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The New Woman
By Skinnie Minnie


Dave met Lisa at a local restaurant. She was sitting alone, and he couldn't help but stare across the room at her. She was gorgeous. But that was nothing compared to the jump he got in his heart when she got up to leave.

She was huge. The sexiest woman he had ever seen. He loved large women and she was just his type. She must have weighed at least 250 lbs., and it was all in her breast and ass. She was also dressed very sexily. She was wearing a flowing peach colored dress that was cinch in tight at the waist to really show off her massive breasts. The dress had a v-neck and showed about 8-9 inches of cleavage. Her breasts stuck straight out in front of her. Her hips were wide above thick legs encased in shiny nylons perched on peach colored pumps. Her ass stuck out in back of her about a foot and appeared to be perfectly round underneath the slippery looking dress. Her body swayed and wobbled seductively as she walked by. He couldn't let an opportunity to meet her slip away, so he followed her to the lobby and shakily introduced himself. She smiled and shook his hand.

Lisa and Dave sat in the lobby of the restaurant and talked for a while and Dave asked her out for the following Friday night. She really seemed to like him, and he was shaking in his shoes when he rang her bell the following week. Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw when she opened the door. She was standing there smiling wearing a white silk blouse through which he could see her lacy camisole. The blouse was stretched tight across two bullet shaped breasts that thrust themselves out toward his face at least a foot in front of her. She stepped back so he could enter, and he noticed that the blouse was tucked into a light blue pleated satin skirt that flared widely out over her hips and fell to just above her knees. She was wearing flesh colored hose and high heels that matched the skirt. She was a vision of immense feminine beauty. He noticed that her calves were perfectly shaped over big smooth ankles, and he felt his manhood hardening when she reached out and pulled him close for a kiss.

She told him she was starving as she grabbed her coat and led him out the door. He loved the way her big soft body rubbed against his as they walked to the car. He noticed that with her 3-inch heels on she was about an inch taller than him. She told him she hoped he liked a girl that loved to eat because that's just what she was.

Dave couldn't believe how much Lisa ate at dinner. He couldn't help telling her that it turned him on to watch her eat. He told her how much it made him think about how big she could get if she kept it up.

"I have a confession to make," said Lisa. "I've been looking for someone to help me get fatter for a long time. All the other men I've been with said they liked the idea that I enjoy being and dressing so feminine, but they all wanted me to loose weight. I have always fantasized about being fed until I am immense. Do you think that's perverse?"

"N-n-no," stammered Dave. "This is like a dream come true. I've been looking for someone like you all my life. A woman who's not afraid to get fat and show off her feminine charms. I'd love to be your feeder."

And so Lisa and Dave began dating and feeding Lisa as much as possible until it became a nightly ritual. After the first month Lisa had gained about 30 lbs., and it all seemed to go to her bottom half. She was really getting wide in the hips. Dave just couldn't believe how her body seemed to defy gravity. Even when she was naked, her breasts had almost no sag to them. Lisa told him it was because ever since she had decided to get fat, she always wore a good strong bra. She was really getting into gaining now and began to try for another 30 lbs in the next few weeks. That would put her over the 300 lb. mark and she couldn't wait. Dave loved to take her shopping for sexy new lingerie and dresses. It turned him on to see that she was buying things a couple of sizes too big. Her old clothes were really getting tight on her, and she was really beginning to look big. Dave loved the looks they got from people when they were out together. It always got him hot walking beside her, listening to her pantyhose whisper as her huge thighs rubbed together. And making love to her was getting more and more exciting the bigger she got.

About three weeks later Dave and Lisa were standing together in front of the full-length mirror in Lisa's bedroom. They were both staring into it at Lisa. They were both smiling from ear to ear. They were celebrating her reaching three hundred pounds and were getting ready to go out to eat. Dave was hard as a rock in his jeans and couldn't believe how much sexier the last twenty-five pounds or so had made Lisa look. Little did he know that Lisa was thinking the same thing. She was also thinking about how much sexier it made her feel. Her eyes wandered down over her 12 inches of exposed cleavage to look at how really fat and wide she was looking now. She reached down to her thighs and could just barely reach the leg openings of her very tight panty girdle she and Dave had bought that day. There were parts of her ass that she found difficult to reach at all. She loved it. Further down her calves which now measured 20 inches around were wrapped in ivory colored pantyhose, and she was wearing maroon pumps to match the tight rayon sheath dress she was wearing. Dave thought her breasts were going to burst out of her new bra right through the dress. He could hardly wait to get her home to try out his new feeding toy he had dreamed up for Lisa. She turned to Dave and pulled him close.

