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The New Woman
By Skinnie Minnie

Part 1

Dave found he had become used to the long nails by the end of the day. But when bedtime came, Lisa stopped him when he tried to get into bed wearing just the panties he had worn that day.

"From now on you wear pajamas to bed. I want you properly dressed at nighttime," said Lisa. She retrieved a light mint green babydoll nighty with a matching panty out of the boxes in the cellar. Dave was genuinely upset with the overly feminine style of the nighty. It was almost see through with plenty of lace around the edges. Also, the bodice fitted his chest a little too well.

"I'm not crazy about wearing this," said Dave as he held out the hem.

"Oh, it looks darling on you. Besides, none of your pajamas fit you anymore so you might as well get used to wearing my old ones," she said. "Only Neanderthals go to bed in just their underwear and you don't look like a Neanderthal anymore."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Dave.

"Oh nothing. You've just grown a little more refined as you've gained weight, that's all," lied Lisa. She began fondling him through the panties as she kissed him.

Dave found it difficult to ignore the erotic feelings of Lisa's hands rubbing up and down his body. The soft material sent shivers through him as she stroked him and he let the matter of wearing women's nighties drop for the time being. They had sex again before falling asleep.

The next morning after their feedings, they weighed each other. Dave was 198 lbs. and Lisa was 349 lbs.

"I think we should try to get you past 200 lbs. and me past 350 lbs. today. If we can, we can celebrate this weekend."

Lisa and Dave went in the bedroom to get dressed for the day. Lisa laid out a white brief style panty girdle, a pair of light blue stretch slacks with a rear zipper and a white silk blouse. Dave wasn't thrilled to wear them, but he put them on. It was a good thing the pants were stretchy, because he really had to squeeze into them. He noticed in the mirror that his ass was getting quite big and he had very noticeable panty lines. The shape of his ass was rather feminine. He just figured it was because of the molding effects of the girdle. He needed Lisa's help to get the zipper up all the way.

When he pulled on the blouse, however, shivers ran down his spine as the silky material slid over his nipples. They had become swollen and very sensitive lately. He just figured it was because of his rapid weight gain and the stretching of the skin. It still felt better on his nipples than the scratchy cotton shirts he had been wearing. He knew the blouse was tailored to fit a woman, and was a little unnerved to find he filled it out rather substantially. As usual, Lisa dressed in very sexy feminine clothes. She wore a yellow silky tank dress that was getting too small and really showed off her curves. Her waist was beginning to expand along with the rest of her, but her ass was still leading the way. It was beginning to create an almost horizontal shelf behind her.

Dave and Lisa met in the kitchen and spent the afternoon eating all kinds of fattening foods and watching TV. After taking a break for sex, they had a very large early supper, some more sex, and then they took turns on the feeding machine. Dave had his usual double batch of shake. Lisa had begun rubbing a lotion all over Dave's body while he fed also. When they finished feeding, they went into the bathroom to weigh themselves. Lisa was first. She weighed 352 lbs. She was thrilled!

"I'm on my way to four hundred now!" she said. "I need to go out and do some shopping for some new clothes for work this week. None of my business suits fit properly anymore. The mall is still opened for a few more hours. Let's weigh you and then get ready and go." Dave stepped on the scale next. He was 203 lbs.

"Wow!" said Lisa. "Five pounds in one day! I'm loving it! You must feel stuffed." Dave couldn't deny it. He could feel the difference in his body.

"Lisa, I can't go out to the mall with these long nails on my hands," said Dave. "What will people think?"

"Well, if you wear the heels and wig, and let me put a little makeup on you, you won't have to worry about the nails," said Lisa. Dave had a familiar sense of dread knowing that he would not be able to say no. Lisa was just too damn beautiful to argue with. So...Lisa made Dave up to look like a woman again. She even made him take off his slacks and put on pantyhose under them because he couldn't wear the heels with socks. The really big problem for Dave came when they were heading out the door.

"Oh... now that you're made up, you don't look right in the chest area. People are going to think you're going braless. We can't have that," said Lisa as she dragged him back into the bedroom. She fished another bra out of the clothes she had in storage. "This one should fit," she said. "It's a 40B. The one you wore Friday night was a little too tight, I think." After she helped him put it on Dave thought it looked like he had gained all five pounds in his chest. He had full pointed breasts sticking out that jiggled when he walked. Lisa noticed a look of fear on Dave's face and gave him a blazer to wear which matched the slacks to cover him up a little. It was a tailored jacket, and made him look like he had quite a curvy figure, albeit a chubby one.

And so Dave again went out in public as a woman and did not get taken for anything but. Even when Lisa thought it would be fun to buy him a pair of black peep toe pumps with 4 and a half inch heels. The lady who fitted him had no idea he was a man. If she did, she never let on. Dave was in no position to make a scene when they entered the shoe store. He just went along for the ride. He figured Lisa was just having a little fun. Even when he whispered to her about why she was buying him more women's shoes she just smiled and told him to just enjoy it. Lisa bought herself some very large size power suits. She bought them a couple sizes too big to allow for expansion. She also bought a new supply of lingerie. Also in larger sizes than she needed.

When they arrived home, Lisa removed Dave's nails and they went to bed. When Dave left for work the next morning he was wearing a dark blue double breasted suit with a white cotton blouse. When he complained about the scratchy material, Lisa just smiled and gave him a silky camisole to wear under it. He welcomed the relief and went to work.

That night when Dave came in the door, Lisa noticed he was very upset.

When Lisa asked him what was wrong he told her that people kept making fun of his feminine looking body and plucked eyebrows when they walked past his cubicle at work all day. He couldn't handle it anymore and told his boss he quit.

