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Meg loved her daughter very much. She wanted the best for her and for her happiness. Meg and Caitlin differed on the happiness issue though. Meg was quite fat. She was only 5'3” and weighed 250 lbs. She enjoyed her size as did her husband, George who also was quite fat. George weighed over 300 lbs. and he stood a stout, 5'9”.

Caitlin had been a plump child and grew to be a plump teen. This changed when she went away to college in Colorado. Most of the other students, especially the women were all slim and athletic. Wanting desperately to fit in Caitlin dieted and worked out nearly everyday. She slimmed down to 110 lbs. on her 5'4” frame.

This change in her daughter's body bothered Meg a great deal. She had always enjoyed eating everything she wanted. George, who loved his rotund wife as much as she loved her huge husband, supported her and even encouraged her eating.

When Caitlin came home for visits, Meg would try to tempt her with rich treats and large heavy meals. To keep the peace, Caitlin would indulge a bit. She would put on a few pounds around the holidays and to fake out her mother she would bring clothes a size or two smaller than she normally wore to appear as if she had gained more weight than she actually had. Caitlin would then work out even harder to lose the pounds she gained while home.

Meg continued to worry about her daughters well being. Feeling that she was caught up in the pressure to stay slim that society imposed on women and never being able to truly enjoy herself.

When Caitlin became engaged to a total hard body in Meg's mind she was beside herself to “help” her daughter become the large, happy women she should be. As the wedding day grew nearer, Meg still didn't have any solution to her problem until a fateful meeting at her favorite bakery.

Meg was waiting in line to be waited on at the bakery, when she recognized the voice of an acquaintance but not the body. It was Linda, a women she knew from her garden club. She was stunned; Linda must have gained thirty pounds. She had a potbelly where before she had a flat stomach. Her bottom was now round and wide; before she had a firm rear. Linda ordered a dozen donuts and a large coffee with cream and sugar. When she turned around, she smiled at Meg, she blushed a bit and said, “Meg, may I have a word with you, when you get your order?” Meg could only stammer her answer, “Sure Linda, I love to chat.” With that Linda waddled outside to a table, sat down and started in on the donuts. Meg could not wait to find out what had happen to Linda for her to gain so much weight so quickly.

Meg, joined Linda at the table, Linda had already eaten four of her dozen donuts and didn't seem the least concerned. In fact she looked to be enjoying herself. Meg was just about to ask what had happened when Linda spoke up. “Meg,” she said, “I want to apologize for ignoring you at the meetings. I was so snotty about weight and appearance I never spoke to you, I hope you will forgive me?” Meg's mouth dropped open; she managed to stammer, “Of course I forgive you, but what…” Linda spoke up, “I almost lost my husband to my fitness graze. He threatened to leave if I did not change my fixation on staying skinny.” She dug into her seventh donut. “He said we needed to go on a cruise for me to rethink my perception of beauty. He booked us on a Dutch Lines cruise ship, which is known for its outstanding food and serving twenty four hours a day.

“Our booking was for two weeks. He made me eat everything put in front of me. It seemed like I ate every waking minute. No sooner than I would wake up in the morning, a cart of the richest breakfast foods you could imagine would arrive at our cabin. After a huge breakfast, up to pool to be waited on hand and foot, being served rich snacks until and massive lunch was served. Then the same thing during the afternoon, another meal at 'tea time' then late in the evening an almost unbelievable dinner would be served. I gained thirty-five pounds in two weeks! It was the best two weeks of my marriage. Hank treated me like a goddess, the more I gained the better things became. I am NEVER, EVER going to diet again; I don't care how big I get, this is the happiest Hank and I have ever been.” Meg and Linda hugged; Linda invited Meg to lunch at her house. Meg was dying to find out the reservation number for the cruise line.

Over lunch, Meg told Linda about how worried she was about her scrawny daughter and her rock hard beau. Linda told her that Hank had gained fifteen pounds himself on the cruise. Meg made reservations for Caitlin and Jay, her soon to be husband, that day from Linda's house.

Meg presented the cruise tickets to Caitlin and Jay as a wedding present the day of the wedding. She didn't want Caitlin and Jay to find out what kind of cruise line it was. Meg told them that it was one of those fitness lines with rock climbing and jogging tacks. They left for the cruise right from the reception.

Caitlin and Jay arrived in Miami and were taken straight to the ship. They checked in and shown to their cabin. They were surprised to find the cabin had a large dining table in it, which seemed odd to them. No sooner than they had unpacked, a waiter with a huge cart of rich, fattening treats showed up. He set the cart near the table, smiled and left.

Caitlin had changed into a bikini, and Jay his “Speedo” swimsuit and a t-shirt. Caitlin stared at the cart and all of the goodies on it. She thought to herself, “Well, it is my honeymoon; just a few goodies won't hurt. I can work off the calories at the health club on the upper deck Mom told me about.” She fixed herself a large plate of rich pastries, fruits with sweet sauces and dips and started eating. Jay asked, “ Should you be eating that sort of thing?” Caitlin looked up, “You should try some, Honey; this is great!” Jay, nibbled on some pastry and sauces, “Yeah, you're right, Sweetie; this is wonderful.” He fixed himself a large plate also. They snacked away for over an hour. Caitlin was not used to being so full, especially full of such rich food. She got up from the table and went to take a nap. Jay thought he would check out the fitness center, since he felt full and bloated.

Just as Meg had planned, there was no fitness center. The ship was designed to be a floating restaurant; there was food everywhere. Every deck had a snack bar. The pool area was more of a dining room with a pool in the middle. Waiters and waitresses patrolled the decks for passengers who did not have something to eat or drink in their hands. Jay even indulged a bit more before returning to the cabin to wake Caitlin for dinner.