"You don't think I'm getting too big, do you?" she asked.

"Never," replied Dave. And he meant it. "Let's go eat," he said, and they turned to leave. Dave couldn't believe Lisa's hips brushed both sides of the doorway as she walked ahead of him. Her breasts were getting so big that he could just barely see the sides of them sticking out past her arms every now and then from behind. It seemed like her ass was sticking out towards him at least a foot and a half as it swayed back and forth. When she turned side ways to look at him, he noticed that her stomach was beginning to round out a little bit, but it only stuck out a little bit farther than the front of her bulging thighs. He was amazed that her waist had remained so small.

Later, when they got home Dave revealed his latest invention to Lisa.

About an hour after Lisa and Dave had arrived home Lisa was staring at herself in the mirror. She was naked, sitting in a chair, which was about six feet wide. Her hands were tied to the chair's arms and she had what appeared to be a gas mask strapped to her face. Inside her mouth was a tube, which had just fed her 5,000 calories worth of weight gain formula. She was so full she thought she would burst. The entire time she had been feeding, Dave had been massaging her body with lotion to help her growing body avoid stretch marks. This had made her incredibly horny. The sight of her huge curvy body was also making her hot, and she began to think about her college days and her bisexual experiences. Dave removed the mask.

"I think you should move in with me so we can do this every night," said Dave.

"That sounds wonderful, but I could grow very large very quickly," answered Lisa.

"I know, and I love the idea."

"I've been thinking. Why don't we go to that fat admirer's dance this Friday? I'd like to see what they're like," said Lisa. Little did Dave know that Lisa was as interested in seeing other fat women as Dave.

Dave answered an enthusiastic "Yes!" Dave fed Lisa every night that week, and she managed to gain 10 lbs in five days. She was dressed to the nines in a slinky black dress down to just above her knees with black seemed stockings and black open toe sandals. The dress was tight and showed off every big curve. Lisa loved it and so did Dave. He noticed that her ass looked like it had acquired the entire ten pounds as it wobbled back and forth in front of him as they entered the dance hall.

As Lisa and Dave entered the dance hall Dave's heart skipped a beat as he looked around. There were fat women of every size and shape imaginable. There must have been some that weighed 600 lbs. or more, but most were smaller than Lisa. Lisa was awestruck as well and couldn't believe how sexually excited she was becoming. She reached out and pulled Dave close to her as they made their way across the room to the bar. Dave loved the way her soft hips rubbed against him and how her breasts protruded out in front of them leading the way.

Dave noticed a very pretty woman standing at the bar watching them approach. She was very sexily dressed in a white pleated skirt and white silk blouse. She looked to have about 50 lbs. on Lisa. She was very shapely with most of her weight in her lower body. Dave couldn't believe she was wearing white pumps that had to have at least 4-inch heels. Lisa noticed her smiling at Dave and though she detected a small grin on his face as well. They got their drinks and made their way to a table. Dave was in heaven. He looked around and noticed that Lisa was what he considered to be the most beautiful woman there. He looked at her face framed by her dark hair and noticed that it still seemed relatively tin compared to how big the rest of her had grown. They danced on and off for a couple of hours and Dave excused himself to go to the men's room. When he left the dance hall and turned the corner to the restrooms, the lady in white was walking toward him.

"Hi. I'm Jenny. What's your name?" asked the woman.

"Hi. Dave. It's nice to meet you." As he said this he noticed that Jenny was moving very close to him and she was pressing her breasts into him. He could feel himself hardening. He had been drinking for hours and could not resist. He reached around her large waist and pulled her closer.

"Do you like fat women?" asked Jenny.

"Yes. Very much," said Dave.

"I'm still growing. I figure I've got a long way to go before I'm fat enough to be happy."

"That's nice." Dave was beginning to come around to his senses. Just as Jenny grabbed Dave's face and kissed him, Lisa came walking around the corner.

