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"Mona Clairee's Dream Night"

We'd planned to meet up for a good year or so; we met on the Internet through online journals. Mona Clairee was her name; she lived in North America and I lived in Australia. So, it was a long time before we ever met. Both of us were into feederism, that's how our paths crossed. She was a feedee who had gone through a few feeders and was still trying to gain and find the right guy, and I was a feeder having trouble finding someone to feed.

I was waiting at the airport to pick her up; I caught a bigger person walking towards me in the corner of my eye and I turned to look. There she was, long black hair, a thick ass and a nice little belly. I'm guessing she'd weighed about 250lbs then. She even had a cute double chin.

"Oh, it's so great to finally be here with you," she said as she gave me the biggest hug, "I know, it's taken too long," I replied as I smiled. "Shall we go to the hotel now?" I asked as she grinned, replying, "You betchya."

I'd save a lot of money to spend a night in a top class hotel on her first night with me; we'd planned on having a night of love, sex and feeding. On the drive to the hotel we caught up on what had happened in our lives and how good it was to finally be together.

We arrived at the hotel at around 6pm in the evening; the hotel staff showed us to our room. I made sure we got a nice cosy room with a spa and all that fancy stuff. Mona put one of her large suitcases on the bed and opened it. Inside it was full of food; there were: all homemade cookies, cheesecake, brownies, Twinkies, ring dings, HoHos and a lot more. "I made sure I had the best food for feeding on; I've fasted the whole flight over so tonight I can eat a lot," she said with a grin as I sat next to her.

She moves closer and gives me a big hug and kisses me on the Lips; not being able to control myself I deepen the kiss as she wraps her arms around me and kisses me. I move back onto the bed and gesture her to sit on it with me, I grab a cheesecake and pull off a piece, "Time to feed you, my little miss piggy," I say. "Ohh, gimme gimme," she says as I push the slice into her mouth. I feed her the whole cake in a few minutes; each bite her face is filled with a expression of extreme happiness.

Mona lays down and says, "I'm still hungry, darling, can you stuff my face with some HoHos and home made cookies? Ohh.. and rub my belly too so that I can fit more in!"

"Sure," I say as I grab the cookies and HoHos and start feeding her, while rubbing her belly. By the time she's eaten the lot her belly has filled out a bit, and her pants and shirt are tight to her body.

"My clothes are getting so tight, but I'm still hungry, more more," she bellows with excitement, as she rubs her body in pleasure. "Oh, this is making me so horny," she says as I push a brownie into her mouth, after the last brownie she seems a little stuffed, and her clothes look like they are about to burst off. "You can still fit more in, Babe," I say as I force a cookie into her mouth. After forcing her to eat a few cookies, a button on her shirt pops off and the zipper to her pants breaks, allowing her belly to fill out more.

Mona's face fills with an expression of excitement as she pushes herself up. She has a little trouble as she's so stuffed, but she gets up and lays on top of me with all her weight and says, "You've made me so hot." As she starts kissing me, I grab her ass and start rubbing her body up and down. She rips off her shirt and bra as she kicks off her pants. "You're gonna be so worn out once I'm done with you, honey," Mona says as she rips off my clothes and forces my cock inside of her. She rides me for a good hour and I'm exhausted. Afterwards, we fall asleep in each other's arms.

I wake up, and she's on top of me holding some food, "Finally you're awake. I hope you're hungry, because I'm not wasting all this food," she says as she forces a Ring Ding into my mouth. She keeps forcing them into my mouth until I've eaten the lot, I'm already stuffed because I don't usually eat so much. "We're gonna plump you up too, honey, and we're not gonna stop until you're as fat as me," she says as she forces me to eat the rest of the cookies she made.

After she makes me eat the rest of her food, she lays down behind me in the spoon position, rubbing my belly, saying to me, "How does it feel to eat like a pig?"

"It's a turn on, we should do this more often," I reply as she says, "I know; even if you didn't want to, I'd still force you to eat this much." She giggles sweetly, and we fall asleep.