"That's alright honey," said Lisa. "I can get you a job where I work. We could use a new accountant. Being the head of personnel, I should be able to arrange something. Why don't you come into the office with me tomorrow and I'll see what I can do."

"Oh Lisa, that would be great!" said Dave. "I was pretty sick of that old job anyway. It will be good to make a fresh start."

"Little does he know how fresh," Lisa said to herself. "This will work out perfectly." She went into the other room and made a phone call.

The next day after Lisa had Dave fill out his employment applications she told him he had to go to the company doctor down the block for a physical. It was company policy. When he arrived at the doctor's office, he noticed it was a female doctor. A Doctor Clark.

"Oh well," he thought. "She IS pretty. I guess I can handle a female doctor." When she was done examining him the doctor told Dave that she knew Lisa and had talked to her about their weight gain. She told him she wasn't thrilled about it, but she had some medication she wanted to give him to keep his cholesterol down and keep his heart healthy if he insisted on gaining so much weight. Lisa, she told him, was already on the same medication. She had come to see the doctor about it when she began really gaining for Dave. First she gave him a shot of something and a couple of prescriptions to pick up on his way home and start taking immediately. He picked them up on his way home and took one of each when he got there.

When Lisa arrived home she excitedly told Dave that he had a job. The only thing was, he couldn't start for two weeks. That was when one of the women in the office was leaving. He was going to take her place in the accounting office. Dave was psyched. Two weeks off to just take it easy. Lisa had other plans, and she led him to the feeding room. She forced a triple dose of shake down his throat and told him he was going to do triple doses twice a day until he started work. As the week went on he grew into another complete set of clothes, underwear and all. By Friday he had gained almost another 15 lbs. That afternoon when he stood naked in front of the mirror, he was not sure what to make of what he saw. It seemed like he had not gained any of the 15 lbs. on his waist. It was plain to see he had the body of a 220 lb. woman. His breasts were perfect in every way. The aureaolas were stretched to be about three inches across.

"Why haven't I noticed this before?" he asked himself. He knew Lisa had been playing with his nipples a lot when thy made love that week, and he had loved it, but he must have been blocking their development out of his mind.

Lisa came through the door that evening loaded down with packages from the mall.

"We're going to go out to use that gift certificate I won last week. I bought you a new outfit just for the occasion. Go in the bedroom, get naked, and wait for me. I'll be right there. How could he refuse? He did as he was told. Lisa came in the room beaming. She began pulling clothes out of the bags. She held up a black satin full skirted dress.

"This is what you're wearing out to eat tonight," she said. "Isn't it beautiful? You're going to look great in it."

"What?" said Dave. "It's not Halloween anymore, you know."

"I know Dave, but have you looked in the mirror lately? You look more like a Debbie than a Dave now." She could hardly contain her excitement. "My plan has been working out better than I could have hoped."

"Plan? What plan?" asked| Dave. He had that familiar sense of dread again.

"Why, my plan to turn you into what you want me to be. A supersize, super feminine woman. I have a bisexual streak in me a mile wide that I can't deny anymore. The trouble is, I fell in love with you almost from the moment I met you. I figured I could have the best of both worlds. When you pissed me off that night I saw you kissing that woman, I started feeding you high doses of female hormones in with your shakes. The shot and pills the doctor gave you were female hormones too. She and I are old college pals. We used to be occasional lovers. I called her and told her what I was doing and she was thrilled to help me out. I think you've become quite voluptuous to say the very least. Another thirty pounds, and you'll weigh as much as I did when we met. Back then you thought I was voluptuous. The fact that you're only 5'8" tall made you a perfect candidate to fulfill a lifelong dream. I've always loved sex with women, but missed the real penis thing. Now I can have both." She said all of this so nonchalantly that Dave couldn't believe it. He wasn't sure he heard what he heard.

"What the hell are you saying?" was all he could come up with. Dave already had his shirt of and Lisa got down on her knees to pull his pants down.

"Haven't you noticed the strange changes in your body Dave?" she asked. "Like the way you're gaining weight and the way the hair on your body hasn't grown back yet? That lotion I've been rubbing into your skin while you're feeding not only helps reduce the chance of stretch marks, it also contains a hair growth inhibitor. That's why my body is so smooth, soft, and hairless. Just like yours is now. That's why I've been using it on your face as well. I love kissing your smooth fat little cheeks." She was beginning to laugh and Dave was getting more and more scared as everything he was hearing began to sink in.

"This can't be happening," he said to himself. "She's turning me into a woman? A fat woman? This just can't be!" he said aloud.

"Oh yes it can." smiled Lisa. "I've been turning you into my she-male lesbian lover and I've been enjoying it immensely. The only thing that's going to be more fun is making you fat. Really fat. Oh! Your going to be so sexy!"

"I won't let you get away with it!" he yelled.

"Oh really? And how do you think you're going to stop me? Look at yourself. Your feminization is already well underway. You look more like a woman than a man now. You don't have any clothes that you have a prayer of fitting into that aren't women's clothes. What are you going to do? Go to the authorities dressed in women's clothes and tell them what I've done to you? All I have to do is show them that feeding machine you built and tell them you've been forcing me to get fat and forcing me to supply you with female hormones. They'll think you're the biggest sicko going."

"She's right," thought Dave. "I'm screwed. She's got me right where she wants me."

"Now, let's get you dressed so we can go out and celebrate the new you," said Lisa. "No arguments. Just let me get you pretty and show you how much fun we can have with this."

Part 2