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The New Woman
By Skinnie Minnie

Part 2

Lisa wrapped a black heavily boned corset around Dave's waist and pulled the laces as tight as she could. She then tied the laces in a knot. That meant Dave couldn't get it off without cutting them. The corset went from just above his hip bones to just below his breasts. It had pushed his breasts up and out and exaggerated his hips and ass also. It caused him to arch his back which only thrust his breasts and ass out even more. Next came a black lacy demi cup bra that just barely covered his nipples and created a large amount of cleavage. After that came very thin black nylon panties and sheer to waist black pantyhose. Then a black half slip and the dress. It was a very low cut v-neck and showed off his impressively deep cleavage. It was sleeveless and tightly form fitted on top while the skirt flared out very full on bottom. When Lisa zipped it up it really exaggerated Dave's figure. Next came the very high heels. Dave could see just a flash of his red toenails through the opening in the shoes. He wanted to stop what she was doing, but just couldn't seem to muster the courage. Maybe one side of him was beginning to enjoy this. It must have been the hormones screwing with his mind. Next came long red fingernails, makeup and a blond wig.

"I think you look best as a blond," said Lisa. "I think we'll bleach your hair when it grows out." She had him stand up and look in the mirror. He knew he was going to be seeing a woman in the mirror, but he wasn't prepared to see such a sexy one. He could hardly recognize himself. His face had rounded out some and his features had softened to the point of being very female in appearance. He could still see Dave in the mirror, but he was fading underneath an ever growing layer of fat female flesh. His world below his face was all breasts sticking out in front and he had to bend over fairly far to see his feet. However, when he turned sideways to see his profile it was plain to see his ass had grown the most. He couldn't believe how far it stuck out behind him. And how round it was. Turning to face the mirror again he noticed his hips were also very wide indeed. Much wider than his shoulders, even though his upper arms had also grown fat and flabby. But what really caught him off guard was the way his breasts jiggled and his ass wobbled and jiggled when he walked back and forth in front of the mirror. The extremely high heels seemed to be causing this problem.

"The feeling is not entirely unpleasant," he thought to himself. "My ass and thighs seem to be jiggling out of control with the little support the thin panties and hose supply." His reflection was beginning to turn him on and his dick began to harden. Something inside of him snapped.

"NO!" he cried. "You can't do this! I won't let you! You have to stop this and let me go back to being me before it goes any further!" He began to run for the door. He had to get out! He had to go tell someone what was happening to him! She couldn't do this! He wasn't going to let her get away with it! He was a man! This whole thing was insane! She was insane! Lisa grabbed him by the arm as he ran by and she threw him on the bed. She was too big and heavy for him to fight back. He seemed like he had become weaker. His muscles had dissolved into fat. That too must have been because of the hormones. He was no match for Lisa as she climbed on top of him and pressed all of her weight down on him. He struggled to get away, but she was just too big and strong for him. Grabbing both of his hands she leaned back and stood up pulling him with her. She dragged him over to the mirror.

" Look at yourself!" she yelled. He looked.

"What do you see? Do you see Dave?"


"You see a sexy fat woman, don't you?"


"You love fat sexy women, don't you?" She reached up under his dress and began to fondle his dick.


"Yes what?"

"I love fat sexy women." She took his hand and placed it on one of her huge breasts.

"You love to be near them and feel them, don't you?"

"Yes." He could feel her nipple harden as she rubbed his hand around the tip of her breast.

"You love to feed them and watch them grow fatter for you, don't you?"


"Think of it Dave. You can BE that fat sexy woman. You can be with her all the time. You can feed her and watch her grow fatter by the day. Everyday. You can see what it's like to be INSIDE that fat sexy body. You can have big fat laden breasts like mine and have me suck on them and lick them while we make love. You can watch me grow fatter with you. We can be together always. You can become as big and fat and sexy as you want. I will help you grow. Think of what it will be like to weigh 300 lbs., 400 lbs., or more. Maybe a lot more! I love you. I will never leave you. You can be my fat lesbian lover for the rest of your life. I want you to experience all these things. Not many people have the opportunity to do so."

He was hard as a rock now and Lisa got down on her knees and pulled his dick out from inside his panties. She began to suck. She stopped and asked him,

"Do you love me?"


