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Like Mother, Like Daughter
As told to "The Observer"

[It is always interesting to hear how people of size became that way; the following report is unique in that both a mother and daughter wound up gaining together in a very loving and secure environment for different reasons. I hope the report is enjoyed by all.]

When Charles Thornton and Stephanie Bullock it was entirely romantic. He had no idea that his pursuit of Stephanie would have anything to do with plumpening either her or her daughter Denise. He simply shared a number of interests with Steph. Denise, he knew, was part of the package, and his main concern was winning her friendship and trust. After all, a ten year old whose father was killed in a senseless collision by a wrong way driver without insurance eight years before doesn't have a strong Father image.

Stephanie was an attractively heavy woman, around 160 and 5'6", but not stout. No one knows what Denise's weight was at the time, but 60-70 lbs would be a reasonable estimate. Stephanie was always having to watch her pennies, so desserts and seconds were simply not available. In fact, breakfasts were virtually nonexistent in their world. Denise, however, she soon learned that she could always get a treat from Charles just for the asking. Her Mom, eager to see the two bond, allowed her daughter to have from Charles the type of goodies she had previously been careful not to buy herself. Besides, there wasn't enough indulging going on to have any noticeable effect.

Stephanie liked Charles, but was concerned about Denise and the impact that marrying Charles might have on her. She wanted her daughter to be able to attend the same excellent schools and not have to be separated from her friends. Charles resolved that difficulty by selling his condo and purchasing a three bedroom home just five blocks from Stephanie's apartment --- after making sure she had his ring on her finger. By now Denise was eleven, just entering middle school, and quite ready to have both a new room all her own as well as a new stepdad.

A shopping mall with a supermarket was less than a block away and soon Denise found herself with a major new responsibility --- buying groceries after school. Not the major shopping for the family, of course, but things like eggs and milk. Charles would give her the money in the morning 2-3 times a week .and tell her to "use some the leftover change" to get something for herself. Something more often than not turned out to be a few items from the fresh bakery at the market.

Meanwhile Stephanie was able to paying more attention to preparing breakfasts and lunches than before. Previously she and Denise might simply have grabbed a piece of toast and a glass of milk before darting out the door. Now she had money to actually plan meals with --- and Charles believed breakfast to be the most important meal of the day. So Stephanie began cooking omelettes, french toast, hash browns and other good things which she could not have afforded before. She felt good about pleasing her husband, and her daughter thoroughly enjoyed the more ample breakfasts as well.

Lunches improved as well. Whereas before Denise might have just had a sandwich and a piece of fruit now, more often than not there would now be a piece of chicken from the night before, or some cookies, or a cup of pudding. And in the evening there was always supper and some kind of dessert. Denise was eating better than she ever had before. It took time --- nearly two years from the time Charles and Steph had begun dating, but by the end of her sixth grade year she was no longer rail thin.

In that time Denise had also grown over two inches in height, so she still appeared on the slender side. Pictures today show that she was no longer the skinny, gangly waif she had once been. Her hips were beginning to be defined, her waist thicken a little, and her thighs were definite definitely beginning to fill out. But, at the time, neither of her parents seemed to be particularly aware of her gain in weight. She was probably a little over five feet tall and may have weighed nearly 100 lbs --- not yet chubby, but heavier than many sixth graders.

That summer was when Stephanie became pregnant --- and for the next nine months Denise enjoyed eating and gaining weight right along with her mother. It wasn't a deliberate thing --- it just seemed to happen. Her parents were excited about the new arrival, yet concerned about Denise not feeling left out. Much of the acceptance they showered her with was food oriented, including making sure that Denise could always have refreshments on hand for her friends.

The home Charles had purchased had a swimming pool and a freezer in the garage. It was stocked with ice cream, frozen pies, pizza, and other good things. Stephanie, in the early summer months of her pregnancy, continued to work while her mother came over to the house during the day. She would mostly watch television while Denise and her friends snacked, played games and enjoyed the pool. It was a fine summer, and a very delicious one for Denise.

By the time school started again the band of Denise's shorts were cutting a full two inches into her soft belly, it was impossible for her to fasten her jeans, and her blouses were very, very, tight. She had gained at least fifteen pounds --- and had a very healthy appetite.

By this time Stephanie was into her fifth month and gaining rapidly herself. Her mother would cook calorie rich casseroles and Italian dishes and leave them for the evening. She also had a habit of dipping into the ice cream freezer for a snack before Charles came home. Of course she always shared some with Denise, who more often than not suggested the idea. And if she didn't feel like eating much at supper, Denise seemed ever ready to take care of the leftover portions.

By the time the baby came Denise had easily gained another ten pounds, but no one said anything. After all, Stephanie had gained 45 lbs during her pregnancy and could hardly criticize her daughter. Charles seemed to enjoy both of the women in his life. The focus of the family was entirely upon young Richard Thornton. Denise continue to grow and by the end of the summer was 5'3" and a nicely plump 150 lbs.

By the time the second baby, a girl named Cecile, arrived two years later Denise was 5' 6" and nearly 200 lbs. Her mother was 235. By now, as you might imagine Denise was aware of her weight but, for some reason, not at all interested in trying to lose any of it. She crossed the 200 mark after graduation and finally stabilized in college at around 230 lbs, which is what she weighed on her wedding day.

Both Charles Thornton and his son-in-law, Michael Shaw, profess to love their BBW sweethearts very much and think them very lovely. They prove this by their willingness to take them out to dinner anytime.