He walked in and looked at his new bride lying on the bed. He could not help but notice the bulge in Caitlin's tummy. He looked around the bed and notice two more empty plates. It appeared that Caitlin had indulged a bit more herself while he was out. He woke her up, she sleepily smiled asked him about the fitness center. Jay told her there wasn't one. Caitlin, smiled, “It is just like my mom to book us on a cruise ship with no fitness center.” Jay told her about the whole ship being a floating restaurant.

The PA systems announce dinner was being served in all dining rooms on board for the next two hours. Caitlin and Jay decided to go the poolside dining room so they would not have to dress for dinner. They went up on deck to the dining room and were quickly shown to a table near the pool.

A plump waitress arrived told them about the special, which they decided to order. When it arrived both Caitlin and Jay were stunned by the amount of food put in front of them. The special was a prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, sweet salads, a rich bean casserole and mashed potatoes. Caitlin could not understand why she felt so hungry, she had really eaten way too much in their cabin, but now she could not wait to dig in to the huge dinner. Jay felt the same way.

They ate for nearly an hour, eating all that was on the huge plates, washed down by bottomless glasses of wine. They were both a little drunk when their waitress suggested Baked Alaska for desert; they quickly agreed and continue on with the rich desert.

When dinner was finally over, Caitlin could hardly move. She looked down at her bulging tummy, running her hand over the tight skin felt so good; she wondered if this was how her mom felt when she ate a huge meal. Jay felt he would explode at any moment. He just looked at Caitlin, “What did we just do?”

They were not the only ones who had overindulged. They noticed several other passengers either not getting up for a while or being helped from their seats by the helpful wait staff. It appeared to Caitlin that almost all the female passengers were pregnant!

They managed to waddle back to their cabin. Caitlin could not believe how turned on she was. She had not had a huge meal like that since she was a little girl and being encouraged to “eat up” by her mother. Her tummy bulged out in front of her. She would have been embarrassed to be seen in this condition at school or around her hometown, but on board this ship all the women were in the “same boat” as she was.

Caitlin and Jay stripped off their swimsuits; Caitlin struggled into a bikini teddy nightie and Jay a pair of briefs. They fell immediately to sleep.

The next morning no sooner had they finished with the bathroom, than another cart arrived, over flowing with rich breakfast foods. Caitlin and Jay dug into rich, fattening food as if possessed. They gorged themselves for nearly two hours. When they were finally finished, they looked at each other's distended bellies, giggled and struggled to the bed for a little “exercise.” This became a routine for the duration of the cruise.

On the Saturday of the middle weekend of the cruise, Meg called, she could not resist any longer. Caitlin answered the phone, burped, “Hi Mom, Yes we are having a wonderful, broadening time.” Caitlin lying on the bed, patting her tummy with the six inches she had added to her waist. Her teddy rode up to just below her breasts. Her bottom was straining at the leg openings of her bikini panty. Jay waddled in; he had added eight inches to his belly, which now bulged out over the waistband of his “Speedo” lifting up his t-shirt. Caitlin reached up and patted his belly, making it jiggle as he put a rich chocolate éclair into her mouth. She bit down squirting the rich pudding down the side of her mouth. She assured her mom they were having a fantastic time and would call as soon as the ship docked next Saturday.

Linda offered to pick up Jay and Caitlin at the airport. She waddled out to the gate to meet them; with Hank's pampering, she had gained another twenty-five pounds. She was dying to see Caitlin and Jay, she was sure they would be huge from the onslaught of calories on the ship. She was not disappointed. Caitlin and Jay waddled up the jetway to the waiting area. The once fit, lithe couple were now round, soft, happy plumpers.

Caitlin was wearing a tight white top that hugged her now plump breasts and showing off the skin of her round, bloated tummy. She had on black stretch pants that, too, showed off the roundness of her tummy. She jiggled with every step, smiling when she saw Linda. Jay had on a polo shirt that could not cover his huge beer belly that protruded far out a head of him. The once avid jogger was now having trouble just walking, and both he and Caitlin loved his condition.

Caitlin and Jay figured out that Meg had arranged the cruise to fatten them up. At first, they were little upset at being manipulated, but all the rich food and especially the wild sex as they discovered as a result of being so turned on by their gorging. They decided to surprise Meg by getting as huge as they could.

After talking to Meg on Saturday during the cruise. Caitlin explained how her mother felt about eating and being fat and how she wanted the same happiness for her daughter. Jay said he could not agree more. Caitlin and Jay fed each other with abandon for the remaining six days of their cruise. They cleaned every cart delivered to their cabin. Had seconds of the massive meals served in the ship dining rooms. The results were impressive.

Linda drove them to Meg and George's house. Meg had laid out a massive brunch to celebrate Caitlin and Jay's homecoming and transformation.

She was not disappointed, Caitlin had added another seven inches to her waist since talking to her mom during the cruise. She looked seven months pregnant; her tummy was constantly bloated from the gorging she was doing. She now weighed, before another meal, 170 lbs. gaining sixty pounds during the cruise. (Linda was impressed) Jay had added another ten inches to his waist. (Going from a 30” waist to 48” waist.) His belly bulged nearly a foot out in front of him, changing his center of gravity, his weight had gone from a lithe, 155 lbs. to happily round and soft 220 lbs.

The six of them dug into the brunch, eating nearly the entire rest of the day. Meg was so proud of Caitlin; she could have burst, even without six plates of food. She was nearly in tears watching Caitlin happily stuff herself. She also was amazed at Jay's transformation. Other than being fat herself, having a fat daughter, finally, she loved a man with a massive belly like her George.

Caitlin stood up with some difficulty and waddled over to her mom's seat. Standing up, she pushed her big, round, soft tummy up against Meg; patting her tummy, she said, “Thanks for the best wedding present I could have ever wanted.”