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The Movie Goddess
By Sasha Steele

The impressive yacht had dropped anchor overnight.  Almost eleven now, and there was not as yet much activity on deck. But below the staff had been busily preparing since she'd first begun to stir.  It was not unusual for yachts of this size to be anchored in the bay, but this particular one was well known to them, and members of the tabloid presses had been congregating on shore, telephoto cameras in hand - since the wee hours when word had leaked out that Venus Samina was on board - hoping and praying for a revealing shot of the movie goddess.  

    Venus had arrived to begin the shooting of her new film, a campy action flick in which she was to play the sultry love interest of the lead character. But word on the street had it that Venus was in no shape for the role, which, according to advance reviews, called for her to appear in compromising positions clad in short revealing dresses or in her underwear - and, in some sex scenes, completely nude. 

      The tabloids had followed Venus Samina's career - from its shaky start as the beautiful though overweight actress proved to the world that fat women are sexy - and then had hounded her as Venus fought a losing battle with her enormous appetite, her weight sky rocketing and her career on the rocks.  That was when a radical director took a big chance casting the then 450 lb Venus alongside Hollywood hunk, Ryan Strouse.  The film was only a minor success, but the sex scenes were a sensation, and Venus found a growing troupe of fans that literally couldn't get enough of her.

      They wanted to see her in short sexy dresses, in her underwear and naked.  They wanted to see her in sex scenes with Hollywood hunks, and in action scenes where her size and weight compromised her ability.  Male movie fans loved Venus Samina's big beautiful body and demanded to see it even bigger.  Of course, Venus was more than happy to please her fans; after all, eating was what she loved to do best.  Again the tabloids had a field day with her outrageous bouts of public gluttony and with her weight gain.  As time went on, Venus appeared in many new films, her huge body heavier in each one.  She had reached super-star status, and eventually the tabloids, finding some one else to pick on, had left her alone.

      Venus hadn't appeared in a film since making 'The Maid,' in which she co-starred as a fat lazy rich bitch mistress.  As usual, the film was famous for its sex scenes, the most notable one being where a 800 pound Venus Samina has her maid masturbate her because she could not reach past her own massive stomach in order to properly do it herself.  That was over two years ago, and Venus had not worked on a project since.  In fact, she had dropped out of sight completely. It wasn't until three months ago when she left Europe amid a wild week long party to return to Hollywood to make this movie when it was reported that Venus had gained an enormous amount of weight.  In fact, she had put on so much weight as to become immobile.

      Yawning, Venus opened her big beautiful brown eyes and stretched her back.  Her massive arms, laid back by her head against the soft satin covered pillows, might have appeared by virtue of their sheer size to be one of them had they not been of her soft, smooth and slightly bronze toned flesh.  "Good morning, Madam," her personal assistant said.  Venus could smell the coffee and the sweet aroma of the fresh baked pastries laid out on the tray beside her.

      "Mmmmm, good morning, Alana, I'm hungry," she yawned as the bed was raised to a sitting position so that her attendants could feed her.

      "When you are ready, Madam, breakfast will be set up on deck as you ordered; the tabloids are on shore waiting for your appearance," Alana said, clicking on the monitor so that her mistress could see them.  

    "Good," Venus said, "let's give them a show then, shall we?"  Running her stubby delicate fingers replete with long painted acrylic nails through her thick mane of waist length black curls, Venus opened her mouth and took a bite of a delicious croissant.  "Mmmmm," she hummed as she chewed and was offered her coffee for a sip.  Assisted mechanically, her maids helped Venus out of bed and onto her toilet, then bathed her, dressed her in a satin chemise, and did her hair and makeup for her.  

      Venus had eaten a dozen or so croissants and sweet rolls to temporarily appease her ravenous appetite while she was being prepared for breakfast. But racked with hunger pangs, she clutched the sides of her ballooning stomach as she was wheeled out on deck to the huge breakfast spread, and the large staff assembled there, ready to feed her.  "It's show time, Madam," Alana said as cameras began to click along the shore line.

      Apparently the rumours were true; fat movie icon Venus Samina had finally eaten herself into immobility.  "Holly fuck," Jack Stewart said to himself as he clicked away while attempting to equate Venus's new size to what she must now weigh, at the same time hoping that no one noticed the bulge that had formed in his trousers.  Jack's editorials had always been particularly kind to Venus; he couldn't help himself.  He was just another tabloid schmuck with no chance in hell that a beautiful goddess like Venus Samina would even look at him, but the fact remained that Jack loved her.  

      Jack had always been attracted to large women - the bigger the better, as far as he was concerned.  So when Venus Samina came on the scene a few years back, she took his heart away. And when she began to gain weight, appearing fatter and fatter in every succeeding movie, well, he was wrecked for life.

