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Modeling Large
By ledranger

Jim was tired and beat. He spent the whole day Christmas shopping at the mall. He now stood off to the side with many packages. As he shifted his weight from one foot to the other, he leaned back against the wall waiting for his wife to arrive.

“Where the hell is she?” he cursed. He closed his eyes trying to get some relief from the fluorescent glow of the mall lightning. He was pooped he could feel himself start to nod off. With his eyes closed his other senses became more adept. His nose became aware of very feminine perfume. He smiled at his near sleep state and the intoxicating scent around him.

Eventually he also started to sense the presence of someone close. Just as he opened his eyes he heard a woman next to him say, “Well, I'm glad this place finally got one of these stores. I've been waiting for years for this mall to open one.” Jim found himself standing next to a woman peering into the store.

Jim didn't know there was a store behind him the front was closed for so long he stopped looking to see if one would open. He turned around and saw the marquee. The store was called “The Full Basket: A Complete Clothing Store for the Full-bodied Woman.” Jim never seen this store before; he only knew of it as an on-line enterprise.

As he stared at the window display the woman kept talking. “I bought a few things from them on-line, but I'm so glad they have an actual store now. I'd much rather try something on before purchasing it.” Jim barely heard a word she spoke for he was transfixed with what he saw in the window. In front of him were manikin displays of women in all state of dress.

There were cocktail dresses, all forms of lingerie, bras and panties, sleepwear, and even a French's maid costume. Each one on there own merit would make a man's heart race, but this display got Jim's attention real quick. It turns out that Jim has a thing for women who happen to weigh a little more than the norm. Some call them BBW's (big beautiful women), other's women with curves. Jim's favorite term was big girls.

“…I got to find a present for my husband. -hehe-, actually for the both of us. I'm sure I can't go wrong here,” the woman continued. Jim spun around and took a second look. He had to bite his lip in order to stop his chin from falling. Next to him was a very attractive woman. She had green eyes and long flowing red hair. She was a bit short, standing next to his six-foot frame.

His height advantage allowed him quite a look. Perhaps a look a little too reveling than this woman wanted. She was dressed in a black knit skirt, a gray V-neck cashmere sweater, topped off with a black knit duster. Her clunky black shoes made her body tilt so that it helped Jim's view even more.

He first took in her face and tried to follow the conversation by looking at her lips. As her pouty red lips spoke about trying something on that her husband would appreciate Jim's eyes followed her smooth pale skin down her round face to her broad shoulders and kept on going to her reveling display of cleavage.

This woman was the perfect customer for “The Full Basket.” She had all the right curves. They were very generous, and very easy on the eyes. Jim could not believe the size of the woman's breasts. They were tremendous. She had to buy her bras at a store like this. A normal shop wouldn't carry them.

Jim didn't know what to say. When she stopped speaking all could he muster was, “I'm sure whatever you pick out your husband will love it.” He brought his view back to eye level lest she would get offended. She giggled at that. “You're too kind,” she said. They both broke out laughing. Jim's attention became even more acute during this as he spied her bosom bouncing along with her laughter.

They both turned to the window display once again admiring the displays. “My name is Ellen.” Jimmy half-turned, and offered his hand. “Hi, I'm James. My friends call me Jim.” Ellen responded with a firm handshake. As they locked eyes again Jim could feel her warm soft hand and her strong grip. He thought to himself, my, she's strong and beautiful.

Ellen tilted her head and had a little smirk. “You look more like a Jimmy. You don't mind if I call you Jimmy, do you, Jimmy?” All Jim (make that Jimmy) could do was bite his lip and nod dumbly. This woman could call me anything she wants, he thought to himself. I don't think there'd be anything I could do or say to stop her.

As they stood there they made small talk. It turns out that both were married, in there 30's, and they're waiting for their respected partners to show up. “You know,” Ellen spoke, “since we both got some time come in with me. I'd like your opinion on a few items I have in mind. I need a man's perspective.”

Jimmy simply nodded in agreement. Ellen left no choice in her wording. Next thing he knew she walked in front him towards the entrance. Jimmy walked in behind her. He couldn't help but notice her big round ass cheeks swaying as she walked. Her long sweater couldn't hide her plump round tush.

Once inside the warm perfumed climate of the store became very intoxicating to Jimmy. To see all the beautiful clothing, and the lovely big women in the aisles was too much for the slim built man. He just nodded in disbelief as Ellen started chatting with a sales clerk. The employee was a young black woman. She was Jimmy's height and twice his weight, if not more. She had her hair straightened and long about her shoulders. Her smooth coal colored skin was erotic as her ample curves.

