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I had worked as a buyer for a chain of Big and Tall shops for three years. I enjoyed my job very much; the pay was good and I really got along well with my co-workers and our chains customers.

I thought things were going well, when the memos started showing up on my e-mail. They were supposed to be directed to everyone, but they seemed almost directed personally to me. The memos concerned weight and appearance. Since we catered to large people we were reminded to be sympathetic to their size and issues. The ownership of the chain felt the best way to empathize with our customers was for us to be large also.

This is where I thought I was becoming the target of the memos. I was not large or the true meaning, I was not fat. All of my co-workers were either overweight or obese, mostly obese. While I was not skinny (5'11” 195 lbs.) I was not particularly overweight. This to the owner was a major sin in our company.

I had tried putting on weight and had gained around five pounds. I had worn shirts and slacks to work that were a little small on me to make it look like I was gaining more weight than I really had. The company picnic was at a pool; there I wore a brief style bathing suit, one size too small and a too small t-shirt. I stuck out my modest belly as far as I could all day and made sure as many people as possible saw me going back for seconds and thirds at the buffet. I have to admit I really enjoyed myself that day. When I got home I stayed in my “outfit” the rest of the day and evening. I fixed way more for supper than I usually did and ate it all with abandon. I thought I was out of the woods at work, but I was wrong.

I arrived on Monday at the office. There was an e-mail asking me to report to the owner's office. I went upstairs to his office and to my surprise the head buyer, my boss, was there also.

They didn't mince any words; I was placed on administrative leave with pay for 30 days. They seemed to feel I had gotten away with something, by not becoming fat. My instructions were to gain 100 pounds in thirty days. I was stunned, “I can't gain that much weight, I'll be huge, nearly three hundred pounds!” I stammered. They didn't budge; both of them already weighed nearly four hundred. I was told to go down to our locker room to be weighed and measured and to report every week while on leave for a progress report.

I walked down to the locker room. I got some looks from some of my friends and some offers of help. I stripped down to my briefs and stepped onto the scale. I weighed 197 lbs. My waist was 37”, chest 42” and hips 41”. The nurse who weight me said, “You had better get started, Ned.” I answered, “Ya, I guess I should.”

I was leaving the office; one of my friends came up to me. Lorain was her name, she was a BBW and she always seemed to me to be getting larger as time went on. She said her brother owned a pastry shop and that I should stop by there on the way home. She said she had already called her brother and they would “take care of me.” She patted her substantial tummy and said, “Don't worry, Ned, I will help you reach your goal.” She winked and went back to her desk.

I drove to the address she gave me, the sign said, “Jack's Pastries.” I parked my car and went in. Jack was huge; he must have weighed nearly five hundred pounds. He smiled, “Are you Ned?” he asked. “Yep, I am,” I replied. “Lorain told me all about your problem, don't worry,” he said. Jack went in back and brought out several boxes of pastries and gave them to me. He said, “Ned, come in every morning at ten; that's when we change the stock in the cases from morning pastries to dessert pastries. If you stop by around 5:30 I will give you all the leftovers from the case at the end on the day.” He chuckled, patting his own massive belly. “You will be well on your way to your goal,” he said.

I shook his hand and thanked him and headed for my car.

I got home, stripped off my clothes, made a pot of coffee and started in on the pastries. I ate with abandon, stuffing the rich, sweet goodies in my mouth as fast as I could. It took me nearly an hour to eat them all. I sat back in my chair, my belly bloated out, pushing down the waist band of my briefs and lifting up the t-shirt. I staggered into the bedroom to lie down and promptly fell asleep.

I was awakened an hour and a half later by the doorbell. It was a pizza delivery. I said, “I didn't order any pizza.” Trying to hide from the plump teenage driver behind my front door. She replied, “It has already been paid for, sir.” I took the large (16”) deep dish, cheese crust pizza and two liters of Coke from her. I started to reach to get a tip and she said “No need to, sir; the lady who placed the order already included a tip.” She giggled and said, “Enjoy, sir.”

I still felt full from gorging on the pastries, but I hate cold pizza and this was nice and hot and one of my favorites so I dug in. It took me an hour and a half; I reheated it twice, to finish off the pizza and a liter and a half of Coke. I felt as if I would explode, I was so stuffed. The skin on my belly itched it was so tight. I staggered in to the bedroom and slowly lowered my bloated and distended body onto my bed. I lied down carefully and fell asleep.

I woke up around six o'clock to my doorbell ringing. I thought, “not another pizza.” It was Lorain; she had stopped by Jack's to pick up the left over pastries. She also had bags of groceries with her. She waddled in, admired my bloated belly; I was still in my briefs and now tight t-shirt, and started to make dinner. I protested that I was still too full to eat anything else today. She poked my belly and said, “Ned, the amount of weight you have to gain, you don't have a choice. You need to be stuffed full several times a day or you'll never reach the goal.” She fixed spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread smothered in butter and for desert nearly a dozen rich pastries. It took her nearly until ten o'clock to finally stuff the last morsel into me. I really thought I was going to explode. I felt as though I had eaten more in one day than I used to in a whole week.

Lorain spent the night rubbing my belly to help me digest the massive amount of food I had eaten. She got up early the next morning, dressed and woke me up. “Ned, don't eat anything until you pick up the pastries at Jack's. It will help to slow your metabolism down if you eat later in the day.” She reset the alarm for 9:30 and left. I woke up; sitting on the edge of the bed I could feel my still bloated belly sticking out. I rubbed it with soap in the shower, it really felt good. I admired yesterday's work in the mirror and was quite surprised by the results. I dressed in sweats and t-shirt over briefs and drove over to Jack's. He smiled when he saw me, “Not half bad, Ned, for one day on your 'diet,'” he chuckled and handed me seven boxes of rich goodies. I raced home, stripped off the sweats and proceeded to gorge myself on the rich pastries. Three hours later, my pizza arrived right on time with the same cute, plump little driver, who kept giggling as I took my lunch. Lorain showed up promptly at six to be sure I was stuffed for the rest of the day.

