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The New Woman
By Skinnie Minnie

Part 3

It was Friday night, but not just any Friday night. It was the beginning of a weekend filled with excess and celebration. Lisa was so thrilled about Debbie reaching 300 lbs, that she had planned a surprise weekend away with Jenny. When she walked into the bedroom to get changed, Debbie was already there.

"We need to get dressed to go to the salon for seven o'clock tonight. You hair is still a little on the short side, but I think it is long enough to color and style. Won't it be nice to not have to wear that wig anymore?" asked Lisa.

Debbie didn't answer. She was too busy staring at HERself in the new four foot wide by eight foot tall mirror they had installed that week. Yes... HERself. She was much too feminine now to consider herself anything other than a she. Looking into the mirror she could not see Dave. He was gone. She didn't even miss the drab old guy. She was checking out how big her nipples had grown. They were double the size of a pencil eraser when erect, which they were right now because she had been fondling them. She was naked except for her pink nylon panties. She had to reach rather far out and down a little to reach her nipples. Her aureolas had stretched out to about five inches across and had become lighter in color.

She noticed when she cupped her breasts in her hands that they had grown so large that her hands just barely covered the ends of them. To say there was more than a handful was a major understatement. She clasped her hands together under her breasts and noticed that they completely filled the space between her arms. She looked down across about ten inches of cleavage to look at her crotch. Her waist was still relatively small, but she still had a modest tummy bulge which when coupled with her bulging thighs made it impossible to see any sign of her penis tucked away inside her panties. It too, was erect. It seemed it was that way quite frequently lately. All she had to do was look at herself to get excited. After all she was a walking example of Dave's dream woman. She was becoming a fat pearshaped woman. The kind that always turned Dave on the most. It looked like the last twenty-five to thirty pounds had all been added below her waist. She loved the way her legs had fattened. They had developed a layer of cellulite over their entire surface and had swelled into what she considered to be the perfect legs. Fat all the way down to her feet. They rubbed together almost all the way down to her ankles. Her hips were wide and well rounded. She turned to look at her ass. It too was developing a delicate layer of dimpling and was growing into a large round bubble butt that stuck out and looked great in a tight skirt.

She loved what was happening to her, but she had experienced some rough times since Lisa had forced her to commit to becoming her fat girlfriend. Like her first day at her new job when she was walking down the hall with Jenny. She remembered how her breasts and ass and legs were wiggling and jiggling out of control because of her restrictive clothing and the high heels she was wearing. She could remember the unfamiliar sound of those heels clicking on the floor and echoing through the hallway as she walked. She also remembered walking next to Jenny's swaying 500lb. body and wondering if she would end up growing that big herself. The thought had scared her to death. Not anymore. She remembered a few times that first week when while sitting at her desk, her breasts would get in her way and she would get an anxiety attack as her situation would become clearer to her. When that happened she would just look down at herself. Her hips spreading wide across her chair melting smoothly into her fat legs. Those nylon encased legs perched above dainty pointed pumps. She would reach down and begin rubbing her hands up and down her soft yet firm fat body. The combination of the tight and soft flowing materials she was wearing would cause electric tinglings as she rubbed herself. Her penis would stiffen in its silky confines. She would taste her lipstick and smell her perfume and feel the femininity surrounding her and realize she was doing the right thing. Some people would think what she was doing was crazy, but she was making herself and Lisa happy. It couldn't be wrong.

"Hello! Earth to Debbie!" said Lisa. Still no response. Lisa walked over and placed her hand on one of Debbie's breasts. She then bent down and placed a nipple in her mouth. Debbie gasped and came in her panties immediately. She stumbled back onto the bed.

"Ooooh...you liked that didn't you?' giggled Lisa. She knew what had happened.

"Yessss," said Debbie. "It was wonderful."

"You were kind of lost in yourself there, weren't you?" asked Lisa. "Do you like what you see?"

"I love it," said Debbie. "I mean, look at me. I'm a walking wet dream as far as Dave would be concerned. I'm built just like you were when you weighed 300 lbs. Does that mean I'm going to look as good as you if I ever hit 400?"

"You like my big body do you, Deb?" Lisa smiled.

"Yeah... you know I love you more and more the bigger you get."

