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The New Woman
By Skinnie Minnie

Part 5

During the following week, Jenny moved out of her apartment and into Lisa and Debbie's house. She put most of her things in storage, but brought with her a large assortment of clothing in Debbie's sizes as well as her own. At work, she and Lisa kept up their feedings of each other and made sure to include Debbie. There were times when Debbie was wondering if she could handle the nonstop weight gain. She was beginning to really feel it on her body now. Her arms stuck out to her side a little due to the build up of fat and she was starting to have to get use to moving a little slower. The fat felt all encompassing sometimes.

The life she used to lead was being changed into a totally new existence that, instead of becoming more familiar, seemed at times to be getting more and more strange to her. She was not only becoming more and more feminine looking as time went on, she was also picking up the movements and mannerisms of a fat woman. Some of it was her changing body, some of it was due to the change in clothing. And some of it was due to the fact that she was getting so fat so fast.

She sometimes was a little unnerved when looking at herself in the mirror. Sometimes it seemed like her face changed almost by the day. She had really become quite cute. She had acquired a very round face with soft features. Her fat cheeks made her nose and chin look smaller, more feminine. Her lips had even swelled into a full pouty looking style that she just loved to paint pretty colors.

It was a Saturday night. It had been three weeks of constant feeding for the three of them and they were getting dressed to go to another dance put on by the local chapter of the fat admirer's club. It would be the first time since the Halloween party. This time though, Debbie would be going for the first time as a fat woman showing off her charms. And what charms they were. She had gained about twenty-five lbs. a week since Jenny moved in, and was now already up to 375 lbs.

The swelling of her body seemed relentless. It all seemed so unbelievable to her. She was in the process of putting on one of Jenny's old outfits. She had put on an ultra thin, ultra stretchy, high waisted pair of white nylon panties with a wide lace panel at the front followed by a white stretch satin longline bra. It was the first time since the weekend at the hotel that she had been allowed to get dressed without a very tight corset. Her hourglass figure showed the effects of the corseting even without it on. Next she pulled on a sheer-to-waist pair of white pantyhose. It was a little tricky pulling them on over her huge hips and thighs. She had been having a hard time getting used to it. She just loved how the light colors seemed to magnify the size of her legs. After that came a white half slip and a white camisole with lace cups. Next she pulled on a white silk blouse. Debbie thought it was just darling when Jenny had shown it to her. It had short cap sleeves, princess seams, and a keyhole cutout in front to show the crease of her cleavage. It buttoned up the back with tiny white pearlescent buttons.

She had to ask Lisa to button her up. There was no way she could get her fat arms behind her to do it herself. After that she stepped into a light pink silk swing skirt. She had to stand in front of the mirror to see to zip it up and button it. There was just no way she could see past her breasts. After doing so, she spun the skirt around until the zipper was in the back. She stepped into a pair of new light pink pumps that she just had to have when she saw them at the mall earlier in the week. She had, incidentally, learned to love shopping. After all, buying clothes that were so much fun to wear was...well... FUN!

She stood looking at herself to make sure she had everything on just right. She reached up under her skirt to pull the blouse down tight. She loved the feeling of the silk blouse rubbing across the tight material covering her nipples. It made them swell a little. She noticed the skirt, which fell to about four inches above the knee, was held out away from her body by her widening hips at an almost horizontal slope before flowing down over her thighs. She was beginning to get that shelf to her hips and ass that she loved on Lisa and Jenny's bodies. She was still gaining about sixty to seventy percent of her weight below the waist. Turning sideways she admired her big ass jutting out behind her. She reached up and fixed a little curl of her now platinum blond hair in front of her ear and winked at herself. Just then she felt a slap on her ass.

"Hey beautiful! I need some help here." It was Lisa. She was standing with her back to Debbie pointing over her shoulder at the open zipper of her pale mint green dress. She too was learning to wear light colors to exaggerate her size. Debbie had a difficult time getting the zipper up. The dress was designed to be skin tight from the waist up. Debbie turned around and she and Debbie embraced and kissed for all it was worth. The way their large breasts mashed together felt incredible to the both of them.

"Thank you darling," said Lisa. She turned to look in the mirror at her dress. It was very short, only going to mid thigh. Lisa liked short dresses. It showed what she considered to be her best assets. Her dimpled legs.

Debbie just marveled at her beauty. Lisa had been trying hard to gain more weight than either Debbie or Jenny these past few weeks. She had put on almost eighty pounds and was so happy to see how she was squeezed into the dress that she couldn't keep her hands off of herself. She ran her hands out across her hips and around to her ass. Her figure was impossibly exaggerated. She to seemed to have gained most of her recent weight below her waist as well, and her hips, ass, and legs seemed so out of proportion with the rest of her that it almost looked unnatural in a way.

Debbie loved it just as much as Lisa. Lisa turned and walked in a kind of waddle that she had to use now over to the vanity and sat down to do her makeup. Just then Jenny came into the room. She was very proud of herself. She had gained the most weight out of the three of them. She still was a little surprised that she could have gained so much so fast, but just chalked it up to being able to stuff herself almost nonstop with the weight gain formula. She looked absolutely inflated in a fifties style dress. It was a light powder blue with little white polka dots. It was short sleeved with a belt and extra full skirt that only served to make her bottom half look even larger. Underneath she was wearing light blue pantyhose and light blue pumps. Her thirty inch calves jiggled sexily in them as she walked. She looked like an enormous fifties pinup girl only much sexier as far as Debbie was concerned.

"All this ultra feminity is just too much fun sometimes!" Debbie said to herself.

"Can you zip me Debbie dear?" Jenny asked as she turned around. Debbie did so, all the while ogling Jenny's wide ass. It was a reach to get past her own tummy and breasts and Jenny's ass to do the zipper. Jenny turned to the mirror to check herself out. She just smiled a bright smile and reached up to pick a little piece of lint off the top of one of her breasts.

"I can't believe I gained 85 lbs. in just three weeks. Look how wide I am. I'm having trouble fitting through some of the doors around here. I always dreamed of being this big, but never thought I'd ever really weigh 585 lbs. I'm having a little trouble getting myself around. I need to get my muscles used to carrying the weight, I guess. It is kind of a turn on to have to move so much weight around, but maybe I should slow down gaining a bit... NOT!"

She just laughed and walked back out of the room. Her big ass cheeks undulated up and down as her hips swayed back and forth. Her huge thighs sort of rubbing past and in front of each other as she went. Her arms were swinging at about a forty-five degree angle.

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