And now this! 

      After her last film, Venus's publicist had called Jack, granting him a telephone interview with the movie star.  Listening over the line to her sensuous heavy breaths, he could imagine those massive watermelon like breasts heaving as Venus fought against her oppressive weight for air, and when he asked the magic question - how much do you weigh? - her giggling “900 pounds” answer nearly sent him over the top.  She must weigh well over 1000 pounds now, Jack concluded, watching the woman that he loved through his telephoto lens as she gorged herself while being fed by her servants on the deck of her yacht.

      Venus managed a dozen scrambled eggs, mounds of home fries, a loaf of heavily buttered bread, two pounds of bacon, a platter of sausages, and a gallon of coffee laden with cream and sugar.  Jack watched as she rubbed her huge stomach, humming her approval as each morsel was taken and savoured with as much affection as any of her love scenes.  Finally full, Venus was wheeled to the elevator and disappeared below deck, where she drifted in and out of sleep while her masseuse worked her fat flesh and personal trainers worked her muscles.

      Hours later, Jack was back in his office going over the rolls of film he had shot of the obese beauty.  Pear shaped, Venus's hips, her backside and legs had always been a bit more pronounced than her tits and stomach, although Jack had to admit that they too, along with her arms, were an awesome size as well.  Pictures he had just taken of Venus, side on, revealed that her stomach had increased substantially, stretching out nearly to her knees as she sat there.  Her face was fatter as well; the beautiful face that Jack thought couldn't possibly be improved on, had cheeks and jowls bulging more than before as was the increased size of the massive collar of fat around her neck.  Venus looked as if she was much bigger all over.

      Jack was struggling to find the words to go with the pictures he'd taken of this super sized sex symbol when his phone ran.  It was her publicist summoning Jack to join Venus for brunch aboard her yacht.  "Ms. Samina has always been interested in what the tabloids have said about her," she explained. "You, in particular, Jack, have been with her all along, and for that Ms Samina has granted you an exclusive interview detailing her recent weight gain and how it will effect her upcoming project.  Be ready for two, I'll send the launch." 

      Just after two, Jack Stewart was aboard the yacht, eagerly awaiting his first face-to-face meeting with the woman of his dreams.  He was taken below and into a rather large and decadent drawing room.  When Venus was wheeled into the room Jack was struck dumb, the sheer magnitude of her colossal size being too much for him. He couldn't speak; he was almost hyperventilating and his pulse was racing.

      "Hello again, Jack Stewart," Venus breathed.  She saw that the one and only tabloid reporter she had ever spoken to was quite a handsome man - well built and obviously very taken with her.  Jack stammered, trying to speak, and that made Venus giggle.   "I read everything that you have written about me, Jack. What interested me the most was you said that I could be as big and heavy as I chose and still be the most beautiful woman in the world.  Why with statements like that, one would think that you are in love with me.  Are you in love with me, Jack?"

      Venus was wearing a light pink designer two-piece suit and dark pink high heel shoes.  Her stomach stretched the front panel of her skirt to her knees, and those huge smooth and sexy knees, clad in beige nylon stockings, were more than a foot across and maybe four feet in circumference.  Jack saw that Venus's hips were wider than they had ever been and guessed them to be more than three feet wide.  As Venus spoke, and with every heavy breath that she took, her massive breasts - over a foot of cleavage showing in the low cut neckline of her jacket - would heave.  Her shoulders were broad and thick, as was her huge torso, and her arms bulging in the sleeves of her jacket were so massive that they lay at a wide angle upon it and also moved slightly up and down with her breaths.

       Venus's long black hair hung in curls over her heavy shoulders and down the outward angle of her fat back to her waist.  Her face was made up in dark mascara and pink lipstick.  The thick fingers of her fat swollen hands were adorned with rings, and her long nails were painted with pink nail polish.  Jack had never before seen such a vision of loveliness, and, finally finding his voice, all he could say was, "Yes, I love you."

      "Good," Venus cooed. "First, I am going to answer all your questions, and then we will eat.  Right now I weigh 1200 pounds, and, yes," she said, pressing a button on her mobile chair, "I am able to stand and walk. I am mobile."  The mechanical lift delivered Venus to her feet, and she turned, laboriously waddling a few steps to a couch while Jack's hungry eyes took in her magnificent fat ass, protruding two feet behind and riding up and down as she stepped.  The raised seat of the couch accepted her weight and slowly sank to its proper sitting level.  The effort had left Venus gasping for breath; she recovered and motioned Jack to the chair across from her, offering him a glass of wine.

      "Well, Jack, do you think that I have enough wiggle in my walk to please my loyal fans?"  Venus asked, drinking her wine.  