"Do you want to be with me?"


"Do you want me to continue to grow fat for you?"

"Yes." She began to suck again. Dave was on the verge of coming. Lisa was in control. He was lost in the throes of passion. He would agree to anything right now.

"Say you'll do it. Say you'll continue to become my fat girl. Say it!"

"Yes! Yes! I'll do it! Anything you want! I love you!" He began to orgasm like he never had before. His entire body shook as he came. Lisa continued sucking until he was limp and tucked him back into his panties.

"I love you too Dave. Or should I say Debbie." She smiled. "|Wait here while I get ready. And fix your hair and makeup." He did and waited in the living room.

Lisa came out in a few minutes looking ravishing in a wild red minidress that was way too tight and short and they left for the restaurant. As she drove she filled him in on a few things. She told him that he would be wearing a corset 24 hours a day until further notice to train his figure into an exaggerated hourglass. He would visit the doctor every week until further notice. And he would be wearing whatever Lisa laid out for him every morning from now on. The wig and full makeup were a must at all times, and he had to learn to do it himself. She would teach him to speak with a higher tone to his voice and to use feminine mannerisms all the time. The hormones would aid in altering his voice, she told him. She also told him he would be working at his new job as a woman, of course, and she had changed the name on his job application to Debbie. She would be calling him that in public from then on to avoid any problems. She wanted them to appear to be lesbian lovers.

And so it went. For the rest of the weekend he wore only dresses, heels, and hose. Every morning Lisa laced him tightly into a corset and strapped him into a properly fitting, strongly constructed bra for full figured women. The style of bra would help to keep his growing breasts from sagging too much. He also continued to wear very thin panties and sheer hose to allow his legs and ass to expand freely. And they both spent the entire time eating. When they weren't on the feeding machine they were eating the most fattening foods they had in the house. Dave was getting hooked on it. He had never known eating could be so addictive. When they weren't eating or feeding Lisa made sure Dave was in sexual ecstasy. She wanted to make sure he fell further and further into her trap. It seemed to Dave that he could feel his body swelling. It was so erotic. And he loved what it was doing to Lisa. She had never seemed happier than she was when she was feeding the both of them. Plus she was getting fatter. After all, that's what he had wanted. That's what started all of this.

When Lisa left for work Monday morning, Dave was stuffed from the feeding machine. He was on the couch in a skirt and blouse. His stomach was hard as a rock. Lisa had convinced him to drink a fourth dose.

"I want you to spend the day eating. All day. There's plenty of ice cream in the freezer. Help yourself." She kissed him goodbye and left. This was it. His chance to escape. Lisa had left him alone and yet he didn't want to leave. She had been so good to him. How could he leave her? He couldn't and he knew it.

"If Lisa wants me fat and voluptuous, then that's what I'll be," he told himself. He was going to become as fat and feminine as he could. For Lisa. That would make her happy. He went to the fridge, got some ice cream and began to eat. He ate all day. Everything he could stuff into himself he ate. And that night Lisa gave him four more doses of shake. He was in a fog when he went to bed that night.

The next morning at 10 o'clock he was in the doctor's office with Lisa. The doctor gave him two shots. One, she said was more hormones. A very high dosage. His blood tests had showed she could safely raise his dose. The second, she told him, would help to slow down his metabolism to help him gain more weight. It would aid in turning more food into fat. She would supply him with a permanent prescription for that medication. The idea, she told him, was to gain as much weight as possible while he was taking the high doses of hormones. That way he would become more feminine. More voluptuous. After a couple of months he would lose his ability to get an erection. She would then lower the hormone doses to a maintenance level, and his erections would return. She weighed him while he was there. He was 235 lbs. He was definitely getting big. He wore only dresses all week. He even did the grocery shopping himself dressed that way. He found it both scary and exciting. During the week Lisa bought him his own makeup, a supply of pantyhose, and a half dozen pairs of shoes of different colors and styles. All, however, had heels no lower than 4 inches.