"What the hell's going on here?!" yelled Lisa. Dave was shocked. He realized he still had his arms around Jenny and he jumped back. Lisa could see the bulge in his pants.

"Get the hell away from my man!" screamed Lisa. Jenny turned and ran away.

"So...I can't trust you around other fat women. Is that it?" said Lisa quite coldly.

Dave was caught red handed. Lisa had seen him with his arms around another woman. A fat one at that.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she screamed. You make me fall in love with you, even to the point of becoming your feedee and this is how you repay me? By crewing around with another fat woman? What's the matter? I'm not fat enough for you?"

"No, it's not that. She came on to me!" pleaded Dave.

"Oh save it!" snapped Lisa. "It's obvious I can't trust you around other women." She grabbed him by the hand and led him out to the car. "Things are going to change for the two of us. Either you do exactly as I tell you or I'm leaving you."

"No please Lisa. I love you. I'll do anything to make it up to you."

"Anything? We'll see about that. If you want me to believe you love me you'll have to prove it. Do you promise to do exactly what I say for as long as I want?"

"Yes. Anything. Just don't leave me. I'd be lost without you."

When they arrived home Lisa told Dave to strip and meet him in the feeding room. When she came into the room she threw something at him and told him to put them on. When he picked them up he realized they were a pair of white stretch satin panties.

"Those are a pair of my 'thin' panties. I have plenty of them. You're going to wear panties from now on if you want to stay with me. I don't think you're as likely to fool around with another woman if your wearing panties under your work suits."

"But I can't wear women's underwear."

"You can and you will! Now put them on!" she screamed. Dave did as he was told and noticed that they were very loose on him.

"They don't fit," he said.

"They will soon enough," said Lisa. "Sit in the chair." Again he did what he was told and an hour later he was choking down the last of a double dose of weight gain shake. It was 10,000 calories worth. He was stuffed and could hardly stand when Lisa released his wrists from the ties.

"I've decided to fatten you up a little," said Lisa. "What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Besides, seeing all those sexy women at the dance tonight gave me some pretty wild ideas. Not as many women will be attracted to you if you're fatter and I won't have to worry so much about you straying. Plus, your panties will fit better with some padding on your ass." Dave was dumbfounded, but didn't argue. When they went to bed that night Lisa was insatiable. Feeding Dave had turned her on immensely.

The next morning when Dave went to his underwear draw, all that was there were panties. Not wanting to get Lisa mad he put on a too big pair and got dressed and left for work.

For the next week Dave and Lisa took turns feeding each other on the machine. Dave was doing double doses every night and it began to show on him by the end of the week. By Friday morning he noticed the panties he put on were the first ones Lisa had him put on the previous Saturday night and that they fit rather snuggly around his hips and ass now. He also had a hard time closing the clasp on the waist of his dress pants. He mentioned it to Lisa at breakfast and she told him she would get him a few pairs of pants that day.

On Monday morning Dave called out to Lisa that he couldn't get his pants on. He must have put on too much weight over the weekend.

"Let's weigh you, honey," she said and they went into the bathroom. When he stepped on the scale he couldn't believe it. He had gain fifteen pounds in one week!

"Here, try these on," said Lisa as she handed him a pair of dark blue dress slacks. He pulled them up and noticed they fit pretty well. A little loose in the ass maybe, but otherwise they fit.

"Where did you get these?" asked Dave

"They're some more of my 'thin' clothes," said Lisa.

"Women's pants? I can't wear women's pants to work!" he cried.

"No one will know they're women's pants. They look just like yours. Besides, I'm not going to go out and spend money on clothes your going to outgrow in a week or so. I've got plenty of my old clothes in all different sizes. Nobody will notice they're women's." Lisa's argument made sense and Dave accepted it and went to work all that week wearing Lisa's old pants.

The following Friday night, Dave was sitting on the couch when Lisa walked in the door from work. He noticed she was fatter than ever. Their mutual feedings were having quite an effect on both of them.

"I've got to go shopping for some new clothes tomorrow. Nothing fits right anymore. Everything is getting too tight. I can see that you need some new shirts to wear too. That one is stretched to the breaking point around your chest. It looks like you're growing boobs for crying out loud." She smiled a mischievous little grin and they went off to the feeding room and got naked together.