"You know, so do I!" Lisa answered. "I love the way I'm gaining. I love how I'm getting a real exaggerated pearshape. Just look at how much bigger my ass and hips are compared to my waist." She stood up and spun around. "I just love the way my hips flair out. I love the way my ass really DOES stick out a foot behind me. And I love the way my huge breasts stick out a foot in front of me. The fatter I get the more I like to show my body to people. I wouldn't think of wearing pants and hiding my big beautiful legs. That's why I wear dresses all the time. I love to see people stare when I walk by with my fat legs jiggling in their pretty nylons. And I love the way my fat ankles puff up out of a properly turned pump. It seems the fatter I get the more sensuous I feel. It's really a turn on. I love to stand out in a crowd instead of being like those stick figures that think they're so sexy. The fatter I get the more feminine I seem to feel and I seem to work harder at keeping myself pretty." She sat down and got serious. "Do you think I should go for 500 lbs.? I mean, when I was at 300, I figured I would stop at 400. That would be big enough. But now that I'm there, I want more. It just feels so unbelievable to be so big! I love getting fatter and I'm not ready to stop. What do you think?" She didn't wait for an answer. She got up off the bed and told Debbie to get in the shower. Debbie got up, threw her damp panties in the hamper, and headed for the bathroom.

When she came out of the shower to get dressed Lisa was waiting for her. She was holding up a white satiny long line bra.

"Surprise!" she said. "You don't have to wear a corset tonight. Here, let me help you put it on. " The bra had stretch panels on its sides and full bullet shaped cups which were packed full and tightly by Debbie's breasts. It felt like heaven compared to a corset. Next Lisa had her shimmy into a white light control brief panty girdle. It was tight, but she liked the shape it gave her ass. After that she slid ivory colored control top sheer pantyhose up her legs. Their light color made her legs look much fatter. Next Lisa handed her a silky full slip. It was dripping with lace at the bodice and hem and came down to just above the knee. It softly hugged her every curve. Debbie realized this was some of the most feminine female underwear she had ever worn. It was almost old fashioned in a way. It was just soooo feminine. She had been dressing full time as a woman for a while now, but still couldn't believe how strong the sensations were that were created by the clothing.

"Now for the best part!" said Lisa. She held up a white dress. It was made of a thin rayon/polyester mix and was very slippery looking. Debbie stepped into it and pulled it on. It had three quarter sleeves and a princess neckline. It also had a matching belt and a softly pleated skirt that came to about two inches below the knee. Lisa pulled up the back zipper and Debbie buckled the belt. She then sat down and put on her white ankle strap pumps and walked over to the mirror. The dress was so transparent that Debbie could plainly see the lace of the slip covering her bra. She stepped back from the mirror a little. Then it struck her. The dress made her look huge. It made her look fat. REALLY FAT! She was fat! A fat woman A three hundred pound woman. Dave had always looked at 300 lbs. as that magic number where a woman goes from being just plump to being fat. And here she was at three hundred pounds. The dress was beautiful. It made a tent about four feet across around her legs. She loved the way she looked. And she loved the way she felt. She wondered if it would feel even more sensuous to weigh 400 lbs. She was determined to find out someday. She smiled at herself in the mirror. Her dick was as hard as a rock; hiding in its safe tight girdle.

"Do you like what you see?" asked Lisa.

"You knew what you were doing when you picked out this outfit didn't you?" said Debbie. "You knew it would make me look really fat and you knew it would turn me on, didn't you? Don't get me wrong, I love it. As a matter of fact, it makes me wish I was fatter."

"Oh Deb, you have know idea how happy that makes me!" said Lisa smiling. "I was hoping you would want to get bigger! I can't wait! But I have to tell you the dress was Jenny's idea. It used to be hers. I love the way it looks on you. I love the new fatter look you have without a corset. It's getting me wet. Put your face and wig on and let's get going before I jump your bones."

They stopped at the Chinese all you can eat buffet on their way to the salon. While they were eating Debbie mentioned to Lisa how amazed she was that Lisa had gained so much weight in the past week. Thirty pounds as a matter of fact. Five more pounds than she herself had gained and she had tried very hard to gain that.

"I have a little confession to make," said Lisa. "Jenny and I have been feeding each other massive amounts of food and weight gain formula at work all day. The management hasn't caught on yet, and it's been really fun. How do you think Jenny hit 500 lbs. so fast? She has a girl that comes to her house everyday and cooks for her so she can eat all night until she goes to bed."

"That sounds like fun," said Debbie.

"Well, you're going to get a taste of it this weekend. We're going away this weekend with Jenny. We're leaving tonight as soon as we get finished at the salon. Ooooh I can't wait to see what you look like after your makeover!"

About two hours later Lisa and Debbie were looking at Debbie in the salon mirror. They couldn't believe the difference. Debbie had a shortish blond hairstyle made up of soft curls, even thinner eyebrows and fingernails that were at least an inch long. Gina, the hairdresser had also done a wonderful job on Debbie's makeup. It really complimented her round face. Gina's remark about how Debbie's developing double chin completely hid her Adams apple stuck in her mind.

"You have a standing appointment here every two weeks. Isn't that exciting?" asked Lisa. "You're going to look wild when your hair grows out and you have big blond hair to go with your big body. Now we have to get going to meet Jenny back at our house."

Part 4