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The New Woman
By Skinnie Minnie

Part 6

Lisa and Debbie rode in the front seat of the car on the way to the dance. Even though it was a full size car, their hips touched each other as they completely filled the seat. Jenny had to ride in the back.

"There's no doubt about it," said Jenny. "We're going to have to get a van to ride around in. I've also been thinking that maybe I'll have a house custom built. That way we can have it equipped to be size friendly, if you get my drift." The girls all laughed and talked excitedly about the special things they would need to have in the house.

When they arrived at the dance, Debbie was very nervous and held Lisa close. She didn't want some guy coming on to her. She knew that if she were still a guy that loved fat women, he would want to come on to her. Lisa was only too happy to make sure everyone knew they were together. A few of the people at the dance actually recognized Debbie from Halloween and were stunned to see how big she had grown. This made her very proud of herself.

"You haven't seen anything yet," she told one very friendly lady. "Lisa, Jenny, and I spend all our free time helping each other to get bigger. It's really been a lot of fun so far."

The dance was in full swing when Jenny came back to the table with a young lady with whom she had been dancing.

"This is Mary," she said. She leaned over and whispered in Lisa's ear. "She says I'm the sexiest woman she's ever met. She also says she's looking for a job. I told her I might be looking for a driver in a couple of months. What do you think? Is she fattening material?" Lisa looked her up and down.

"Definitely," she whispered to Jenny. "Hire her and we'll see how she works out."

"If you can hold out for a while, we can hire you for the job," said Jenny. "Right now though, we need to go to the bar." They laughed and made their way across the room.

Mary drove Jenny home that night and was introduced to the feeding machine. She was given the honor of feeding Jenny and Lisa, but the feeding of Debbie was reserved for Lisa and Jenny. Mary wanted to stay the night, but was forced to make a date and wait until the following weekend.

"That next weekend was a big event. Debbie reached 400lbs. Lisa reached 505lbs. And Jenny hit 610lbs. It was time for another celebration. During the nightly feedings the girls had been designing their new house, but Lisa had still found time to gather together the things she needed for Debbie's first big night out as a member of the 400 club. The girls had decided they would all keep working, at least until they moved into the new house. Especially Debbie. She wanted to keep experiencing the everyday work world as a woman. Plus, she loved the comments she was getting from the people at work about how fat she was getting. It didn't bother her. On the contrary, it only made her want to get fatter. And she was.

When the three of them arrived home that Friday night, Lisa told Debbie she had special plans for her.

"Go in our bedroom and get naked honey," she said with a wink. Debbie, of course was only too happy to run as fast as she could carry her bulk on her heels.

"Help me with my zipper and I'll help you with yours," said Lisa as she came in the room. She couldn't help but chuckle a little when she saw Debbie struggling to get out of her dress. It was too tight on Debbie's bulging body. The close contact of their two fat bodies only served to get them horny and they had to make love before showering. Lisa noticed that Debbie's erections hadn't been as easy to coax or as hard as they used to be as of late. It was time to talk to the doctor.

When they got out of the shower, Lisa had Debbie put on a new pair of black stretch silk panties. When Debbie held them up she thought for a moment about how big they were. They were a very large expanse of shiny material indeed. And they hadn't even been stretched over her huge ass yet. They would be even bigger then. She slid them on relishing the feeling of them engulfing her wide hips with their embrace. Next Lisa helped her put on a black longline bra with pointed bullet shaped cups. The cups were very firm especially on the bottom, forming a shelf for her breasts and causing them to stick absolutely straight out in front of her. The front of the body of the bra was also very stiff from very heavy boning. It helped support her breasts and relieve the weight hanging on the wide bra straps. They rest of the bra was very tight and stretchy around her fattening waist. After that Lisa strapped a beautiful black satin and lace garter belt around Debbie's waist, and helped her pull on very sheer black seemed nylons. It was the first time she had worn nylons instead of pantyhose. Lisa helped her hook up the garter tabs. She then pulled on a very short black silk half slip. The silky material sliding over her bare thighs felt heavenly. Lisa then produced the outfit Debbie would be wearing out.