The next day Dave found himself following Lisa around to all the women's clothing stores until they came to a shoe store.

"Honey, I've got a favor to ask of you," said Lisa. "The fat admirer's club is having its Halloween dance next weekend, and I want to pick out your costume."

"Whatever you want." said Dave. He knew better than to argue. Lisa had made him wear a pair of light gray stretchy slacks with a side zipper and a pale yellow shirt with a too feminine round collar as far as Dave was concerned, but Lisa said she loved the way it looked on him and besides none of his own shirts fit him anymore. He was going to have to get used to wearing her old blouses now.

"That's great because I need to buy the shoes for your costume here, darling," said Lisa.

"Here? In a women's shoe store. You're not going to make me dress up as a woman on Halloween are you?" he asked. He shouldn't be surprised, he thought to himself. The only thing male that he was wearing now were his socks and shoes. A half hour later Dave was walking to the car with Lisa. He was carrying a pair of white ankle strap pumps in a box under his arm. It had been so embarrassing. He had had to put on knee highs to make sure the shoes fit properly.

"Oh, Dave, you've made me so happy the last couple of weeks. I can't wait until the Halloween party. Wait until you see the costume I have in mind for you. The one I'm wearing is a surprise too, and it's going to knock your socks off. I only want you to dress up as a woman for the party so I won't have to worry about some woman coming on to you while we're there. You understand, don't you?"

"Yes," he said. "I understand."

By Sunday night Dave had gained another ten pounds and was standing in front of the full-length mirror. Lisa was standing behind him. He noticed that he had gotten soft all over.

"I look like I'm gaining most of my weight in my legs hips and ass. I even seem to be getting extra flabby in the chest. What do you think?" asked Dave.

"I think I like it. I don't want you to just get a big gut. And so far as your chest goes, a lot of men get flabby in the chest when they get fat. Besides, I love to pinch them when we make love." She pressed her huge body into his back and reached around him from behind and began fondling his nipples. A shot went through him and he turned and melted in her arms.

Lisa had Dave take the following Friday off from work so she could get him ready for the party that night. She was so excited she was giggling like a schoolgirl as when she removed all his body hair that morning with lotion hair remover. Dave couldn't believe how different his body felt. It was so smooth it sent shivers down his spine when he rubbed his hands up and down his now soft pudgy thighs. He had gained another twenty pound during the last week. That made a total of 45lbs in three weeks. He couldn't believe it until he looked in the mirror at his naked hairless body.

"I guess I'm going to be kind of a pear shaped fat man," he said to Lisa.

"Pear shaped, yes. I think so," smiled Lisa. "I love the way you're filling out. Wait until you see what you look like dressed. Just then she wrapped a boned satin waist cincher around his waist. This is called a ribbon corset. It will give you a nice girlish figure and help you to fit into the dress I have in mind," she said as she pulled the laces so tight Dave could hardly breathe. When he looked down he saw that the corset had pushed his flesh up into what looked like two very real female breasts. Looking in the mirror he noticed that it also had forced the fat from his waist down into his hips and made them appear even wider. Next she had him wiggle into a pretty white panty girdle with a flowered pattern on the front panel. She pushed his male equipment back between his legs and pulled it up around his waist. He couldn't believe how feminine his body now looked. She then wrapped a white lacy bra around his chest. "This is a 38B bra," she said. You should fill it out nicely." As she hooked it in back and adjusted the flesh in the cups, Dave was a little startled to see that it looked like he had a perfect set of female breasts. Next came sheer fleshtone pantyhose and a white silky full slip. When he looked in the mirror he looked exactly like a rather shapely woman from the neck down.

Lisa was ecstatic. His reflection was getting him a little aroused, and he was becoming confused by his feelings. He loved the way the pantyhose caressed his legs. Next Lisa had him pull on a very silky polyester blend white dress with a small flower pattern in lavender on it. It was long sleeved and had lace at the sleeves and square neckline. She zipped it up in back and buckled the self belt. Next she had Dave sit on the bed and put on the pumps. When he stood and wobbled over to the mirror he was again stunned by the feminine creature in the mirror.

"Wait until you see yourself with the wig and the makeup! You're going to be sooooo sexy!" giggled Lisa.

