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A Trip to the Mini-Mart
By Charma
As a fat woman, weighing in at almost 300 pounds, eager suitors have never been in abundance. I live in my Grandmother's old trailer near my parents' farm and live in relative isolation by choice. My furniture consists mainly of beanbag chairs and some old mattresses Dad bought a few winters back. I have been known as the town 'fat girl' for the past eighteen years and have accepted the fact that no one would ever find me attractive. Eating is my only consolation. A Twinkie never judges and an apple pie never criticized or complains about my weight.

In the mornings, I head to the local donut shop and root around for donuts left over from the day before. The owner sometimes leaves them in a hefty bag for me in the alley.

This morning I went to the donut shop and found diddly-squat. I was devastated and sat in my station wagon, listening to my stomach growl noisily. I was hungry as hell by the time I ended up at the mini-mart. I had five dollars and twelve cents. I really wanted five polish sausages but could only afford three. I walked in and instead of the old geezer that usually works behind the counter, there was some military looking guy. Suddenly, I remembered him from high-school. He had been Homecoming King and star Quarterback.

What was he doing working in a grimy mini-mart at the edge of town? How far they fall, I thought smugly and giggled. He looked at me in disgust as I shuffled by with my stained shirt and massive bra-less boobs jiggling to and fro. I could care less what he thought of my appearance as I only had eyes for the dripping greasy sausages that beckoned from across the room. I was so damn hungry! I ordered two from the smug little prick who thought he was all that. While his back was turned, I grabbed two packages of Oreo cookies and a pint of Dryers and shoved them in my big purse. This food is so overpriced, anyway, I thought to myself.

He gave me my hot dogs with a smirk. When I got to the door he came behind me and said, "Well, well, well, look what we got here!" I was humiliated as he grabbed the cookies and ice cream out of my purse. "I'm calling the police. I am tired of fat hogs coming in here and looting all the sweets and pop."

I sobbed as he pushed me to the back room. I begged him not to call the cops. I was terrified of seeing my name in the police blotter again. He shoved me into the chair and said, "Maybe I'll give the cops a break and handle this myself."

It was then I saw the Marine Corps tattoo on his bicep and the hungry look in his eyes. He put the ice cream and cookies on the table and said, "You want to eat, fat girl? Well, you're gonna eat it all up!"

I was scared of what this psycho might do if I refused, and I must admit I could feel my pussy starting to tingle as I watched his muscular arms grab the dripping hot dog and hold it as I took a timid bite. "Good girl," he said quietly, as I ate ravenously, managing to devour the hot dog in two bites. I could see his hard cock and lean muscular thighs beneath his crisp white Dockers.

After devouring the hot dogs and an entire bag of Oreos, I was starting to feel really stuffed. He handed me a wooden spoon and ordered me to eat the ice cream.

"I'm way too full," I pleaded. "Lemme take it home and eat it," I said as I made a grab for the pint.

"Get up lard ass," he barked. "Lemme see that big belly."

I was embarrassed as I removed my shirt revealing my massive swollen jelly belly. He lovingly caressed my tight belly and kneaded my rolls. Next, he put a dab of ice cream on each nipple and licked it off. My huge nipples were rock hard as he suckled each one for five minutes. I thought I was going to faint with excitement as he French kissed my belly-button. He got up and put a spoonful of the melting ice cream before my lips and ordered me again to take a bite. I refused wondering what he would do.

"You're going to learn to do as Daddy says. Now bend that fat ass over!"

I bent over the desk, trembling with fear and a strange anticipation as he pulled my old grey sweat pants down to my knees. I wasn't wearing any underwear - too confining. I burned with embarrassment at what he must think of my massive cellulite covered ass. I yelped as I felt the wooden spoon smack my bare ass at least ten times. He stood me up and ordered me to eat the melted ice cream. I drank the creamy melted mixture and soon felt like I was going to burst. I could barely move and felt like a bloated butterball.

He sat down in a chair and sweetly massaged my swollen belly and French kissed my belly button again. Soon, my pussy was juicy and tingling with anticipation.

"Now, bend over again like a good girl," he ordered.

"But I did what you said and ate all the ice cream," I started to cry, worried that he would paddle my fat ass again.

"This time you're gonna get a real fat sausage just like you need," he laughed. I felt his hard cock plunge into my fat pussy and could not believe how good it felt. Truth be told, I had not had sex or anything close to it in almost eight years since my dad's best friend Uncle Gus got drunk and offered me a box of Sees candy to suck his cock.

He pulled his cock out after five minutes and came all over my fat ass cheeks. "Now, pull up your dirty britches and get the fuck out before I call the cops," he ordered. I stumbled out of the mini-mart, knowing I had found my soul mate and true love.

Later that night as was drifting happily off to sleep. I heard knocking at my trailer door. I opened the door and found the former Homecoming King, carrying a bucket of chicken, a pizza and a six pack.