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My Fattening Story
By Jump2324

I was 17 when it happened. I had been an FA since I knew what it meant and especially loved it when a girl started out skinny and ended up fat. One thing I'd never thought about, though, was gaining weight myself. I loved to eat, but I was a basketball player, and I wanted to stay in shape, so I only carried about 170 pounds on my 6'2" frame.

It was Thanksgiving, and I had just stuffed myself silly. I was amazed at how good it felt. I wondered what it would be like to purposefully make myself fat. The thought excited me, so I decided to try it. Being the holiday season, there was no lack of fattening goodies to gorge on, and I took full advantage. Cookies, fudge, caramel and eggnog all found its way into my soon-to-be expanding stomach.

After 1 week I got on a scale. The numbers spun and finally came to rest at 171, only a 1-pound gain. I was very disappointed, but I should have known it would happen since I was still playing basketball. I didn't want to quit basketball, though, so I had to start eating more.

I calculated that I burned 4000 calories in a day, which meant I had to consume 8000 calories to gain a pound of fat. Because of my week of gorging, my stomach was expanded so I could eat more before I got full. I went back for 3rd's and 4th's at every meal and dessert; I went to McDonalds twice a day, and I drank a 2 liter of pop every day.

By the time winter break rolled around, my efforts were finally starting to pay off. At my weigh-in on December 17, I was up to 176 lbs. A 6-pound weight gain in 3 weeks. Not huge, but it was a start. You couldn't see any change on my body, but I knew that would change.

Christmas break started, and my coach gave my team a week off. With no school and no practice I could eat non-stop and not burn any of it off. My mom and dad were at work the first day, and my mom had just given me $100 for getting good grades. I knew what I would spend it on. This was my shopping list for that day: 2 giant pizzas, 10 Big Macs, 5 gallons of rich ice cream, 3 20 piece chicken nugget meals and 3 pounds of fudge. In that first day I ate both pizzas, 5 Big Macs, 1 gallon ice cream and 1 of the Nugget meals.

Then my mom came home and made a very fattening casserole. I had 3 helpings of that, and I was stuffed to the brim. Then my mom brought out some cheesecake, and I ate 2 slices. Two days later all the food I had bought was gone, so was the cheesecake and seven 2 liters of pop.

Next came a Christmas party hosted by my parents. A smorgasbord of fattening foods. Meatballs, fried chicken wings, fudge, pies, cheesecake and eggnog. There was enough to serve 70 people. Since only 30 people came there were lots of leftovers. And guess where they all went? In the next 4 days I ate more than 40,000 calories worth of food. I was loving life. The only thing I did that whole week was sit on my expanding butt watch TV and eat.

December 24th came around, and it was time for a weigh-in before the Christmas day gorging. I stepped on the scale and was ecstatic at what I saw. 185 pounds, a 7-pound gain in 7 days! My work was finally starting to show. My once washboard abs were now covered by a soft cocoon of blubber. Most amazing of all was my butt; it had always been big but fairly firm, now as I looked in the mirror I saw 2 wobbling jiggling globes. After this exciting weigh-in, I decided to make my next weigh-in January 1st; I wanted to see how much I could gain in 7 days.

Christmas was glorious. We had Prime Rib for dinner, and I must have eaten 2 lbs. of it, including the fat. I also ate butter drenched mashed potatoes and a salad with a cup of rich creamy dressing. Then came dessert: 2 apple pies, 2 pumpkin pies, and 2 cheesecakes. I was stuffed to the brim, but I managed to eat 3 whole pies, 1 of each kind. My 34 jeans were excruciatingly tight, and after the 2nd pie the button burst off. That made some room for my overstuffed belly to hang out.

My parents had bought me 3 pairs of pants for Christmas, but they were all 34's. So the next day I went and exchanged them for 1 38 and 2 40's. The 36's I tried on were already pretty tight.

Unfortunately I had to go to practice that night. At practice I couldn't believe how much the extra weight was affecting me. My belly and butt were jiggling all over the place, and I was out of breath all the time. After practice I was so hungry I went straight to McDonalds and ordered 3 Big and Tasty meals, 3 apple pies and 2 McFlurry's. The girl behind the counter (a classmate from school) gave me a disgusted look and said, "Don't you think you've gained enough tubby?" I just smiled and said, "Not even close." I scarfed everything down before my stomach had a chance to protest.

