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Monopoly 2
by TD

It had been a completely enjoyable evening for Cindy and her new boyfriend. After meeting at a dance, Cindy and Jason had gotten together several times and talked often on the phone. They agreed to meet this day for dinner and a play. Both Cindy and Jason enjoyed the afternoon play. At dinner, Cindy excited Jason by eating an enormous quantity of food. She knew this would drive him wild. In their previous get-togethers, Cindy had found out that Jason had a fantasy about feeding a woman and watching as she grew fatter and fatter, splitting seams and popping buttons as she increased in size Since Cindy had this same fantasy for herself, the two became very close in a very short time. Cindy enjoyed watching Jason become more flustered as she ordered serving after serving of fattening French food. She would occasionally rise from her chair and stretch, giving Jason a view of her increasing belly and hips, and raising his anxiety level. When they finally rose to leave the table, Cindy noticed that Jason was sweating, even though it was quite cool. He had also developed a noticeable bulge in his pants.

As they walked toward the car, Jason regained his composure. "It's still early." he said. "Would you like to come to my place for a while?" Cindy gave him a knowing smile. "Just for a little bit." she said. Jason grinned, and opened the door for her as they reached the car, taking advantage of the chance to look at her expanding body as she seated herself.

When they arrived at Jason's house, he fixed them both some coffee and cookies, and they sat on the couch and talked. After about 30 minutes, Jason turned to her and said, "How would you like to play a game of Monopoly?" Cindy had not played Monopoly since she was a child, and she did not enjoy the game. She looked over at Jason in an attempt to determine how serious he was about playing. When she saw the pleading look on his face, she reluctantly agreed. "You'll like the way I play; It's different than what your used to." he said. Jason pulled a card table out of the closet and put it up in the living room. He got the game, and started setting it up. Cindy took a seat around the table and noticed that the cards looked different from regular Monopoly. "What are these for?" she asked, pointing to the cards. "Just a second, and I'll explain all the rules to you." answered Jason.

"So that the game isn't so long, I play a shortened version," said Jason. "First , all the property gets passed out; you get half, and I get half. We don't have any money to start with, but we get $1000. each time we pass Go. Every time you land on your opponent's property, you have to draw a card and follow the directions on it. You take the red cards, and I take the blue. Every time you pass Go, your opponent has to draw a card. With any money you receive you may purchase houses for any piece of property you own.. Houses cost $500. each. If your opponent lands on your property and it has a house on it, the penalty on the card is doubled. Two houses, tripled and so forth. The first one who can not comply with what the card directs you to do, loses. Does that explain everything?" asked Jason.

Cindy said that she understood. "Ok, I'll let you go first." said Jason. Cindy rolled the dice, and landed on Jason's property. "Take a card," said Jason smiling. Cindy took a red card and read it. You are a pastry judge at the County Fair. Eat the two finalist's cherry turnovers to determine the winner. "What does it say?" asked Jason excitedly. Cindy handed him the card. Jason read it and walked quickly to the kitchen and brought back two turnovers. Cindy looked over at him, trying to appear angry, but she couldn't hold her frown and broke out laughing. "Eat up," said Jason. Cindy ate the turnovers slowly and sensually, causing Jason as much discomfort as possible. When she had finished, she patted her round belly and handed the dice to Jason. He rolled an eleven and landed on Cindy's property. He took a blue card and read it. Your opponent is exhausted! Give her (him) a five minute massage on a part of their body of their choice. Jason handed Cindy the card. Cindy read it and pondered a moment, deciding which area she would have Jason massage. She knew he had become excited watching her eat, and she wanted to drive him wild. "I think my belly needs a massage." said Cindy. She went to the couch, laid down on her back, and unbuttoned her blouse so that her bulging belly was exposed. Jason almost tripped over the table as he went to the couch and started a slow massage on Cindy's fat belly. The massage felt wonderful, but Cindy was more interested in the effect the massage had on Jason. When the five minutes were up, Jason was groaning and sweating profusely as his hands massaged Cindy's belly fat. Cindy moved to get up, and broke Jason out of his stupor. "My turn," said Cindy. They went back to the table, and Cindy rolled the dice. She landed on her property. She smiled at Jason. "Your turn," she said..

Jason rolled and again landed on Cindy's property. He took a card. You are overheating. Take off all clothing covering your upper body to cool down. He handed Cindy the card and started taking off his shirt and undershirt. The smooth, hard muscles of his arms and chest were soon exposed as the clothing came off. "The card was right, you are hot," noted Cindy, seeing the sweat running down his chest. Jason blushes and handed Cindy the dice. She rolled and landed on Jason's property. Her card read: Belly inspection. Take off all clothes that cover your belly. Your opponent wants to see it expand as you eat two pieces of pie. Cindy handed Jason the card and started to slowly take off her blouse. Jason stared as Cindy's growing belly was again exposed. "Don't I get some pie?" said Cindy slyly. Jason stopped staring and quickly retrieved two large pieces of chocolate cream pie from the kitchen. He fed her the pie a spoonful at a time as he watched Cindy's belly grow rounder and fatter. As Cindy got up to stretch, Jason was mesmerized. Her belly seemed to have a life of it's own as it shook and jiggled with her every movement. "Do you want to quit?" asked Jason. "Oh, no," answered Cindy smiling. "I still have a lot of room for expansion,: she said, patting her exposed belly. Jason rolled the dice, and landed on Cindy's property. You are the new model for Farrah Slacks. If your pants are not Farrah, take them off. After reading the card, Cindy got up, walked around the table, and pressing her belly and breasts against Jason's back, looked at the label on Jason's pants. "These aren't Farrah. I guess they have to go." she said. Jason took off his pants. He was left wearing only his underwear. Cindy laughed as she saw the huge bulge in his briefs.