With a soft meaty hand she pointed towards the undergarments in the back of the room. “Come with me, Jimmy,” Ellen persisted as she made her way to the back of the store. Once there they found themselves in an aisle featuring corsets, and stockings and garters. Jimmy couldn't believe the item Ellen was going for. The package had an extremely voluptuous model on the cover. “So Jimmy,” Ellen asked picking up one her size, “do you think my husband might enjoy this on me?” Holy crap, thought Jimmy, that is the hottest thing I ever saw. Out loud he responded, “That is very nice. I am sure he'll love it.” Jimmy's eyes kept going to the package to Ellen just imaging how beautiful she'd look in it.

“Well I'm going to try it on,” Ellen murmured. She looked back at Jimmy and winked, “just in case. Follow me.” Jimmy couldn't believe his luck was this gorgeous woman going to actually model for him? In that? It was unbelievable.

As they made their way to the back of the store the fitting rooms came into view. With every step he took Jimmy was getting more and more sexually aroused. He tugged at his belt trying to give himself some room.

Once back there the young sales clerk appeared again. She spoke with Ellen. “One item, this way ,please.” The two walked into the dressing room, with the black girl returning on her own. She sat on a tall bar stool against the wall Jimmy sat on a like chair across from her. Charlotte (that was the name on her badge) addressed Jimmy and said, “She'll be a moment.”

Jimmy nodded dumbly in reply. He was too transfixed on Charlotte to form words. With her sitting on the bar stool that caused her abundant stomach press together and jut out even more. The sweater she was wearing expanded out barely containing to her. Her belly looked like one big beach ball. Jimmy rubbed his forehead not believing all this stimulus. Seconds later the phone at the front register started to right. “Oh suga,r” Charlotte cursed, “I'll be right back.” And with that she hopped off the stood and sauntered to the phone.

Jimmy watched her ample hips sway and she jogged to the ringing phone. Jimmy's manly desires were at full attention. What the hell is going to happen when that women comes out in that outfit, he wondered to himself, I'll probably explode. To take his mind off things he started to look around the store eyeing things that would not accelerate his libido.

He couldn't help but notice that there were not many changing rooms. There were quite fewer in number compared to other shops. There weren't that may doors, and they were spaced far apart. Just as he trying to figure out what that meant he heard Ellen's voice from inside her changing room, “Ohhh, Jimmy. Can you step inside here for a moment? I need your opinion.”

Jimmy felt his mouth run dry. He took slow deliberate steps towards the door. He didn't even realize he was moving. It was as if his body was acting on its own accord. He was afraid to open the door, yet that was all he could think about. With a trembling hand he turned the knob and walked in.

This was no ordinary changing room. It looked like a room straight out of a bordello. Soft light illuminated the room. Thick carpet went from wall to wall. A huge couch ran the length of the room, with plenty of throw pillows around. Ellen stood just in front of the couch dressed in the outfit she picked out. Her clothes lay draped over an end table.

“You like?” she quivered. “Why don't you step in and take a good look.” Jimmy staggered in and soaked in her image. Ellen twirled around showing all the assets she had. Her body seemed to just pore into that suit, every curve a large and rounded wonder. With a hand she gestured to the couch, “Here, have a seat.” As he sat down, Ellen sauntered over to the door and locked the clasp. She spun around and shimmied back towards him.

Jimmy sat down quickly. Ellen moved in front him. The room had several large candles lit. They gave off erotic glows and shadows. Their scent mixed with Ellen's. On top of that the new fabric scent sent Jimmy's mind reeling. She reached down and cupped Jimmy's chin. He was eye level to her stomach.

He barely had time to admire the fullness that spanned her waistline line when she directed his eyesight upwards. It traveled up her wide muscular torso to her amazing big plump bosom to her broad shoulders. He gazed longingly into her emerald eyes. Her face was haloed by wavy red hair. “You like?” she cooed.

Her knee rested on his. His body felt as is it was on fire. He nodded dumbly. Ellen looked down and giggled at the budding erection growing in Jimmy's pants.

“Mmmm…” she murmured. “Somebody likes what he sees. Why don't you let him out so he can have a better look.” By this time Ellen parted Jimmy's legs and started to work her hands down his chest. She unzipped his coat and started to undo his belt. He resisted her actions but she tugged down his coat pinning his arms to his sides.

The more he resisted the more his cock swelled. When his belt was finally undone and his fly lowered his penis pushed against his boxers. Ellen reached under his shirt and started to rub his stomach. “I think he's going to make an appearance,” she giggled. And with that his engorged cock head surged through the underwear's flap. They both looked down to see a large purple cock head and most of his meaty shaft coming through.

Ellen hopped forward until their crotches were practically grinding into each other. With out further ado she leaned forward and kissed the man. Their mouths opened and they tongued kissed with abandon. Ellen's long silky hair danced on Jimmy's face as her heavy bosom crashed upon his chest. She draped her hands around his neck as his went to her waist.