I went home feeling very satisfied, I knew these size 38 jeans weren't going to last too long. I got home and went straight to bed, meaning all those calories I had just consumed were converted right into fat.

This same cycle went on until practice on the 29th. I had to play skins and my teammates couldn't help laughing at my huge gut. Every time I moved, it jiggled, and for the first time I noticed it hanging down over my shorts. That day I decided I was done with basketball.

I got on the scale that night to check on my progress. I was amazed at what I saw. 193 pounds, an 8-pound weight gain in 5 days! I looked in the mirror, and although I was starting to get a double chin and my thighs were coming together, almost all the fat went to my belly and butt. I had a major bubble butt going on, and it was starting to spread out to the side too; every time I moved it jiggled all over the place. The same was true with my stomach; it was sticking out and hanging over my jeans, and I had started to get some pretty large love handles.

I got my measuring tape out to see how much I had really grown. The measurements were 37-inch stomach and 43-inch butt. Up from 33 and 40 just 4 weeks earlier. I celebrated with a pint of deluxe Haagen-Dazs ice cream. My New Year's resolution was to get to 200 by Jan 4th and 300 by the 31st of next December.

The next day I applied for a job at McDonalds, so I could get free food and make money to buy more food. I reached 200 on Jan. 4th, just like I had hoped, and the next day I was hired by McDonalds. I started work on the 6th, and I was put to work during the closing shift. This was the shift I had hoped for because it meant I got to eat whatever wasn't sold during the day.

The first night there were 2 Big Macs, 3 Big n' Tasty's, 20 chicken nuggets, 2 double cheeseburgers, and 4 large fries left. Needless to say, nothing got thrown away, all of this food found its way into my expanding tummy, followed by more than 64 oz. of Pepsi.

Inevitably, my gorging began to pile up on my body. After 1 month of working at McDonalds, I was tipping the scale at a healthy 220 pounds, almost all of which settled in my gelatinous rear and mountainous stomach.

My stomach was now hanging very nicely over my pants. My size 40 jeans were now the perfect size, but I knew that wasn't going to last very long.

After my 2 month 50 pound gain, my weight started to stabilize. I only gained 20 more pounds before summer break. It was amazing how much I jiggled and wobbled now whenever I walked (waddled).

I had 6 months left to reach my goal of 300 pounds. I didn't know if I could make it just working at McDonalds. As I drove home from work one day, I saw a help wanted ad in a bakery window. Perfect, I thought to myself. I went in and they hired me on the spot. I started the next night.

At the end of the day, there were always lots of doughnuts and such that got thrown away. I thought this was such a waste. So I did what any good American in my position would have done. I ate everything that was going to go to waste.

I was still working at McDonalds at this time, so you know what this arrangement was going to do to my figure. During a typical day this is a list of food I would consume: Breakfast - 5 egg McMuffins, 5 egg and sausage muffins, 3 coffees with cream; Snack - 3 Big Fry's 4 Big Macs and a 32 oz. Pepsi; Lunch - 5 Triple Cheeseburger meals and a 64 oz. chocolate shake snack, 5 apple pies, 2 McFlurry's; Dinner - 5 20 piece Chicken Nugget meals; Snack - 12 doughnuts; Snack - 8 doughnuts, 1/2 cheesecake; Midnight Snack - 1 pint Ben and Jerry's ice cream, other half of cheesecake.

By the end of the summer I was bursting my clothes (literally) at 290. My double chin was now triple; my arms were huge and jiggly and my belly hung down more than 5 inches over my pants. My ass was huge, and I could almost never find pants to fit it into.

When I went back to school, all of my classmates were amazed at how much I had gained. They all called my lard ass or chunky butt. Everyone except for Mary, the hottest girl in school. She was 5'11" 125 pounds and had measurements of 35-25-33. It turns out she was an FA and loved to watch guys get fat. She wanted me to keep gaining, and she wanted to help.

By November, with Mary's constant encouragement, I was up to a whopping 325 pounds. I was so fat that McDonalds didn't want me to work there anymore because I was scaring away customers, so they fired me. I sued them for discrimination and won. I got 20 million dollars and a lifetime's supply of McDonalds food.

I quit school and married Mary. I'm 27 years old now. My weight has ballooned up to 710 pounds. My belly reaches to my knees and my mountainous ass now takes up almost a whole couch. My lifestyle has rubbed off on Mary. She has gone from lovely skinny girl to an absolutely beautiful 250-pound woman with measurements of 50-45-50. I'd say my life has turned out pretty great.