On Cindy's next roll, she landed on Jason's property, and she also passed Go. They both reached for a card. Jason read first. Your opponent needs new clothes. Measure her (his) chest, waist, and hips. The difference in inches between the two largest measurements will be the number of chocolate eclairs you get to feed her (him). Jason handed Cindy the card and went to the closet. He pulled out a tape measurer and returned to the table. "I'll need you to stand up." said Jason, licking his lips nervously. Cindy stood up and let Jason drape the tape around her bust. "54 inches." said Jason. He then moved the tape to her hips, "61 inches" said Jason, his voice breaking into an involuntary falsetto. Cindy felt herself becoming excited. She knew that just last month she had measured herself, and the results Jason was getting were much larger than she could have dreamed. Dating Jason was certainly a fattening proposition, she thought to herself. As Jason moved to measure her waist, she felt more tape slip through his hands. "A little over 49 inches, said Jason, in a gasping voice. " That means I get to feed you 8 eclairs." He rushed to the kitchen and returned with 8 of the largest eclairs Cindy had ever seen. She moved to the couch, sat down, and smiled up at Jason. :With all I've eaten tonight, I may need your help getting these eclairs down," she said. "Why don't you massage my belly while you feed me." It took 30 minutes, but Cindy ate all the eclairs, while Jason rubbed her belly slowly with one hand and fed her with the other. After she finished, Cindy felt like an overstuffed pillow. Although she did not feel uncomfortable, she didn't know if she could eat anymore. "Time to read your card." said Jason. Cindy slowly got up off the couch and read her card. You have won a trip to Hawaii!! Get ready by practicing your hula dance for your opponent. Cindy gave the card to Jason. "Well, I can't do a hula with my slacks on," she said, as she slowly peeled them off. She was left wearing her bra and a sexy pair of underwear. "Why don't you sit on the couch where you will be more comfortable," said Cindy. Jason sat down, and Cindy started slowly moving her hips and shaking her breasts. She thought Jason would faint as he stared at her, groaned slightly as her bulging belly swayed back and forth. When she stopped dancing, he was sweating again, and the bulge in his underwear was even more pronounced.

Jason sat down at the table. "I'm not thinking too clearly, but I believe it's my turn," he said. He rolled the dice, passed go and landed on Cindy's property. And it had a house on ! He read the card. Your opponent has been appointed spokesperson for Haagen Daus Ice Cream. Feed her (him) a banana split to see if she(he) is qualified. Jason's smiled from ear to ear as he handed the card to Cindy. "That's a double banana split," he said. Cindy didn't know how she could eat anymore. "Let me read my card," she said to stall for time. You need a bath. Have your opponent clean you cat style. "I think we can do these requirement at the same time," said Cindy. Jason read Cindy's card, and then ran out to the kitchen. He came back with a huge banana split." "In order to give you a complete cleaning, I'll need you to take all your clothes off," said Jason. Cindy smiled shyly as she moved to the couch and unhooked her bra. "I agree," said Cindy. "But I don't think I should have any rough clothing rubbing against me while I'm being washed," she said. Jason quickly removed his briefs, exposing his throbbing penis. Cindy looked down at it at smiled. "Perhaps we should complete these tasks in the bedroom," she said. Jason took her hand and led her to the bedroom. He had her sit on the bed with her back against the headboard. He handed her the banana split, while he moved down to her feet and started licking her ankles. "Eat up," he said, while taking a breath. Cindy felt a tingling sensation flow through her body as she continued to take huge bites of banana split. Her body began to tremble as Jason moved further us her thigh. She felt her belly expand as she shoveled bite after bite of ice cream into her mouth. She could see Jason trembling as well, his penis, purple and dancing around like a live snake.

At same moment, Jason and Cindy stopped and looked at each other. Cindy put the remainder of banana split on the nightstand. As soon as she had finished, they grabbed each other in a burst of uncontrollable lust. Their meeting was short and explosive; neither of them having the ability to hold back any longer.

As they rested together, their arms around each other, Jason moved to massage her belly. "If we keep playing this game, you are really going to get fat," he said, smiling. Cindy felt a tingle go through her body. She knew she had certainly piled on the pounds this evening. And with Jason's assistance, she would be growing fatter and fatter with each passing day. "Let me take you to dinner tomorrow," said Jason. "I know a great Greek restaurant, and the portions are quite large," he said. "Plus I have a few more games we can play after dinner, if you are willing," he said, with a smile. Cindy looked down at her larger-than-ever belly. "Sure," she replied. She felt something rubbing against her thigh. "Looks like I'm not the only one growing," she said. Their bodies joined again, as they each reveled in the joy of fantasies fulfilled.