"Here, try this on for size," said Lisa. She was holding up a black dress with a stretchy top, sheer see- through long sleeves, and a silk pleated skirt. The skirt seemed awfully short to Debbie. She stepped into it and pulled it on. Lisa zipped up the back zipper. The top fit like a second skin and left nothing to hide. Especially Debbie's hardening nipples. They began to enlarge when she saw her reflection in the mirror. The top had a round lowcut neckline which came up just high enough to hide her bra.

She had begun to develop that exaggerated figure she loved that Lisa had. Even though her top half was huge, her hips and ass were much larger. She turned sideways to look at her profile. The pleated skirt accented the way her ass stuck straight out behind her creating a shelf big enough to rest a soup bowl on without fear of spilling. The back of the skirt draped down about a foot behind the back of her fat thighs. Her breasts stuck out just as far in front of her. She thought the way the bra shaped her breasts into points was positively obscene. She loved it. She was looking very bloated and wouldn't have it any other way. When she turned to face the mirror she saw that the skirt just barely came down far enough to hide the tops of her nylons. She would have to be careful about bending over too far. Her elbows now rested comfortably on her bulging hips. The sheer sleeves fit very tightly around her upper arms. They had really grown too. They were definitely bigger than her thighs had once been. Her waist was finally expanding a little also, since she had stopped wearing corsets all the time. She was finally looking nice and wide and fat. She was looking forward to looking even fatter and more womanly. She knew though, that the corseting had been necessary to develop the proper body shape. She sat on the bed so Lisa could help her put on her black pumps. There was no way she could see past her chest with the bra she was wearing. The shoes fit rather tightly also. Debbie couldn't help getting aroused looking at Lisa's 500lb. bulk kneeling in front of her when she was helping with the shoes. Her ass was at least five feet wide when she was bent over. It looked magnificent.

"I think I'm going to have to start buying my shoes from that web site you and Jenny have been shopping on. My feet are getting far too wide for my shoes," said Debbie.

"Yeah, I know," said Lisa. "I love the pudgy look they're getting. They're so cute now! Now I need your help in getting me dressed. Hand me that white body briefer on the vanity, will you sweetheart?"

Debbie suddenly noticed the light airy feeling allowed by the nylons under such a short skirt when she walked over to get the garment for Lisa. The tug of the garters and the feeling of the silky slip rubbing on her massive thighs was very thrilling to say the least.

"Oh my," she said. "I feel absolutely naked under my skirt!" She laughed a nervous giggle.

"Isn't it great?" smiled Lisa. "I thought you might like that naughty feeling. You better be careful to pull down your skirt when you sit or people will get quite a show." Lisa bent over and pulled up the white stretch satin jaguar print body briefer. Debbie had to help her pull it over her huge ass and up over her shoulders. She was amazed at how much it stretched and how big it was.

"Wow Lisa! 505lbs. You're massive. You look more beautiful than ever. And more sexy," said Debbie as she helped Lisa settle her breasts in the bra cups. "Are you going to keep growing at such a fast rate?"

"Why? Do you think I'm getting too big too fast? Because if you do, I'll slow down," said Lisa looking concerned.

"Oh no! I love how big you've grown. Every pound makes you more and more sexy. I mean that," said Debbie.

"You really mean that? I mean really?" asked Lisa.

"Yes. I wouldn't have it any other way," said Debbie as she pulled Lisa in for a kiss.

"Good, because I plan to gain even faster! I'm hooked on it and can't stop! At least not now. I want to reach 700lbs. before Jenny does. I know it sounds impossible, but I can do it if you help me!" said Lisa. She slid her hand up Debbie's skirt and fondled her dick until it was hard. "I just want to keep growing bigger and bigger. For now anyway." She was breathing hard now and couldn't control herself. "Aren't you getting hooked on it too? I mean, it's intoxicating. Growing and growing fatter and fatter by the week. I want the same thing for you sweetheart. I want to see you grow and grow and grow! Just the thought of it makes me wet! Will you help me grow even faster?"

"If that's what you want. I'll do whatever it takes to keep you happy. But I'm not sure about you beating Jenny to 700lbs. You're eating almost nonstop all day as it is," said Debbie.

"It's not as important to me to get to700lbs. before Jenny as it is to be fatter than her eventually. I don't know why, I just want to," said Lisa. "I'll just have to drink weight gain shakes made with heavy cream instead of milk. I'll drink them all day. Will you help keep me going? Please?

