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Hi, My Name Is...
By Rimmy

Part 1

Ah, college days. Some of the best days, really. I mean there are literally thousands of girls within 10 square miles all of comparable age and desire. And it's never to hard to meet any of them. Usually all it takes is, "Hi, my name is...."

I have always liked bigger girls. The first experience I can remember was in junior high, and there was this one girl, Kelly, who walked around with the biggest butt and the tightest stoned-washed jeans in school. I mean, her butt was sooo big! I don't exactly remember getting all hot, but I just couldn't take my eyes off of her ass. It was that beautiful. Also in junior high was my lovely Spanish teacher, Antonia, but that's a whole other story.

So here we are now in college. Lots of girls are all into working out constantly and not eating quite enough. But there are a handful of girls that are just right. Which brings me to Anne.

I first saw Anne at a house party. Eh hem, let me rephrase that. I first saw Anne's ass at a house party. It was huge! My eyes were transfixed. It was bigger and better than Kelly's ever was. The rest of her was amazing as well. She had long brown hair, pretty green eyes, and luscious red lips. Her upper body wasn't huge, however. She was a big girl, no doubt. But just by looking at the top half of her, you wouldn't even guess! Her breasts were nice, nothing spectacular. And although she was wearing a button-down, I could tell that her belly was soft. She was wearing a pair of khaki shorts that didn't hide too much. Her calves were big, but as your eye moved up, that's where the magic took place. Her thighs were enormous, clearly touching right above the knee. And her hips were incredibly wide. Which brings me to her butt: absolutely unproportional to the rest of her (which is saying a lot) and perfectly shaped. It jutted out from her form and was just mouth-watering. I could use that butt for a pillow. I'd let her put that butt all over me if she wanted to. She could sit right down on my -

"Hi! I'm Anne." Holy crap! Was I daydreaming? Okay stay cool. Calm. Composure, damnit!

"Hi. How are you? A bit drunk I see." Nice, not a bad start.

"Yeah, I am a bit. I saw you looking at me." Ah fuck! Busted!

"Uhhhh yeahh I was. You are a very pretty girl." At this point, she knew I liked her, and liked her body. We talked for ten minutes or so, and then I was interrupted by the reason I was at the party in the first place - my Girlfriend - who was a pretty Asian girl. She probably only weighed 120 lbs to my 150 to Anne's 210! And that was that, for tonight!

Over the next few months, I'd see Anne on campus, and as the days got colder, she started wearing longer khaki pants. I wasn't sure, but it seemed like Anne was getting bigger. She said hi in passing once, and immediately I turned and watched her walk away. Her backside and legs were enormous! She was getting bigger! Her butt and legs filled up every bit of her pants to the limit! Her waddle was so gorgeous - her butt shifting from side to side with each step, and her waddle because of the sheer size of her thighs.

She was the most womanly, fertile girl in school. She was perfect.

After Winter Break I saw her again. She must have gained 35 lbs since the first time I saw her. And all of the weight went to her bottom half. I wasn't going to let her get away this time. I stopped her and we talked, and told me of her vacation in Switzerland, of all the wonderful sights and foods. I listened and conversed the best I could. And then I invited her to come by my place whenever she wanted. Bar none, the best single move I've ever made.

I was studying on a random Thursday night, when I had a knock on my door. I thought of Anne. But it was my girlfriend. She came in, she talked, she dumped me, and then she left. I was crushed. I felt awful, because I really liked her. I languished in my room and was sincerely sad. Then, another knock. I didn't think I could take seeing my girlfriend again. It was Anne, looking as sexy as I have ever seen. She was wearing a tight red turtleneck, which accentuated her large arms and round breasts. And she clearly had been gaining weight, as her growing breasts lifted the shirt up high enough to reveal a cavernous belly button and five exposed inches of flab. She was wearing a pair of tight khaki pants that showed off her pear-shaped contour. Her hips were almost wider than the doorway, and she gave me a big hug, which I held onto for longer than normal. She could tell that something was up. We went and sat on the bed.

"She doesn't deserve you. You know that," Anne reassured.

"But I liked her so much. It's so hard... Gosh, I sound like a wimp right now, you must hate me, don't you?"

"No, I don't hate you. Let me show you how much I don't hate you." And with that she gave me the most gentle kiss on the cheek you can imagine. Even though I was sitting next to probably the biggest butt in my lifetime, that wasn't why I was into her at this moment.

"Thank you, Anne. You make me feel so good." And I kissed her right back on the cheek, this time holding it there for a bit longer. After the kiss she pulled me close, and I was so excited knowing what was coming next. And then we kissed. We lied on that bed together and kissed for an hour. I was going crazy touching and grasping at her body, as I had wanted to for so long. We both knew we wanted each other. I slowly took off my shirt, and then I took off hers. She undid my belt, and took off my pants, leaving me in my boxers and a huge hard-on clearly visible. More passionate kissing, and then she stood up off the bed. Her breasts probably stood now at a D cup, her belly almost started to sag over her pants. Her arms were larger as well. Her upper arms dwarfed mine, and she was pretty strong. She turned around. GoodNESS! Her ass was so beautiful in her skin tight pants.

