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Mom's Revenge
by ~Max~

That little tramp! Parading around in that ridiculously short skirt, and that tight sweater. I thought Bill's eyes were going to pop out of his head. And then the nerve of her to sit on his lap!

I haven't yet figured out what I am going to do but, she is going to pay for this one - believe me.

I could tell that Mom was really pissed off at me tonight. Well, I can't help it if her boyfriend likes me more than her.

I have to admit that even though she is only seventeen years old, Heather already has the kind of body that can drive a man wild, with those big firm tits of hers, and her round tight ass. No wonder Bill gets a hard-on whenever she enters the room.

My tits are big enough, but they haven't been firm ever since Heather was born. And I hate to even think about what my ass must look like. Even with all the diets I have been on, I still haven't been able to lose all the weight I gained when I was pregnant with Heather.

If I wouldn't have gotten myself knocked-up, I would still be thin, like I was when I was seventeen.

But Heather never has to diet. Heather doesn't know what it's like to buy an outfit and outgrow it before you even get a chance to wear it.

It would be justice if Heather would get fat. Maybe then when I brought a date home, he would look at me, instead of her.

This one was kinda cute. And I felt sorry for him. After all, look at the fat cow he's dating. When I was sitting on his lap, I wiggled my butt around a little and he got a big hard-on. It's no wonder that he got so turned-on. This must have been the first time that he's had a really sexy woman sitting on his lap.

And why doesn't Mom go on a diet and lose some weight! I keep telling her that no man is going to be interested in her until she does. But she just doesn't listen.

I woke up in the middle of the night, after having a dream that Heather had gotten really fat. I laid in my bed, and imagined how perfect that would be. Before I knew it, I was devising a plan to actually make my dream come true.

When I woke up this morning, Mom was in a great mood, and she was in the kitchen making me a delicious breakfast. I had chocolate chip pancakes with syrup, eggs and cheese, sausage, milk, and a big piece of hot apple pie with ice cream for dessert. When I finally finished everything, I was stuffed ! Mom said that seeing as how it was the beginning of my summer vacation, I could crawl back into bed while she cleaned up the kitchen.

And I thought that after what had happened last night, Mom was going to be a bitch this morning !

I was counting on Heather being lazy while she was off school, but I am surprised by how inactive she has become. I have to wake her up in the morning, so I can feed her a fattening breakfast before I go to work. After breakfast, she either goes back to bed and sleeps, or crawls onto the couch and watches television.

On my lunch break, I pick-up some fast food and bring it home for her. Sometimes, she is still sleeping off her large breakfast, and I have to wake her up to feed it to her.

Before I leave work, at the end of the day, I call a restaurant and place a take-out order. When I get home with the food, I often discover that Heather has not done a damn thing all day. We then sit down and eat a big dinner which always includes a fattening dessert. At night Heather usually has some friends over. They like to come to our house because I usually order a pizza, and have several other fattening treats for the girls.

Today, Mom came home early from work and caught me making it with her ex-boyfriend. It wasn't my fault. Bill stopped over. He said that he had lost his wallet and that he thought that it may be under the cushions of our couch. We started looking for it, and one thing led to another and before I knew it, we were doing it on the sofa.

When I saw Mom staring at us, I could tell by the look on her face, that she was really angry. But she didn't say a word to us. She just walked away and went into her bedroom and closed the door. She still hasn't come out. But I expect that when she does, the shit will really hit the fan.

But is it my fault if men can't keep their hands off of me?

How could she have done this to me? I'll teach that little slut a lesson.

I thought Mom was going to be really mad, but when she came out of her room this morning, she didn't even yell at me. She did tell me that I had to see the doctor to get some kind of birth control.

I was surprised as hell that I got away with this.

I telephoned our doctor this afternoon and talked to him about birth control for Heather. He told me about all the different types of contraceptives, and the advantages and disadvantages of using each method. I told him that I thought that the "Norplant" implants would be best for Heather because it was very effective and did not require her to remember to take a pill every day. He wanted Heather to understand that there is a chance that she could experience an increased appetite and significant weight gain as a result of using that method of birth control. I told him that I had already discussed that possibility with Heather, and she has accepted it.