Throughout all this excitement his manhood grew to full excitement and kept knocking upon Ellen's mound. They broke off the kiss. Ellen started to nibble on his ear. She whispered, “I just love this suit. It has a snap crotch.” Needing no further encouragement Jimmy reached down between them and sought out that snap.

As he did so Ellen lean back away from Jimmy. Her out stretched arms holding his shoulders. Her large breasts swayed before him. Her rounded tummy was perched in front him. Both groaned in delight as an audible snap was heard. Ellen's new outfit sprang loose under her. Her womanhood quivered as a rush of air danced across it.

With strength he didn't know he had Jimmy lurched forward. Ellen felt herself being picked up. And then next thing they knew they fell forward towards the floor. The array of pillows cushioned their fall. Ellen's legs were spread far apart. Kneeling between them Jimmy ran his hands across the wide expanse of her midsection.

Her legs bent, Ellen wiggled her toes and slid them into Jimmy's elastic band. With one sure and solid tug she pulled down his pants. They bunched up at his knees. His cock bobbed free. By this time Jimmy was palming her mound enjoying the bushy feel of her hair and the wetness of womanhood.

Ellen stretched and moaned. She ran her fingers through her hair. “Take me,” she yelled. As her lower lips parted Jimmy sank himself into her. He was rewarded with a tight wet feel. In turn, Ellen felt inch upon inch of man glide through her. Both hummed in delight as the sex began.

Ellen's feet rested on his ass cheeks as Jimmy started to move his hips to and fro. Fast at first he took advantage of the situation. He grabbed her waist and pumped her for all that he could. Waves of wetness washed over him. Ellen squealed, grunted and giggled at being manhandled. Once her heart got use to the commotion Jimmy slowed down his pace.

He lazily pumped his beauty. He slowly leaned down and they resumed kissing. Every action was slow and deliberate. Ellen wiggled a bit and was able to roll down her new nightie. It dropped just enough so that her breasts rolled out. Once exposed, she placed her hands on the top of Jimmy's head. With a gentle push she guided him to her bosom.

Taking her cue Jimmy moved down a tad. Ellen reached down and palmed her massive chest. She mashed them together and offered them up. Jimmy smiled and kissed each areola. He proceeded to lick and nibble every erotic inch of cups. All the while he ran his fingers through his lovers thick mane.

Meanwhile, Ellen was meeting every thrust with a pelvic lift of her own. All this excitement was too much to handle. Jimmy felt his orgasm peek. He broke away and concentrated on the fucking. As he grasped Ellen's muscular thighs she reached down and started to diddle herself. She clamped her eyes down and bit her lip. She complimented Jimmy's action with waves of her own orgasms.

“Oh god, I got to cum. I can't hold back,” Jimmy yelled. Ellen felt him swell to mighty proportions inside her. Not wanting any unfortunate accident or staining of her nightie, Ellen reached up and gave Jimmy a mighty shove. She definitively had the size and strength advance. Totally caught off guard Jimmy was shoved back against the couch.

An audible popping sound was made as he was thrust outside Ellen's body. He engorged cock waved madly as he sat on the ground. Like a large cat Ellen pounced up on to her knees and dove between his legs. With a small delicate mouth outstretched she took his penis. It was hard, thick and coated with her juices. It slid easily in her mouth.

Jimmy at first was angry at the abrupt ending. But once Ellen started her tonguing magic he sighed in delight. Once she started tickling his ball sac he knew there was only one way to end this encounter. And just like that everything he had to give came draining through his system. He felt his entire strength and power course through him and out his member.

Ellen was rewarded with a massive dose of love. Hot creamy juice sailed through her mouth and quickly down her gullet. Jimmy's cock shrank in relief while she still milked him. With the last salvo's of cum still her mouth she picked herself up and hugged all the stuffing out him.

Jimmy felt her large presence bear in on him. As their mouths closed upon each other Jimmy tasted himself on her lips and tongue. Ellen bore down him pinning him to the couch. She wanted Jimmy to taste what she tasted.

Finally she broke off the kiss and stood. She felt rejuvenated and he felt spent. As she stood looking down upon him Ellen smiled. She knew she worn him out. All he could do was look up and be amazed. “That was wonderful,” he whispered. “It certainly was.”

Ellen took off the undergarment and started to get dressed. “I like it. I'm going to buy it. Thank you for helping me in my decision,” she winked. Jimmy, feeling foolish now, quickly buckled up. He became beet red embarrassed. Ellen made her way to the door. As she unlocked it and opened it she turn around. Waving a finger she said, “You know I might need a robe to go with this. I'll be by here Thursday night. Be here. I need you to help me try it…on.”

With that spun on her heels and left. Jimmy was left there dazed, confused, and yet totally satisfied. As Ellen walked down the hall Charlotte returned and was able to peek in the room. Surveying the damage she looked at Ellen. The big girl winked, “I'll be buying this.” The sales clerk could only smile and say, “You go, girl.”

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