But then, with some difficulty, she took off her pants. I think I almost cried right there. She was everything I ever imagined in a woman.

She came back over to me, pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me. We touched each other all over until she felt my throbbing erection in my boxers. She asked quietly, and I said yes. With that, she slid off my boxers and we were both naked, her on top of me, her 250 lbs on top of me, her big huge bubble butt and hips and thighs on top of me. We kept kissing and touching, but it was only a matter of time. She reached for my cock and I felt her slit. I stroked her giant mound of brown pussy hair. She was as hot and wet as anyone I'd ever seen. Her pussy was so tight as I felt it with my finger. She then grabbed my cock, lifted her huge body and placed my cock in line with her pussy. And then with a one glorious, earth-shattering movement she lowered all of her beautiful hugeness onto me, and entering her was the most incredible feeling imaginable. Her fat hips and butt pinned me to the bed, and I couldn't help but watch her move up and down. Then she started kissing me again, her belly flopping onto mine along with her big tits. Her tongue dominated mine, and now even my head was pinned to the pillow. She was in control for now. I would have loved to have been watching the miracle that was happening from a few feet away: watching this huge woman engulfing this smaller man, and seeing her great butt and large thighs in action as they rode the man. It would have been truly marvelous to see, as I am only 30 inches around in the waist, and Anne was roughly 60 inches around in her hips! Anne then quickened her pace, riding up and down on my cock, I asked her politely, she said yes, and then I came into her for what seemed like hours. After, exhausted, we kissed some more, and then went to sleep in each other's arms, with one of my legs sandwiched between her two colossally fat thighs. It was the greatest night of sleep I've ever had.

Part 2

Anne and I were together for the next four months. We saw each other often, and it wasn't long before we talked about my passion for bigger girls, and especially bigger girls of Anne's type. At first, she was a bit surprised, and concerned that I only loved her because of her huge butt and large bottom half. After reassuring her, she was intrigued. She made it her philosophy that if she was going to be one sole individual on this earth, that she is going to make the most of it, and take up as much space as she wanted to. Her thinking was that you only get to live one life in one body, so why not be the biggest you can be, and get the most out of life. Needless to say, I did not object to her reasoning. So we started dating in January, with Anne around 250 lbs.

During the first month, Anne and I would frequent the dining hall every meal. I would coax her and encourage her, and after a bit, it didn't take any encouraging at all. She was eating incredible amounts of food. We got into a great routine: she eats, goes to class, naps, eats, naps, eats, etc. By the end of the first month, she had gained 25 lbs. Most of that weight heading right to her bottom. Her brown hair grew longer, her breasts remained large and firm, her belly growing slightly and was more and more fun to mead like soft dough. But her hips grew ever wider, her butt ever huger, and her thighs were monstrous. She really did look totally out of proportion, as if she were two people, one medium sized and the other incredibly large, and sewed together at the waist. That was her. And it drove me crazy.

Also by the end of the first month, Anne was so into gaining weight, and saw what it was doing to her own body, and to my sex drive, that she said we wouldn't have any more sex until she and I were satisfied with her final body size. This was both shocking to me, and fantastic.

The next three months were a blur. Me and Anne were at the dining hall for 4 hours a day. Anne wore incredibly baggy clothes such that I knew she was still super large, but I could not tell what or if she was gaining. Anne napped and ate constantly. We also got past the milestone in the relationship where it was acceptable to fart in front of one another. And wow, Anne was quite the farter. I shouldn't have mentioned that, sorry. After three months had passed, Anne told me that she was satisfied with how she looked and said I would be thrilled. I couldn't wait!

Around nine o'clock one Sunday morning, I am serenely sleeping alone in my bed. I am dreaming about a huge Anne, and clearly I have a raging morning-wood going on. I can almost feel her on me, in my bed. What I don't know is that Anne is creeping into my room at this very time. As stealthy as is possible, she slides into the end of my bed, under my covers and blankets, and positions her body on top of mine. I'm still dreaming and sleeping when Anne takes my cock and lowers her immense body onto me and slips my cock into her waiting tight pussy. The next fifteen minutes are indescribable. After many seconds, I awoke to find the girl of my dreams fatter than ever and riding me like a bronco. She was so large and I was still so tired, that I couldn't do anything but lay there, until I couldn't help it that I came into her waiting pussy. Right after, she kissed me then got off of the bed to show off her body to me. Holy shit!

Anne had grown from 250 lbs to almost 320! With almost all of the weight residing below her waist. Her measurements were now 44-36-66! Her arms were huge, and her belly was so wonderfully big and soft. She lay down on the bed and I laid on top of her, resting my head on her large belly. We slept next to each other, in each other's arms for a while. She slept soundly. While sleeping, she moved one of her enormous legs onto me, and rotated her body such that much of the weight was on me. Her one leg pinned down both of mine, and her hips kept me from moving, and I didn't care. I loved this girl. And that is that.