Galvatron> hmmm, okay. well, we'll see what we can do :)

|nerodancer|> okay well I can't wait to see you!

Galvatron> not to long now!

|nerodancer|> yeah, I should get some sleep, I've had a REALLY busy day cleaning my place up for you :)

Galvatron> awwww, thanks Andrea! You didn't have to :)

|nerodancer|> well what can I say but I should get some sleep and I mean, I'll see you tomorrow! :)

Galvatron> yeah, cool isn't it? :)

|nerodancer|> very!

Galvatron> alright, I'm gonna get some sleep too, so I'll SEE you tomorrow okay?

|nerodancer|> you BET!

Galvatron> I love you Andrea

|nerodancer|> I love you too Simon. See ya tomorrow

< - - 9/20/1999 23:37:09 |nerodancer| Exits the Chat - - >

< - - 9/20/1999 23:37:12 Galvatron Exits the Chat - - >

< - - 11/03/1999 15:07:49 Galvatron Enters the Chat - - >

< - - 11/03/1999 15:12:31 |nerodancer| Enters the Chat - - >

Galvatron> HEY babe!!

|nerodancer|> hello my gorgeous!

Galvatron> well that was a fun extended vacation :)

|nerodancer|> yeah like a month and 12 or 13 days? :)

Galvatron> but it was AMAZING!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! :)

|nerodancer|> oh babe I love you too!!!!!

Galvatron> I've never eaten so much in my entire life!!

|nerodancer|> you certainly had no problem finishing it all!

Galvatron> and what about you miss piggy? :)

|nerodancer|> well what can I say? :)

Galvatron> how about thanking me for the extra 30 pounds in your gut? :)

|nerodancer|> oh well how about you thank ME you the extra 40 POUNDS in YOUR gut fat boy?!! :)

Galvatron> I suppose I could :)

|nerodancer|> I told you you'd like it!

Galvatron> you certainly did my dear.

|nerodancer|> I couldn't stop touching myself after you left. :)

Galvatron> oh well it's THAT nice? :)

|nerodancer|> VERY nice!

Galvatron> I imagine so :)

|nerodancer|> you like your sexy belly?

Galvatron> I'm getting used to it. :)

|nerodancer|> well next month when I come to visit YOU we can upgrade alright?

Galvatron> but of course :)

|nerodancer|> oh wow, when my belly started to bulge over my belt, I knew I was in love.

Galvatron> with me or your belly? :)

|nerodancer|> yummy both!

Galvatron> cool!

|nerodancer|> and when I could see your fat tummy peeking out from under your tight shirt for the first time, I almost came!!!!

Galvatron> really?

|nerodancer|> yesssss!

Galvatron> I must admit, sex only got better day after day as you gained more and more weight!

|nerodancer|> fuck yeah!!!

Galvatron> we must do this again sometime!

|nerodancer|> ooooh yeah!!! Hehehe anyhow, sorry to leave so soon, but I promised to go out with Christa for a burger or two or three or four :)

Galvatron> oh I suppose I'll let you :)

|nerodancer|> I'll be back later hon, don't worry!

Galvatron> I'll be waiting!

|nerodancer|> LOVE YOU!!!!!

Galvatron> love you too!

< - - 9/20/1999 23:41:53 |nerodancer| Exits the Chat - - >

< - - 9/20/1999 23:42:01 Galvatron Exits the Chat - - >