Weight Room Title Bar

The New Woman
By Skinnie Minnie

Part 7

Two weeks later...

Debbie was walking down the corridor that led from Lisa's office to hers. She was basking in the feelings engulfing her present state of being. She was now carrying 475lbs. on her 5'8" frame. In her right hand she carried a two gallon jug of chocolate weight gain shake. In her left hand she had two dozen doughnuts and a dozen assorted bagels. It would be enough to get her through until lunch time. She still had the vision of Lisa standing behind her desk fresh in her mind. Lisa had really become a creature beyond belief. She had been transformed into an even more exotic female.

Debbie had never seen anyone eat like Lisa had for the past couple of weeks. And the fat had been added to Lisa's body so rapidly that it had manifested itself in unexpected ways. Lisa's body had swelled out, but had not shown any signs of being affected by gravity. Her breasts were the size of the biggest of watermelons and jutted out over a perfectly round bulging tummy. That tummy stuck out about a foot, but the breasts still led the way by about an additional foot. And of course her ass had grown the most. It was a sight to behold. It was so magical that when Lisa stood facing you, you could almost see in your mind how big and round it was. And from behind it seemed to be begging you to touch it. To rub your hands over its wide expanse. And ,it too, seemed to stick straight out at you. It was perched on top of legs that looked far too fat in comparison to the top half of Lisa's body. And they were perfectly shaped and amazingly smooth looking in the pantyhose she was wearing today.

Lisa had the biggest, most perfect hourglass figure Debbie could ever imagine anyone possessing. Debbie was getting horny just thinking about the way Lisa was dressed today. The way the pink silk shirtwaist dress just seemed to be inflating right before her eyes as Lisa stood there wishing her a good day. The way the lace of her bra peaked over the top of the neckline just enough to tease. The way the long dangling earrings brushed against her smooth fat neck and the tops of her rising shoulders. Lisa had gained almost 100lbs. in two short weeks. That made her a little over 600lbs. She was elated. Eating and gaining had become like a drug to her. Debbie reached her office, squeezed through the door, and sat down behind her desk. As she did so, her growing tummy pushed her breast upwards far enough to partially obscure her view of her desk.

She sat there thinking about how busy the past two weeks had been as her ass spread and settled into her chair. Jenny had received her money, construction had begun on the new house, and Jenny had left her job to concentrate on her finances and to oversee the house project. Jenny had also gotten Mary into the feeding chair the past Friday night. Quite a sight had greeted Lisa and Debbie when they walked into the feeding room and saw a naked Mary trying her best to drink a second quart of shake while Jenny massaged her with lotion. Mary only weighed in at about 140lbs. and was about 5'4" tall. Jenny had convinced her to go for the big time, and they were all looking forward to helping her out.

Also during the past two weeks, the doctor had lowered Debbie's hormone dosage. The effects did not take long to become apparent to Debbie. She was constantly more horny than ever now. Her erections had returned full strength with a vengeance, and it seemed like she had one tucked away inside her panties almost all the time now. She couldn't help herself. She was living inside a body that turned her on immensely. In addition to that, she lived with Lisa. She had been turned on by Lisa's body when they met. Back then she thought Lisa was huge and sexy. Little did she know that she would live to see the day that Lisa was REALLY huge and sexy.

Debbie opened her shake bottle, pulled a doughnut out of the box, and turned on her computer. She dusted some powdered sugar off the top of her left breast. She couldn't help taking a moment to run her hand over the tip of her nipple. The silk of her blouse made a scratching sound on her lace bra. It had become a familiar sound. One Debbie had grown to love.

She finished the doughnut and took a long drink on her straw. Putting down the jug she ran her hands out over her wide hips and around to her ass. The skirt of her business suit rubbing over her slip and pantyhose made that whispering sound she had also grown to love. 475lbs. and it was only getting better and better. The fatter she got, the more she wanted to be fatter. She knew she would be reaching Lisa's size eventually. And it made her a little scared.

Less than six months ago she was an average 160lb. man. With an average male body. Just a utilitarian body. Good for not much else than getting around. Since then she had grown into being a voluptuous female with a body made for showing off. A body made for wrapping in silks and satins. A body made for lesbian/she-male sex. And Lisa had made it all happen. She was running the show. Running the show...Lisa...the one out of control...eating and gaining like there was no tomorrow...was running the show. Making life more fun than Debbie had ever thought possible. How could she not let Lisa run the show?