By Sunday he was tipping the scales at 250 lbs. Lisa couldn't keep her hands off him. His breasts seemed to have exploded in size. His hips and especially his legs had also greatly swelled. His calves were easily the size his thighs used to be and his ankles were downright thick. Each of his thighs seemed to be bigger than his waist had been when he began gaining. Lisa had removed all the tags in his clothes. She didn't want him to know just how big he was getting. She didn't want to spook him. That night she told him she had a couple of surprises for him. He was really nervous. The following morning he would be starting his new life as a woman on the job.

The first surprise the next morning came when Dave saw the dress he would be wearing. It was the peach one Lisa was wearing when they met. He was as big as she was that fateful day. He couldn't believe it. Lisa tied him in his corset extra tightly. Lisa said she needed to so he would fit into the dress. Then she put a white satin push up bra on him that lifted his breasts up and out in front of him as much far as they would reach. "This is the corset and bra I was wearing under the dress when we met," she said. You thought I looked hot then. Now it's your turn." A full slip, panties, and pantyhose were followed by peach colored pumps and then the dress. Lisa could just barely do up the zipper. The dress fit so tightly around his breasts that you could just make out the outline of his nipples. The skirt part flared out beautifully over his wide ass and hips. His ass seemed to be sticking out a foot behind him when he looked over his shoulder. He loved how sexy it made him look, but couldn't believe how trussed up he felt and how much he seemed to be bulging up out of the front of the dress. He put on a necklace which laid down in the deep valley of his cleavage, clipped on some earrings, and they left for work. On the way, they stopped at the mall. His second surprise was having each of his ears pierced twice. Just one more step into the pit. When they arrived at the office, Lisa gave him some papers to bring to his new boss and told him how to get to her office in the accounting department. When he arrived he was told to by the receptionist to wait there until he was called. A minute later he was told to go in. When he did, he was greeted with his third surprise.

"Oh my!" she said "Look at you!" You're gorgeous! Lisa has surpassed my expectations! She told me she could do it, but I really didn't believe her. And you've gotten so fat so quickly! Oh, I think it's just wonderful what you're doing to make her happy!"

You could have knocked him over with a feather. It was Jenny.

"Yes Dave." she said. "I mean Debbie. You're right. It's all been a setup. I was in on it all along. But don't be mad at Lisa. She loves you. It was the only way you could stay with her and she knew it. Now it's my job to see to it you keep gaining weight while you're here at work." She was trying to change the subject as quickly as she could. "Come with me. I'll show you to your office."

He was too stunned to do anything other than follow her. When she stood up from behind her desk, Dave got an eyeful. Jenny had to weigh at least 500 lbs. now. She was wearing white again and it only served to make her look even bigger. Dave would come to find out she liked it that way. He couldn't help but be mesmerized by her sheer size as she walked with him to his office. When they got there he found three dozen doughnuts and a large chocolate weight gain shake waiting for him on his desk. Jenny told him his first job was to make sure he ate and drank everything before she and Lisa took him to lunch. Then she turned and left him alone with his thoughts. It took him most of the morning, but he finished everything off. He was then taken out to an all you can eat buffet lunch where the three of them ate for two hours without stopping. When he got back to his office, there were three more dozen doughnuts and another shake waiting for him.

During the next week he got used to working at his computer and eating constantly at the same time. By Friday it really showed on his body. He and Lisa were getting ready to go out and he had just weighed himself. He was at 275 lbs. Between the eating and the medication from the doctor, he was gaining at an alarming rate. Lisa too was gaining and the tight pink spandex minidress she was poured into really showed off her 370 lb. figure. He notice how her elbows now rested on her hips when she stood looking at him. They had swelled up as well as out to her sides. The dress she was wearing only went down to about mid thigh on her and it really showed off her very fat dimpled legs inside their sheer pantyhose prison. The outline of the seamless bra she was wearing dug deeply into the roll of flesh under her arms. You could plainly see her huge erect nipples poking through the tight material.

"Man, you are one sexy woman Lisa," he said to her as she walked over to him with his corset.

"Thank you sweetheart. You're getting there yourself."

And so things continued for another week and Dave (maybe we should call her Debbie from now on) gained another twenty five pounds. He knew Lisa was going to be pushing the 400 lb. mark soon and wanted his reaching 300 lb. to coincide, so he ate as much as he possibly could all week. Jenny and Lisa were more than willing to help. And sure enough Lisa did reach 400 lbs. by that weekend.

Part 3