At my first “progress report” weigh in, I wore the tightest t-shirt I had, tight briefs and my sweat pants, which were nearly tights by then. The nurse who weighed me, smiled at my progress. I mounted the scale in my briefs and t-shirt. I weighed 219 lbs; my waist had grown to 43 inches, 44-inch chest and 46 inches around my butt. My belly lifted up the t-shirt and pushed down the waistband of the briefs. I kept my hands against the small of my back the whole time to stick out my belly as far as I could. Several co-workers came down to cheer me on. The head buyer looked pleased, but had to comment, “You still have a long way to go, Ned.”

On the way home I stopped at Jack's, who was becoming a close friend. We sat in the back and binged on pastries for an hour and half. I left there, picked up my now two-pizza lunch and headed for another afternoon of gorging and lying around.

Lorain had enlisted the help of two other co-workers to help me gain. They alternated coming over so there was someone to make sure I was completely stuffed by the time I went to bed. Extra treats, candy dishes and bowls of nuts were all over my house to be sure I was never far from food.

The second weight in was quite an event at the office. I was now beginning to waddle. I still wore the same size briefs and t-shirt to show off my progress. I weighed 245 lbs; my waist now bulged out to 48 inches, chest was now fifty inches and my butt was an embarrassing 51 inches. I was beginning to get an apron in front; my belly swayed a little when I walked. Lorain and the other girls were wild about my now huge rear end. They loved to tease me while we ate, about how my butt was nearly as big as any one of theirs.

During the third week, I gave away all of my old clothes. I did keep my briefs and a few t-shirts to remind me of my “progress.” The schedule continued through the week: to Jack's every morning, my massive pizza feast daily and a massive dinner every night.

The third weigh in came. I now really waddled; I finally had Lorain pick up some new briefs, t-shirts and sweats from one of our stores. It was nice, now that I fit into the company's line of clothes to get such a good discount. I mounted the scale, my weight was only 270 lbs; my waist had continued to grow though and was now 52”, chest 56” and of course my ever embarrassing butt was now a whopping 53”.

The nurse showed some concern, she said, “It is normal to plateau at some point in your gain, I just hope you can overcome it, Ned.” For the first time since I had started, I was worried. What if I could not gain the whole 100 lbs? Would the company fire me after I have gained so much weight? I felt worried and depressed. But this proved to be an advantage for when I am worried or depressed, I EAT!!!

Lorain and I loaded ourselves into her car and drove over to Jack's. There, while stuffing ourselves, mainly me, with rich pastries, we came up with a plan for my final thirty pounds of gain.

My third home - after Jack's, of course - was the pizza parlor; they had an all you can eat lunch special that day. Lorain and I were there for nearly two hours; I still do not know how I managed to waddle out of there that day.

On the way to my house, Lorain insisted we stop for ice cream to maintain my “edge” for the afternoon. Dinner that night was at our favorite all you can eat buffet. I can't remember how many plates of food I ate, but we left at closing time.

The next morning, I struggled out of bed. I admired my now massive belly and bottom as I waddled past the new full-length mirror Lorain had bought me as a gift. I showered struggled into a pair of size 48 briefs and a t-shirt.

Jack showed up personally to deliver my morning pastries. I stuffed them into my mouth as fast as I could. As part of our “plan” Lorain took off the final week of my leave to help me reach my “goal.” Our plan was simple, she would make sure I was stuffed 24/7 of my last week. In addition to my regular pastry binges, the daily pizzas and massive dinners, I would also have night feedings and more snacking. I was to get almost no exercise at all. Lorain would not even let me help carry in all the shopping bags full of food she bought.

I have never enjoyed myself more. It was heaven to me. Lorain fed me, it seemed, all the time. Breakfast was dozens of her brother's fantastic pastries; lunch now nearly three pizzas, snack throughout the afternoon and then a huge rich dinner. I went to bed early and Lorain got me up at midnight and again three-thirty to “top off.”

The fourth weigh in day came. I was a little nervous about it, but Lorain assured me I had nothing to worry about. I stood in front of my mirror admiring my massive belly that ballooned out in front of me with an apron the sagged onto my thighs. My butt was huge, much to Lorain's delight, she loved to pinch my huge cheeks and watch them jiggle as I waddled to the bathroom or bedroom. I took a shower and struggled into the smallest pair of briefs I could get into and pulled on a way to small t-shirt. I made sure as much of my belly and butt were “hanging out” as possible, then pulled on a new pair of XXXXL sweat pants and waddled down to Lorain's car.

When we arrived at the office, Lorain dropped me off at the front door. Several friend and co-workers were waiting; several clapped and cheered when they saw how big I had become. I waddled down to the nurse's office with Lorain at my side; she was beaming with pride, as some people gasped at my new appearance. I stripped off the sweats and stood on the scale. The final tally, 298 lbs 12 oz., I had exceeded the mandatory goal by one pound, twelve ounces. My waist was a whopping 57 inches, chest 54 inches and my huge butt was 61 inches. The owner of the company was very pleased. He finally told me why they had insisted that I gain so much weight so quickly. My boss had decided to retire suddenly and some of the vendors and sales force objected to someone as “slim” as my former self becoming the head buyer!

I love my new job even more than my old position with the company. Lorain and I got married a few months ago. I could not slow down my eating after the initial gain; I now weigh nearly 450 lbs. Lorain loves every soft, jiggling ounce of me though.