      "More than enough," he said.

      The maid returned with a mountain of before brunch au d'oeuvres and placed the tray beside Venus, feeding her one after another as she continued to talk with Jack.  "As you can see Jack, I like to eat, mmmmm, God I'm soo hungry," Venus cried, and Jack felt himself getting hard as he watched.

      Venus finished the plate of au d'oeuvres. The maid activated her chair lift, and Venus was once again standing.  For Jack's benefit, I'm sure, she waddled ahead of him to the table and with only a bit of difficulty positioned herself on the chair with her massive belly pressed up against the table for an intimate candlelight brunch for two.  "For this film, my producer wants me to get as fat as I possibly can - and yet still be able to do all the physical bits - so my role demands that I feed myself in the eating scenes.  Think of this as a dress rehearsal," Venus laughed after catching her breath. 

      Her great bulk had her sitting almost to arm's length away from the table, but Venus managed to feed herself quite admirably without a break for almost an hour: salad and soup, fish fare, several heaping helpings of roast beef, potatoes and vegetables, followed by ice-cream and deserts of every sort.   

    Jack couldn't believe Venus's capacity. And thinking of what he had witnessed her eat for breakfast on deck only a few hours ago, her gluttony astounded him - no wonder she had gained so much weight and gotten as fat as she now was.  Venus sat back with eyes closed and smiled, her hands holding her bloated protruding stomach.  She belched and said, "Oh well, at least the first part is easy, not to mention so very pleasurable," and Jack once again equated the dreamy look on her face to the sex scenes in her films.

      Venus opened her eyes and said, "In my new film, after an intimate diner with my leading man, he leads me into the bedroom for sex, but I'm so stuffed that I don't think I can get up."  She puffed up her round cheeks and expelled the air.  "Can you help me up, Jack?"  Jack turned her chair away from the table and took her fat hands in his.  Venus grunted as she leaned forward and stood.  Then she drew Jack by the arms into her rotund body.  "Kiss me, Jack," she said.

      Leaning over her bulk, Jack kissed Venus on her full succulent lips, her tongue finding his.  "Take me to my bedroom, Jack," Venus whispered.  Jack took her by the hand, but it was Venus who led him, waddling slowly in front of him to her bedroom.  "Something that I don't do myself in the film: undress me, Jack," Venus breathed. 

      Jack undid the pink designer jacket drawing it over her massive arms.  Venus turned, and he undid the back of her skirt on the shelf of her huge protruding butt.  His hands shook as he drew it over her four foot wide ass and down past monster size legs in beige stockings to the floor, revealing the largest pair of light pink panties that he had ever seen.  Venus slowly turned back around, her panties covered the bottom portion of the huge bloated gut that protruded more than two feet out in front of her supported in an embroidered pink paunchette that was done up in back and clipped with a garter strap to the matching pink brassiere that cupped her massive breasts.

      They kissed again; Venus had Jack undue her paunchette, and then she took a couple of awkward steps backward so that he could take in her full magnificence as she stuck two sausage-like thumbs into the waist band of her panties drawing them under her belly.  Sensuously rubbing her stomach, she said, "Put your hands on me, Jack."  He placed his hands with hers, and Venus reeled her head back, hissing air through her clenched teeth.  "Take off my panties," Venus ordered.  

    Jack drew her panties down, and Venus awkwardly stepped out of them then pressed her stomach into his face.  He kissed and kneaded her and Venus moaned with pleasure.  "I want you to fuck me, Jack," Venus whispered, turning to her bed, placing one knee on it, lying over onto her side, then onto her back, and squirming her massive 1200-pound body into the centre.  Venus spread her incredibly large thighs, and Jack crawled between them, his face at her naked pussy, like a huge pink melon quivering there before him, and he tasted her wet sex.  "Ahhhhhhh," Venus moaned as Jack pleasured her with his tongue.

      Kneeling upright, his arms cupped under her up raised thighs, her huge stomach looming in front of his face, Jack took Venus in a semi-missionary position, pumping himself into as she lay back smothering in her own flesh and drowning in lust, until Jack came deep inside of her, and Venus followed with her orgasm.  

    It was the best damn interview that Jack had ever done.  Venus made her movie, and shocking as her size was, it enjoyed mild mainstream success before become a cult classic.

Venus kept right on stuffing herself and eventually did eat herself into immobility.  She married her producer: Jack always figured that they were an item. And except for the odd occasion, when Venus summoned Jack for an 'interview,' he only saw her in the movies.  Of course, occasionally having sex with your ultimate fantasy was more than enough for a simple fellow like Jack, especially considering that his ultimate fantasy is of making love to a magnificently beautiful monstrous size movie star who now weighs over 2000 pounds.