She smiled, took out another doughnut, and daydreamed about how good it felt to dress the way she was dressed. To get up every morning for work and choose what soft feminine clothes she was going to wrap herself in that day. To put on her makeup, do her nails, and fix her pretty blonde hair. To slip her feet into some f-me pumps and strut down the street with her fat ass swaying back and forth behind her. To feel her dress sliding back and forth over her huge body causing ripples of electricity to run through her. To feel her fat legs rubbing together while her pantyhose made that whispering sound. To watch her big breasts jiggling as they led the way in front of her on her way to work. To look, act and feel the way she must have always been meant to. It must have been fate that brought Lisa to her. There could be no other explanation. She was just too happy to doubt it. Everything had just happened so fast. That's what made her a little scared sometimes. How could it have happened so fast? And what would the next six months bring?

She and Lisa had been keeping different hours than Jenny and Mary for the last week or so, and hadn't seen each other. Debbie figured Jenny was probably too busy to be eating like Lisa, and couldn't wait until later that night when they were all suppose to get together. Jenny was going to be stunned when she saw Lisa.

About six o'clock that evening Lisa and Debbie walked into the house waiting to see the look on Jenny's face when she saw how much fatter they were. What they saw, however, was Jenny standing there grinning from ear to ear. Her fat face was more bloated looking than ever with a triple chin and big rosy cheeks. She was wearing a beautiful flowing red dress with black polka dots, red heels, and a wide brimmed hat to match. And she was BIG and WIDE. Mary stood next to her with an equally mischievous grin looking positively tiny compared to Jenny. Lisa and Debbie were speechless. Lisa stretched out her arms and waddled over to Jenny. The two hugged the best they could and stood back to look at each other.

"How much? " asked Lisa.

"One hundred and fifteen lbs," said Jenny. She ran her hands up and down her body and over her round belly as she said it. "That makes me 725lbs. of quivering female sex appeal," she said with a laugh. "Gotcha!" She made a mock gun firing motion with her hand and blew the imaginary smoke away from her finger tip. Turning around she wiggled her ass back and forth. It took a few seconds for it to stop moving after she had done it.

"Take a look at this!" she said as she reached back and patted herself on the top of her ass shelf. "Now I'm starting to feel like I'm getting big enough. Almost, that is. Wait until the two of you reach 700lbs. I feel like I've reached another plateau of existence. I know you feel really large and fat at your present sizes, but it's nothing compared to what I am feeling now." She turned around to face them and placed her hands out to her sides to rest on her hips. "Look how far out my hips are now. Look how far apart I have to keep my feet because of how big my legs are."

It was truly amazing. Jenny's hips had to be five to six feet wide, and her feet were about two to three feet apart, while her thighs and the tops of her calves were touching each other. Debbie wondered what size pantyhose Jenny was wearing. Just the sheer volume and size of Jenny's body was making Debbie hard.

"How? I mean, when did you find the time to gain so much?" asked Lisa.

"I've been making sure she has been eating almost every waking moment," said Mary. "Isn't she beautiful? We can't wait to get into the new house so she can reach her goal. I told her I would gain as much weight as she wants me to if she lets me fulfill my fantasy."

"What's your fantasy?" asked Debbie. "If you don't mind me asking." Somehow she knew what was coming and she could feel herself getting tingly way down deep in her crotch thinking about the answer to come.

"My fantasy is to feed a beautiful fat woman until she is helpless and immobile, said Mary. She wrapped her arms around Jenny's fat upper arm and pulled her close. "And then make her even fatter while I pleasure her with sex everyday." She cupped one of Jenny's breasts in her hand while she said this. Jenny just stood there smiling.

"And did you agree to this?" asked Lisa looking at Jenny.

"Yes, wholeheartedly. I guess I knew I was headed that way anyway. Now that I have Mary, I'm looking forward to it. It turns me on incredibly to think about it."

"It turns me on too, and scares me at the same time. Are you really sure this is what you want?" asked Lisa. "I mean. I think I might be a little jealous, but I'm not sure I'll go all the way."

"Oh yes, I want it alright," said Jenny. "And you might want it too, by the time you get to be my size. Come to think of it. Look at you. Both of you. I'm impressed. You've both been having fun in the feeding room lately. Lisa, it looks like you're going to just keep getting more and more voluptuous as time goes on. And you!" she said as she looked at Debbie. "You are way too skinny!" Jenny grabbed Debbie by the arm and dragged her off to the feeding room. Debbie came in her panties on the way down the hall.

(To Be Continued)