Of course, Heather would never agree to it if she knew that it might make her fat.

I got home from the doctor's office this afternoon where I had that birth control stuff put under my skin. Mom say that I am supposed to take it easy, so I plan to just lay around the house for a few days.

After we got back, I took a nap while Mom went grocery shopping. She came home with all of my favorite things to eat.

Mom just left on a date. How any man can be interested in a fat cow like her, I'll never know.

At least she made me a lot of good things to eat before she left. Which is a good thing cuz I feel really hungry tonight.

I had a wonderful time on my date this evening. And then to make the evening truly perfect, I come home to find Heather asleep on the couch with her bare tummy bulging over the waist bend of her panties. When I looked in the kitchen, I discovered that she had eaten almost all the fattening food I had bought her this afternoon.

Heather has been so hungry lately. I better go to bed now so that I can get up early and prepare a big breakfast for my growing girl.

This sure has been a strange morning! Mom woke me up early, just to feed me breakfast before she went out. She was in such a good mood that I didn't have the heart to tell her that she had made me way too much food. So even though it was hard, I ate everything she kept putting on my plate. By the time I was done, I was so stuffed it was hard for me to walk over to the couch.

I watched T.V. for about an hour, then I went into the bathroom and took a shower.

After my shower, I went to get a pair of pants from my dresser, and I was shocked when I discovered that all of my jeans were gone ! When I looked in the other drawers, I noticed that many of my other clothes were missing too ! The only thing that I could find to wear, were a pair of old sweat pants, and a sweat shirt. I put them on and went back out into the living room to wait for Mom. She must know what the hell is going on.

I hope that she gets home soon, because I am getting hungry.

I was hoping that I would have gotten home from shopping before Heather discovered that I got rid of all the clothing that was getting too small for her. As soon as I came home she grilled me about her missing clothing.

Lucky for me, I was prepared with my phony story. I sounded real apologetic as I told her that our clothes dryer had malfunctioned, and it scorched a load of her clothing.

"That's why I have been shopping all morning", I told her, "to buy you a whole new wardrobe".

Heather bought it. She's so dumb.

Not only is Mom so dumb that she burned all my clothes, but the new stuff she bought me is all too big.

She must be feeling guilty about the whole thing cuz she made a huge dinner for me this evening, and after dinner, she took me out for some ice cream. Then she rented me three movies and I stayed up all night watching them while eating candy bars and buttered popcorn.

This is working out better than I hoped ! All those new clothes I bought Heather were 2 sizes larger than her old ones, and now they too are getting tight on her. My guess is that she has gained between 20 and 30 pounds so far.

Mom's so stupid. She's been shrinking my clothes again. But, I'm afraid to bitch about it because then she might start making me do me own laundry.

I am going shopping today, and I'll buy Heather some larger clothing. I will wash them a couple times and then I will sneak them into her dresser drawers.

She's so stupid, she won't even notice.

I had my so-called friends over tonight. They all made jokes about me and told me that I was getting fat. They have always been jealous of me because the boys in school that like me and not them.

That is the last time I invite them over.

I get the feeling that Heather may be starting to suspect that she is gaining weight. So, I will try to keep one step ahead of her.

There is a friend at work that is good with mechanical things. I told him that I was playing a joke on someone and asked him to "fix" our bathroom scale so that it never goes higher than 120 pounds. And as luck would have it, he was able to do it.

I am hoping that this will fool Heather long enough to get some more fat on her.

When I got up this morning, I was still thinking about what the girls said to me last night, so after my shower, I stepped on the scale. It said that I weighed 120 pounds. That's only 2 pounds more than when I was weighed in gym class last year.

Mom just called me for breakfast. Maybe I'll ask her what she thinks.

Heather just asked me if it looks like she has been gaining weight. I told her that I hadn't really noticed any change in her, but if she wanted me to, I could help her with a diet. She said that maybe that would be OK.