"You know I will," answered Debbie. Jenny came walking in the room just as Lisa sat down to pull on her pantyhose. She was wearing something Debbie had never seen her wear to go out before - pants.

"Jenny, you're wearing pants!" said Debbie.

"What's the matter? Don't you like them?" said Jenny.

"Yes, of course, but I never saw you wear pants to go out before," said Debbie. "They look really good on you. I like the color." They were white of course. White stretch pants. The biggest pair Debbie had ever seen. She was amazed at how they followed ever dimple of cellulite on Jenny's massive ass like a second skin. The way the seams followed the bulge of her thighs down the sides of her legs and out over her bulging calves gave her heart an extra thump. Above the biggest ass Debbie had ever been this close to was the softest, biggest pink angora sweater she had ever wanted to touch. It was stretched tightly across Jenny's enticing breasts and huge round tummy. She looked good enough to eat. She had pink two inch heel pumps on her feet and long dangling earrings brushed her shoulders. Her face was beaming with pride. She did a slow spin in front of the big mirror.

"Do you think Mary will like this outfit?" she asked. "I picked it because it makes me look fatter than I really am. I need to gain a little weight. I'm looking positively gaunt, don't you think?" She laughed and sat on the bed. Her body jiggled as her ass spread wide across the bed.

"Debbie, help me with my slip and dress, won't you? " asked Lisa. She picked up the white slip and Debbie helped her pull it down over her protruding breasts.

"I'm the one whose looking a little too thin if you ask me," said Lisa. "Look at me. Only a measly 500lbs. or so. This will never do. I'm coming after you girl," she said as she turned and looked at Jenny. She laughed and picked up her pale yellow dress. It was a polyester crepe. Very thin and full skirted. She held it open over her head while Debbie guided it down over her body. It was sleeveless and showed off her fat arms as they spread out from her sides. Its V-neck was very low and came together with one large button just below her breasts. She pinned a little rose to the wide round collar and adjusted the elasticized waist around the crease above her hips. The skirt came down to mid calf. Debbie thought it was kind of strange to see Lisa wear such a long dress, but thought the added fabric served to made her look bigger. That must have been Lisa's plan.

"You look great!" said Debbie.

"You look too thin!" said Jenny. "It's off to the feeding room for you!" She took Debbie by the arm and led her down the hall to the feeding machine. As usual Debbie started to harden in her panties at the thought of the force feeding to come.

"Please! No more!" choked Debbie as Lisa poured a third gallon of shake mix into the container on the back of the feeding chair. Debbie could see the fluid coming down the clear tube. "Oh my god!" she thought. "I'll never be able to get out of this chair. Never mind being able to go out dancing!" She began swallowing as fast as she could. The feeling of helplessness was almost too much to handle as Lisa began stroking her dick through her panties. The next thing she knew, Lisa was down on her knees with her head up under Debbie's skirt. Debbie was in heaven in one way and having the fight if her life with the feeding machine. A not so short while later Debbie found herself being helped to the car by Lisa. She was enjoying the contrasts in feelings going on with her body as she walked. Her belly was stretched tight as a drum and was as hard as a rock. She had to kind of stick it out in front of herself to relieve the discomfort she was feeling. Her big ass was jiggling back and forth loosely under her sexy short skirt, and her thighs seemed to be rubbing even tighter together than when she had first gotten dressed earlier in the evening. She did a little figuring in her head as she settled her bulk into the car seat. She had drunk three gallons of shake mix. Each gallon weighed about eight pounds. That meant she weighed almost 25lbs. more than she did an hour and a half ago just by virtue of the liquid in her stomach. She just sat back and smiled. She loved this. This life she was leading.

"This feels incredible," she said to Lisa. "You're right. It's intoxicating. I don't want stop either. You and Jenny are making it much too much fun to be one of the fat girls. I don't want it to ever end." She reached up and began running her hands over the ends of her pointed breasts enjoying the feeling of her nipples hardening under her fingertips.

"I'm glad you feel that way darling," said Lisa. "Because you're never going to get away from me. And I intend to go on making you enjoy yourself more and more for a long time to come." She smiled and gave Debbie a deep-throated kiss. She started the car and they were off for a night on the town!

Part 7