Lisa put full make up on Dave. Then she proceeded to glue fake mails on his hands. They stuck past his fingertips about a half inch. She even plucked his eyebrows. A little more than Dave would have liked. They were very thin and high arched. She put clip on faux pearl earrings on him and a necklace and bracelet to match. Then she put a wavy auburn colored wig on his head that came down just past his shoulders. He was mesmerized by his reflection. He hardly recognized himself. Lisa told him to go wait in the living room while she got into her costume. He became keenly aware of the whispering sound his pantyhose encased thighs made as he walked. He also noticed how the high heels made his now wider hips sway back and forth. When Lisa came walking into the room, he was awestruck. She was the sexiest woman he had ever seen. She was wearing a pink satin playboy bunny outfit. It was authentic in every way, except that it was huge. The stiff pointed bra cups were easily big enough to hold volleyballs, and her breasts were bulging up out of the tops of them until they were almost level with her chin.

"I need you to zip me up," she said. "I seem to have gained more weight than I expected since I was measured for this." When she turned around Dave saw the little bunny tail sticking way out behind her. While he struggled to get the zipper closed he marveled at how her hips and ass were bulging way out from the sides of the suit. It looked like someone had inflated her body after she put it on. He loved the huge expanse of flesh, which was covered with sheer taupe colored pantyhose. She was wearing 3" pumps that matched the suit. When Dave finished with the zipper, Lisa turned around and began rubbing her hands up and down her body. The suit made her waist seem impossibly small compared to the rest of her body.

"You can't imagine how unbelievably sexy it feels to be this big and squeezed into this suit," cooed Lisa. "I love it. I wish you could see how it feels." Lisa gave him one of her old coats and a purse with his necessities in it, grabbed her own coat, and they were off to the party.

As they were riding in the car, Lisa said, "You know, Dave, you look so much like a real woman, that I'm not sure people are going to realize it's a costume."

"Yes, I know," said Dave. "That makes me nervous." Despite that, they had a wonderful time at the party. Nobody mistook him for a man, and he didn't even bother entering the costume contest. Lisa even made him use the ladies' room all night. Lisa, on the other hand, wowed everyone with her costume and won the first prize of a one hundred dollar gift certificate to a local restaurant. Just before it was time to leave, Lisa went to the powder room while Dave waited at the table. Just then, Jenny, the lady in white from the last party, came over to him.

"It looks like your girlfriend figured out how to keep you from straying," she said. "You look really sweet. It's a good look for you. You could use a few more pounds, but it looks like she's got you on your way. You look pleasingly plump already." She laughed and turned and walked away.

Dave woke up the next morning strapped into the feeding chair. He was still wearing the entire costume. He had fallen asleep after drinking a double batch of shake. Lisa came in and untied him. She took him to bed, and they made love. Afterward, Lisa had him put on a long silk nightgown, and they slept away the rest of the morning.

Later when they were eating lunch (they were able to eat and enjoy huge meals due to the stretching their stomachs had undergone due to the forced feedings) Lisa remarked that she thought Dave looked cute in the nightie he was still wearing.

"You know, Dave, you can wear more of my clothes if you want to. I really don't mind. As a matter of fact, it kind of turns me on. It was kind of kinky making love to you while you were dressed that way. It was sort of like a lesbian experience only with a real dick."

She was still not ready to reveal her ultimate plan. Dave was not yet past the point of no return.

"I've been wearing nothing but your old clothes for weeks now," said Dave. "Are we ever going to buy me some of my own clothes someday?"

"Of course, dear, but I've got plenty of my thinner clothes for you to wear as you keep gaining," Lisa smiled. "Some of them may be a little more feminine than you like, however."

"Some of the people down at work have already commented about the ones I've been wearing. And about my rapid weight gain," said Dave. "You know, I've never had any dreams of myself getting fat. I'm not sure it's for me."

"Now you listen to me!" snapped Lisa. "You will wear what I tell you to wear. You will also get as fat as I want you to. And so far as those people at work...it's none of their business. I love you, but still feel I can't trust you. You will do as you're told or I'm out of here. Understand?"

"Yes, dear," said Dave. "Can we get these nails off now?"

"We'll have to do it later. I'm all out of the solvent I need to do it," she said. "Besides, I like your hands like that. It feels good when you play with my nipples with those claws."

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