I told her that I didn't think that it was necessary to "go overboard", and I suggested that she start by having a "SlimFast" shake with her breakfast. She thought that this sounded like a good idea.

Gaining only two pounds since last spring, doesn't seem like a big deal to me, but Mom offered to help me start a diet anyway.

After work, I will go to the grocery store and buy several boxes of "SlimFast". Then I plan to go to the health foods store and purchase a can of "SuperWeightGain" powder.

It should be easy enough to open the packages of "SlimFast", throw away the contents, refill those packages with the "SuperWeightGain", and then reseal them.

This little trick should help me to get an additional 2,000 to 3,000 calories into Heather everyday.

Mom is such a klutz. She broke the full length mirror in my bedroom today, while she was cleaning. Now I will not be able to see what I look like after I get dressed.

And what is the deal with her and that dryer. Sometimes she shrinks my clothes and sometimes she doesn't. I never know how they are going to fit.

Heather no longer sees any of her friends, and she seems a little down lately. So I have been trying to console her with some extra food.

Because those contraception implants are making her body think that it is pregnant, and because of all the fattening food including the weight gain shakes I have been feeding her, Heather is really starting to pack on the pounds. She's got to be at least 170 or maybe even 180 pounds now.

This has got to be the most boring summer vacation that I have ever had. There is nothing to do all day, so I watch a lot of television. There have been days when I hardly get up off the couch.

When I saw Heather today I was surprised by how she looked. Her ass is twice the size it used to be. And instead of being firm as it once was, it is soft and jiggles whenever she moves. Her legs are now very chubby, and her thighs rub together when she walks. Her belly is no longer hard and flat. She now has a large roll of fat that hangs over the waist band of her panties with a second smaller roll right above it. Even though the last bras I bought for Heather were two sizes larger than her old ones, now her tits over flow the cups. Heather's face is round, and she now has a double chin.

She is going to make quite and impression on her classmates when school starts again the day after tomorrow.

Even though our scale says that I still only weigh 120 pounds, I feel fat. And I don't understand it. I have been drinking a "SlimFast" shake every morning before breakfast, and lately, I have also been drinking one just before I go to bed at night.

And with school starting tomorrow, I want to look my best.

I have been telling Mom that I want to go to the mall and buy some new clothes for school, but she says that she doesn't want me to ride on the bus, and that she will buy me everything I need.

But, I want some really cute clothes for my first day, so after Mom goes to work this morning, I'm going to the mall and do some shopping.

The note that Heather had left for me, told me that she had gone to the mall. I knew as soon as I read it, that the shit was about to hit the fan. And sure enough, right after I finished reading it, Heather, stormed through the front door.

"I'm fat! I weigh 185 pounds !" she screamed at me. "And you did this to me on purpose!"

I couldn't help myself. When she told me how much she weighed, I got a big smile on my face.

When Heather saw my grin, she knew that she was right, and she turned and ran into her room, slamming the door behind her.

For the rest of the day, I thought about Heather and what I had done, and I began to feel ashamed of myself. She would have to start school tomorrow, weighing 60 pounds more than when she left it.

I'm sure that it's going to be one of the worst days of her life.

Today started out to be one of the worst days of my life. Almost everyone in school made fun of me. But then, something incredible happened.

It was the end of the school day and I was putting my books away in my locker. When I turned around, I was startled to see Jim Braxton standing behind me. Jim is the captain of the football team and the cutest guy in school. For years, I have been trying to get Jim to like me, but he never seemed to take any interest in me, until today.

I was shocked when Jim told me that he had noticed that I had changed over the summer and that he thought that I "looked great".

He then asked me if I would like to go out on a date with him ! I was so surprised that it was hard for me to speak, but finally I managed to answer that I would like that.

Jim is picking me up this Saturday evening. We will be going out to dinner and then see a show.

I can't wait to get home and tell my Mom the good news. Then I think that I will give her a big hug and ask her to make me something to eat.